The Most Valuable Stake Race of the North American Turf to be Decided Today, Daily Racing Form, 1915-09-04


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"r * i 1 , i , • jj ■ h - I tl • I « - a at ■ « , t U i i | to • 1 s i i 1 i n e t t , , :- : J • I , : i " i " , I j 3 ■ ;- v ] p 1 II j 8 ls it * t THE MOST VALUABLE STAKE RACE OF THE NORTH AMERICAN TURF TO BE DECIDED TODAY a I ■ i« flic Fatality will be tun at I.elmont Park thi- afternoon. In its foundation a Sheepshead Day star event, it has been without a home since racing oyer that grand track was abandoned. This has been rem- _ .1 and it is henceforth to be a Belmont Park race. It ha- from its tirst running been popular and at- -1 tractive of g at crowdn, not fesantlallj because of the celebrity of its contestants, but more particularly because of its great value. American people respond quickly to a big thing and the Futurity has always been a bag thing in its value to tin winner. Ii was tbe .same thing that formerly drew such immense throngs to Washington Park to view the annual decision of the American Derby. Had that event been endowed with o.tioo .r even "tlo.iico ii would have been vested with no more than local importance. But the fact that it had 25,000 in added money fascinated the Imagination and people came from all over this broad land to see the neel and beautiful aristocrats of borne dom miasm n swift strides in a brief straggle that brought a fortune to some lucky man. Being sagacious people, the Washington Dark nflariala knew well that in giving big money its appeal would be Bach that the public would pay it over and over agafii r the gate, ns Hie public always gladly did. Likewise the big crowd sure to be at Belmont Dark today will lie attracted mainly because the Futurity is the most valuable -take race of the American turf. Of a course the horses count for something, but in this ease their power of attraction is sitbsidary to that of the * big i ley involved. In its present estate the Futurity is not nearly so valuable as formerly. One docs not have to go far " tind the reason tor this. The initial entry i- of broodmares and there is not now in this country any- v thing like the number of broodmares American breeders possessed ten years ago. Then T. D. Haggln alone I r.onunated mares to the Futurity by the hundred. Now he is dead and neat month the last remnant of the inonnous collection of stud matrons he owned at Bancno del Paso and Klmendorf will pass into other J ownerships through th- medium of the auctioneers hammer. iood horses and bad horses have won the Futurity. Praetor Knott. Dotomac. Morelln. Domino. He- quital. Hamburg Belle, Artful. Colin. Maskette and Novelty were real smashers. The others ranged from good horses to mcdiocii. There is tair reason to think its winner today will Ik- of high class. Some hit- ter than ordinary two-year-alna are in our racing this year. The record of the Futurity i- as follow-: year. First. Jockeys. Wt. Second. Wt. Third. Wt. Val. Time. ls.v,s Proctor Knott Barnes. .IIL1 Salvator 10S Galen 115 0,900 1:1".-, i 188B Chaos Day..lO!i St. Carlo 122 Siualoa II lOo 54.500 1:16% • 1800 Potomac Hamilton. .115 Masher 10S Strathineatli ..124 CT.tVTS 1:14, , lStlHis Highness I. McLaughlin. .130 Vorkvillo Belle 115 Dagonet 108 01.075 1:15-, • !MU;.Morello Hayward. .118 Lady Violet 118 St. Leonards.. .115 40.450 1:12% i 1893 Domino Taral.-loO Galilee 115 Dobbins 130 48.855 1:12% . i 1884 The Butterflies Griffin. .112 Brandywine 108 Agitator HOj 48,710 1:11 j 1805 Requital Griffin. .115 Crescendo 1144 Silver II 108 53.190 1:11% 1806 Ogden Tuberville. .115 Ornament lit! Kodermond ...115 43.790 1:10 1807 LAIouette Clawson..ll5 Lydian 115 Uriel 115 .4.90 1:11 , 1808 Martlmas H.Lewis-. 118 High Degree 113 Mr. Clay 110 36,610 1:12--, ; i 1899 Chacornac Spencor . .114 Brigadier 109 Windmere ....112 o0.«30 1:10% 1900 BaJlyhoo Bev T. Sloan. .112 ohmpian 112 Tomy Atkins.. 129 :«.580 1:10 1801 Yankee OConnor • .119 Lux Castn 109 Barron 112 :6,850 1:09. , 1902 "Savable Dyne. .119 Lord of the Vale 117 Dazzling 110 44.500 1:14 1903 Hamburg Belle Fuller. .114 I.conidas 123 Tbe Mia. Man. 122 30.600 1:13 19U4 Artful Ilildebrand-.114 Tradition 127 Sysonby 127 40.830 1:11% i , 1905 Oraaondale Kedfern--11" Timber 119 Belmere 117 32.900 1:11% i 1908 Electioneer Shaw- 117 Dope Joan 116 De Munrt 123 30.8S0 1:16% I 1807 Colin W. Miller--12-1 Bur None 117 Cbapultepec ..117 20.640 1:11% ; 1908 Maskette Notter . .118 Sir Martin 127 Helmet 123 26.110 1:11% 1900 Sweep Butwell..l26 Candleberry 117 Grasmere 122 24.100 1:11% j i 1010 Novelty C. H. Shilling -. 127 Bashti IIS Love-Not 114 25.300 1:12- 1813 Pennant Borel..n9 Sontheru Maid 119 Addie M 114 lo.jHiO V:15 1 1914 Trajan C. Bnrlingame. -117 Kaakaskia 120 larry Junior ..122 id. 010 i:ifir*f. ; •Huron linished second, but was ignored as a starter by the Coney Island Jockey Club. tDistance re- dueed to 1.2i:.v. yards 1 foot. J Increased to full 3-4 mile. Run at Saratoga by special arrangement in 1910. . No racing in 1911 and 1912.

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