General News Notes of the Day, Daily Racing Form, 1915-10-10


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« « |! j f " io J is n " n j • of * :i a ■■ j v • , . , i [ I , ; ! . , . , ! ! r f . . s ; . j! i ■ • - r 1 r » • 1 - s a 1 I ■ . ; " „ it t 1 f r s . V g . 1 r • ! 6 " r f a ■ . J t t t GENERAL NEWS NOTES OF THE DAY. I I A l.ond.n dis|iat.ii ,,f ycst-nlay says: BtTCMR representations are said bv the Central News lo have been made by Bulgaria to Greece against the landing of French and British troops at Saloniki. The dispatch to the Central News, forwarded from its correspondent at Sofia, says that Premier Hadoslavoff informed the Creek minister that the landing of allied troops at Saloniki was not in harmony with the attitude of the Creek govern-meiit toward Bulgaria, as recently expressed. The premier added that if the altitude of Creeee was i altered the Bulgarian cabinet could not In? responsible for a change in the feelings of the Bui- garian people. The Bulgarian minister at Athens said to have been instructed to make similar representations to the Creek government. Ip to noon May, P. Hadji Misclieff. tin- Bulgarian minister lo Creat Britain, hail taken no steps toward leaving London. r. Misclieff takes the gro.ind that Bulgaria has no quarrel with Creat Britain, and that anv initiative in the severance relations must come from the latter country. Significance here is attached to the statement in message from Sofia Friday night that the British and French ministers had an audience with King Ferdinand before their departure. Optimists see •-in this a glimmer of possibility that the Balkan wheel may take another turn. Yesterdays official French report of military operations reads as follows: Tlie reports of last night set forth that the Ccrinan losses in the often sive movement undertaken yesterday against Loos and the lnjsitions to the north and to the south of Loos actually held by our troops were heavy. Tie-assault was made by three successive and dense formations of men. followed by detachments in column form. All these tr iops were cut down by the coin- bined fire of our infantry machine guns and arlil-lery. Only a few detachments of the Germans were successful in securing a footing in a trench re- cently conquered by us between Loos and the roadway from Lens to Bethune. Other local attacks. but equaling these in violence, have lieen repeated against out iiositions to tlie southeast of Neuville- St. Vaast. but they were i-ompletely repulsed. All the progress made by us in the last few days has lieen maintained. There has been .1 fairly spirited cannonading, in which both sides took part, in Cue sector of Lisous. as well as in the region of tjiioii- uevieres and Nouvron. In tlie Champagne district a Cernian counter attack, delivered last night at a i«»int to the east of Ihe Xavarin farm, was definitely cliecked by I curtain of artillery fire. The advance guard of the invaders which crossed the Danube at Belgrade has been partly destroyed and partly captured, and those who entered Ser- bian territory" across the Save have met with enormous losses, according to an official dispatch received Friday night by the Serbian legation at London from Nish. The dispatch said: On the northern frontier the enemy 1ms eross-.d the Save at Yarak. the Isle of Progarska. at Zabrez. oppo- site Ostrusnitza. and at the great Isle of Ciganlia and on the Danube at the Belgrade fortress, at the Quay and at Ram. The advance guard which crossed at the Belgrade fortress has lieen partly destroved and part I v captured. At Yarak. Zabrez and the Isle of Progarska, after several fierce at- tacks, the enemy has been pinned to the brink oT the river with enormous losses. At the other crossing points the struggle continues. At Belgrade two officers and over KM soldiers were captured. A dispatch from Cincinnati of Friday night says: Not less than 00,000 and probably more — perhaps as much as 0.HH.000— was the amount ot loot obtained bv the bandits who held up Baltimore and Ohio train No. 1 at Central Station. Va.. early today. This was the opinion expressed by postal officials in Cincinnati tonight after they had received official reports from Clerk-ln-Charge Haines Huff and the other two mail clerks who were held back while the bandits made their escaiie with ninety-three registered packages containing money shipped from the Inited States treasury at Wash- ington to western banks. Secretary of War Garrison has complete! his . proiHisod "grogram for the strengthening of the armv and submitted it to Persident Wilson for pre leininarv consideration. The program calls for the following military establishment: A standing army of 120.000 men. A trained reserve army eventually of ::oo.oo0 men. A continental or irregular volunteer army of 200.O0O trained in a six months in-. structiou cour.-e. A reorganized national guard of 150.000 under federal siqiervision and pay. The doubling of the field artillery and ammunition equipment and an exjieuditnre of more than ,000,- 000 on aeroplanes. A dispatch to the London Daily Telegraph from Athens savs: The new cabinet will ask parliament Monday for a vote of confidence. If given, former Premier Yenizelos probably will withdraw from i the chamlier with his followers, allowing the cabinet a nominal majority. M. Yenizelos considers that to provoke a dissolution of the govcrn- ment now would be a calamity. In a camp of 70.000 Austrian prisoners of war in Serbia. 35,000 died from wounds and typhus fever, according to Dr. J. Uudis-.liciiisky. head of a Bohemian American unit of Bed Cross physicians and nurses who went to Serbia a year ago. The physician, who made this statement at a meeting of Bohemians in Baltimore, himself lay ill for two weeks with typhus fever. Joseph Angeloff. Bulgarian consul-general at London, has sent the following telegram to the Bul- garian premier: If the reported alliance of Bulgaria with our eternal enemies and iiersecutors. and against our liberators is true. I protest and tender my resignation as consul-general. The Bul- garian minister left Serbia yesterday, according to a dispatch from Nish. A semi-official dispatch received at London from Berlin referring to statements made in England and the Tinted Slates that the losses of Cernian submarines have reached an aggregate of sixty. says categorically that the actual losses in under- water lioats "are less than a quarter of the alwve number." Orders from Washington Friday closed the new radio station at the Creat Lakes Naval Training station for two weeks. The government explana- lion was that during the maneuvers of the fleet off the Atlantic coast there was a probability that messages sent to captains of the ships would lie interfered with by activity at the Creat Lakes station. Official dispatches to Washington report that during a iNinibardment of Nish on October 4 a bomb dropped near the American consulate, and while it injured neither persons nor property in the conslu-v ate. it killed four prisouers of war who were near by. A statement is ssued by the war office at Petro- 1 grad said: In the Baltic Sea a British submarine destroyed a Cernian transport by gun tire near the Cernian coast. It was reported at Amsterdam yesterday from [ Berlin that the kaiser is about to leave for the Serbian war front. .» V I ,,. to , , 1.1 D.i. _ _ f _ ~ „ ~ f ij "j £ ** *■ to j. ., r . = % 4 j 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 I 1 1 s r * a • » . • , i 1 1 ! . . 1 ; I , . ! 1 1 1 J • i ; 1 1 • ■ : - t I •i - , t

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