Pledges to the Red Cross Fund: List of Kentucky Breeders Who Have Promised Contributions to the Worthy Cause., Daily Racing Form, 1918-06-04


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PLEDGES TO THE RED CROSS FUND List of Kentucky Breeders Who Have Promised Contributions to the Worthy Cause. Lexington, Ky.. June 3. — The committee to which the Kentucky State Racing Commission delegated the task of raising the 0,000 to be given by breeders and others interested in thoroughbred horses as a part of the 00,000 pledged by the thoroughbred horse interests to be paid to the American Rod Cross Society for its second war mercy fund through the State Racing Commission at the close of business May 31. reported 4,598 received in cash, checks and pledges. It will be noted by pcmsal of the appended list of pledges and paid contributions, that the names of many of the wealthier men of the turf do not appear. The committee has been given to understand that the contributions of a number of these will be forthcoming during the summer meeting at Saratoga. In making his contribution of ,000, chairman J. N. Camden of the Kentucky State Racing Commission said: "Should the sum of 0,000 not be made by November Itlf whei» the total sum is to be turned in, it will give me pleasure to lie one of an agreed number of men to make up any deficit that may exist at that time." Jefferson Livingston, the Chicago turfman, in pledging , said: "If there should be a deficit. I will be one of a number to make it up to 0,000." Henry A. Porter, the Oklahoma oil magnate, who heads the list of givers with a pledge of ,000. said as he gave it: "If my racing stable is successful in the east during the summer, I will gladly increase the sum." Thomas M. Murphy, the Louisville breeder, said, as he gave a pledge of 00: "If I have a successful summer. 1 will gladly double that." The committee, of which A. B. Hancock is chairman, ii of the opinion that the 0,000 will be s.ilise:ilM-d before November. The list of contributors is as follows: FLEDGES To Be Paid to Kentucky State Racing Commission on or Before November 15. IIc:iry A. Forter, Tulsa, Okla ,000 A. I!. Hancock, Paris, Ky 1,250 Hal Price Headley, Lexington. Ky 1.250 Walter M. Jeffords, Glen Kiddle, Pa 1,000 Thomas C. McDowell. Lexington, Ky 750 John 1|. Kosseter, San Francisco. Cal 500 Thomas M. Murphy, Louisville. Ky 500 George J. Long, Louisville, Ky 500 H. P. Headley, Lexington. Ky 500 John S. Barbee, Lexington, Ky 500 Jefferson Livingston. Chicago, 111 500 •Anonymous." through A. B. Hancock 350 • haiiton Clay. Paris, Ky 300 Charles H. Berrvman. Lexington, Ky 300 J. C Milam. Lexington, Ky 300 Herbert P. Gardner, Amsterdam. N. Y 250 Judge AlBe W. Young, Morehead, Ky 250 J. O. Keene. Lexington. Ky 250 Kolx-rt L. Baker, Lexington, Ky 250 Riiioril Hall. Georgetown, Ky 2"iO 0. II. Chenault, Lexington, Ky 200 John D. Can and Brother, Lexington. Ky. ... 200 A. E. Tiirney, Paris, Ky -i,,,, W. H. Whaley, Paris, Ky 200 James L. Dodge. Paris. Ky 200 J. Hal Woodford, Paris, Ky 200 Bnnvnell, Combs, Lexington, Ky 180 Lucas B. Combs. Lexington, Ky 160 Br. J. c. Carrick, Lexington, Ky 150 S. K. Nichols, Paris. Ky 150 G. W. J. Bissell, Pittsburgh, Pa 125 Thomas B. Cromwell. Lexington, Ky 100 J- Fred Miles, Lexington, Ky 100 Thomas Piatt. Lexington. Ky 100 Mrs. Elizabeth Kane, Lexington, Ky 100 Robert H. Anderson, Georgetown, Ky 100 H. V. Thraves, Winchester, Ky KM Thomas B. Jones, Winchester, Ky 100 James MacManus, New York 100 1. W. Bell, Louisville, Ky 100 J. C. Gallaher. Lexington, Ky 100 C. Bruce Head. Louisville, Ky 100 Lmis Lee Haggiu, Lexington. Ky 100 Charles T. Worthington, Danville, Ky 100 "Anonymous," through T. C. McDowell loo Theodore Cook, New York 100 Amos Turney, Paris, Ky 100 Jesse Turnev, Paris, Ky 1 *1 Martin Dovle, Paris. Ky 100 K. F. Piichard, Paris, Ky 100 John Wiggins, Paris, Ky •• 100 Kentucky Sales Company. Lexington, Ky. . . loo Harris Hancock. Paris, Ky 75 Catesby Woodford, Paris, Ky ••■•• 54 Admiral Cary T. Grayson, Washington, V. C. 50 A. J. Gorey." Paris, Ky 50 Woodford. Paris. Ky 50 George Land, Louisville, Ky 50 J. V. Shipp, Midway. Ky 50 W. H. Fizer. Knoxville. Tenn 50 John E. Park, Georgetown. Ky 50 1. B. Knox, Georgetown, Ky 50 A. L. Aste. New York 50 S. II. Sublett, Georgetown, Ky. ...; 50 George I . Lancaster. Georgetown. Ky 50 Harry Montgomery. Georgetown, Ky. 50 Br. James T. Shannon. Lexington, Ky 50 Thoroughbred Record. Lexington, Ky 50 •I. Hart Brown. Lexington, Ky 50 Thomas J. Clay, Lexington. Ky 25 G. 1. Wilson, Lexington, Ky 25 •K. C. Christian, Lexington, Ky 25 Dr. E. W. Hagyard, Lexington. Ky 25 Eugene Rucker. Georgetown, Ky 25 Hickev Brothers. Georgetown, Ky 25 R. L. Piatt. Georgetown. Ky 25 P. J. G refer. New Orleans, La 25 John J. Troxler. Louisville, Ky 25 W. H. Baker. Louisville, Ky 25 Pat Dunn. Kansas City, Mo 25 K. A. Korsythe, Lexington, Ky « 25 E. Brewster, Louisville, Ky 25 Dr. W. E. Coover, Lexington, Ky • 25 A. Baker, Lexington, Ky 25 11. X. Batcliclor, Dallas, Xexas 25 M. J. Liiughlin, Lexington. Ky $ 25 Charles Nuokols. Jr., Versailles, Ky 20; George L. Barkley. Georgetown. Ky 20 Huge A. Moore. Georgetown. Ky 20 II. II. and J. T. Gaines. Georgetown, Ky 20 J. L. Luke. Georgetown. Ky ;•» H. G. Herring. Lexington. Ky ; »» Martin and Sto-kwell. L-xington. Ky 20 I r. C. Cann. Le:;ingt n. Ky -t J. H. C. Sinclair. Georgetown. Ky 15 R. S. Ware, Jr., Georgetown. Ky ] George Van Gorden. Louisville, Ky 10 J. A. Brause, I»uisvilie, Ky n ll. J. Farris, Louisville. Ky 10 Charlton Alexander. P.iris. Ky 30 E. C. Taylor. Louisville. Ky 5 C. Hawk. Louisville, Ky 5 J. W. McMeekin. Jr., Ceorg.-tovvu, Ky 5 Ernest W. Shirley, Georgetown, Ky 5 PAID CONTRIBUTIONS. The following contributions were paid in cash or by check: From sale of Miss Daingerfiolds horse ,110 J. N. Camden, Versailles. Ky 1 lion Eniil Herz Short Grass Stud, New York... 500 J. B. Respcss. Florence. Ky 500 W. E. Applegate, Louisville, Ky 500 Irving II. Wheatcroft, Oklahoma City, Okla... 25M John W. Schorr. Memphis. Tenn 2M Williams Brothers. Louisville, Ky 200 John I!. Morri.;. Versailles, Ky 20O Kenneth 1. Alexander, Spring Station, Ky. ... 20O Tnllx.t P.rotlurs. Paris, Ky 200 Samuel Boss, Washington. D. C 20O T. W. Garnett. Hopkinsville, Ky 1IX Edward F. Whitney. New York 100 J. H. Holt. Paris. Ky 100 Robert Walden. Middleburg, Md 100 W. R. Coe, New York loo H. H. Hewitt. New York 10O Headley and Co., Lexington, Ky 100 T. J. Shaw. New York 100 E. II. Taylor, Jr.. Frankfort. Ky 100 J. X. Mark y. Lexington. Ky 75 T. I*. Hayes. Lexington. Ky 75 J. H. White. Hopkinsville, Ky SO Abram Reuick, Winchester, Ky So Cliff H.-immon. Lexington, Ky SO O. A. Ki: hi. Lexington. Ky 50 W. C. Somple. Louisville, Ky 50 Charles R. Ellison. Louisville. Ky SO W. E. Walsh. Hot Springs, Ark 50 Mrs. Rosa M. Hoots, Skiatook. Okla SO W. Kirk Harrington, East St. Louis, 111 SO J. W. Osborn, Georgetown, Ky SO Howard Data, Lexington, Ky 40 J. J. Murphy, Chicago, 111 25 A. B. Gallaher, Lexington, Ky 25 Thomas Murphy trainer. Louisville, Ky 25 Al II. Bush. Lousville, Ky 25 B. J. Brannon. Kansas City, Mo 25 John Ferriss, Nashville. Tenn 25 John S. Ward. Louisville, Ky 25 G. A. Marshall, Louisville, Ky 25 B. A. Jones, Parnell, Mo 25 George Read, Louisville, Ky 25 Nat F. Dortch, Louisville. Ky 25 J. B. Cloher, Chicago, 111 25 E. W. Moore, Nashville. Tenn 25 George Carley. Georgetown. Ky 25 Mrs. George W. Headley, Lexington, Ky. ... 25 Mrs. Elizabeth L. Callaway. Lexington. Ky.. 25 Mrs. Kate M. Laudemau, Lexington, Ky. ... 25 William C. Goodloc, Lexington, Ky 25 J. W. Ferguson. Lexington, Ky 25 Miss Anna L. Holloway. Lexington, Ky 25 Edwanl Frazer. Lexington, Ky 25 Milo Shields, Falls City, Neb 20 Pete Coyne, Louisville. Ky 20 Denny Buford. Louisville. Ky 10 Pat Knebelkamp. Louisville, Ky 10 A. L. Kirby, Latonia, Ky 10 R. Varwig. Louisville. Ky 10 H. B. Laudeman, Lexington. Ky 10 H. L. Rcnshaw, Hopkinsville, Ky 10 Will Perkins, Lexington, Ky 10 W. V. Walsh, Latonia, Ky M H. Neustcter. St. Louis, Mo 10 John It. McKee. Covington, Ky 10 H. Rile. Covington. Ky 10 J. D. Adkins. Lexington. Ky 10 Joe Imensetter, Louisville. Ky 10 George F. Korfhage, Louisville, Ky 10 Mrs. James Simpson. Lexington, Ky in J. P. Johnston. Lexington. Ky 10 Charles D. Ray. Shepherdsville, Ky.. in Joseph B. Mclvin. Lexington, Ky 10 E. L. March, Ijxington. Ky in John Rubbathen, Sr., Lexington. Ky 7 Miss Davsie Proctor. Lexington. Ky 5 Miss Elise Shackleford, Lexington, Ky 5 R. S. Lexington. Ky S James W. Lucas, Lexington. Ky 5 W. J. Kennedy. Frankfort, Ky 5 Charles Lansdale, Cincinnati, O I E. C. Knebelkamp. Louisville, Ky 5 Lon Jones. Louisville. Ky | A. F. Gerard, Louisville. Ky 5 James L. Branham. Louisville, Ky I J. T. Combs, Louisville. Ky 5 M. C. Moore, Dayton, 0 5 Oscar Willis messenger boy, Louisville, Ky. 1

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