Australias Newest Totalizator: G. H. Wallace, of Sydney, Describes Latest Electric Device Being Used in the Antipodes., Daily Racing Form, 1918-10-17


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AUSTRALIAS NEWEST TOTALIZATOR G H Wallace of Sydney Describes Latest Electric Device Being TTsed in the Antipodes In a recent letter from Australia G H Wallace of Sydney tells of an electric totalizator recently invented His description of this latest machine which he says is far ahead of anything in use at the present time is as follows followsAn An electric ticket printing machine is placed be ¬ tween two ticket sellers and as they move the one key registering the issue of the tickets on the same horse at the same moment from any number of booths cannot clash on the horse or grand total The keys simultaneously must register the issue from each selling booth at the main indicator house on the horses and grand total wheels wheelsThe The main idea is to do away with all employes now occupied in communicating the issue of tickets to headquarters Each ticket sellers separate total register on the key machine in the aggregate will correspond with the grand total aggregating the separate totals on each horse registered on the in ¬ dicator wheels wheelsThe The operations are practically reduced to one separate movement and absolutely foolproof That is pressing a key number numberThe The figures on the indicator wheels are in size GxS inches and can be seen in full view of the public all over the course Booths can be located in any position within the enclosures all pool ¬ ing on the main indicator and paying the same dividend on the one basis basisAttention Attention is drawn to an important point as re ¬ gards commission bets Special key boards can be placed lu any private enclosure registering five pounds fifty pounds 500 pounds or any amount required on any horse by the one movement of the key up to the time of closing the machine and immediately recorded at the indicator house houseTo To enable this to be done we wish to make it clear that the recording Indicator wheels showing the issue on each horse and grand total are moved electrically with all the mechanical appliances balls cog wheels etc cut out all such mechanism must in registering work up from the unit wheel the unit to the tens and the tens to the hundreds etc and delay the records which are always be ¬ hind hand whereas with our simple system the one movement of the key flashes the sale say of a 500 pounds ticket on a one pound basis to head ¬ quarters the electric plunger on the particular wheel merely moves the hundreds section to posi ¬ tion required i e if 440 is already recorded the plunger moves the 4 on the hundred wheel round to 9 showing 910 This feature has been given a vast amount of consideration and it is adopted to do away with all the complicated gear otherwise necessary It enables the racing public to get a fair deal in following the odds as the betting pro ¬ ceeds ceedsSEPARATE SEPARATE PRICED TICKETS ISSUED ISSUEDSeparate Separate priced tickets can be issued in the en ¬ closure and on the flat registered and pooled on the same main indicator on a oneprice basis Separate keys and indicator would be used for 1 2 3 place betting but the tickets can if required be issued at the same booths by the straight out seller sellerThe The electric totalizator requires no enormous stock of previously printed tickets which in transit are liable to be lost and presented for payment as on every other kind of machine No ticket is printed on the machine till it is paid for and the instrument automatically prints the desired ticket I in indelible ink on a special ticket material This receives the print in such a way that it cannot be erased or altered The machine prints each ticket from a band roll and prints a special ticket for each race and the same style and color are not twice used As fast as the attendants can pass out the tickets they are printed numbered marked with a secret code counted and recorded and the total amount invested on each horse and on the whole race shown to the public The whole of this work is entirely automatic automaticIf If the customer wants four tickets on the fifth horse the operator presses key 5 and immediately the tickets for the fifth horse are thereupon ejected and as they appear the electric connections auto ¬ matically record the sale and all the particulars at the main totalizator house houseSo So fast can these keys be worked that each ma ¬ chine can issue 220 tickets in a minute This means that there is never any occasion for any congestion around the ticket windows Thus ten operators can issue 2200 tickets per minute minuteFurthermore Furthermore the working costs are extremely low It requires less operators than any other form of machine and its saving iu the price of tickets is enormous The actual cost of producing the tickets printed marked with secret check code everything is under one shilling per thousand It sounds incredible but it can be demonstrated

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