Daily Racing Form Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1926-04-29

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-w ■ DAILY RACING FORM SELECTIONS LEXINGTON The horses which seem best in todays ; races are : Trackman* Selections. 1 — Huon Pine, Bother, Regal Toy. 2 — Embryo, Tee Hee, Sweet Mandy. 3 — Welcome, My Destiny, Waponoca. 4 — Gaberdine, Prince Charles, Laddiego. 5— BAGENBAGGAGE. Barcolo. Percentage. 6 — Singing Cricket. Aquitania. Iady Pennant. 7— Foolscap, The Leopard, Clydella. J. L. Dempsey. Daily RariDR Form Selectloaui. 1— Huon Pine. Helen Carter, Tender Seth, Boys Believe Me. 2 — Sweet Mandy, Majoe, Tee Hee, Embryo. 3 — Brown Betty, Miss Aji, Dingo, Saar. 4 — Our Gains, Coppershine, Irince Charles, Gaberdine. | 5— BAGENBAGGAGE. Take a Chance, I evon, Percentage. 6 -Singing Cricket, Lady Pennant, Eden, Jessie Belle. 7 — The leopard, Broken Toy, Clydella, Resonance. Dirk -Welles Selection*. 1 Haoa Pine. Bother, Judge Pryor. 2 Tee Hoc, Embryo, Jweet Mandy. :! -Welcome, My Destiny, Brown Betty. i 4— Gaherdin« Prince Charles, I oppershine. I o IDLE HOCK STOCK FARM ENTRY, Percentage, Mike McLukc. 6 Singing Cricket, Iady Pennant, Aquitania. | 7 -The Leopard, Foolscap, Broken Toy. ; Consensus. 1 — Huon Pine, Bother, Helen Carter, Regal Toy. 2— Tee. Hee, Embryo, Sweet Mandy, Majoe. 3 — Welcome, Brown Betty, My Destiny, Mis* Aji. 4 — Gaberdine, Prince CSiarles, Coppershii Our Gains. 5— BAGENBAGGAGE, Barcolo, Percentage Take a Chance. 6 — Singing Cricket, Lady Fennant, Aquitania, Eden. 7 — Tho Leopard, Foolscap, Broken Toy, Clydella, JAMAICA The horses which seem best in todayj races are : Trackman* Selection*. 1 — Sahina, Camilla, Reprisal. 2 — Judicial, Suomi, ColorfuL 3 — Brose Hover, Mayne, Basquaise. 4 — LITTLE ASBESTOS, Mino, Needle Gun. 5 — Spugs, Rupee, Valor. 6 — Drollery, Dungannon, Witchery. C. J. Connors. Daily Racine Form Selections. 1 — Wildrake, Irish Brigadier, Donnavideo, Major Finley. 2 — Borderland, Happy Argo, Briarbroom, Primed. 3 — Sarapion, Prattle, Priceman. Traveller. 4— MINO, Little Asbestos. Turf Light, Needle Gun. 5 — Rusovia, Spugs, Curland. Toshimi. 6 — Torrence, Dungannon, Fresco, Dream Life. Sweeps Selection*. 1 — Thos. Lynn, Irish Brigadier. Reprisal. 2— Judicial, Magic Call, Colorful. 3 — Priceman, Traveller, Mayne. 4— MTNO, Little Asbestos. Turf I ight 5 — Spugs, Rupee, Toshimi. 6 — Fresco, Torrence, Fantastic. Consensus. 1 — Irish Brigadier, Sabina, Wildrake, Reprisal. 2 — Judicial, Colorful, Borderland, Suomi. 3 — Priceman, Brose Hover, Sarapion, Traveller. 4— MINO, Little Asbestos, Turf Light, Needle Gun. 5 — Spugs, Rupee, Rusovia, Toshimi. 6 — Torrence, Fresco, Dungannon, Drollery. COLUMBUS The horses which seem best in todays races are : Trackmans Selections. 1— De Grado, Millie G., Herbert. 2 — Eve Fox, Log Fire, Huzzas. 3 — Frontiersman, Uncle Velo. Pet Cat. 4— MARY G., Silent Lillian. Miles S. 5— Red Mill, Ruth S., Orphelin. 6— Mabel Seth, Gunny Sack. Gunsight. 7 — Mart Bunch, Tribune, Sir Ralph. F. J. May. Daily Racine Form Selections. 1 — De Grado, Millie G., Sinvona, Herbert. 2— Huzzas, Horinga, Reprieve, Eve Fox. 3 — May Prosper, Uncle Velo, Frontiersman, Glenn. 4— Albert L., Mary G., Silent Lillian. Miles S. 5— RUTH S., Mediator Jr., Orphelin, Red Mill. 6 — Gunny Sack, Gunsight, Becky Sue, Mabel Seth. 7 — Tribune, Sir Ralph, Mart Bunch, Cromwell. Consensus. 1 — De Grado, Millie G., Herbert, Sinvona. 2 — Huzzas, Eve Fox. I og Fire, Horin;a. 3— Frontiersman, Uncle Velo, May Prosper, Pet Cat. 4— MARY G., Silent Lillian, Albert L, Miles S. 5— Ruth S., Red Mill, Orphelin, Mediator Jr. 6 — Gunny Sack, Mabel Seth, Gunsight, Becky Sue. 7 — Tribune, Mart Bunch, Sir Ralph, Cromwell. AKE0N The horses which seem best in todays races are : Trackmans Selections. 1 — Margarette Martin, War Idol, Queen Ma- zonia. 2— Lotto, Lady Oxford, Black Air. 3 — Apres Moi, Acquitted. Helen Major. 4 — Dustproof. Harp of the North, La Kros.s. I — Miss Leighton, J. G. Bickel. Cassius. 6— NEW MOON. Donna Santa, Viking. 7— Wee Toddler, Shindy, Old Top. F. H. Sproule. Dally Racine Form Selections. 1 Be Trueman, San Hedron, War Idol, Shamrock Flower. 2 — Squire McMasters, Winnie OWynn, Iady Oxford, Lotto. 3 — Helen Major, Apres Moi, Necklace, Acquitted. 4 — Harp of the North, Chestnut Girl, Super Iady, New Rival. 5— DORA LUTZ, Miss Leighton, Eliza Brown, Tease. 6 — Romping Lad, Donna Santa, New Moon, Deadfall. I — Shindy, Wee Toddler, Freemason, Ix rd Darnley. Consensu*. 1 — War Idol, Margarette Martin, Be Trueman, San Hedron. 2 — Lotto, Iady Oxford, Squire McMasters, Winnie OWynn. 3— Apres Moi, Helen Major, Acquitted, Necklace. 4 — Harp of the North, Dustproof, Chestnut Girl, I a Kross. 5— Miss l eighton, Dora Lutz, J. G. Bickel, Cassius. 6— NEW MOON, Donna Santa, Romping I-ad, Viking. 7— Wee Toddler, Shindy, Old Top, Freemason. JUAREZ The horses which seem best in todays races are : Trackmans Selections. 1 — Optimist, Contidor, Rloomington. 2— -Bucks Smile, Dartaway, Flower of Eden. 3 — Good Time, Chevalier, Jago. j 4 — Little Hope, Dode Adams. Danie. 15-BCELLS METEOR, Lady Barrett, Ruddy. _J6 — Metal. Flaxy Mae. Yibra. | 7 — Stage Star, Plow Steel, Simpleton. I P. Clark.

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