Aurora Innovation: Each Race to be Broadcast through Eleven Amplifiers., Daily Racing Form, 1927-04-14


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AURORA INNOVATION a Each Race to Be Broadcast Through Eleven Amplifiers. • Horses of R. L. Baker, L. M. Holmes and J. L. Paul Among Arrivals — Build New Stables. • AURORA, 111., April 13. General manager Clifford R. Trimble, of the Exposition Park Jockey Club, promises an innovation for the spring meeting here, that should prove Immensely popular with the patrons of the Aurora track. It will be remembered that last fall, large amplifying horns were installed at the course and the results of the races made known through them. Manager Trimble intends to go further this year and the entire race will be called on the first four horses and broadcast through eleven horns, scattered about in various parts of the grounds. By this method all the spectators will be kept posted of the principal incidents during the actual running of a race and know whether or not the horse they are interested in is among the leaders. An exj ericnced caller will be employed to do the broadcasting. Exposition Park is a scene of constant activity these days. Horses have been arriving daily and it was found necessary to build a new sixty-stall stable to help take care of some of the late comers. There are over 100 horses stabled outside the grounds and there will be over 1,000 available for the racing when the gates are thrown open on Thursday. April 21. Among the arrivals yesterday were the big establishments of II. L. Baker and L. M. Holmes. BAKERS BIG STRING. The Baker string embraced twenty-one head, comprising Georgie, Cherokee I-ee, Rondelle. .lack Bauer, Billy Baughn, Keegan, Ipdike, Quince Garden, Parmelee. Banter, Odessa C, Jessie Belle. Infante, Old Tom, Glennie, Perfect Model, Kronenberg, Punkie. and Kdith Alice. In the Holmes aggregation were such as Ali Baba, Son of Fortune. Secrecy. Bun-thorne, Foolscap, Mean Meddler, Eiger, VV.i-ponoca. Miss Meddling. Mayor Keefe. Old Bill. Forward Pass. Arabian, Rival, Rebecca R., Fncle Joe. Real Guy. Sunny Guy. Charcoal, Ballot Box, Hec, and Kddie Curtis. J. L. Paul was another to set in jreater-day, bringing ten head from Havana. These included Shindy, Little Blaze, Stay n. Levu-laaa, Baa Hawk II., Bttap Bee. J. G. Flicke!. Lady ONeill, Miss Mischief and Heten.i Been. The big consignments that came from New Orleans and Tijuana reached here, the owners and horses being as follows : From New Orleans. Anderson. C. It. Iricemaker. Ocean Current. Rundark, Fausto, Al Stel.ler. Head Cover. Mars dale. Super Kin;;, .allot Rrush. l.rowii. J. M. -St. diaries. .Inpiter. t/neenn Mario. Ip and At Km. Neat Jirl. ISuseher. J. -t.olden Mar. Joe Junior. Peggy O. Red well. II. 1. Mary on t ra r y . Teas Roi Confidence, llain Dealer. Fore Lady. Foretell, foretold. Fair I.otta. Fair Legion. Sarko. Transfer. Ralto, Selfish. Rornman, T. F. Try Again. Orestes II.. Rasiet riciiic. Hlended, Kent I... Keveiilon, Klevate ami two others. Kaumgartnt-r. W. A. -Stoneage. Jiinmie Shannon. Richelieu. Casino, I.illy Mi-Carney. Raker. R L. Serenteen horses. Rainton. John Mereutio. Rally Nuisance. Mite. Fannie Vallery, Sanguine. Castle. P. I..-- Delphi, Neptune. Possil, Jon-teel. Wooily. one other. Casey, V. V. Fairlight, Wo. Peyer. sister Ptaaa. Collins, W. Jenny IVar. Preani lee. s:s iarry. Tippenir, My Darling. Miss Drapeau. Farrar. F. I-eroy, Sol. Meddlesome Maid. Inilra, Rill Henry. Fitzgerald ft Patterson Sir John K.. I»r. Cardenas. Klevate, Monmouth, Kra M., Mae Pickens Colflex. Noah. l-ra/.ier. II. Catewood, I.ady Bountiful, i.reen Woods. I.reat Northern. lioodpaster. M. Clem Theisen. I.eisch. lirant. J. I. Frightful. I.ella. ilick. ;. W Kia, I.avignc. C.arrigan. Chas. Silrer Son,;, Tiercel, Clauliua, Continued on eighth page. AURORA INNOVATION Continued from first page! Mollie Myhill, Arabian Knight, Aromatic. Caal, A. I.. -Monday Morning, Porto de Oro. Hoag. H. W. — Prince Ronald, Iron Mask II.. Sureshot, War Spangle. War Sign. Pieces of F.ght, Idealia, Fools Cold. Buckeye Belle, War Maid. Paprika. Uosalia, My Allie. Holtman, J. J. — -Silver Queen. Irresponsible. Ray on, Hamburg Lad, Hamburg Iady. Keller, Joe — Sincere, Bosh, Rionda. Goldraount, Wapiti. Snow Man, Running Fox, Firctoma, Doe Buck. MeCown. K. Private Seth. Charlesetta. Blue Torch. Sweeptona. West Hill. Mc.Naniara, .1. One horse. McDonell. J. B. — Prince Regent. Babbling. Hawk Bye. Buzzer, Anna II., Hobson. McCoole, J. II. Red Harvey. Redskin. Engadine. Nereid, one other. Nugent Bros — Traveller. Open Fire. Hartal filenn. Chick l"p. Valovian. Jack Knight. Coy. Cettysburg. Nash, M. A. -Foreland. Settee. Iotter. W. J. Ccnuine, Brilliant and seven others. Router. P. long Point. Colira. St. Pon.ird. ireen Blazes, Billy Wilt. Harbor. MjrtlltaM. Cliipio. Rose Mist. Kussell. I. J. Hurnt. Corn Belt. Oley. Little Manager. Llewellyn. Lang Syne. Quill Chin. Lexington Maid. Flaherty. I.auuie. Florence Mills, Lndor. Ray, C. 0.— The Abbot. Love Pirate. PMOtten man. Sterrett, E. E Pell Evans, ictimary. High Card. Sims. W. — Bolton. Abstract. Black en White. Chappin. Marengo, Bolivar Bond, Broomoney, Billy Star. Rotker. Tolin. All Set. Theall. J. B. Smoky Pay. Bay. Halu. Utisliee. Radigny. Cheer Leader. MpMt] McCee, Make Ip. Radio Trotter, ■.— Dearborn. Moultrie. Elith Alice. From Tijuana. Abbott. Mrs C. H. The World, tip Bearer. Shasta Hock. Sarless. Stream, Fort Wayti-. Barnett, R. Queen B ss. Brown Betty. Belle Wood, Bonnie Lizzie. l-aroni A. A. — Cross Bow. Maclean, New Beauty. Irvington. Handsome Star. Some Fashion. Rolling Star, OT-oary. Crispie Seth. Bernard. Joe- Fast Set, Star Bust. Circus Lady. Buck Pond. Band o Purple. Larrie Boy, Edge-watcr. Capt. Lawton. Handrop. Slippery Smiles. Fiery Rose. Buck. M. W. Kosman. Golden ;ien. Tcrnley. Black Sea. Flitterman. Flysweep. Cooper. Joe Boomerang. Iud. Wiseeracker and one other. Cox. H. P . ■— Tnionville. Captain Cuard. Colonel Carr. ireen Hills. Chief Sjionsor. Pathan. Carlos Fnriiue. Tis Seth. Dry Joe, Quiutaua Roo. Sea Creen. Tavern Talk. Creech, B. Bookbinder. Clenster II.. Sliasta Gold. Rockford. Sweet Crass. Traproe. Seth k Sar Ben. Pearl Boots, Tormentor. Six Peace, Boval Princess. Eckert. J. — Bright Idea. Devil Cirl. Hill. J— Red Weed. Coldmark. Irby. C. Battle On. High Prin.e. BMtCff Luck. Montello, Musketeer. Income. War Bells, Pangold. Johnson. Bruce -Shasta Crande. Soldier B.rd, War Salam. Kefee. M. C. Cene Oliver. Tamale Dick. Specialist. Scotland Forever, Fair Catch. Sanction. Dont Weaken. MacNeil. Ceorge Six horses. McCill A Irtna Eight horses. McConnell. H. C. Jack Alexander. Mat Hunter. II lionise, Josie Hartuian, Coideu Lux. Bubinette. 1 Huey. Met lain. B. F.. Jr. Move on Seth. Program. Adjuster. Kidder. Bills Ho|k Apres Moi. Mason. L. I. Kamakani. Iranian. La Belle, Mala. Moscrop, J. I. Ma vim us. Jack Jr. Prtiett, Ceo. K. Brolh-rly Love, Proceeds. i Snooksie K., Poor Puss, Miss Rochester, Talbot. i Vennic Sue, Chili Con Carne, Snow Maiden, Su- ! zette. Strife. J. T. Fehrah. Worthman. Transplant, Old I.roadway. Aristotle, hula Vista. i Watson, E. E. rirtli of lay. Time Exposure. Holly Itoy. hopstii ks. Bob Roy. Kl CM, Ninon. i Joe Patton. S|M-cialist. Betty Teets. Ojo. Brother John. MHj Watts, Cood Times, 1 he Muscovite. : - e 10 • ■" ,„ •» ■ , c. s j i ly "• r. Ie y. s- y ..i

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