Daily Racing Form Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1935-06-11

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Best of the Day DayWASHINGTON WASHINGTON PARK 4th APPREHEND APPREHENDDETROIT DETROIT 5th BUSHMASTER BUSHMASTERXATONIA XATONIA 6th FLINT SHOT SHOTROCKINGHAM ROCKINGHAM 6th HIGH TORQUE TORQUEAQUEDUCT AQUEDUCT 3rd BELOW ZERO WASHINGTON PARK PARKOutstanding Trackman L G PLAUT Outstanding selections in bold appear type Weather cloudy track heavy TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES CONSENSUS Thatagal Thatagal ThatagalTorolee ThatagalBamboo Thatagal Thatagal ThatagalTorolee Thatagal Thatagal Thatagal 48 Capuche ToroleeParsley Torolee Bamboo BambooCapuche Torolee ToroleeCapuche Torolee ThatagalTorolee Torolee Torolee 16 Bamboo Parsley Capuche Capuche Blonde Curl ToroleeParsley Parsley Capuche 8 Paper Profits Line Rider Line Rider Fritter Circle CirclePompohone Line Rider Line Rider Line Rider 32 Fritter Circle Pomohone Pompohone Calome CalomePaper Paper Profits Fritter Circle Paper Prof its 18 Skipsea Shirley B Paper Profits Paper Profits Skipsea Paper Profits Fritter Circle 16 Captain Red Terrier Terrier Captain Red RedBartering Terrier Terrier Terrier 40 Our David Our David Bartering Kate Terrier Captain Red Captain Red Captain Red 30 Terrier Captain Red Captain Red Bartering Kate Our David Bartering Kate Our David 10 Apprehend Apprehend Apprehend Apprehend Apprehend Apprehend Apprehend 52 Very Wise Wizard French Princess I Luminosa Luminosa ApprehendLuminosa ApprehendLuminosa Luminosa Luminosa 14 Luminosa Lisa Belle Lisa Belle Sickle Hour French Princess French Princess French Princess 8 Toro Nancy NancyBorn Born Happy Born Happy Toro Nancy Toro Nancy Born Happy Born Happy 38 Born Happy Conte Calumet Dick Born Happy Born Happy Toro Nancy Toro Nancy 34 Calumet Dick Toro Nancy ToroNancy Foggy Night Calumet Dick Conte Calumet Dick 8 West Main West Main Pairbypair Pairbypair West Main West Main West Main 40 Technique Sweeping Light West Main West Main Sweeping Light Pairbybair Pairbypair 22 Pairbypair Technique Technique Technique Pairbypair Gusto Technique 10 Martin Barton Dark Seeker DarkSeeker Martin Barton Lotta Airs Martin Barton Martin Barton 36 Dark Seeker Martin Barton Martin Barton Cee Tee Martin Barton Dark Seeker Dark Seeker 28 Gee Tee Cee Tee Lotta Airs Dark Seeker Dark Seeker Cee Tee Lotta Airs 10 Water Port Wandrel Prince Tokalon Wandrel Wandrel Wandrel Wandrel 36 Wandrel Indian Red Tadcaster Water Port PortWater Water Port Tadcaster Water Port 18 Irish Image Blameless Water Port Irish Image Irish Image Seths Ballot Prince Tokalon 8 DETROIT DETROITOutstanding Trackman P G McCANN Outstanding selections appear In bold type Weather clear track fast TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES CONSENSUS Brilliant Light Beth Bon CWHay Beth Bon Beth Bon Brilliant Light Beth Bon 30 Come Home Brilliant Light Brilliant Light C W Hay Come Home Beth Bon Brilliant Light 26 CWHay CWHay Beth Bon Bon Shot Brilliant Light CWHay CWHay 18 Injustice Injustice Injustice Amy Cooper Injustice Injustice Injustice 44 Sugar Jar Sugar Jar Sugar Jar Sugar Jar Amy Cooper Sugar Jar Sugar Jar 22 Amy Cooper Neon Hogans Fox Injustice Sugar Jar Neon Amy Cooper 14 Kalola Sarazen H Kalola Kalola Sarazen II IIKalola Sarazen n nOderic Sarazen II 38 Sarazen II Kalola Sarazen II KalolaSarazen Sarazen H Kalola Oderic Kalola 36 Oderic Baby Bane Shawnee Toano Prefer KalolaPrefer OdericKalola Kalola Oderic 6 Bushmaster Bushmaster Bushmaster BushmasterPeaceful Bushmaster Bushmaster Bushmaster Bushmaster 54 Peaceful San Rafael Peaceful PeacefulRoxanaS Roxana S RoxanaS RoxanaS Roxana S 14 Maiden Dream Peaceful RoxanaS Maiden Dream San Rafael San Rafael Peaceful 10 Knights Hope Oneill Brown Molasses OneillBrown Brown Molasses Brown Molasses MolassesPatcheye Inferno Lad Oneill Patcheye Oneill AllBays All Bays Arakay Chifally Kuvito AllBays 1 Divide More Pep Miss Certificate Luna Mica Whymask Owen Martinez Crowned Head Crowned Head Owen Martinez Crowned Head 28 Crowned Head Luna Mica Crowned Head Luna Mica Luna Mica Whymask Luna Mica 24 Dorothy Dale Crowned Head Luna Mica Busy Spain Owen Martinez Luna Mica Owen Martinez 18 LATONIA LATONIAOutstanding Trackman W G RODERICK Outstanding selections appear in bold type Weather cloudy track slow TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES CONSENSUS Binocular Monks Gold GoldBinocular Binocular Tenace Binocular Sourdine Binocular 36 Monks Gold Binocular BinocularTenace Monks Gold Binocular Monks Gold Monks Gold Monks Gold 26 Tenace Tenace Tenace Monks Gold Tenace Binocular Tenace 16 Sweet Memories MemoriesFlighlette Flighlette Sweet Memories Sweet Memories MemoriesChortle Sweet Memories MemoriesFlightette Sweet Memories Sweet Meories 46 Flighlette FlighletteChortle Sweet Memories Flutter Up Chortle ChortleGrenadine Flightette FlightetteGrenadine Flightette Flighlette 22 22Chortle Chortle Flutter Up Flighlette Grenadine Grenadine Chortle Chortle 8 Woodway Woodway Johnny Tight Woodway Johnny Tight Johnny Tight Johnny Tight 28 Good Soldier Field Day Field Day Johnny Tight Down in Front Down in Front Woodway 24 Eccentric Down in Front Down in Front Down in Front Field Day Field Day Down in Front 14 Beginners Bait Beginners Bait BaitBabeson Beginners Bait BaitBabeson Yankee Waters Rettef Beginners Bait Beginners Bait 38 Yankee Waters Babeson BabesonRettef Babeson BabesonReteff Beginners Bait Babeson Babeson Babeson 20 Babeson Rettef Reteff Babeson Beginners Bait Yankee Waters Yanke Waters 14 Bobbys Son Jane Rachel RachelPing Bobbys Son Jane Rachel Jane Rachel Bobbys Son Jane Rachel 36 Jane Rachel PingCompensatory Ping Jane Rachel Compensatory Bobbys Son Jane Rachel Bobbys Son 28 Compensatory Compensatory Real Jam Honor Her Compensatory Real Jam Compensatory 10 Visigoth Flint Shot Flint Shot Flint Shot Flint Shot Vitamin B Flint Shot 48 Flint Shot Visigoth Vitamin B Visigoth Vitamin B Flint Shot Visigoth 22 Charlie Jr Vitamin B Visigoth Charlie Jr Visigoth Visigoth Vitamin B 18 Battling Girl Battling Girl Booms Pal Gattling Girl Booms Pal Battling Girl Battling Girl 36 Booms Pal Pangloss Breezing Along Booms Pal Breezing Along Booms Pal Booms Pal 30 Play Lady Booms Pal Battling Girl Left Wing Battling Girl Breezing Along Breezing Along 10 Prince Fluz FluzPollyrita Prince Fluz Waterfront Waterfront Polly Rita Polly Rita Prince Fluz 26 Pollyrita PollyritaLucy Waterfront Polly Rita Prince Fluz Prince Fluz Lucy Polly Rita 24 Lucy Pacific Coast Pacific Coast Grass Wrack Waterfront Prince Fluz Waterfront 22 ROCKINGHAM PARK PARKOutstanding Trackman R N CHARLTON Outstanding selections appear in bold type Weather cloudy track muddy TRACKMAN CHICAGO DICK WELLES ANALYST CONSENSUS Seabiscuit Seabiscuit Seabiscuit Seabiscuit Seabiscuit Seabiscuit Seabiscuit 45 SeabiscuitKrona SeabiscuitKrona SeabiscuitFestoon Jubilee Jim Krona Krona Krona Festoon Jubilee Jim Krona 16 KronaFestoon KronaFestoon KronaOnus FestoonKrona Krona Festoon Festoon Onus Krona Festoon Festoon 10 Princess Alice Sea Ted Princess Alice Peerless Pal Princess Alice Princess Alice Princess Alice 34 Madame Zero Peerless Pal Ronfalon Ronfalon Black Scout Madame Zero Sea Ted 12 12Sea Herondas Ronfalon Sea Ted Princess Alice Ronfalon Sea Ted Peerless Pal 12 Chewawa Bromide General A Golden Vein Golden Vein Chirac Golden Vein 24 Love Lost Love Lost Golden Vein General A Chirac General A General A 16 Golden Vein Golden Vein Chirac Chirac Jirasol H Jirasol H Chirac 16 Piccolo Squaker Piccolo Piccolo Bright and Early Piccolo PiccoloSwashbuckler Piccolo 38 38Brit Swashbuckler Bright and Early Deliberate Bright and Early Piccolo Deliberate DeliberateBright Brit and Early 22 22Deliberate Bright and Early Piccolo Bright and Early Deliberate Swashbuckler Bright and Early Deliberate 10 Paradun MoaneKeala MoaneKeala Paradun ParadunGlyndon Moane Keala Glyndon Belle BelleGlyndon Moane Keala 32 Glyndon Belle Some Good Glyndon Belle Moane Keala KealaSome Glyndon Belle Witan Glyndon Belle 22 Some Good Glyndon Belle Witan Some Good Paradun Moane Keala Paradun 18 High Torque High Torque High Torque High Torque High Torque High Torque High Torque 54 54Starogan Starogan TorqueStarogan Amcan Emblem Starogan Amcan Emblem Starogan Atmosphere AtmosphereAmcan Starogan 14 Amcan Emblem Thatch Amcan Emblem Starogan Atmosphere Gifted Lady Amcan Eblem 12 OVAR KNIGHTS SELECTIONS ARE LISTED ON THE LAST PAGE AQUEDUCT AQUEDUCTOutstanding Trackman C J CONNORS Outstanding selections appear in bold type Weather clear track fast TRACKMAM CHICAGO DICK WELLES I CONSENSUS Nightcap Grog GrogDouble Transit Lady LadyGrog Nightcap Nightcap Nightcap Nightcap 34 Double Finesse Prosy ProsyGrog GrogProsy Grog Transit Lady Grog Grog Grog 24 Grog Transit Lady Prosy Grog Transit Lady Transit Lady Transit Lady 18 Rust Diablerie DiablerieBlossom Blossom Again AgainDiablerie Rust Blossom Again AgainZay Blossom Again AgainZay Blossom Again 34 Blossom Again Blossom Again Diablerie Zay RustZay Zay Zay Rust 20 DiablerieZay ZayBlossom ZayRust ZayDiablerie Zay Rust Zay Blossom Again Rust Diablerie Zay 16 Below Zero ZeroMock Below Zero BelowZero BelowZero BelowZero Pretty Night Below Zero 48 Mock Turtle Vicaress Sorrow BelowZeroSorrow Sorrow Vicaress BelowZeroVicaress Below Zero Sorrow 12 Sorrow Mock Turtle Marching Home Pretty Night VicaressSorrow Sorrow Vicaress Pretty Night 10 Ariel Cross CrossExhibit Ariel Cross CrossEsposa Exhibit ExhibitCheshire Exhibit Ariel Cross CrossCheshire Ariel Cross CrossExhibit Ariel Cross 40 Exhibit ExhibitCheshire Esposa EsposaExhibit Cheshire Ariel Cross Cheshire Exhibit Exhibit28 Cheshire Exhibit Ariel Cross Brown Twig Esposa CheshireEsposa ExhibitCheshire Cheshire Cheshire 12 Bijuro Bijuro BijuroSnark Bijuro Jean Bart BartReElection Bijuro Bijuro Bijuro 44 Jean Bart Snark Jean Bart ReElection Jean Bart Jean Bart Jean Bart 26 John Doe Jean Bart Joyride Bijuro ReElectionBijuro Joyride Snark Snark 6 Sky Haven Sky Haven Little Argo Stone Martin Sky Haven Major General Sky Haven 28 Anacreon Little Argo Pass Up Major General Major General Stone Martin Major General 16 Little Argo Anacreon Sky Haven Pass Up Stone Martin Sky Haven Little Argo 14

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