Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1943-06-02

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Daily Racing Form Experts Selections SelectionsFIGURES FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE TWO FOR SECOND ONE FOR THIRD BEST CHANCE IN CAPITAL LETTERS Trackman W A Willig LINCOLN FIELDS at HAWTHORNE Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS 245 PM Praetorian Hasty Star StarHazel Hasty Star Hasty Star Hasty Star Hasty Star Hasty Star 27 27Praetorian Hasty Star Hazel Lee Tip Your Hat Praetorian Hazel Lee Valdina Gypsy Praetorian 8 Hazel Lee Valdina Gypsy Valdina Gypsv Hazel Lee Praetorian Tip Your Hat Hazel Lee 6 315 PM Cloudy Weather WeatherCoupon CouoonCloudy Couoon CpuponVictory Cpupon Coupon CouponCloudy Coupon Cloudy Weather Coupon 24 24Cloudy Coupon Cloudy Weather Victory March Cloudy Weather Cloudy Weather WeatherJSumatra Coupon Cloudy Weather 17 17Sumatra JSumatra HI Sumatra HI Clojidy Weather WeatherCabin JSumatra in inCABIN JSumatra ILL JLong CouponJLong Hope Sumatra HI 4 345 PM Laughing Pair PairCabin CABIN CREEK CREEKUnhampered Cabin Creek CreekGood CABIN CREEK CREEKUnhampered Cabin Creek Cabin Creek CABIN CREEK 31 31Laughing Cabin Creek Unhampered UnhamperedLaughing Good Get Unhampered Shackle Laughing Pair PairUnhampered Laughing Pair 8 JDans Choice Laughing Pair PairLittle JJnhampered Our Boy Unhampered Unhampered JJnhampered 7 415 PM Margaret T TIsaaueen Little Alice AliceMargaret Little Alice AliceLong Little Alice AliceWeapons Little Alice Little Alice Little Alice 25 25Margaret Isaaueen Margaret T TWeapons Long Ago AgoWeapons Weapons Pride PrideIsaaueen Margaret T Weapons Pride PrideJVfargaretT Margaret T 10 Weapons Pride Weapons Pride PridePutitthere Weapons Pride Isaaueen Isaaueen JVfargaretT JWeapons Pride 7 7Huri 445 PM Winamac WinamacJust Putitthere PutitthereSubdeb ISAROMAHuri ISAROMA Hun Horn Hari Subdeb Winamac Huri Horn Hari 12 12Winamac Just Beans BeansHadatime Subdeb Huri Horn Hari HariPutitthere Putitthere Huri SubdebHuri Horn Hari Huri WinamacHuri Horn Hari Winamac 10 Hadatime Huri Horn Hari HariDr Putitthere Isaroma Putitthere FeaJhery JPutitthere 515 PM SWIVDr SWIV Dr Rush RushSwiv BoloTie BoloTieDr Beautiful n DR RUSH RUSHSwiv SWIV Swiv 20 r rDr Dr Rush Swiv Dr Rush Swiv Swiv Bolo SWIVBolo Tie Dr Rush 18 JBploTie BoloTie ChicagpTJr Dr Rush BolpTie Dr Rush BoloTie 10 545 PM Lucky Deal DealCharter Lucky Deal St Jock JockCharter Charter Member Ebony Edge EdgeLucky Lucky Deal DealEbony Lucky Deal 17 17Ebony Charter Member Ebony Edge EdgeCharter Charter Member Ebony Edge Lucky Deal Ebony Edge Ebony Edge 13 Eb onyjEdee Charter Member Jjjbony Edge Fire Engine Momentitg Charter Member MemberBlon Charter Member 10 10Blon 61 5 PM Wayriel WayrielSwo9sh Virginia Rose Blon Gla GlaSwoosh Blon Gla Blon Gla GlaSwo9sh Blon Gla GlaYesteryear Blon Gla 21 21Virginia Swo9sh Yesteryear Swoosh Virginia Rose Swo9sh Yesteryear Virginia Rose 11 11Wayriel Virginia Rose Blon Gla SwooshVirginia Virginia Rose Wayriel Swo9shVirginia Virginia Rose YesteryearVirginia Virginia Rose Wayriel 6 Trackman C J Connors BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Muddy Track 1 RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS 1230 PM Town Gallant Uncle Bud Uncle Bud Uncle Bud Uncle Bud Uncle Bud Uncle Bud 27 Uncle Bud BudHigh Free Dutch Free Dutch Free Dutch Town Gallant Town Gallant GallantFree Town Gallant 9 High Legend Omaloo Assailant Omaloo Omaloo Free Dutch Free Dutch 7 1255 PM STARGOO Stargoo Stargoo STARGOO Stargoo Stargoo STARGOO 34 I Pugilist Lovely One OneMistrella Mistrella Lovely One Lovely One Lovely One Lovely One 9 Sebenoa Mistrella Lovely One Mistrella Mistrella Mistrella Mistrella 6 120 PM Cupid National Anthem Alcadale AlcadaleNational Mad Policy National Anthem National Anthem AnthemMad National Anthem 17 Mad Policy PolicyKennebunk Kennebunk KennebunkAlcadale National Anthem Cupid CupidSimoon Cupid Mad Policy PolicyCupid Cupid 11 11Mad Kennebunk Alcadale Cupid Simoon Alcadale Cupid Mad Policy C9 145 PM Better Hurry Better Hurry Bobs Bovs Better Hurry BETTER HURRY CupidBETTER BETTER HURRY HURRYBobs Better Hurry 30 4 Scarcanter Bobs Boys BoysJBelplay Which Man Bobs Bovs BovsJBelplay Don Bingo H Bobs Bovs Bobs Boys 12 Bobs Bovs JBelplay Better Hurry JBelplay Hard Cracker Which Man Which Man 3 21 1 0PM Chalmac ChalmacStepsome PRIMA DONNA One Shen Prima Donna DonnaThorino Prlma Donna Prima Donna DonnaClip Prima Donna 23 Stepsome Thorino ThorinoStepsome Clip Clop Thorino ThorinoStepsome White Mask Clip Clop One Shen 6 6Thorino JPrima Donna Stepsome Thorino Stepsome One Shen JThorino Thorino 6 235 PM Royal Nap NapBaroque True Blue TRUE BLUE True Blue True Blue True Blue BlueBiloxi True Blue 27 Baroque Biloxi Bay BayRoyal Opera Singer Biloxi Bay BayRoyal Biloxi Bay Biloxi Bay Biloxi Bay 10 JBiloxi Bay Royal Nap Royal Nap RoyalNap Eurasian Royal Nap 8 I 300 PM Foe OWoe Dr Johnson Dr Johnson Happy Guess Dr Johnson Happy Guess GuessOrange Happy Guess 15 Happy Guess Orange Leaves LeavesHappy Happy Guess Orange Leaves LeavesFoe Foe OWoe Orange Leaves Dr Johnson 15 Orange Leaves Happy Guess jDrange Leaves LeavesFiveoEight Foe OWoe Orange Leaves Foe OWoe Foe OWoe 9 1 325 PM Spoon Bread Fuego FuegoSpoon FiveoEight Fuego FuegoSpoon Spoon Bread Fuego FuegoTransformer Fuego 19 FiveoEight Spoon Bread Fuego Spoon Bread Fuego Transformer Spoon Bread 16 Transformer FiveoEight Spoon Bread Guinea Club Guinea Club TransformerSpoon Spoon Bread FiveoEight 8 rnrkman R N Charlron SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS ANALYSTSusan 1 30 P M Susan Constant ConstantSwift SUSAN CONSTNT Four Eyes Susan Constant Susan Constant Susan Constant ConstantGolden Susan CONSENSUSSusan Constant 29 29Four J Swift Song Golden Babe Susan Constant Four Eyes EyesGolden Golden Babe Golden Babe Four Eyes 8 Tina Sanjour Tina Sanjour Snowline j Golden Babe Four Eyes Tina Sanjour GoldenBabe 7 Sunsho Sunsho Sunsho Sunsho SUNSHO Sunsho SUNSHO 36 36Bective SunshoBective SunshoLightfoot 9 200 PM SunshoLightfoot Bective BectiveLightfoot Lightfoot Lee Becthse Bective Bective Lightfoot Lee Bective 9 Lightfoot Lee LeeTole Tilting Tilting Lightf pot Lee Hill Sun Bective Lightf oot Lee 6 Tole Free FreeManador Tole Free FreeManador Manador Tole Free Tole Free Tole Free FreeManador Tole Free 27 27Manador 230 PM Manador Manador ManadorReigh Tole Free Reigh Star StarManador Manador Manador Manador 14 Reigh Star Reigh Star Reigh Star Manador Reigh Star Reigh ManadorReigh Star Reigh Star 7 Valdina Craft CraftFresh Valdina Craft CraftChuck ChuckValdina Chuck Chuck ChuckValdina Chuck Chuck Chuck 22 22Valdina 300 PM Fresh as Paint PaintGold Chuck Valdina Craft Valdina Craft ChuckValdina Valdina Craft ChuckValdina Valdina Craft Valdina Craft 18 Gold River Jons Jons Jons Jons Jons Jqns 5 Midluck No Count CountFogoso No Count Fogoso Midluck Amazed Midluck 14 14No 330 PM Amazed Fogoso Wake Robin Midluck No Count Midluck No Count 12 Fogoso JWakeRobin Fogoso Wake Robin Amazed Wake Robin JFqgpsoJ9 Ksar of Audlev AudlevMixer Ksar of Audlev AudlevMixer Ksar of Audlev KSAR OF AUDLY Mixer Mixer Ksar of Audley 26 26Mixer 400 P M Mixer MixerArthur Mixer MixerHornblende Hornblende MixerArthur Mixer Ksar of Audlev Ksar MixerKsar of Audlev AudlevArthur Mixer 16 16Arthur Arthur Murray Hornblende High Name Arthur Murray Arthur Murray Arthur Murray Arthur Murray 4 War Result War Result MOST ALERT War Result Balmy Spring WarResult WarResult 24 430 P M Most Alert AlertStolen Most Alert War Result Most Alert War Result Most Alert Most Alert 14 14JBalmy Stolen Tryst Stolen Tryst Two Kick Balmy Spring Most Alert Stolen Tryst JBalmy Spring6 Catcall Second Thought ThoughtCatcall Town Hall Catcall Patron Saint SaintCatcall CATCALL Catcall 23 23Second 500 PM Bright Acre Catcall CatcallConnachta Catcall Connachta CatcallSecond Catcall Second Thought Second Thought 10 Second Thought Connachta Bright Acre Second Thought Second Thought Bright Acre Town 10Town Hall 5

Persistent Link: https://drf.uky.edu/catalog/1940s/drf1943060201/drf1943060201_5_2
Local Identifier: drf1943060201_5_2
Library of Congress Record: https://lccn.loc.gov/unk82075800