Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1943-06-05

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Daily Racing Form Experts Selections SelectionsFIGURES FIGURES IN CONSENSUS SHOW COMPARATIVE RATINGS ALLOWING FIVE POINTS FOR FIRST SEVEN POINTS IF BEST CHANCE TWO FOR SECOND ONE FOR THIRD BEST CHANCE IN CAPITAL LETTERS Trackman W A Willig LINCOLN FIELDS at HAWTHORNE Selections Made for Slow Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP LAPNeddies CONSENSUS Escolar Neddies Hero Neddies Hero Neddies Hero Neddies Hero HeroSumatra Surprise Partv Neddies Hero 21 245 PM Maurice K Surprise Party PartyEscolar Maurice K Old Main Road RoadMaurice Sumatra in Brutus Escolar 7 7Surprise Neddies Hero Escolar Escolar Maurice K JBrutus Maurice K Surprise Party 7 Connie Ann Lady Romery Bloss9m Queen Lady Romery Lady Romery RomeryVery Blossom Oueen Lady Romery 15 315 PM Hogan Southern Jane JaneConnie Connie Ann Hogan Very True Southern Jane Blossqm Queen 10 HoganPraetorian Praetorian Connie Ann Praetorian Praetorian Praetorian Connie Ann Conniee Ann 9 Occupy Occupy Occupy Occupy OCCUPY Occupy Occupy 32 345 PM Zacapet OccupySammy Sammy Angott OccupyAmerican American Eagle Broadcloth BroadclothZacapet Sammy OCCUPYSammy Angott AngottBolo OccupyBroadcloth Broadcloth BroadclothSammy Sammy Angott 7 7Zacapet Sammy ZacapetSammy Angqtt Zacapet Sammy Angott Zacapet Bolo Babe Sammy Angott Zacapet 4 The Native THE NATIVE The Native THE NATIVE The Native NativeUnknown THE NATIVE NATIVEUnknown THE NATIVE 36 415 PM Private Howie Unknown Reward Private Howie Unknown Reward RewardPrivate Unknown Reward RewardValdina Unknown Reward Unknown Reward 9 9Private Unknown Reward Valdina Rex Spoilt Girl Private Howie Valdina Rex Valdina Rex Private Howie 5 O Play PlayLiberty Starweista Starweista Book Plate PlateIdle Idle Sun SunUncle Idle Sun SunStarweista Starweista 13 445 PM Liberty Lad LadStarweista StarweistaOPlay OPlay StarweistaShin Shin Plaster PlasterO Idle Sun SunUncle Uncle Mose Starweista Idle Sun 12 12OPlay Starweista Book OPlayBook Plate O Play PlayValdina Uncle Mose Thrif t Shop OPlay OPlay 9 JL Valdina Orphan OrphanSignator Miss Dogwood DogwoodSignator Valdina Orphan OrphanSignator Miss Dogwood DogwoodSignator Signator SignatorMiss Miss Dogwood DogwoodValdina Miss Dogwood 17 515 P M Signator Signator Signator Signator Miss Dogwood Valdina Orphan OrphanSignator Valdina Orphan 14 SignatorValdina Wishbone SignatorWishbone Wishbone Best Seller SellerLITTLE Valdina Orphan Valdina Orphan Signator Signator 14 LITTLE BOLO BOLOBulrush Little Bolo BoloBulrush LITTLE BOLO BOLOMillo Bulrush Little Bolq Little Bolo BoloBulrush Little Bolo 31 545 PM Bulrush Bulrush Millo Little BulrushLittle Bolo BoloSay Spring BolqSpring Drift Bulrush Bulrush 14 Millo Spring Drift Hazel Lee Say Nomore Bulrush Millo Millo 4 Mischief Afoot AfootSyrian Woodsman Zoroastra Mischief Afoot AfootSyrian Woodsman Illinois Star StarZoroastra Mischief Afoot 11 615 PM Syrian Boy BoySwoosh Illinois WoodsmanIllinois Star Illinois ZoroastraIllinois Star StarWoodsman Syrian Boy WoodsmanZoroastra Zoroastra ZoroastraMischief Zoroastra Woodsman 11 11Jllinois Swoosh Swqpsh Woodsman Swoosh Illinois ZoroastraIllinois Star Mischief Afoot Jllinois Star 10 Gay Youth Sharpshell Sharpshell Ice Water Sharpshell Gay Youth Sharpshell 18 NaniLeqnai SharpshellGay Gay Youth YouthMiss NaniLeqnai Miss Lexington SharpshellGay Gay Youth YouthNaniLeonai Sharpshell Gay Youth 14 Miss Lexington Miss Lexington Miss Lexington Sharpshell NaniLeonai Miss Lexineton Miss Lexington 6 Trackman D S Fair DETROIT Selections Made for Slow Track I RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Try Fin Try Fin POPS Rival Gallant Hour POPS Rival Try Fin Try Fin 19 115 PM Pops Rival RivalThalel POPS Rival Gallant Hour Try Fin FinJPqp Try Fin Gallant Hour POPS Rival 15 15GallantHour Thalel Gallant Hour Misslam JPqp s Rival Gallant Hour Beau Catcher GallantHour 11 Appointee Paircais Appointee Dedlqck Paircais Anytime Appointee 13 145 PM Paircais Anytime Dennis F Anytime Appointee Dedlock Anytime 10 Jo PaircaisJo Bettv Dedlock Dedlock Tower Majd Anytime Appointee Paircais 9 Stell STELL Stell Stell Iron Mike Stell Stell 29 215 PM StellBetrothed Betrothed Iron Mike Iron StellIron Mike Iron Mike Stell Iron StellIron Mike IronMikj 14 Iron Mike Betrothed JHereshecomes Hereshecomes StellHereshecomes Hereshecomes Hereshecqmes JHereshecomes 4 Detroit Bull BullArjac Ariac Ariac Bosky Dall Arjac riac Arjac 23 245 PM Arjac Aericole Boskv Dell Aericole Bosky Dell AgricoleDetroit Agricole Bosky Dell 9 ArjacAericole Aericole Detroit Bull Detroit Bull Ariac Aericole Detroit Bull JDetroitBull 8 Miss Valor ValorToolmaker Commando Tom VALDINA LORIA Miss Valor ValorCommando Miss Valor Commando Tom Miss Valor 19 315 PM Toolmaker Miss Valor ValorToolmaker Balance Due Commando Tom TomFulmar Commando Tom Miss Valor ValorToolmaker Commando Tom 14 14Valdina JPulmar ToolmakerJPulmar Toolmaker Valdma Senora Fulmar JToplmaker Toolmaker Valdina Loria 7 NO WRINKLES WRINKLESMoretto No Wrinkles Dove Pie PieSpy No Wrinkles WrinklesDove Dove Pie MABE MONDAY No Wrinkles 20 345 PM Moretto Mabe Monday Spy Snare Dove Pie PieMabeMqnday Mabe Monday No Wrinkles WrinklesMoretto Mabe Monday 13 Likeasnpt Moretto MabeJMqndav MabeMqndayBY MabeMqnday NoWrinkles Moretto Dove Pie 12 Valdina Paul PaulBv Bv Conscript Bv Conscript ConscriptFlorizan BY CONSCRIPT CONSCRIPTFlorizan BY CONSCRIPT CONSCRIPTCerberus Bv Conscript BY CONSCRIPT 3D 415 PM Bv Conscript Valdina Paul Florizan Beou Florizan Beau Cerberus Valdina Paul Valdina Paul 9 9Florizan CerberusValdinaPaul JTrelawny Florizan Beau JValdina Paul ValdinaJPaul ValdinaPaul Florizan Beau Florizan Beau 6 Alagnes Chaldon Heath Harebell Chaldon Heath HeathHarebell Chaldon Heath HeathHarebell Chaldon Heath HeathHarebell Chaldon Heath 23 445 PM AlagnesChaldon Chaldon Heath HeathTOP TOP Sereeant Alaenes HarebellAlaenes Harebell Harebell HarebellAlagnes Harebell HarebellAlaenes Harebell 11 TOP Sereeant Alaenes AlaenesChaldon Chaldon Heath TOP HarebellTOP Sereeant Alagnes Alaenes Alagnes 10 Trackman C J Connors BELMONT PARK Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES WELLESSpirit ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Messari Spirit Level LevelEstate Spirit Level Spirit Level Messari Roseville Spirit Level 18 1230 PM MessariEstate Estate Estate Peace Dust Estate Roseville Spirit Level Messari 11 EstateRoseville EstateMessari Roseville Messari JSstate Ca tchmenow tchmenowTrue Spirit Level Estate Roseville 8 Chop Chop TRUE BLUE Chop Chop True Blue Chop Chop True Blue True Blue 21 100 PM True Blue Cream Baroaue Chop Chop True Blue Chop Chop Chop Chop 20 Baroaue Chop Chop Cream Cream Whose Cream Cream 5 Ossabaw Ossabaw Ossabaw Ossabaw Ossabaw Ossabaw Ossabaw 30 OssabawCupid OssabawNaruna OssabawNaruna OssabawAdLib 130 PM Cupid Naruna Naruna Naruna Naruna AdLib Naruna 9 CupidAdLib NarunaAdLib NarunaCupid NarunaAd NarunaAdLib AdLibNaruna AdLib AdLib Cupid Ad Lib AdLib Naruna Ad Lib 6 MEGOGO Stir Up Stir UP Herald Stir UP UPEternitv Stir UP Stir UP 24 J 200 PM Stir UP Mrs Ames Herald Stir UP Eternitv EternitvHerald Herald Herald 12 Herald Herald Eternitv Mrs Ames Herald Meeoeo Megoeo 8 Tack Room Tack Room Tack Room Tack Room Tack Room Tack Room Tack Room 30 230 PM Valdivia Marmeduke Marmeduke Marmeduke Marmeduke Marmeduke Marmeduke 10 IrishNqra Radio Morale Irish Nora Radio Morale Irish Nora Irish Nora Irish Nora 4 Count Fleet Count Fleet COUNT FLEET COUNT FLEET COUNT FLEET COUNT FLEET COUNT FLEET 38 300 PM Fairy Manhurst ManhurstDeseronto Fairy Manhurst ManhurstDeseronto Fairy Manhurst Fairy Manhurst Fairy Manhurst Fairy Manhurst Fairy Manhurst 12 Deseronto Deseronto Deseronto Deseronto Deseronto Deseronto Deseronto G Whirlaway With Regards Whirlaway Whirlawav Whirlaway Whirlawav Whirlaway 25 330 PM With Regards RegardsKinefisher Mettlesome Sun Again With Reeards ReeardsDoublrab Sun Aeain AeainDoublrab Sun Again AgainWith With Reeards 10 Kinefisher Doublrah Doublrab Doublrab Doublrab With Reeards Sun Again 6 Birch Rod Salto Salto Birch Red Salto Salto Salto 20 SaltoBull SaltoDon SaltoBull SaltoBull 400 PM Don Juan TJ Bull Reieh Don Juan II IICopperman Bull Reieh Bull Reieh Bull Reieh Birch Rod 12 Royal Nap Birch Rod Copperman Redthorn Copperman Birch Rod Bull Reieh 8 Trackman R N Charlton SUFFOLK DOWNS Selections Made for Fast Track RACE PROB POST TRACKMAN HANDICAP DICK WELLES WELLESSpeed ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Frontier Jane Foeoso Speed to Spare Frontier Jane Fogoso Fogoso Fogoso 19 19Frontier 1 30 P M Fogoso FoeosoSpeed Speed to Spare SpareFrontier Smoky Snvder SnvderFogoso Speed to Spare Speed FogosoSpeed to Spare FogosoSpeed Speed to Spare Frontier Jane 13 13Speed Smoky Snyder Frontier Jane Fogoso Foeoso Frontier Jane Frontier Jane Speed to Spare 13 Becomly Becomly Becomly Becomly Becomly BECOMLY Becomly 32 32Wise 200 PM Flamine Hieh HiehLa Wise Decision La Reinette ReinetteRangeDust Wise Decision DecisionRanee Flamine Hieh Wise Decision Wise Decision 6 La Reinette RaneeDust RangeDust Ranee Dust Brave Sir La Reinette FlamingHigh 4 SATIN CAP Pharatheen COUNT DOR Satin Cap Pharatheen PharatheenCount Count dOr Count dOr 19 19Satin 230 PM Count dOr Satin Cap Scotch Abbot AbbotSatin Count dOr dOrPharatheen Count dOr Satin Cap CapJPharatheen Satin Cap 18 Mason Dixon Count dOr Satin Cap Pharatheen J5atmCaD J5atmCaDPanther JPharatheen Pharatheen 12 Texalite Sir Kid HOP Skip Sir Kid KidTexalite Panther Creek CreekClingendaal Sir Kid Sir Kid 16 16Texalite 300 P M HOP Skip SkipSirJKid Texalite Milkymoon Texalite TexaliteHOP Clingendaal Texalite Texalite 12 SirJKid HqpSJkip Show House HOP Skip JTexalite Hieh Plaid JHop Skip 9 Battle Jack FAIR CALL CALLTime Us Fair Call Time OWar OWarFair Us Fair Call 16 16Us 330 PM Fair Call CallUs Time OWar Charitable Time OWar Fair Call CallCharitable UsBattle Battle Jack JackTime Us 12 12Time Us BattleJack CharitableTimeOJWar TimeOJWar TimeOJWarThrough Us Charitable Time OWar Time OWar 11 11THRUGH Through Bound Through Bound Through Bound THROUGH BOND THROUGH BONDThroueh Bound THRUGH BUND 34 34Unchallenged 400 P M Black Grip Unchallenged Unchalleneed Unchalleneed Unchalleneed Black Grip GripBlack Unchallenged 9 Woodford Lad Black Grip Black Grip Black Grip Sollure Unchalleneed BlackGrip 7 Argonne Woods Barbara Childs Areonne Woods Argonne Woods Argonne Woods Argonne Woods Argonne Woods 27 430 PM Rough Pass Argonne Woods Rough Pass Barbara Childs Barbara Childs Barbara Childs ChildsNayy Barbara Childs 13 Barbara Childs Roueh Pass Barbara Childs Nayy Navy Rough Pass Rough Pass 6 Russia RussiaCross Conrad Mann Midnight Ride Impregnable Impregnable Impregnable ImpregnableMidnight Impregnable 19 500 PM Cross Country CountryImpreenable Impregnable Conrad Mann Midnight Ride Midnieht Ride Conrad Mann MannCross Conrad Mann 9 Impreenable Cross Country Impregnable Cross Country Dizzy B Dizzy B Midnight Ride 9

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Library of Congress Record: https://lccn.loc.gov/unk82075800