Alphabetical Index to Entries, Daily Racing Form, 1948-05-19

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Alphabetical Index to Entries Abiel 1st GS Able 3d Suf Aboko 8th GS Advancet2d Bel Agilant 6th GS Alacrity 5th GS Alan F 8th LJP Amber Doll list GS Amberleyrlst LF Amperage 1st Suf Anchoress 2d GS Approval 4th LF Ariel Actress 5th Suf Ariel Pilot 1st Bel Atlantic City 1st L F Atoka Lad 2d LJP Atomic City 8th LF LFB LFBacchante B Bacchante 2d GS Bad Cold 1st Suf Bambuco 7th Bel Be Proud 2dSuf Beau Sweep 7th Suf Becky G 1st Suf Beth B 1st Suf Better Bet Jr 4th Suf Betty OHerron 5th GS Big Casino 3d L J Big Dial 7th Bel Big Ditch 6th L F Big Dot 1st LF Bittys Fleet 2d Bel Black Gang 6th GS Black Majesty 2d Bel Blenweed 4th Suf Blue Dell 2d GS Blue Gem 1st Bel Blue Serge 1st Suf Bluejacket 5th GS Bob Mann 8th Bel Bold King 6th LF Bolo Fancy 2d L F Bold Front 1st LP Bonnie Charlie 8th LJP Boston Babette 1st Bel Boswellian 3d Bel Brave Bid 7th Suf Brave Deed 2d LF Broadalbin 2d Bel Brother Ed 2d Bel Buddie Bones 8th Suf Bunchberry 4th Bel BelC BelCaillou C Caillou Rouge 6th LJP Canada 7th GS Captain Kidd 3d Bel Cascadian 6th LF Cedar Brand 1st Bel Gee Raf 3d Suf Gee Vee 3d GS Celtics 7th Suf Cer Vantes 7th Bel Charivari 1st LF Chestwick 1st Bel ChipHandle 8th LJP Christopher 2d Bel Clyde T 2d Suf Coaltown 6th Bel Color Cerrado 3d GS Complex 8th Bel Control 6th Bel Convicted 3d GS Cool Judgment 1st GS Copacabana 1st Bel Cork Tip 2d GS Corydon 8th LF Count Chant 7th L F Count Lovely 2d Suf Covert Side 2d Bel Cravache 1st Suf Croupier 1st Bel Crows Bill 2d Bel Cudiddle lstLF lstLFD lstLFDagon D Dagon 4th Suf DameJ 2dLJ Darby Duluth 2d LF Dark Venus 5th Bel Dauberup 7th LJ Dauntless Gal 1st Bel Dawn o Peace 3d G Decision 7th Suf Degage 5th Bel DellDeb 3d GS Diatribe 2d Suf Dick Stickney 5th Suf Dobodura 4th GS Dodos Girl 5th Suf Dolomite 2d Suf Don Miller 7th GS Dora M 2d LF Dunninald 3d Bel Dusty Days 4th GS GSE GSEagle E Eagle Look 4th LF Easy Burner 1st Suf Edgemere 1st GS Elkhorn 6th KF Energetic 6th Bel Entranced 4th GS Equate 3d LJ Fsrarp 3d Bel Eurasian 8th Bel Execution 4th LJP Expediter 1st LJP LJPF LJPFalsely F Falsely 7th GS Fearless 6th Suf Fergies Maid 8th LJP1 Fire High 1st Bel First Nighter 5th GS First Pal 1st GS Friar Tuck 5th GS Flash Up 1st Bel Flatbush 6th GS Fleet Command 6th Bel Florizan Ace 5th LF Fonda 3d Bel Freddies Pal 2d Suf Frere Markuette 3d Bel Furrdauber 1st Suf Galbrae 3d Bel Gallant Jake 5th GS Ganado 7th LF Garden Pot 3d Suf Gates Mills 7th Bel Gay Blush 2d GS Geramond 4th GS Gerham 5th Suf Glenwood Boy 7th Suf Gloam 3d GS Glory Be 1st GS Gold Proxy 2d LJ Grand Actress 6th GS Grand Isle 7th Bel Gunner 4th GS Gunnison 5th Suf Guy Hottel 8th LJ LJH LJHaberdasher H Haberdasher 2d Bel Hadamar 8th Suf Hadawin 7th GS Happy Hoodlum 7th GS Hard Blast 8th GS Harbinger 2d Bel Hasten Jason 7th LF Hat Girl 5th Suf Hi Henry 8th LJ High Kick 8th LJ Hired Man 5th Suf High Price 3d Bel High Shine 1st Bel High Standing 4th Bel Hy Rickey 7th Suf SufI SufI I I Did 8th GS Ice Dancer 8th GS Image of Love 8th GS In Abeyance IstLJP In the Bag 7th LJ Invermark Girl 1st Suf Ironsweep 1st LJ Isigny 7th Bel J JJ J J Lynch 2d Suf Jack Madigan 1st GS Jaylcee 4th Suf Jessies Beau 5th LJ Joby K 6th Suf Joe Mandell 6th GS John Cheleden 4th GS Justinian n 3d Suf SufK K Karakorum 5th LF Kaslik 4th LF Katrax 2d LF Kazbek IstBel Kels Love 4th GS Kid Stuff 7th Bel King Rhymer 6th Bel BelL BelLa L La Morenita 7th Suf Lady Rheanelle 1st LJ Ladys Orphan 5th Suf Landlord 1st Bel Layaway 1st GS Lesinian 7th GS Lin Time 3d Bel Lion Rampart 3d Bel Little Hare 2d LF Little Lady 2d LJ Little Shrew 2d GS Lock and Key 8th Bel Long Live 2d GS Lord Greville 4th Bel Lord Quex 2d Bel Loose Horsey 3d GS Low Tension 2d Suf Lucky Hit 8th Bel Lucky Year 2d GS Lustral 5th GS GSM GSM M M Longeine 7th GS Mac Fetchit 8th GS Mackaby 3d Suf Macon Switch 4th GS Maize 2d GS Maneen 8th GS Maps 3d Bel Marksman 5th Suf Mel Hash 6th LJ Memphian 1st LF Merry King 1st Bel Mesmer 2d Bel Mess Boy 2d Bel Michigan Smart 8th GS Mighty Master 8th Bel Millstep 1st Suf Mint OMorn 7th GS Mint Quest 3d LJ Mirthmaker 3d GS Misabi 2d Bel Miss Covery 2d GS Monifieth 4th GS Moon Blue 4th LJP Mr Ace 6th Bel Mr Danny 7th LJP Mr Dumjohn 6th Suf Mr Pickwick 1st Bel Mug 1st Suf My Grace 8th LF My Request 6th Bel BelN BelNath N Nath 1st Suf Navy Age 2d Bel Navy Flyer 8th Suf Nene Pobre 6th Suf Newspaper 2d Bel Newsweekly 6th Bel Nictor 3d LJ Noahvale 3d Suf Nomic 6th LF Nonchalanta 1st LF Odd Pigeon 2dGS Offenbach 1st GS Okeetee 8th Bel One Blue 3d LF Opening Day 1st GS Oriole Pennant 3d Bel OrTetra 2d Suf Our Best 1st LF Our Candidate 1st Bel Our Merrick 8th GS Our Tune 2d GS P PPaddygoeasy Paddygoeasy 8th LF Page Boots 7th Bel Palist 1st GS Pango Pango 5th GS Parson Brown 2d LJ Pats Anne 1st GS Peace Trend 3d Bel Pendragon 8th GS Pene IstLJ Penetrator 8th Suf Pennant Day 6th Bel Pennypacker 8th Suf Petes Kid 7th LJ Pharalus 1st Bel Picardy Belle 8th Bel Pickle Beets 2d Bel Pickpocket 5th Suf Pida 3d Suf Piexoto 5th Bel Pilateer 8th LF Pilot Man 4th GS Plaid Socks 1st Suf Pompous 4th Bel Plucky Teddy 8th Suf Princess Gala 4th GS Private Joe 5th LF LFQ LFQuelle Q Quelle Belle 7th GS Quiet Shot 8th GS GSR GSRadio R Radio Joe 5th LF Rank 3d Bel Ready Jack 7th Bel Record March 1st LJ Red Board 1st Bel Red Jerry 3d GS Red Tag 6th Suf Renraw 8th Suf Ringco 3d Bel River Pat 1st GS Rose Cave 8th GS Royal Crown 8th GS Royal Scot 4th GS GSS S Safe Arrival th Bel Safety First 6th LJ Sagamore Lady 3d Bel Salmagundi 6th Bel Samaritano 2d Bel Sand Storm 5th LF Sandglass 2d GS Saralee C 2d Suf Scandal 4th GS Scorching 2d GS Scotlyn 1st LJ Sea Victory 1st GS Seamans Pal 3d LF Seaward 7th Bel Shackleton 4th Bel Shaffie 5th Suf Shavo 8th Suf Ships Captain 4th Suf Snow Boots 5th Bel Sir Prince 7th GS Skippys Lad 1st Suf Sky Manager 5th LJ Slamish 4th GS Smajor 2d GS Smart Eddie 7th Bel So Black 7th Suf Sobre Todos 8th GS Sociability 2d Bel Sons Twinkle 8th LJ Soulful 1st Suf Speedy Fellow 2d Suf Spicebush 8th Bel Spring Thaw 3d LJ Star Graduate 8th LJ Stella Snyder 5th LJ Stunts 7th Bel Succession 7th Bel Sugar Beet 3d LJ Sun Symbol 2d LJ Sun Tannery 2d LJ Sunshade 4th Suf Sunwise 2d LJ Super Foot 5th Suf Svengali 6th Suf Sweepnack 3d Suf Sweepstake 7th GS Sweet Taters 7th GS Sweeteena 7th GS Sylvias Boy 1st GS GST T Tascosa 1st Suf Taxi King 8th Suf Teaneck Dandy 1st Bel Tetrafettle 2d Suf Thats My Boy 1st Bel The Dervish 7th Bel Three Rings 5th GS Tiger Boots 2d LF Tigers Gift 4th Suf Tiger Tom 3d LJ Time Stitch 6th GS Tipit 4th GS Tlemcen 8th Bel Tree Land 7th GS Tri Step 4tn LJ Trust Fund 8th LF Tumble Boy 7th GS Tumult 3d Suf Twilight Trail 4thBel Two Gs 3d GS Uncle Remus 8th Bel Upadoo 8th LJ Uranium 6th GS Valdina Clown 8th GS Valdina Date 2d LJ Valdina Loria 2dLJ Vantime 2d Suf Velvet Heels 2dLJ Vera Connelly 1st GS Verona Sands 5th LF Vinita Ed 4th GS Vinita Major 1st LJ Virginia R W 2d GS GSW GSWalloon W Walloon 7th LF War Dressing 7th GS Whirl Blast 7th Bel Wickers Wish 6th LJ Wine List 4th Bel Wise Brunette 4th Suf Witchastar 6th LJ Wee Gray 8th GS Woodstock 2d Bel Xmary 1st LF LFY LFYankee Y Yankee Hill 5th Bel Ylee Bar n Suf

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