Daily Racing Form Experts Selections, Daily Racing Form, 1948-06-04

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DAILY RAGING FORM EXPERTS SELECTIONS SELECTIONSTrackman Trackman D S Fair Lincoln Fields at Washington Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP SWEEP CONSENSUS Flare Monte Copper Chip Copper Chip Copper Chip Flare Monte Copper Chip Jacks Niece Main Bet Main Bet Mrs Jones Copper Chip Flare Monte Copper Chip Flare Monte Prince Flor Main Bet Main Bet Main Bet Helio Miss Hypothesis Helio Miss Hypothesis Hypothesis Hypothesis Ettenan S Sway Again Sway Again Sway Again Sway Again HelloMiss I Hypothesis Helio Miss Hypothesis Helio Miss Helio Miss Sway Again Fighting Pete PeteChallemain Fighting Pete PeteChallemain Challemain Challemain Fighting Pete PeteChallemain Fighting Pete J ChallemainEnhelia Challemain ChallemainErmelia Challemain Oaf Fighting Pete Challemain ChallemainOaf Challemain Enhelia Ermelia Fighting Pete Oaf Oaf Oaf Oakmuir Civil Liberty Taters Thankful TATERS Taters Civil Liberty Aunt Drum TatersMaking Making Merry Valdina Date Aunt TATERSAunt Drum Civil Liberty i iOakmuir I Sweepgold Sweepgold Oakmuir Aunt Drum Sweepgold Oakmuir UNCLE BOB Uncle Bob Uncle Bob BobDusty DUSTY Uncle Bob BobDusty UNCLE ROB ROBDusty Winter Sonet Dusty Dusty DustyKere Peraptera Dusty Dusty Dusty Winter Song Kere Uncle Bob Kere DustyKere Winter Song 3 Seely Seelyi SEELYPodner SEELY FAIR DEGREE DEGREEMiss Miss Sal K Fair Degree DegreeSeely Seely J JFair i Gay Rhythm Podner Miss Sal K Seely Seely Fair Degree I Miss Sal K Slick Pigeon Seely Slick Pigeon Gay SeelyGay Bhythm Miss Sal K Bullsel BullselI Bullsel Oswego Dr Paulas Star Bullsel Bullsel I i Ground Signal Paulas Star Bullsel Bullsel Air Power Paulas Star I Oswego Dr Hasten Jason Air Power Oswego Dr Ground Signal Oswego Dr Pilateer Bonnie Andrew Hi Henry Bonnie Andrew AndrewPilateer Bonnie Andrew Bonnie Andrew 18 I Appetizer Hi Henry Bonnie Andrew Pilateer Hi Henry HiHenry 9 9Pilateer I Bonnie Andrew Pilateer Pilateer All PilateerAll Business All Business Pilateer 9 Trackman H J McGuire Detroit Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Deanna Lawyers Gold Gerrys Bud Lawyers Gold Lawyers Gold Lawyers Gold I Lawyers Gold Gerrys Bud Deanna Gerrys Bud Deanna Deanna Wendamor Deanna Magical Toy ToyDabstef Magical Toy Magical Toy Gerrys Bud i DabsterMiss Dabster Dabster Dabstef Cecelia Wood Dabster DABSTER Miss CranberryCecelia Cranberry Boyal Roman Soft Breeze Dabster Cecelia Wood CeceliaWood Cecelia Wood Soft Breeze Cecelia Wood Soft Breeze BreezeGay Soft Breeze Soft Breeze I Veragel Gay Madelyn Smoky Miss Gay Madelyn MadelynActnice Gay Madelyn Gay Madelyn Gay Madelyn Wohneda Golden Bolt ActniceWohneda Actnice Golden Bolt Smoky Miss Wohneda Actnice Gay Madelyn Wohneda Foxfloss Veragel PROMINENCIAPennant PROMINENCIA Prominencia Doctor L M Doctor L M Prominencia Prominencia I Pennant OWar Pennant OWar Always Broke Pennant OWar Pennant OWar Doctor L M 1 Carazon O K Boss KeenOlo Prominencia Doctor L M Pennant OWar i Mels Chic We Hope Gem o Miami We Hope Mels Chic Mels Chic KpListo KOListo Mels Chic KOListo Gem o Miami TVeHope Chillia Queen Gem o Miami jWeHope J JelsChici elsChici We Hope Gem o Miami Eternal Bomb Hot Toddy CHIPPEWA CHBEFETERNALBOMB Fancy Flyer Eternal Bomb 14 Chippewa Chief Fancy Flyer Mighty Fox Chippewa Chief Eternal Bomb Chippewa Chief 11 Hot Toddy Sunday Beau Fancy Flyer Fancy Flyer Mighty Fox FancyFlyer 9 r Butter Wafer Sealane Kantar Bun Silver Sweep Silver Sweep Silver Sweep Kantar Bun Kantar Bun Silver Sweep Kantar Bun Miss Blindfold Kantar Bun Sealane Silver Sweep Pebbles Bugler Miss Blindfold Kantar Bun Sealane i Gourmet GOOBER LAD LADGourmet Goober Lad LadGourmet Gourmet GOURMET Gourmet i Goober Lad Gourmet Gourmet Goober Lad Goober GOURMETGoober Lad Goober Lad Chic Chic Alaflag Alaflag GourmetAlaflag MrX Alaflag Alaflag Trackman C J Connors Belmont Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS i Bundlrab Bundlrab Bundlrab Chip Beef Bundlrab Bundlrab J Eternal Piety Eternal Piety Eternal Piety Bundlrab Eternal Piety Eternal Piety Bunty Jewel Dear Boots Dear Boots Eternal Piety Dear Boots Chip Beef Stone Hill Jacopet Jacopet JACOPET Jacopet Jacopet f Lady Fakir Sudden Scare Andiamo Andiamo JACOPETAndiamo Stone Hill Stone Hill Andiamo StoneJHill Joeys Pal Joeys Pal Lady Fakir Andiamo Attendant AttendantThor Fulgor n Fulgor n nJacopoly Helioptic Fulgor n Fulgor n nAttendant ThorDonnas Thor Sea Wolf Jacopoly Battle Born Sea Wolf Attendant Donnas Ace Thor JacopolyAttendant Attendant Leander Jacopoly Helioptic AttendantHelioptic Warmonger WARMONGER WARMONGER Curandero Curandero Warmonger WARMONGERCurandero WARMONGERStone Emulate Curandero Stone Age Warmonger Stone Age Curandero Foray Vina Stone Age Foray Vina Stone Age Warmonger Stone Age Frere Markette Escondrijo Escondrijo Frere Markette MarketteEscondrijo Escondrijo Escondrijo i Stingprice Frere Markette Frere Markette Escondrijo Frere Markette Frere Markette Charioteer Bapier Scuttleman EscondrijoScuttleman Scuttleman Scuttleman Scuttleman STAR BOUT BOUTi Star Bout BoutGrandpere Newsweekly Star Bout STAR BOUT BOUTKing STAR BOUT BOUTNewsweekly i Galedo GrandpereAlphara Grandpere Star Bout Big If King Bhymer Newsweekly Alphara Alphara Big If Newsweekly Alphara Big If Yankee Hill Mist o Gold Britishlsles MistoVGoloT Britishlsles Mist o Gold East Light Yankee Hill Mist o Gold Yankee Hill MisfdGold British Isles Bimont East Light Prefect British Isles East Light Yankee Hill Count JL Bold Salute Proposition TedWes Weyanoke Weyanoke Weyanoke Proposition OurMerrick Weyanoke Our Merrick Proposition Gino Gold Weyanoke Count JL Bold Salute Ted Wes Count JL Trackman EP Heagerty Delaware Park Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS i Some Pigeon Some Pigeon Eagle Speed Eagle Speed Some Pigeon Some Pigeon Foxy Valley Nora T Some Pigeon Some Pigeon Eagle Speed Eagle Speed Abbottstown Abbottstown Abbottstown Abbottstown Abbottstown Abbottstown Lovi Lovi LOVI LOVI LOVIViva Viva Teddy Viva Teddy Lovi Lovi Lovi Lovi 1 1Viva Playing Pomp Viva Teddy Begaler Joes Favorite Viva Teddy Viva Teddy 1 1Begaler Viva Teddy Begaler Lovi Lovi Begaler Begaler Begaler Super Flight Super Flight FlightUnaided Super Flight Startle Me Super Flight Super Flight Unaided Unaided UnaidedOne Swirl Super Flight Startle Me Startle Me Swirl One Broke Startle Me One Broke One Broke Unaided Leadership LeadershipWishmeluck Falsely Pee Gee GeeTacaro Tacaro Milkman Tacaro Milkman Tacaro Milkman 13 WishmeluckFalsely Wishmeluck Soma Lad Tacaro Milkman Going Airy Pee Gee Pee Gee 8 8Falsely Falsely Tacaro Milkman Soma Lad Pee Gee Leadership Falsely 6 Winter Wheat Blue Border The Doge Blue Border Winter Wheat Blue Border 1 1Winter The Doge Blue Border Tonys Find TheDoge Winter Wheat 1 Big Pop Tonys Find Tonys Find Big POP Tonys Find The Doge i Wee Nip Blenlin Wee Nip Little Tony Wee Nip Wee Nip Sis Lea Wee Nip No Bull Wee Nip Little Tony Little Tony Little Tony Flying Mile Sis Lea Miss Gossip Minneapolis Blenlin Sandy Trail Sandy Trail SANDY TRAIL TRAILGrey Sandy Trail Sandy Trail Sandy Trail Grey Hood Grey Hood Grey Hood Grey Hood Grey Hood Grey Hood j jTurnstile JTurnstile Turnstile Beigh Morse Beigh Morse Turnstile Turnstile ALISON PETERS PETERSBeggar Alison Peters PetersBeggar Alison Peters ALISON PETERS PETERSBeggar ALISON PETERS PETERSBeegar ALISON PRS PRSBeggar Beggar Beggar In Fraganti Beggar Beegar Beggar BeggarInFraganti BeggarIn InFraganti InFraganti Lucky Irish In Fraganti BeegarIn In Fraganti m Fraganti Trackman A E Brown Suffolk Downs Selections Made for Fast Track RACE TRACKMAN HANDICAP ANALYST PHAR LAP CONSENSUS Cunning Just Gone Just Gone GoneCunning Sextant Aunt Kate Just Gone Aunt Kate Aunt Kate Cunning CunningSextant Just Gone Cunning Aunt Kate Biver Breeze Gay Kiska Sextant Aunt Kate Biver Breeze Cunning Diamond Baby Diamond Baby Zacamazuma ZACAMAZUMA Zacamazuma Zacamazuma Sun Flame Zacamazuma Blue Serge Sun ZACAMAZUMASun Clock Diamond Bab v Diamond Baby Zacamazuma Phantom Player Phantom Player Only Yours Phantom Player Phantom Player Navy Flyer Pennypacker Navy Flyer Josies Pal Pennypacker Navy Flyer Best Birthday Navy Flyer Pennypacker Pennycacker Navy Flyer Pennypacker Pennypacker Tumult Joan Elsie Navy Flyer Josies Pal Josies Pal i Apple Biver BuckieHead Buckie Bubbins Dukes Gal GalBuckie Apple Biver Apple Biver BiverBubbins Bubbins Head Woman Head Woman Buckie Bubbins Bubbins Bow On Apple Biver Apple Biver BuckieBubbins Bubbins Dukes Gal BubbinsBuckie Buckie Miss Clara Miss Clara Miss Clara Night Bomber Miss Clara Miss Clara Cambridge Fair Night Bomber Night Bomber Miss Clara Cambridge Fair Night Bomber Miss Sunbeau Generals Aide Cambridge Fair FairBUSYRIDGE Generals Aide Night Bomber Cambridge Fair BUSYRIDGE BUSYRIDGE BUSYRIDGE Toolmaker BUSYRIDGE BUSYRIDGE BUSYRIDGECount BUSYRIDGEBarnacle BUSYRIDGEInstanter BUSYRIDGECount BUSYRIDGEToolmaker Count Lovely Barnacle Instanter Count Lovely Count Lovely Toolmaker Instanter Toolmaker Barnacle Instanter Instanter Count Lovely Goody Gumdrop Goody Gumdrop Goody Gumdrop HemfoxGoody Hemfox Seamanlike Goody Gumdrop 19 Undertow Seamanlike Seamanlike Goody Gumdrop Goody Gumdrop Seamanlike 1 1Hemfox Seamanlike Unknown Beward HyBickey HyBickey Hy Bickey Hemfox MackabyAble Mackaby CeeBaf Matador John JohnMackaby Gee Baf BafAble Able Able Able AbleBushel Able MackabyAble Mackaby Able AbleSandlapper AbleMackaby Mackaby AbleCee Cee Baf JL JLMackaby Bushel Basket Scotch Trap Able Sandlapper Matador John Mackaby

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