Harlem Form Chart., Daily Racing Form, 1898-09-04


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HARLEM FORM CHART CHARTICAGO CHARTING ICAGO CARGO IHli Billie September 3 Twentyfourth Wentworth day Harlem Jockey Club Summer Meet ¬ ing King Weather clear track fast Presiding Judge Col Cool M Lewis Clark Starter Richard Dwyer Racing starts at 2 15 p m O f Q FIRST RACE 78 Mile 3yearolds and upward Selling O Purse 400 value to winner 300 75 to second 25 to third 1 Horsos Horses A Wt St M Vi M StrFin Strafing Jockeys Owners O H L C DUNOIS DUBOIS 4110 6n 7 2 23 22 li H Martin T H Ryan 2 1152 115 115ioDiVES ioDiVES iodides 4109 3 K li 13 11 11121 Aker Baker T F Buckley 15 30 15 30 30J J LOOU3T BLO3M 3 99 H 91 101 9 4 3 McNicklo Canticle W K Cleveland 10 20 10 15 8 BOKDEN BROKEN 3 108 9 6 91 54 6 4 Cnywood D M Hogan CO 60 60 60 60U U DIGGS DIGS 6105 1 5a 5n 7mc 52 51 Holden Olden James Arthur 3736 8 GEO GE H KETCHM4 105 5n 31 3s 3 31 611 Bloss Loss J E Manning 10 12 10 12 A DRILENE DARLENE 410910 82 71 6t 8 72 JMcDonaldT McDonald C McDowell 21 41 21 41 9 LEW LE HOPPER 5108 2 2 4i 4 7 82 W Narvaez Larvae John Brenock Redneck 20 25 2025 U W C T 5103 4 4 4K K 6NK 82 91 94 Rutter Ruttier W Hoffman 10 12 7 8 8ia ia INDRA INDRAWN 7 1Q8 81105 8NK10ioi05 108 Ellis W M Rogers 5 12 5 JO JOto JOt to BUSKIN 310511 11 11 11 11 11 Jenkins Sydney Paget Page 15 60 15 60 60Time Time 25 501 1 02i 1 15 1 27i Wioaor Isolator B c 4 by Florist Becky B BPo BP Po = 3 minutes Start fair Won in a long hard drive second third and fourth were driv drive g just as hard Dunois Dubois was tbo bo best in tho thou race but had to be hard ridden all the way The it displayed groat goat gameness and Martins ride is deserving of much praise He was hard at ork York with tho thou whip the last half mile Dave S wasplayed assayed at a liberal price and off well on his riae rae ran a good race At tho thou head of the stretch he seemed to havo havoc Dunois Dubois beaten but lacked f n = d to stall off Dunois Dubois rush Locust Blossom off in the rear division and interfered with tea came with a rush the last three eighths This filly seems to bo unfortunate in getting va Ketcham Ketch ran as if short going all to pieces when tho thou pinch came Madrilone Marion ran far 30 her mark She was all tangled up though at tho thou start and that accounts for it Low i ippor hippo was off Hying Haying and had no excuses W C Ts race was disappointing Ho was heavily luyed blued ratehedLucid 102 Afamada Alameda 101 Warron Warren Point 105 Dr Marks 93 Bryan 105 Muska Musk ine cine 103 103Dunois Dunois Dubois place even show 1 to 2 Dave S place 10 to 1 show 5 to 1 Locust Blossom bow 2 to 1 rO SECOND HACli Phalli 58 jYlila Julia 2year olds Allowances jt 9 Purse S4CO value to winner 300 75 to second 25 to third wl Horses Wt St H H StrFin Strafing Jockeys Ownors Owners O fl flUV2 UV2 FIRST TENOR 93 li 5i 41 31 li J Woods BumsWaterhse Bushmasters 4 545 5452t 2t BONEY BONY BOY 108 3 7 71 2i 211 Bloss Loss Mrs R Bradley 9513595135 9513595135in in MIQUARY INQUIRY 93 2K 211 IH 32 Gray James Curl 10 15 10 15 152J2 2J2 1R13 95 7 41 51 51 i McNicklo Canticle J Huffman 41 41 3 3 3l l LUCILLE BRMBLE BURBLE 971 4 61462 71 53 Jenkins John Brenock Redneck 10 10 7 9 922U 22U iRTH birth MCKNIGHT103 5 I 22 61 65 E RobortsnJohn Robertson Call 40 10040 ICO CO ICOri2 ri2 BJOSS JOSS 93 9 84 82 81 72 Roao Romano W H Snarley Snare 30 30 10 10 102jO 2jO DCLLIEWIETHOFF95 71 3 3 4H 85 Sheppard GgnhimGwynn20 20 15 15 15LITTLE LITTLE MINCH INCH JR 93 10 10 10 10 96 Holden Olden B J Johnston 20 60 20 60 KIITIE KILTIE MC 95 6 91 91 9 10 Lilly C C Daly Dally 40 10040 100 100Time Time 21491014 21491014Winner Winner B c bj Falsotto Falsetto Pearl Thorn ThornPoss Thorps Poss Li minutes buart bart fair Woncioverly Conceiver second whlppad whipped out third and fourth driving bar J First Tenor is a grand looking colt and judging from this race ho is a fast runner too Wo Is Liandled Ladled him nicely and although tho thou colt tried his hardest to run out on tho thou stretch turn tho thou by managed to keep him in and thou ho galloped over Boney Bony Boy tho thou last sixteenth The latter is a most consistent youugster youngster He was sbaiply bailey cut off on the far turn and wasalmost wassail thrown After that Blosaused Bloated judgment He hugged tho thou rails and got through nicely when tho thou nat ral Ural spread came at the head of the stretch Antiquary had clear sailing and showed a sharp turn of opeed opened Arthur McKnight Mocking was the one that interfered with Boney Bony Boy By doing so ho got a clear path That explains his being so close up as he was the first part of it Lucille Byamble Bramble ran a fair race She was bumped and jostled from tho thou same source that Bonoy Bony Boys Scratched Nora Ives Wives 95 Little Rosey Rosy 93 Overweights Overweighs Lucille Bramble 21 pounds Kittle Skittle Me 5 First Tenor place 2 to 1 show even Boney Bony Boy place oven show 2 to 5 Antiquary how 2 to 1 O THIRD RACE 1 11C Miles 3yearolds Tho Theo Jackson Handicap O HandicapO Handicap J 1000 added value to winner 1020 50 entrance 200 to second S100 to third Ind Indo Horsos Horses Wt St Jj Vi M StrFin Strafing Jockeys Owners O H L C 1602 THE DEVIL 99 31 31 1U 14 13 12 Rose T F Sellers 3433 3433iSlaOi iSlaOi mislaid AZUCENA SAUCE 105 lK 2ii 2 22 26 2 JMcDonaldG McDonald J Long 354535710 354535710S17 S17 UAHDA AHA 90 4 4 4 4 32 315 J Roiff Riff J J Donovan 4433 8204 KINGS HIGHWAY 80 2 IH 33 32 4 4 Seaton Eaton R Bradley 20 30 20 30 30Time 48Winner Time 25 50 1 03 1 15i 1 4H 1 48 PatagoniaOff Patagonia Winner B c by Major Richards Patagonia Off at first break to a good start Won well in hand it was a terrific drive for the place and a very close fit As tho thou race was run and at the weights The Devil was tho thou best He was right on edge and had the race at his mercy after going the first half mile Azucena Sauce could not handle the weight She was not ridden tho thou way she runs her best either As a general rule this fiUy fury drops in behind and makes her run in tho thou stretch McDonald tried to get her to tho thou front from he first j amp and before a half mile was covered it was easily seen that the filly was beaten i mey my was scheduled to ride Azucoua Raucous but before post time the judges substituted J McDonald t araa aaa badly outrun the first part of it finished with a rush She would havo havoc beaten Azucena Sauce for the place in another stride Considering the way that Tho Theo Devil and Azucena Sauce hitched up tho thou las longScratched time they mot the price on Tho Theo Devil was extremely long Scratched St Alfonses Alfonso D 90 Bannockburn Bannock 106 Pingree102 Eva Rice 90 John Bright Il5 Eddie Jones 97 97Ihe Ihe He Devil place 4 to 5 Obi T FOURTH HACE34 jiUJe jive 3yearolds and upward Allowances O O JL Purse 400 vajuo Anjou to winner S300 75 to second 25 to third 3 Wt St i j Si Str Star Fin Jockeys Owners O U L i iSifjiAbUSJS 117 2 21 24 2 11 Bloss Loss Foster Bros Brows 45453535 45453535iWMARY iWMARY impair BLACK 108 11 124 14 13 214 J Reiff Riff E Wizard 3 31 3 3 3iSllSTlME31AKEK 41S028 iSllSTlME31AKEK 112 4 4 4 4 3 JMcDonaldJ McDonald W Schorr Scorer Son 3 44 3 41 S028 SUMMER 8EA 99 34 83 32 Si 4 McNickle Canticle M Jordan 40 75 40 75 Time 75Time 25 49 1 01i 1 14 AbukruPabt Winner 14Winner B h 5 by Plevna Pena Abukru Laburnum Pabt Pat 8 minutoa minutia Start good Won easily second driving and out to the last ounce Abuse v hr seems to be unbeatable just now was the best and galloped over Mary Black on call This d horso hors seems to hava have ani anis thing at the track cinched at threequarters treasurers Bloss Loss rides him to per fertiou fortuitous too Mary Black looked fine after her cost and had her usual amount of speed There was no chance for her though to stall off Abuses winning rush in the stretch Timemakor Tidemark was coming strong at the finish too after being badly outrun the first part of it Summer Sea showed some speed Mark her for lower class company Scratched companyScratched company Montgomery 1U4 1U4Mary Mary Black place 9 to 10 O i fc FIFTH RACE 1 mile uml ml 7O Yards 4yearolds Allowances O i J Purse 5400 value to winner 300 75 to second 25 to third Ind Indo Horses V4 StrFin Strafing Jockeys O H L C 18207 blORM born KING IH 11 12 11 J Roiff Riff WLandsbergCol Landlubber 32 1 1110 8160 DAVID TENNY TENANCY 112 3 3i 32135 J1J 2ii H Martin P Dunne 3333 S207 3182243IMP WHAT NEXT 100 4 4 4 4 4 38 JMcDonaldC McDonald H Williams 3 31 3 31 82243IMP 112 2 25 23 2i 32 4 Shoppard Sheppard D R Harness 6969 6969Time 44Winner Time 25 50i 1 03 1 15i 1 4H 1 44 GrenadineOff Grenadine Winner Blk Balk c 4 by Whistle Jacket Grenadine Off first break to a good start Won easily second driving to the limit Storm King re ¬ peated pleated his performance of Wednesday Under tho thou light weight he led with ease all the way Jloip Lop hung cioso Cisco to him for threequarters treasurers but he had heart enough to stall her off and when David 1 1 any came to him in the stretch the black horso hors drew away from him as easily as ho did from Imp on the far turn David Tenny Teeny ran a good race himself He was well ridden too Martin saving overy overly bit of ground possible What Next made up some ground at the end but Imp stepped badly She is nowhere near herself Ovorweights Overweighs herselfOvorweights poundsIlace pounds What Next 2 pounds Ilace Lace David Tenny Teeny 4 to 5 5W W 2 i SiXf SiX H RACE 1 18 Miles 3yearolds and upward Selling O aSJO Faso Purse 100 value to winner 800 75 to second 25 to third U Horses A Wt St St V4 A StrFin Strafing Jockeys Owners O H TjTijrOPMAsT 5 106 24 24vSPLANTAIN 31 31431 2u 1 Conley Coney B M Reynolds 10 10 8 8 vSPLANTAIN supplanting 3 88 4 48idiJCANDELRIA4 24 23 24 IH li 21 Rose R Bradley 8888 8idiJCANDELRIA4 110 3 35ii 6J 52 5 4i IKK VIKKI 3 JMcDonaldBurnfWaterhso 65 75 6 513 10 10I 5ii TREACHEHYS TREACHERY y8 1 I 7 bii ii 4 52 st 41 J Reiff Riff J G Brown Co 5 5 44 41 41ti liiJMONCREITH 4 Iu7 r ti SNS SANS 41 SKK SKOKIE 78 51 52 Caywood Cawed J E Murphy 7 10 7 10 10i P j DLYO LYON 3 e i i IU ii 4 ea 64 McNickle Canticle T F Buckley 6767 6767t HU DEERFOOT BEETROOT 3 Ml t v 8 4 I 7 Sheppard A Covington Coving 60 10060 100 O J OF HKAKI KHAKI lol loll 4 n H b 8 Goodwin Godwin JflArmstrongCoSO 100 80 100 Dqualilkjd Duvall fOi foci fou1 Tiw Tow Icve Ice i oi 103 1W 142 1531 Wiauor Wilbur Ch g 5 by Topgallant Kssay Assay P si 2 minutos minutes Stirt Stir ood od It was a driving fiuish finish Conley Coney outflnlshed outfalls Rose Candelaria Candelabra was far the biot bigot With anjtiiing iika Ikea a good ride he could not havq have lost McDonald is daring enough and knows theshortost thresher way araoitm adroit the track but at the head of the stretch he tried to get through an impossible hole and was naturally cut off Rose on Plantain was wisexonoueh to let Candalaria Candelabra got half way through between him and the rail and then pulled over This pocketed Candelaria Candelabra entirely and although ho had speed left there was no chance to use it Conley Coney came with a rush on tho thou outside of Plantain and won in the very last stride When McDonald made his run on the turn ho bumped into and knocked Treachery off her stride This explains tho thou disqualification Plantain was a good horso hors in tho thou race Rose made his run too quick Topmast was in a good p isition visiting all the way He pulled up lame Moncreith Noncredit has worked well He likes the Hawthorne track and deserves attention tho thou first time out over that course Deyo Defy was used up by pacemaking peacemaking and tired badly It was a good race raceScratched backscratcher Scratched Queen Safie Safe 98 Brother Fred 98 Martia Martian K 101 Charina100 Charina100Overweights Overweights Overweighs Jack of Hearts 3 pounds Daerfoot Detroit 4 4Topmast Topmast place 3 to 1 show 6 to 5 Plantain place 21 to 1 show 3 to 2 Treachery show 3 to

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