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Royal Breeze 2-1 won Gaper . . . Lost Xke only two liorse sent onl on Monday. ONLY ONE OB TWO HORSES DAILY. NEVER MORE THAN TWO. .00 FOR SIX RACING DAYS, "Our Information Comes from Owners Direct from the Tracks On Wednesday in the third race at Latonia we will turn loose a trick that will make em sit up and take notice. No hot-air promises. Begin with us now. It costs you .00 for one week. CASSIDY and, CO. TURF experts; Suite 608 171 Washington Street Chicago, 111. Turf Exchange ALL RACES. DIRECT WIRES. 2 Special Trains on Illinois Central R. R. Leaving Randolph Street at J2:30 and Ui5 p. m., stopping only at Van Buren, 39th and 63rd Streets. Returning grains at 4:45 and 5:25, making above stops. Roby street cars on yellow line also make close connections ROUND TRIP - 50 CENTS DARTHULA, 2-1, WON This is the only Special we wired our clients since wo closed up our Louisville office. Oct. 20 AUDITOR 1.- 4-1 WON Oct. 19 SUZANNE 8-1 Lost Oct. 18 HARDING 7-10 WON Oct. 17 STILL ALARM 8-5 WON Oct. 16 ORATORIAN 9-2 WON Oct. 15 INVINCIBLE CO-1 Lost Oct. 13 AUDITOR 7-5 WON Oct. 12 LIGHTNING CONDUCTOR 7-2 WON Oct. 11 ELLIOTT 25-1 WON Oct. 10 PONTOTOC 30-1 Lost Oct. 9 WEXFORD 7-1 WON Oct. 8 MISS LEEDS 7-2 WON Oct. 6 POTTER . 15-1 WON Oct. 5 MORENDO 2-1 WON Oct. 4 BENSONHURST 6-1 Lost Oct. 3 CHARLATAN 1-2 WON . Oct. 2 MARTHA GORMAN 3-5 WON Oct. 1 MARVEL P 2-1 WON The above Bill Lester and Co. wired their client: during the eighteen days of the Churchill Downs meeting. This statement can be verilied by Daily l!aolng Form and Louisville Courier-.Toumal. TUESDAY One 1 have an interest in. He has ilie speed and stamina io run rings around the rest of the flehl and is ready for the fray. 20 to 1 should ltd the price on this cinch. 1 WEDNESDAY A lmnimcr, fit and ready nicely placed, and all things are attended to. Should breeze all the way at about 15 Io 1. Here is your opportunity and dont fail to take advantage. of it. What I give you is the goods at :i price with stable connections betting a bunch. J am strongly connected and can convince the most skeptical person with a short trial. BILL LESTER and GO. Suite 37, 90 La Salle St Chicago, III. Tel. Main 2928. Owners and Trainers. TP PMC 52.00 DAILY, OR I C f Iff D . 0 FOR 6 WIRES- REYNOLDS and CO., Horse Owners and Expert Handicappers. . Itoom JJIO, 114 Dearborn St., Chicago .00 DAlr.V .00 WEEKLY 1 Yesterday our one best bet Established 1890. at Jamaica was: T-s ROYAL BREEZE, WON . 2-1 andgK vSand 20-1 Special IIP For Wednesday lP3S iai deliver the Koods iii0?SW a certainty. Last weeks iJJlwf one-best-bet record: 3 win-fflfZrwv tiers, 1 loser and 2 scratches, fllf per cenk winners this mJt year. If you want an abso-We Never Misrep- lDto certainty that brings resent. large retnrns, subscribe at 1 once to this series. WOODS KljTrH DAILY FORM LETTER Vjaf 59 Dearborn Street Daily .. Weekly YESTERDAY OUR LETTER GAVE : ROYAL BREEZE 2-1 WON LINDALE 4-1 2nd CRESSINA 11. 2-1 WON M CHORD 16-5 WON DARTHULA 8-5 WON AUDITOR 2-1 2nd MISS RILLIE 4-5 WON NATIONAL RACING REVIEW NO. 107. Room 87. 7t Dearborn Street, Chicago. 111. Yesterdays Special was: PAN! QUE 6-1 Third. .00 Per Month. 25 Cents Per Copy. PHONE 3581 CENTRAL. I IDAILY1 I 1 i M A I N G IFOR Ml PUBLISHED BY DAILY RACING FORM PUB. CO. 124 FIFTH AVENUE, CHICAGO, ILL. THE LARGEST THE BEST! FASIG-TIPTON COS 7th Annual KENTUCKY SALE will number between 600 and 70O head of Thoroughbred Stallions, Mares, Yearlings and Race Horses NOTED FOR QUALITY. A Few of the V Sale Will Be Held at WILSONS Horsemens FEATURES Headquarters, LEXINGTON, KY., will be DURING THANKSGIVING WEEK- Entire Dispersal of a LARGE Consignment from Capt. S. S. Browns senorita stud, $ Mr. JAMES B. HAGGINS including the stallions, V GARRY HERMANN Q Elmeildorf Stud, arid BROOMSTICK. VY Entire Dispersal of the Late .jA J Large Consignment CHARLES F. McMEEKINS V OAKWOOD STUD, including FROM the very successful stallion, Imp. T ri jj 0 Ml JHn E Madden S WOOLSTHORPE, and the dam o! tt W,nner tH,S yCar Hamburg Place Stud. Entire Dispersal of R.H.ANDER-Entire Dispersal of SONS TEAS OVER STUD, in-V Mr eluding TEAS OVER, dam of DICK . , . , eon S WELLES, ORT WELLS, SECURITY,DaVld Holmdel Stud. andc, winners of about 0u,000. FASHIONABLY BRED YEARLINGS CONSIGNMENTS Q FROM FROM OTHER , PROMINENT Mr. x Milton oxvigss , McGrathiana Stud, etc. 6 OFsZ?. THERE IS NO LIMIT TO THE POSSIBLE EARNINGS OF A THOROUGHBRED. IT COSTS NO MORE TO KBKP A GOOD IIORSK THAN IT DOES A POOR HORSE. BUT KEEPING A GOOD HORSE CAN BE MADE PROFITABLE. Thie Vtolo PRESENTS MANY OPPORTUNITIES TO THE FARMER AS WELL AS una jaic the large and small breeder to secure bargains. For OntaloBiiett oV thlit GltEandT HALE, Write to JASIG-TIPTON CO. madisorkgarden STATE FAIR OF LOUISIANA Shreveport, Nov. 17 to 25, 1906. The State Fair of Louisiana announces the following Running Races, rules of the Texas Thoroughbred Association to govern, of which association we are members, except as otherwise specified: QitnrHau NnupmhAr IT " year-olds and upward. Entries Monday, Novomhor c",lu Ud7i IUVCliiuci II. ly. weights and acceptances Tuesday, November 20. SIX FURLONGS Purse 50.00, of which 5.00 to FIVE FURLONGS irurse 50.00. For 2-yonr- the second horse, and 5.00 to the third horse. For olds, 10 lbs. below the scale. .00 weight for 8-yonr-olds and up. Horses entered for 500.00 to age. 2 lbs. for each 00.00 to 200.00. SJnn"elgbt; " lb3 a,lowed for eacU ?100-00 t0 SEVEN FURLONGS Purse 50.00. For 3-year- . olds and npward; 3-year-olds to carry 105 lbs.: -f- FIVE FURLONGS Purse 50.00, of which S3.I.00 year-olds and upward to carry 114 lbs. The winner to the second horse and 5.00 to the third horse, to be sold for 00.00. For all ages that have not won more than three races In 1906: 2-year-olds to carry 94 lbs., 3-year-olds to carry 110 lbs., others to carry 114 lbs. ThnrcHav 1 nlu;Utty NnupmKor llovemDer OO ONE MILE Purse 00.00, of which 0.00 to the second horse and 0.00 to the third horse. For 3- SIX FURLONGS Purse 50.00. For 3-ycar-olds year-olds and upward. Ten lbs. below the scale, and upward that have not won more than three Horses entered for ,000.00 to carry weight; one races since July 1, 1906, 8 lbs. below the scale, pound allowed for each 00.00 to 00.00. Non-winners of two races allowed 4 lbs.; of one race 8 lbs.; beaten maidens 12 lbs. M..,U in SIX FURLONGS Purse 50.00. A handicap for lYIOnday, iMOVemDer Io. 2-year-olds. Entries Tuesday, November 20; weight aml nccePtances Wednesday, November 21. SIX FURLONGS-Purse 50.00. For 2-vear-olds 10 lbs. below the scale. Non-winners of four races FIVE E01"-8 Pu,rs,e ?25,0- For fillies and allowed r lbs.; of three races 10 lbs.; of two races mares, all ages. 10 lbs. below the scale. Winner to 15 lbs.; beaten maidens 20 lbs. be s01 at auction for 00.00. ONE MILE Purse 50.00. For 3-year-olds and up. ,000.00 weight for nge. Two pounds allowed r- :,J.,. Ti.,., U no for each 00.00 to 00.00. Winners of four or hriday, INOVember 2.O. 1000 CntCred 1883 thaU " Woo"" ONE MILE-Purse 50.00. For 2-year-olds. 10 SEVEN FURLONGS-Purse 50.00. For 3-year- ? Ibf ifss tochlW- ei1,t. Ut-"!? - lDs- Sb for each W.W to to olds and upward that haVe not won more than three Sflono races since September 1, 1006, 10 lbs. below the sralo. All to be sold for 00. - TIVE FURLONGS Purse 50.00. For 3-year- FIVE FURLONGS Purse 50.00. For all ages. ?1Aan.d ufpJIard- F.or no.es, haTe stalled a,nd weight tini ioi for nP ae. not won at the meeting, height for age. The wlii- ner t0 for 300m TiiPcHav Nnvpmhpr 9D SEVEN FURLONGS Purse 50.00.. For S-year- I ueSQeiy, INOvemoer 0ias aml npward. 00.00 weight for age; 3 lbs. al- SIX FURLONGS Purse 50.00. For 3-vear-olds lowcd for eacu 00.00 to 00.00. and upward, .00 weight for age. 3 lbs. allowed SEVEN FURLONGS Purse 50.00. A handicap for each 00.00 to 00.00. for 3-year-olds and upward. Entries "Wednesday, FIVE FURLONGS Purse 50.00. For 2-year- November 21; weights and acceptances Thursday, olds. Weight for ago. Non-winners of a race the November 22. value of 00.00 or four races of any value allowed 6 lbs.; of a race the value of 00.00 or three races Qnnrrln Nnupmhoi- OA. of any value 12 lbs; beaten maidens 18 lbs. oaTUraay, INOVemDer ZMr . ONE MILE Purse 50.00. For 3-year-olds and FIVE FURLONGS Purse 50.00. For beaten upward 20 lbs. below the scale. Winners since non-winners at the meeting, all ages, weight for September 1 penalized 2 lbs. for each win. The age. JIaidens allowed 0 lbs., If 3-year-olds and np- winner to be sold for 00.00. ward 10 lbs. SEVEN FURLONGS Purse 50.00. For 3-year- SEVEN FURLONGS Purse 50.00. For 3-year- LaJ?,d VPw?nnV.hat hav5hu,?1t T? araCe olds and upward. 00.00 weight for age; 3 lbs. value of 00.00 this 10 lbs. below scale, year, the allowed for each 00 00 to 200 OO Non-winners of three races allowed 4 lbs.; of two Tr, races 8 lbs.;" of one race 12 lbs. SIX FURLONGS Purse 50.00. oen A handicap for - all ages. Entries Thursday, November 22; weights and acceptances Friday, November 23. Wednesday, November 21. mile and a ouarter Purse 50.00. For 3- year-olds and upward. ,600.00 weight for cnTTT. moTnuro t. oen nn age: FOUR FURLONGS Purse 50.00. For maidens, 2 lbs. allowed for each 00.00 to 00.fo Winners lr,?ct;Jeint.i2r ?,gc- of a race the value of 00.00 in 1906 not to be SIX, FURLONGS Purse 50.00. A handicap for entered for less than .00. Dallas, San Antonio and Houston, Texas, precede our meeting. Five running races daily at each track. M. L. SCOVELL, Shreveport, La. SECRETARY..

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