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1 . ... «— ■ WASHINGTON BROOKLYN SARATOGA RICHARDSON and CO., PURVEYORS OF RELIABLE INSIDE RACING INFORMATION, Sxiite 37, 119 La Salle Street, Chicago, III. To appease a popular demand upon the part of our nnmerom Weatera clients we hive decided to open a CHICAGO OFFICE. APRIL 1ST. and for I LIMITED TIME ONLY will ;ie patrons HONEST DIRECT TRACK INFORMATION for S5.00 WEEKLY. We bid for year patronage and ;«ii-.- ron to embrace thK o|i| .irtiuiitv if reeetvaag ONE OR TWO Winning selection- dnlv NEVER MORE THAN TWO. The only waj to heal the horaei B to plaj GENUINE INSIDE INFORMATION. Qaeastag vhaarn geta you aotfaing. ll.iiulicapp.-rs and newspaper tipsters deoend on form and paaa up track eoaaHtaa, trleka Of the trade, etc Our oi-e hi di t. rent WE MUST GIVE YOU WINNERS. THE NAME OF EVERY HORSE WILL BE FILED WITH THE DAILY RACING rORM. SUBSCRIBE AT ONCE! QUIT BEING A LOSER! GET THE WINNING HABIT! i. lined K7S paat week with a capital of SI:!, all or write ami we will Live yon midcuiadc- pl-j if tl.at are are doing as we advertise. We are naaking it verv plain to those in inrestigate that mtr Method i- the only possible way to make aaoaej at racing with reasonable capital, Sen oa trial with positive guarantee to refund money if failure can be ahown or you prove that ae d not ase money are aay are bVa. Method prored, tested aad naed 9re years before being ottered to the public. Warning -Our method N now well established. Sales nasi week double any previous week. If you want it at h preaeat price 01 s", yon must order soon, as we will raise price to 6 It should be . Partiealari by mail or ar office, but dont waate time writing for particulars. Order and make money. Write or call at office, y to 12 Oclock. S. A. SHENKLE. R. 36, 84 Washington St.. Chicago. 111. fl7"l7iriW-lT8T8TEB U V U V 11 ITllilVl Ula Thp HOXALL BTSTBM fl aajihjhli t B the best fi . u j *i,-_h I t,:rt Bjateta ever devised. GOOD on a Winter track iintsneu intra. | as darlag the regalar season, if you are 1 LOSES, it _, . . .... ! Will pay you to set the Noxall System. It has Ciiangect track conditions. Mud beat us. j SOLVBI the problem of "How to beat the races." The NOXALL SYSTKM is not a scheme. A Ji afcv V I standard pnblieatiOB in book form. ONLY JIIAK- 5*5 3Bjk W*»sV I ANTBED SYSTEM sold. Like any article of REAL /| h. / TRACK, P001.K00M OR HANDBOOK / t - ffWKb! awC ■wlna ; Wi "" ri!|l results. Selects pi.ivs from the entries. Jn 1 jaWfcaTfcnrfJTML : Fhis system lias received nolhins luit favorable com- JK Ey* m "ffijf »f jLjffaV ments from those who have purchased it. Hundreds Mp§ -8 f |i wifc 9 . a8ffiK l1 unsolicited testimonials expressing great satis- pSW,Sp*flW*9yCffib« A positive WINNTIt. The system does not play P#i ia fE aV« viry race. An average of eifflit plays ;1 week. aaa a ™ B * BFi « jSaaaa It t 3and"BF"/a r* jgja . No t i i -~. handicapping or "doping" required. Not xKjnMBHSaaaacacMaBBaaaBnffilBVBn cmidicated. to operate, illi; i:i:st I.TH kniKtnnTr"uMI1nWiilllllll l|il r9«* ""»aal x obtained from SMALL CAPITAL. IINLlKi: any I KTi?IV3rTn3|nT7T5pnBVS system; new theory: new thoughts; new ideas. I If I v Iffi aLrj itB 1 x*J tT*l *ttl * «»1 1 *« ffffl! i KI.Ai LS r winning system. Will do more for you 1 MffiHHMfflftffififeitegia 1 than all seiections. information, handicapping aud mm**M™mm** ;jj,s comiiined. A posithe fact. "Our Irformation Com« Direct From the Trick." -, IA/PITF FOP FPFF RHilKI FT vUft L/AILY libjKjyJiilJ i TeBa aU abaat tt aad what It arm do. Only system Marrb 18 — CUTTER 11-5 WON s"ll with a guarantee. Par IBM money at the end March 19 — BERTMONT 5-1 WON i l,f :° daya ;ii:l1 ir ■ loss u shown. This alone March 20— GLAMOR 10-1 LOST preclnden the NOXALL SYSTKM from being a Ma;; .1 21— MORALES 3-5 WON scheme. Investigate at once by writing for par-Ma rch 22— ALL0NBY 7-1 LOST ticolara. March 23— DONNA ELVIRA ... 13-5 WON j mS1=Isell;:;S If5 JOHN SMULSKI, 7-2, WON Man h 23— EjVOY „.„•••■ . - 8eSlti Owr clients thrmarJ t the country were advised March 29— WILD IRISHMAN .. 5-1 WON ,,, Diunire ,|ie limit I ■im to win and win only plunge tin .unit on oa nun to win ami win oniy. March 30— GOLDEN MINERAL. .13-5 3rd The name of every horse is filed with IVlUiN UJ I I the Daily Racing Form every noon. Hare another of the cant lose variety that will start at New Orleans. This bone worked seven elchtha of ■ mile in i:29J easily. Is in the pink of c»-t»t-/~ t a r /-vrrrn OiJl Ol/vL Orrlllll eoaditloa and will go rain or thine. This one i* already in I we will bet the limit on him. j |£-| PZ for cnlirc m0"*!l I WEDNESDAY i JLjl S • . J it Anril I will advise m clients to play one that is "goiag r ■ tbaaw vl *|»l It ,-,„. tlll. nowns" ai Benning. To Insnre you of rood odds I -ill warn oii |o keep llic-e wiles secret Getaway at New Orleans. c.R. JAMES, Fuhur lorm does not count I or mm h. We I ii are next to several sl-epcr». One goes Mon Suite 50, 1 19 La Salle St., CllicagO, III. diy. another one on Wednesday. It will _.._ _ _ . pay to follow us now. HMfc SI 00 Dolly; „ .00 „ Weekly. mayTrTco TW0 BIG KILUNGS! , 1.7, wtulwo o" jj MONDAY AND TUESDAY. .——-————————J These w ol those prepared in secret kind ■ii amii|i9BMBBraB9aBiiMaaaaaBaaiBaiaaaaaaaa** 9flor ,, , U, ~~ ~~~~ " polled to be careful and not say too mucli in prim. _. __ _. _ _ " fiord to miss llic.n. rm they are soate trm w. mm wm m mm m w« ■» ■ lOCL f #-£/ ju fm I SmffSmfm I thing f tiie ordinary and on which the aaaartesl lALL, I nLL; r Lt.; -»«ine now operating a-ill bet their avoney. Bwsh In your orders at once it you waul to got a bank on reeeivin; four name and address I will mail roll. These are like Workman and Slickaway. Vou yon :ib-oinicU free, horses which are picked l", my can bet roar limit. wonderful handicapping "Metl ," which has taken TERMS: Sl.Ot DAII Y: .00 WEEKLY. rears i»f experiei ind raonej to perfect. ... , ... . h retpiires but ten minutes daily, and will give more wanted- rew resi jltdp i wi i will Bead l!~ "• winnings ol a 92.0 «t. |LO0 must ac- winners than any I. audi,. r. It shows vou how ;.. determine the best bets, not I to 5 shots, but «w«P«hJ jont order to gaaraatee telegraaaa. g I price winners averaging from 60 to 7 per rTTU"C lirfCTTDM .cut. I also siiov. .mii bow t,. bet your money to L liL WLOiLltlN, the best advantage Selections will be mailed .mi D .M m mM ... .. _. ,-.. ,., . , ... III. Room M B, 84 St., Washington Chicago, .verv a. M. hearing post mark prior to running of i iee I: you arc -i loser I will show you b.,-.v v • • 1 1 - ■ win it I.ok. Horses whiHi i send are m ■ —~-— . ————— ——— — — — ——————— .— .— .— — . i Wffiffil*a»IU9JBlJ«Jffiffiffi«WiJlffiUJffiffiajB|BBa|BBBii to "Method." PRICE OF METHOD COMPLETE IS 0. | QOIDEM MIMERAL. m C. S. MILLER, | 13-5 3ld ii 2 was our Dally One Horss Wiro .sitnrday. | | Room 8, 45 La Salle Street, Chicago. Vt BZT.ZS ZKT1. I 6 WIRES . .. CHARLIE EASTMAN, I — ■ ■ — i 4-5, WON * °~E "0R_SJLa DAY and again Bill Lesters clients got another banch T. C. WOOD and. CO., I I ADmdays special la i two-year-old that will be 2 59 Dearborn Street : : Chicago, III. ,, eal loose at New- Orleans tor the biggest killing on Z ESTABLISHED 1804. I I record. this borai i rorked the unbeaten Mollle Jv ™ Montrose, and Ibe of the . one coups — — — — — — — — — — — — — — . — — — — » — ...— will be made dark s.-crel gffigpaiaBaittgasanajtpaaaaai ajiajajaswajiaiii aaipaaapai horse loses, 1 will give Wednesdays previously — — — — — — —■— — _»__ mmmmmmmmmmm advertised long ahol special free. TtRF REPORTERS SPECIAL id-TTCfi Din r **r BILL LkZljlLK iy Cl/a Room 3,2 59 Dearborn St., Chicago. Suite 37, 90 La Salle Street, Chicago. III. Monday s Special: 33-36-14-40-15. , Te/. Main 2928. : : Owners and Trainers. record of above special: M Pailv- or 0 l»r 6 Guaranteed Winners. |Q WINNERS IN LAST 18 DAYS. Entry L-st: 4-5-211-216-264-266. , WW w* rVwV*wV*VV»VW»wVV*V iA j if FREE " if Turf Exchange aext days letter If we dont a, «« 99 pet YPSILANTI, MICH. * ceii!. oie two. Remember we guarantee 50 J ? per cent, of oar selections one-two or we J _ tq««j TRAINS LELAVE #r « other handicapner. tipster or information S MICHIGAN CENTRAL DEPOT, DSUOlt % bureau make sticb a guarantee? Ask f you . _ , . _.__ .„ _ , them. We give only two races al New Or AT 1:00 AND 1:40 P. M. i % leans and two at Oakland and the price is « -— ~ "" 00 DAILY :: .00 WEEKLY. f FREE! C TO SYSTEM PLAiERS AIM0 FURM STUDf.NIS. % X C WOOD ft CO % s1"1 "" -v"": "■"»" ;l1" addrraa and I will vv " "■ * , I tnrniii you wiib an Interesting, Instructive and 3i2. 59 DEARBURM STREET, CHICAGO % ant itative treatise oa these subjects, telltag * V *V all about private and public -- -loins, and bow I r Ar tAAAAAf r*»r AAArVVArAAAAAr Ar won 9,000 iii the last aeveateea * months, with small capital. Address. R. E. ? BAVIS. Box 678. KnoxviUe. Tenn. THE REPEATER, ■ Thurvtona iew Turf Iuhlb utlon. issuf.l evu y satur- s day. whicli contains the mosl reliable information to follow. »T .. in » — « - - it_ oni toRetber witu aaaaea or three KKi.i ki.i: uoitsi s no National Kactng neview IMo. 291 more, that are oa BUMIIC aad oventae. of which all should __ __ _ . — _, .,.■!.,».,.. .. ■ " he rataraad wiaaera within iwu ahurti «t Kood prices the tol- «o«m »r Tl lleitrborn Street UU1CA.UO. ILL. . tov. iu wetk. That elass of play aaa proven a graal aaeeaaa Yesterdays Special. Charlie Eastman, 4 to 5, Won. the paat -c en years. « ith clients tliat only v ish to play oc _ „ ,Tr T Lost. . .00 _. nn Per ,.r , One-Horse Wire Week. I caMonily. and have not time to use my daily one-hor-e wire. but never before sold for less then SI 00 a horse in set- of 5 rmrmr:: . cr 10. T1IK tfKlEATEIt i- -old at ai.OO sealed. Thou- , sands of testimonials. I A THURSTON, Publi-her, Wept. £ UJJandivKiaL SlfRSCRTTlF. rytt FOR uailx DAILY RACING ttAvixnu FORM rutt*. V., Suite 1 8 Bennett Bldg.. Detroit, Mich.

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