Slump in Prices for Yearlings: Top Price Yesterday ,300 for the Half Brother to Andronike and Maxrose, Daily Racing Form, 1907-06-25


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SLUMP IN PRICES FOR YEARLINGS. Top Price Yesterday ,300 for the Half Brother to Andronike and Maxrose. New York, .Tune 21. There was a slump in prices at the yearling sale today, only seven head reached four figures and the average was a fraction less than 0O. The offering was lifly-four head, of which live were passed and forty-nine sold for an aggregate or 1,900. The top price was ,300. paid by .1. O. Keene for the half-brother to .Max-rose and Andronike. The sister to Ada Nay was knocked down to A. .7. Joyncr for ,100. The last or the Elinendorf consignment will be sold tomorrow. Succeeding days until .luly i will be taken up with the lots or various Kentucky, Virginia. New York and New Jersey breeders. The summary: Day filly, by Watercolor Miss Oro; K. Carr.$ 100 Chestnut colt, bv George Kessler Missy; S. C. Ilihlroth 250 Bar colt, by Star Ruby Moderate; F. Burlew 175 Day colt, bv Toddington Modorocia; II. 15. Duryea 1,300 Bay tiilv, by Kinley Mack Mollie Order; K. Carr . 100 Bar coW, bv .Mimic Mono; II. B. .Duryea GOO BaV lillr, by Royal Flush III. My Fate; K. Carr 100 Chestnut colt, by Order Natica Terry; J. Eastman L50 Chestnut liliy, by Maxio Nayada; A. J. Joyncr 2,100 Bay lillv, bv Bute October Flower; K. Carr.. 10O Chestnut coll, bv Shaprell Onega; F. Burlew ::00 Bav coif, bv Gerolstein Optic; F. Burlew... 200 Chestnut colt, by High Order Ormondine; R. F. Carman 100 Bay colt, bv .Maxio Ortawin; F. Burlew 1,200 Chestnut colt, bv Alkie Our Baby; S. C. 1 1 II- drcth 2.-0 Bay colt, bv Longstreot Oyamel; F. Burlew. 125 Chestnut liliy, by Ben I lolladay Pasture;; K. Carr 100 Bay coif, by Goldfinch Petal II.; J. O. Keene .. "00 Chestnut colt, bv Star Buby Phantasma; S. C. llildreth 1,000 Bay colt, bv Arkle Ihida: John Schlosser. . 000 Bay lillv, by Gerolstein Priestess; S. C. llildreth -100 Bay filly, by Gerolstein Primeval; Geo. Kraus Bay liliy, by High Order Prismatic; K. Carr. 100 BaV colt, by Greenan Prosaic; AV. B. Jen-clings 050 Chestnut filly, by Dicudonne Quadress; G. Kraus "50 Bay colt, bv Star Ruby Quatrain; F. Burlew 225 Bav " colt, by Mimic Red Orange; It. F. Car- man 1,"0 Bav lillv, liv Maxio Repcta; K. Cnrr KM Bay colt, bv Bute Ribbons; J. Eastman.... 100 Chestnut liliy, by llieudonne Rieabar; II. B. Duryea -100 Bay liliy. by Teddy Mack Rosalinda; M. Murphy 125 Bay fillv, by Toddington Kosalva; AA B. Jennings 1,000 CheHtnut liliy... by Arkle Rosanna: K. Carr.. 100 Brown tiily, by Walerboy Rose Carlo; It. F. Carman . ..- "50 Bay lillv. by "Watercolor Rose or Hampton; F. Burlew -100 Bav lillv, bv Order Rose Window; K. Carr.. 100 Chestnut lillv, by Glenlieim -Sabra; K. Carr.. 100 Bav " lillv. by Greenan St. Lucie II.; S. C. Hihiroth , "25 Bav coll, by Greenan St. Prion; F. Burlew 175 Bav filly, by Arkle Sal va Cea: K. Carr 100 Chestnut colt, by Golden Garter Salver; F. Burlew 225 Bay coll. by Bull Sandoia; W. D. Babcock.. 175 Blaek colt, by Watercress Scarlet Rose; J. O. Keene 2,300 Grev colt, by Maxio Sembrieh; C. E. Rur- nell W Bay colt, by Goldfinch Slffim; F. Burlew.. 525 Bav colt, lv" Kinley Mack Shannon Rose; J. Eastman 100 Bav colt, bv Arkle Shibeen: J. Eastman 100 Bay lillv, by Watercress Silea; S. C. llildreth K50 Bay liliy. by Gerolstein Silence; K. Carr 100 The following were passed out without a bid: Bav fillv, bv Montana Mythic. Chestnut lillv, by Royal Flush III. Patagonia. Bav fillv. bv Star Ruby Prim II. Brown filly, by Shapfell Purple Iris. Chestnut liliy, by Arkle Report.

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