Details of the Lexington Sale, Daily Racing Form, 1907-11-27

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DETAILS OF THE LEXINGTON SALE. Lexington, Ky., November 20. The following is a list of the 197 broodmares, yearlings and weanlings sold during the first day of the Fasig-Tipton Companys sales at Wilsons Horsemens Headquarters yesterday: Property of John E. Madden All Hope, b. m, 7, by Miser Thora; J. C. Hutchinson 00 Baroque, b. m, 5, by Plaudit Pearl Thorn; L. Blum 75 Batyah, eh. m, S, by Falsetto Bassinette; A. II. Jewell , 90 Busy Lass, b. m, 7, by Meddler Elusive; W. P. Knight . 130 Curtsey, b. in, 9, by Lord Esterling Minuet; W. II. Kerr 75 Deserted, b. m, 0, by Order Kincsem; R. McConnack . .-. ISO .Eleda, eh. f, 4, by Mazagan Varlna; H. Oots ". 50 Etta, br. m, 10, by Falsetto Manola; It. McConnack 90 Feline, b. m, 9, by Meddler Leonica; L. Blum 75 Fillide, br. m, IS, by Tremont Ferona; W. Swope 35 Golden Girl, ch. in. 7, by Wadsworth Reine dOr; W. II. Kerr 115 Graceaway, b. m. 7, by Ravelston Grace S.; A. II. Jewell SO Grace Hastings, b. m, S, by Hastings-Grace TolTey; A. II. Jewell 50 Lady Ella, b. f, 3, by Meadowthorpe Lady Pepper;W. J. Butler 75 Luna Park. b. f. 3, by Galore Lydla Belle; W. P. Knight SO Mayoress, b. m, 5, by Plaudit Merrily; L. Blum 00 Nancy Brown, b. m, 7, by Meddler Countess; L. Blum 100 Octavo, br. f, 3, by Octagon Alcestis; R. II. Anderson ; 200 Plentiful, blk. f. 3, by Galore Decimal; J. C. Hutchinson S5 Queen of Navarre, eh. m, 1; by Henry of Navarre Bliss; L. Blum 70 Rings, ch. in, - 7, by Mirthful Helen Thomas; Rancocas Stock Farm 150 Sandwort, b. f, 3, by Sandringham Rorka; J. Butler loo Scottie. b. m, 0, by Hampton Bonnie Dundee II.: L. Blum 105 Shapely, br. m, 13, by .Minting Symmetry; W. F. Payne, Jr 155 Star Lily. b. 111, 5, by Sandringham Bav- light; L. Blum .. 00 Trustful, ch. m, 7, by Mirthful Margery; A. II. Jewell 100 Vassar Girl, br. m. 5, by Sandringham Queen dOr: W. II. Kerr 100 Property of F. R. Hitchcock Royal Belle, b. m, G, by Kingston Augusta Belle; A. II. Jewell S5 Wannakee, ch. 111, 7, by Bathampton Una- daga: L. Blum 100 Bay filly, by Yankee Halo foaled March 27, 1907: II. P. Headley 130 Property of Hinde and Baker Combination, ch. m, 9, by Rossington Unite; L. Blum 70 Miss ReDly, b. m, 10, by Falsetto Crucible; L. Blum 50 Lash, br. m, 13, by Toison dOr Whipcord; L. Blum . 40 Limavady. br. ni, 4, by Charade Loraine; L. Blum 00 Cassadean, b. in, 10, by Wagner Equal Rights; L. Blum 50 Eitra, ch. m. 12, by Springbok Edith, by Saxon; L. Blum 50 Wayward Girl. b. m, 7, ny Iroquois Ar-miel; L. Blum 70 Spinuett. ch. 111, 7, by Traverse Statuctte; L. Blum 120 Lucille Hawthorne, ch. in, 5, by The Commoner Wanderese; L. Blum 70 Visetto, b. m, C, by Masetto Monte Viso; W. G. Boswcil CO Chelsea, ch. f, 4, by Box Sarali Davis; A. II. Jewell 45 Property of II. T. Oxnard Adrienne G., b. f. 2, by St. Gatien Dar-ine; A. II. Jewell 55 Advance, b. m, -3, by Velasquez Lady Agnes; L. Blum 105 Aniiec AblKitt. ch. f. 4, by Goldfinch Mamie B.; Martin Doyle 100 Archcress, ch. m, 13, by Potomac Viola; L. Blum 50 Black Banner, ldk. 111, 9, by Masetto Ala-bana; P. Bradley 50 Blue Streak, b. m, 5, by Blue and Gray Kinks; W. J. Butler 05 Encounter, b. m, S, by Hanover Blackeye; M. Young 100 Fairyling, br. 111. 0, by Oberon Muzzle; W. S. Payne, Jr 200 Heliotrope, ch. f. 3, by Star Ruby Ventura: A. II. Jewell 00 Lady Herbert, br. f. 2, by Darcbin Troy-ene; G. E. Galvin 50 Lilac, b. m, 5, by Bowling Brook Aimora; P. Bradley . 50 Manila, br. f, 3, by Gcrolstein Chimera; M. Young 1 105 Miss Eugenie, b. in, G. by Orwell Constan- tia; W. S. Payne. Jr 425 Raiment, ch. 111, 5, by Henry of Navarre Lady Rayon; J. S. Barbee 110 Reginella. ch. m, 12, by Melton Rcgina; A. C. Quisenberry 85 Sunshade, ch. m, 15, by Kautaka Sun-nyside; A. II. Jewell 40 Tut Tut, b. in, 11, by Strathmore La Juive; J. C. Hutchinson 05 Wedding Day, ch. m, S. by Hanover Beautiful Bells; G. D. Wilson 425 Property of Mrs. K. P. Sliipp Athleen, b. m, S, by The Bard Athalarlc; Raneocos Stock Farm 100 Enhance, br. m, 7, by Galore Edith, by Long Taw; A. C. Quisenberry 125 Katie Victory, ch. m, G, by Victory Katie; L. Blum 70 Leetta, ch. m, 1G, by Turco Almy; J. E. Markey 200 Manette, b. m, 5, by Victory Vandora; A. II. Jewell 75 Marmot, b. in, S, by Ingoldsby Rose Lady; J. C. Hutchinson 70 .Miss Simplicity, blk. m, 17, by St. Blaise Selina D.; J. C. Galligher 75 Opera Glass, eh. m, 11, by St. Blaise Carmen; A. H. Jewell SO Property of James Gahvay Linora, 1. m, S, by Linden Lady Hawk-stone; J. Breckenridgo Viley 05 Crotchet, ch. m, IS, by Mortemer Adage; W. R. Schrader 25 Biserta, 1. m, S, by Ben Strome Lindele; L. Blum 35 Luminosity, blk. in, G, by Albert Luminous; A. C. Quisenberry 70- Ban L:sie II., ch. in, 15, by Ban Yan Jennie S.; W. R. Schrader -15 Chestnut lilly, by Meltonian Ban Lassie II.; . W. R. Schrader 3 Bav lilly, by Meltonian Aleta, foaled April 28, 1907; F. M. Rauisburg 35 Chestnut colt, by Meltonian Tehoupetoulas, foaled February 25, 1907; W. L. Powers. 150 Bay filly, by .Meltonian Biserta, foaled April 12, P.MJ7; L. Blum 30 Lizzette, b. m. 19, by Hindoo Bonnie Lizzie; C. E. Rutherford 10 Birthday, b. m. 5, by Peep oDay Trillette; W. J. Butler 40 Lindemcre, ch. m, 10, by Linden Zara; J. E. Markey 75 Bella, b. in, 8, by Belvidcre Lizzette; W. L. Hutchinson 55 Bay colt, by Meltonian Bella; It. Green- baum 20 Cora Belmont, b. f. 3, by Peep oDay Ballet Queen; L. Blum 55 Day Queen, b. m, 5, by Peep oDay Ballet Queen; A. H. Jewell 55 Casta Diva, b. m, 5, by Belvidcre Lucasta; A. C. Quisenberry 50 Rosalie B., b. f. 2. by Peep oDay Ballet Queen; A. II. Jewell 30 Property of J. Breekenridge Viley Bonnie Mary, b. 111, G, by Linden Bonnie Lizzie; A. 11. Jewell 53 Property of Parrislf and Viley Lyllis, I, m, 13, by Charaxus Elite; R. Greenbaum 50 Bay colt, by Meltonian Lyllis, foaled May 17, 1907: K-?Gieenbauin 25 Plain Elsie, b. 111, G, by Faraday Katy Did; J. Breekenridge Viley 75 Property of P. P. Parrish Nun, b. in, 7, by Candlemas Augusta Belle; It. Ott .: 60 Property of Henry Stull Brown Beauty, br. in, 8, by Reform or Dal- nacardnock Luxury: J. N. Markey 50 Property of J. Howard Lewis. Jr. Chenille, oh. in. 13, by Bramble Miss Olive; A. II. Jewell 20 Property of Mrs. R. W. Walden Abaca, ch. 111. 20, br King Alfonso Jamaica; C. E. Rutherford 5 Abundant, b. m, 12, by Galore Abaca; J. N. Markey 50 Coutcnta. b. 111, IS, by John Happy Fin- auza; It. Oots .......................... GO j Festival, b. m, 15, by Britannic Vacation; A. II. Jewell , $ 10 Festa, b. in, 12, by Britannic Holiday; W. L. Powers , 100 Leeway, br. 111, 17, by Ilimyai Grace Lee; W. J. Butler : 15 Martha Washington, blk. 111. 19, by Joe Daniels Alfareta; John Burke 15 Palmy Days, ch. in, 12, by Winfred Prosperity; A. II. Jewell 50 Windgale, ch. m, 15, by Beverly Wind-sail; A. II. Jewell 30 Sister Adeline, ch. ni, 7, by The Friar Abaca; L. Blum 50 Zealotry, br. 111, 7, by St. Gatien Philistia; John McClintock 55 Property of Robert C. Hall-Festoon, b. m, o, by Buddha Festival; L. Blum 50 Property of K. C. Bales Caroona, ch. m, 14, by Macaroon Adage; A. II. Jewell 40 Property of August Belmont Bright Eyes, ch. m. S, by Pactolus Stone- nellie; John McClintock 70 Property of G. M. L. La Bratiche Honey Sweet, ch. m, G. by Horoscope Honeydew: A. II. Jewell 70 Property of William Steele: Beldemere, b. m, 1G, by Belvidcre Vintage: Frank Sloan 15 Bay lilly, by The Bard Beldemere; F. E. ltamsbaum 15 Bena, b. m, 14, by Ben Ali Bonnie Kate; E. Bautngarten 25 Chestnut colt, by The Bard Bena; J. E. Markey 30 Big Brush, br. f, 3, by Giganteum Fox-tall; L. Blum 50 Boule Do Niege, b. m, 14, by Donovan Guelder Rose; A. II. Jewell 40 Dania, b. in, S, by .Bathampton Gertrude; F. P. Shipp 100 Hergenie, ch. 111, 7, by Hermence Genie; F. P. Shipp 125 Foxbloom, b. m, 10, by The Bard Foxglove; L. Blum SO Maritje, ch. m, 13, by Prince James Iuka; A. II. Jewell SO Minuet Mare, b. m, G, by Gotham Minuet; A. n. Jewell 73 Miss Pakington. b. m, 1G, by Hampton 11 Scgretto; E. Hucker 25 Property of Thomas Piatt Bay filly, by Sorcerer Miss Petticoats; H. J. Sargea.ut 100 Chestnut colt, by Nasturtium Pirate Girl; T. P. Hayes 400 Bay or brown lilly, by Jean Bereaud Mary Rogers; It. B. Lyn 100 Property of Milton Young Chestnut colt, by Monsieur de LOrnie Lady Lawrence; W. A. Smith 275 Black colt, by Woolsthorpc Device; J. T. Combs 200 Brown colt, by Lackford Distaff ; W. A. Smith 150 Chestnut colt, by Monsieur de LOrmc Wine Drop; W. A. Smith 125 Brown colt, by Lackford Shoes; Dr. C. Pangritz 300 Brown colt, by Lackford Lazy: C. Overton S5 Brown colt, by Monsieur de LOrmc Agnes Weed; George Cadwalder 100 Bay lilly, by Plauudes Dorothy Gray; Dr. C. Pangritz 530 Chestnut colt, by Requital Cupfull; W. A. Smith 125 Chestnut colt, by Nasturtium Meddle; William Gerst 150 Brown colt, by Lamplighter Argument; W. J. Tracey 225 Brown filly, by Pirate of Penzance Dusk; W. A. Smith 200 Bay colt, by Nasturtium Lady Philura; W. A. Smith 175 Brown colt, by Lamplighter Hull Down; W. II. King 100 Bay colt, by Scmpronius Madine; W. A. Smith 175 Bay colt, by Longstreet Oyamel; James Ferguson 121 Bay colt, by Mimic Islay; William Gerst.. 175 Chestnut colt, by Alloway Despenia; D. T. Morris 200 Bay colt, by Pirate of Penzance Scchelsca; George Cadwalder .-. 200 Chestnut colt, by Knight of the Thistle-Mistress Peg; William Gerst 150 Chestnut colt, by Goldcrcst Black Banner; W. J. Butler 110 Chestnut filly, by Nasturtium Lady Aur- inda: Harbison and Co S3 Bay lilly, by Nasturtium Roll Call; James Ferguson . 110 Chestnut filly, by Nasturtium Helena; William Gerst 150 Bay or brown filly, by Cameron Little Barefoot; J. C. Gallagher 100 Bay or brown filly, by Cameron Flying Witch; N. It. Smith SO Chestnut filly, by Nasturtium Hebrow Maid; C. Carr 75 Chestnut lilly. bv Pirate of Penzance Make Haste; Harbison and Co. 100 Chestnut lilly, by The Friar Cheraway; Harbison and Co 75 Brown filly, by Monsieur de LOrnie Noogs; W. A. Smith 173 Chestnut lilly, by Lackford Naughty ; Dr. Pangritz . 100 Chestnut lilly, by Pirate of Penzance Squeeze; Gus Watkins 20 Bay colt, by Hernando Rayorlight; Harbison and Co 40 Bay or brown colt, by McDowell English Money; J. W. Decker 05 Chestnut colt, by Scmpronius Lilitli; W. A. Smith 100 Bay colt, by Woolsthorpe Hue: Dr. Smith GO Bay filly, by Alloway English Lady; T. P. Hayes 320 Bay filly, by Nasturtium Favor Bells; W. Gerst 100 Bay lilly, by Cesarion Spider; W. II. Craw-lord 50 Bay filly, by Monsieur de LOrmc Queen Isabella; Ed Oots 130 Chestnut lilly, by Woolsthorpe Splendid; W. J. Tracey 150 Chestnut colt, bv Sanders Belleclaire; Harbison and Co: 50 Bay colt, by Mileslo Sister Beatrice; William Gerst 100 Brown lilly, by Lackford Gillian; William Gerst 100 Brown filly, by Hernando Cheese Straw; Harbison and Co 70 Bay lilly, by Scmpronius Lorelei; Harbison and Co CO Bay or brown colt, by Sempronius Logwood 105 Bay filly, by Monsieur de LOrnie Handover; W. L. Hutchinson 75 Bay filly, by Cameron Danae; W. L. Hutchinson $ 70 Chestnut filly, by Caleb Demirep; Harbison and Co. . GO Bay lilly, by Cameron Stylish; Harbison and Co so Bay or brown filly, by Monsieur de LOrnie Gladness II.; Harbison and Co. 75 Bay filly, by Pirate of Penzance Bracket; I!. Rutherford uo Gray lilly, by Ornus Opeechee; Harbison and , Co. So Bay lilly, by Monsieur de LOrnie Canella; C. Pangritz .-. 275 Bay filly, by Cliuctanunda Cake Walk; .Harbison and Co 50 Chestnut filly, by Hanover Lady Betz; Harbison and Co i5 Bay filly, by Henry Young Toad Rannev; W. II. King 70 Bay colt, by Cameron Tocsin; Harbison and Co 40 Property of John D. Carr, Lexington, Kv. Chestnut filly, by Alloway Laughing AVater Harbison and Co jo Chestnut filly, by Nasturtium Allie Belle; Harbison and Co 120 Bay filly, by Pirate of Penzance Jennie Lee: W. L. Hutchinson 105 Bay lilly, by Woolsthorpe Anna Brooks; Harbison and Co 70 Brown colt, by Sorcerer Lamp Girl; W. IL King 00 Bay lilly, by Pirate of Penzance Enamel; Ed Oots ; . . . 140 Property of Buford Allen Bay filly, by Cameron Cousin Liz; W. L. Hutchinson 00 Bay or brown colt, by Lamplighter Goo Goo Eyes; S. T. Downing 100 Property of O. F. Troutman Bay filly, by Sempronius Mrs. Malaprop; Harbison and Co ., 50 Bay or brown lilly. by Pirate of Penzance Lanipadary; M. Y. Young SO Chestnut colt, by Nasturtium Paroxysm; Harbison and Co 50 Bay colt, by Cameron Quetta; II. C. Meyers 35 Chestnut colt, by Alloway The Chough: W. II. King 40 Bay colt, by Monsieur de LOrmc Fidel Youlln: Harbison and Co 40 Property of Eugene Rucker Bay filly, by St. Dory Witch of Endor; Gus Watkins , p,0 Property of R. L. Gorham Bay colt, by Sorcerer Linoto; W. J. Butler CO

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