Englands Full Turf Statistics: Complete Returns of the Year to Owners Horses, Jockeys and Trainers, Daily Racing Form, 1907-12-07

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E C f 1 J 1 i 1 1 1 1 J ENGLANDS FULL TURF STATISTICS. - Complete Returns of the Year to Owners, Horses, Jockeys and Trainers. The English flat racing season came to an end Saturday, November 2.1, and as a result, the leading sporting publications make extensive displays of the statistics of 1907. On the whole it lias been a year of prosperity for the turf in England and the sport was never more firmly intrenched in the esteem of the people. With King Edward an ardent turfman, it could not well be otherwise. No more thoroughly beloved sovereign ever occupied the throne and his example is infectious. His Majesty is always put at the head in the winning owners list, but his success was not great tills year, his horses having won but 4,720. It is the general opinion that his colt, Derrier, which, in his only start this year, ran second to Rhodora in the Dewhurst Dlate, is a real crack and it may be that through sucessful racing as a three-year-old this horse may give the King greater, prominence in the winning list next year. The leader on the English turf this year is Mr. W. Hall Walker, with aggregate winnings of ,-552.50, comparing illy with J. R. Keenes colossal stable winnings, or even with II. P. Whitneys. Of Mr. Walker, as the leading owner, London Sporting Life says: "Another most successful season lias been experienced by Mr. W. Hall Walker, for, though his aggregate winnings, ,552.50 falls short of the huge total of 18,185 with which he headed the owners in 100.",, it is well in advance of the 3,S25 of 1900, as he again figures at the top. His chief successes during the season were in the One Thousand Guineas with Witch Elm; the Jubilee Stakes with Polar Star; the National Breeders Produce Stakes at Sandown Park, and the Wood-cote Stakes at Epsom, with "White Eagle, and the Gimcrack Stakes at York with Royal Realm. Pom started the season with a couple of wins, value ,125 and ,725 respectively, whilst Witch Elms success in the One Thousand Guineas was worth 2,250. White Eagle, which enriched his owner by ,050 and 1,7S5 by his victories in the Wood-cote Stakes and National Dreedcrs Stakes, also earned ,7:15 by winning the Fiftieth Ascot Biennial Stakes, and ,087.50 in the Fulbornc Stakes at the Newmarket First July Meeting. Royal Realms Gimcrack Stakes, ,750, was his only success and Indian Runner credited Mr. Walker with ,275 when he carried off the Mersey Stakes at the Liverpool Summer Meeting. Order of Merit was the only other winner and her two successes brought in ,715." Second to Mr. Walker is the South African magnate, J. D. Joel, his Oaks winner, Glass Doll, with 4,T50, boiitg Ills principal contributor. Lord Derby was third, Bridge of Canny being his chief winning horse and a high-class racer. Mr. Bass conies next, the good horsp Sancy, with 0,020 won, being the main reliance of his costly stable. In some respects Mr. W. B. Durefoy was the most fortunate of all English owners. He raced but few. horses and had but two winners, yet one of these, Lally, won more money than any other other horse of the year, 7,775. Mr. Purefoys other winner was The Nut, a two-year-old full brother to Lally, which is expected to be a more than useful horse next year. The winners of 5,000 or more, the king excepted, are the following: Winning Races Owner. Horses. Won. Amount. II . M. The King 4 5 4,720.00 Mr. W. Hall Walker 7 1., 89,552.50 Mr. J. B. Joel 13 20 09,015.00 Mr. W. Bass S 15 C7.3G5.00 Lord Derby 11 :::! 00,045.00 Mr. W. B. Durefoy 2 4 39,110.00 Colonel E. W. Baird ... 2 9 52.7S0.00 Mr. Sol Joel 10 14 43.S05.00 Captain Greer 2 5 41.S35.00 Mr. It. Croker 3 4 41,745.00 Sir Daniel Cooper 1 5 40,032.50 Mr. L. do Rothschild ... S 21 3S.S77.50 -Major Loder 5 10 38,235.00 Duke of Westminster . . . . G 10 30,000.25 Duke of Devonshire 7 14 33,712.50 .Air. W. M. G. Singer 0 S 31.0S7.50 .Air. J. Buchanan 12 19 29,555.00 Colonel Kirkwood 1 3 2S.475.00 -Mr. William Clark 0 11 2S.2G0.00 Mr. A. Bailey 5 10 2S.045.00 -Mr. J. A. de Rothschild.. 4 7 27,970.00 Captain J. G. R. Homfray S 23 25,093.25 Mr. L. Robinson 11 19 25,230.00 Lord Harewood 4 0 25,020.00 Mr. D. R. Browning 4 12 24.GS5.00 Mr. W. R. Wyndham ... 7 12 24,105.00 Mr. Fairie 3 7 23.9S0.00 Mr. A. F. Basset 3 C 23,502.50 Lord Rosebery 11 13 20.8S2.50 Mr. I. Fraser 4 7 19,930.00 Mr. E. Dresden 0 7 19,000.00 Lord Falmouth 2 4 1S.900.00 Lord Howard de Walden. . 9 20 1S.130.00 Mr. A. Dendon 5 9 17,525.00 Mr. C. Hibbert 9 IS 17,250.00 Mr. A. D. Cunliffe 0 10 17,020.00 Sir R. W. B. Jardine 4 7 1G.S75.00 Captain F. Forester 3 S 1G.255.00 Mrs. II. V. Jackson 1 3 10,000.00 Lord Carnarvon 7 IS 10,005.00 Mr. R. J. Farquharson .. 7 0 15,400.00 Of the horses, Lally is premier, with the neat sum of 7,775, of which he won G,425 in one race when he defeated Sancy by a head for the Eclipse Stakes at Sandown Dark. In this country Colin, Deter Dan, Ballot and Frank Gill all won more money that Lally did in England. The St. Leger winner, Wool Winder, was second to Lally with 2,0S5 and there are not a few Englishmen who declare he was unlucky in the Epsom Derby and really the best horse in the race. The four- Continued on second page. j i j I j , j ENGLANDS FULL TURF STATISTICS. J a Continued from first page. $ . - g year-old, Sancy, was third in the winning list and t the great two-year-old filly, Lesbia, was fourth with .0,332.50, constituting the sole stable win- g nings of her owner, Sir Daniel Cooper. Mr. Crokers J, Derby winner, Orby, is seventh in the list and might have been first had lie remained sound and able to meet his engagements in good form. Of the two-year-old colts, White Eagle, with 37,S57.50 A. was a decided leader, Vamose, with 0,422.50 be- T. ing his closest follower. Contrary to the case in g S. this country, it is practically Impossible for a two- year-old to head the winning list of horses in Eng- q C. land. The horses that won 10,000 or more this I year are: C Horse, Sex, Age and Pedigree. Races. Won. J. Lally, ch. c, 4, by Amphion Miss Hoyden 3 57,775.00 Wool Winder, b. c, 3, by Martagon - St. Windeline S 52.0S5.00 Sancy, b. or br. c, 4, by Diamond JubileeDame Agueta 3 45,020.00 Lesbia, b. f, 2, by St. Frusquin Glare 5 40,332.50 1; Slieve Gallion, blk. c, 3, by Gallinule t Reclusion 3S.525.00 e White Eagle, ch. c, 2, by Gallinule j Merry Gal 4 37.S57.50 Orby, ch. c, 3, by Ornie Rhoda B.... 2 33.5S5.00 The White Knight, b. c, 4, by Des- c mond Pella 4 32,475.00 " Beppo, br. c, 4, by Marco Pitti 2 25,000.00 Glass Doll, b. f, 3, by Isinglass Fota 1 21,750.00 Polyinelus, b. h, 5, by Cyllene Maid Marian 1 24,200.00 Witch Elm, b. f, 3, by Orme Cannie 1 Lassie 1 22,250.00 1 Bridge of Canny, b. c, 4, by Love 1 Wisely Santa Brigida C 21,220.00 ! Vamose, 1. c, 2, by Orme Vampire. 2 20,172.50 Acclaim, b. c, 3, by AmphioH Claque 3 1S.57O.00 i Galvani, ch. c, 3, by Laveno Gal- t linaria 4 10,415.00 i Velocity, b. h, 5, by Speed Ballast. . 3 10,000.00 c Torpoint, b. or br. h, a, by Trenton 1 Doncastcr Beauty 2 10,050.00 j Jubilee, b. f, 3, by Diamond Jubilee Jeunessc Doree 5 15,415.00 Frugality, br. f, 3, by St. Frusquhw- Wise Virgin 1 15,250.00 Quelpart, b. c, 2, by Grey Leg Guava 0 14,075.00 Sir Archibald, br. c, 2, by Desmond Arc Light 3 14,052.50 J 1 Prospector, b. c, 2, by Pioneer Ken- dal Belle 3 14,005.00 Bolted, b. c, 2, by Matchmaker 1 Dark Agnes 3 14,005.00 1 Polar Star, ch. c, 3, by Pioneer Go On 2 13,775.00 Land League, b. c, 4, by Desmond i Combine 11 13,220.00 : Linaere, b. c, 3, by Wolfs Crag Lis- i limine 2 12.SS5.00 ; Bracelet, ch. f, 2, by Collar Isis Belle 2 12.S50.00 , Malheur, ch. g, 2, by Islington Santa . Casa 4 12,355.00 . All Black, b. or br. c, 3, by Gallinule , Vortex 3 12,000.00 , Succour, b. g, 4, by Succoth Lady Gough 5 11,030.00 QuAppelle, blk. g, 3, by Wolfs Crag Call Bell 1 10.S75.00 1 Biiltinglass, b. c, 3, by Isinglass 1 Sibola 2 10,770.00 ; Radium, b. c, 4, by Bend Or Tula.. 4 10,722.50 : Altitude, b. f, 3, by Florizel II. 1 Alt Mark 3 10,700.00 Stickup, b. c, 3, by Collar Wafer II.. 2 10,520.00 Querido, b. c, 4, by Son oMine Quayside 1 10,150.00 : Persuasion, b. f, 2, by Persimmon Mediation 2 10,115.00 Of the crack riders of the year, Higgs came out at the head in respect to number of winning mounts, but Malier far excelled all of his competitors in percentage and is the real riding star of the year, W. Halsey being an excellent third, the three being the only jockeys who rode 100 or more winners. Those who had thirty or more successful mounts were: Jockey. Mounts. Lost. Won. Higgs, W 732 5S0 140 Malier, I 424 310 114 Halsey, W 527 424 103 Randall II : 40 1 333 71 Griggs, Will 505 4!7 GS McCall, G 4S4 423 01 Trigg, C 510 4S7 53 Wheatley, E 300 240 44 Madden, O ...405 422 43 Lvnham, B 320 2S7 42 Jones, II 311 270 41 Dillon, B 2G0 230 30 Wootton, F 2S2 243 30 Griggs, Walter 370 337 39 Greening, F 270 241 3S Robertson, W. A 100 100 3G Priestman, J 205 173 32 Bullock, F 215 1S5 30 Crisp, R 235 205 30 Saxby, W 335 305 30 Several of the jockeys who did not ride often enough to score thirty wins, rode in excellent form aitd in respect to " percentage ranked high. Croft being next to Maher in this feature and Lucien Lyne standing sixth in the percentage list. The twenty most successful jockeys in percentage were: Jockey. Per Cent. Jockey. Per Cent. Maher, D 2G Bullock, F 13 Croft, D 21 Wootton, F 13 Higgs, W - .10 Greening, F 13 Halsey, W 10 Jones, 11 13 McCall, J 10 Crisp, R 12 Lyne, L .IS Lynham, B 12- Robertson, W. A... .IS McCall, G 12 Randall, II 17 Griggs, Wm., 12 Priestman, J 15 Wheatley, E 11 Dillon, B 14 Griggs, Walter 10 In amount of money won by horses In his care, Alex Taylor leads the trainers of 1007 witli the big total of 34,737.50. Horses trained by him won among other races the Chester Vase for which Sancy dead-heated, Ascot Stakes, Alexandra Plate, Liverpool Summer Cup, Hurst Park Leniiox Plate, Park Hill Stakes, Prince Edward Handicap, Jockey Club Stakes and Derby Gold Cup. Sancy was his best winner, but aside from him he trained such good racers as Torpoint, Dinneford, Eastern, Jubi-1 lee, Lischana, Queens Advocate, Gobi Riach and Stickup. In all he won thirty-two races with eighteen horses. " Second in the list is T. Lewis, successor to J. Fallon at the famous Netheravon establishment. H,e has done remarkably well, winning the Royal Hunt Cup Ascot and Eclipse Stakes with Lally, while other useful performers to pass through his hands were Bracelet, Aubergine and Malheur. He won twenty-four races with thirteen horses. W. T. Robinson ranks next with sixteen races secured by ten horses. Robinson once more had the pleasure of taking a classic race, Witch Elm securing the One Thousand Guineas. Other events appropriated included the "Jubilee" Handicap, Wopdcote Stakes, Epsom, Aseot Biennial, Sandown Breeders Foal Stakes and the Gluieiack Stakes, Polar Star, White Eagle, Royal Realm and Cinderello being his principal winners. S. Darling Is fourth, and It would indeed be singular if Beckhampton did not make a good show. The Two Thousand Guineas Slieve Gallion, Newmarket Stakes Acclaim, and St. J a $ g t g J, A. T. g S. q C. I C J. James Palace Stakes, iAscot Slieve Gallion, "were among his chief items. Other trainers who topped 50,000 were G. Black well, for whom Lesbia showed splendid racing abilities; R. Day, Hon. G. Lamb-ton, C. Morton, J. E. Brewer; H.. Enoch, by the aid of Wool Winders .qight victories, including the St. Leger, and W. Waugli. The trainers whose horses in charge won 50,000 or more, with totals won, were these: Winning Races Trainer. Horses. Won. Amount. Taylor IS 32 134,737.50 Lewis 13 24- OS.115.00 W. T. Robinson 10 1G 04.327.50 Darling 14 2G S2.252.50 W. Waugh .r, 12 21 GS.49S.75 Morton .. 14 21 07,170.00 Hon. G. Lambton 13 31 G7.O05.0O G. Blackwell O 23 G3.370.00 R. Day 13 24 5G.G50.00 E. Brewer 17 30 53.4SO.00 II. Enoch 3 10 53.2SO.00

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