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THE PRICE OF DAILY RACING FORM IS FIVE CENTS EVERYWHERE. DO NOT PAY MORE. . California is no exception. The accounts of dealers who charge more will be closed. VOL. XIV. NO. 9. CHICAGO, FRIDAY, JANUARY 10, 1908. PRICE 5 CENTS MARSE ABE IS PROMISING. HANDICAP wmmm " * DEAD HEAT Ba00KLYN ■»■■■■■■ ~ Brighton. OAKLAND BETTORS PAINED. . Waterbury and Sapid Water Finish Together — Hil- All the High-Class Horses of the Time Engaged in dreth Has a Good Filly in Achieve. the Big Handicaps. WINS FROM HAMMOCK BOY LIKE A GOOD __ OVERLOOK A. MtlSKODAY AND HE WINS BY TWO-YEAR-OLD. !*■ Angeles. Cal.. January ! .— The running of t lie One two or Unci- nunc belated nominations may NOT WAITING IN A WAITING RACE. "otirtJi race, which featured the card today, resulted irffl in. but substantially the entries to the three in a dead heat. Waterbury and Rapid Water, which great handicaps, the Brooklyn, Suburban and Brigh- w.„,i ot.„m. c„_.tk:-_ r tr _ nu m- t. N;ls making bis tirst start here, thundered under the Ion. have been received. Numerically there is a _..,_.. _ , „ .. „ , , ,, Handzarra r„ Shows Something of Her Old Time Form , , .,..,., , , _ , ,_ .... ■ , Seattle Defeats Trance and Coppit — Mandator the • ire so close together that the judges could not decided ,,,.,„. falling off „ from last year, but this is not in Defeating Comedienne — Beau separate thein and a dead heat was posted, ilan- in the least to be regretted. All that has been lost Only Winning Favorite — A Better _ . licapper K. . Smith had adjusted the weights of n quantity has been more than gained in quality. . Ibe seven starters so well that there was not much There is the possibility of remarkable contests iu [_ r choice between Rapid Water. Waterbury. Sir Ed- each, with truly great race horses in magnificent . .vard and Mary F.. and they were almost equally conflict. With such older horses as Salvidere, Ni w Orleans. La., .lanuary ..—Todays racing re srell supported in the betting. Waterbury if any- Nealon. Charles Kdward. Dandelion. Da Mund. Dr. Oakland. Cal.. January !J.— G. W. Dodges im-on-Milh-.l in close tiiilsbcs. made possible by the im- .hing bad the lx-st of the weights and the running Gardner. McCarter. Running Water. Ballot. Super- sistent racer. A. Muskoday. won a lluke victory in proved track conditions, Form also was conserved ,f the race justified that intention. He proceeded man. Gloriticr. .link Atkin. Montgomery. Cottontown, todays feature race, the Melrose Handicap, from and favorites and short-priced ones fought out tin ,, ,.r the pace, closely followed by Mary F. and Rifleman. Gold Lady. Frank Jill. Electioneer. Tony a quartette of trailing opponents, ridden by a lot linish m nearly all the races. Jockeys V. Towers sir Edward, with Rapid Water in fourth plac * Faust. Sir Ilunn. Inferno. Blue Book. Lane Allen of procrastinating, dilatory joebeys. who one and all nnd .1. Lees good riding were features. Beau Rapid Water passed Mary F. and Sir Edward in the and uch prospective crack three-year-olds as Coliu, had to exceed their waiting orders to the point P.ruuimci and Ace High finished close together in stretch, and in a fast finish was wearing Waterbury Inele. King James. Notasulga. Cohort. Faleada, of ludicrousness. The odds about the winner were the nri.icipal race at a mile and seventy yards, in ,]„„•„ when they passed the judges. There was a PvJr 1lay. Firestone. Lawrence 1*. Daley. Jim liberal nnd, as usual with the horse when well which a good hand of sidling platers started. The demonstration of disapproval when the numbers were ;alTiie.v, Royal Tourist. Celt. Restigouehe. Master meant, persistent support was awarded him through-race was somewhat marred by the poor send-off of ;,osted. many persons believing that Watci-hury had Robert. Hessian. Stanley Kay. Running Account, out the betting. A. Muskoday made the ruuuiug Fantastic. The crazy autics of Ace High were .voll. imt those best in a position to know agreed .olonel Boh. Spooncr. Beaueoup. Ben Fleet and from the start, the slow pace enabling him to es- mainly responsible. Ace High secured an advantage Ajth the judges. vleelick to consider. Mr. Vosburgh has as difficult tablish without much effort such a long lead that Which enabled him to show the way for three The finish between Baron Esher and First 1eep and interesting problems to dispose of as ever fell when the race was reduced to a sprint, he held l uo rte-s. but when chalh nged by Beau Brummel. ,vas almost as close, but here again the judges were to him in the course of his long experience as his own and got home by a scant margin from the he suddenly tired, liegan boring over to the inner correct. handicapper for the Jockey Club. It is certainly badly ridden Gromoboi. rail a.id impeded Fantastic, which had dosed an Achieve, from the Hildreth Stable, was made a 4 hard to recall a year in which so many really high- The card, while fully up to the standard of excel- iiiinicnse gap and was then in a contending posi- ,„ r, favorite at l ost time to the utter exclusion of dass horses were engaged as in 1IJ08. and it may be lence which has been maintained at Oakland tion. The mishap, forcing Fantastic back, elimin- -very thing tdse in the race for two-year-olds, and I eat down in advance that big fields are almost cer- throughout the present meeting, failed to enthuse a led her and enabled Ace High to secure second ;„ the running made her opiionents look heap. Mat- I tain to go to the post in each of the big races. the spectators. This was due to the frequent upsets place, ie Russell, in a fast losing rush, easily defeated I.ast year the Brooklyn Handicap had seventy- which occurred, five of the six races being captured Haudzarra. in the sprint race, had to be much ne second choice. Chilla. for second place. Chief four entries, the Suburban eighty-four and the by unconsidered outsiders in the betting. Mandator Hie beat to win. as her rider made several costly Desmond beat the lukewarm favorite. Trolific. in Brighton seventy-eight. With a remote possibility ridden by Waller Miller, was the solitary favorite mistakes and all but caused her defeat. He took he third race after being iu close quarters next f a few more coming iu, the entries to. the three to reward his backers, and he was at such a prohibits- McCormick filly all ever the track and forced „ the inside rail throughout. aces for this year are as follows: tlve price that the rank and file of bettors bet all her to I hard drive to outstay Comedienne. There has been a lull in the selling race war Brooklyn Handicap. around him in an effort to land a wager. The tHilure of Toy Mov to n:i:-h ii. the moii ■■ -. ,,, ,iie last two days, but it is likely to break out Bene. Age. Horse. Age. Ba -.icy Schreibers Seattle finally made good in was the surprise of the race. tyraiii at any time. Salvidere 4 Running Water 5 the juvenile race after securing an equitable chance L. A. fella showed up a youngster in Marse Abe Twenty-two books did a big busiuess today, but Khaj James :i Flimnap B ;lt tlle starr. The starter had overlooked this 1h.it may develop into a real crackerjack. On „ut away nothing, as the public had much the better |*«toiT*! " j wesu— ■•••••■• 4 trifling d, tail in the case of the grand looking filly conformation and looks he easily outclassed the ,f the days betting. j Charles Edward "..... 4 Ballot . . YY Y .Y.YY 4 in her two preceding races. Keogh rode Seattle others and the bookmakers also had a liking for . h. Mosby has sold the only two horses he had Running Account. ... .! Superman 4 wjtQ llnusuai vjgor after having previously dis- the cm;, as tkCf made him a short-priced favorite. at the track to Dick Williams, trainer for the Iasa- N0usulga,,U. ........ . t c5£* .????. Y .".".* .*.*. :t tinguisbed himself by a piece of successful horse-lb broke like an old timer and. taking a slight |t.Ila Stable. The horses bought by Williams were Cohort :: Celt ., uianship on Dick Wilson in the opening race. lead it once, maintained his advantage under urging Chippewa and Scarfell. and the price he paid for the ane -V*n "i Transvaal :| Trances defeat under the circumstances of being and won easily from Hammock R.,y. another first two was reported to he ,500 each. IHLDaaiei :* ." ! ! . . . 4 BflwaaT. YYYY Y . 6 given ■ Hying start aroused the ire of her lilliputiau time : tarter. Maritza gained third place under a j. b. Dunn has shipped his stable to Oakland. Berkeley 4 Master Robert :i owner. Tommy Griffin, who protested vehemently good ride. There was much crowding and several ,vhore he believes his chances to win purses with Rlue Book 4 Fair ilay 3 aflM. ,,,„ ,1,BMt his tillv being favored iu that of the startei-s were haiCtll cat of any chance in ihem is better than here. DaaSeakY *!*!-!-! 4 RlfiVmaii . . . . . . . . .7. . 4 way. Coppit. the second choice, was the victim of the early running. All of the owners who had horses quartered at As Cottontown 5 W. H. Carey ." hold-on tactics by the whipper-in and eliminated as 1. Dunne took his usual daily purse when Sweet ,o! p** have been notified to remove them at once SfJL.01*/ bitev* 3 Clot-itST*1 t. ■ « nten.ler at the outset. ener .v n from poo.- opponents in the second race. m the water wm be sh„t off at the old track to- Mi„nie Adams .... .;, UU of lingden ... .. 4 The stewards are pursuing an investigation into Ritt.-i- Sir. also favored by a good send-off and nvAH. There are no stalls to be had at Santa De Mund 4 Tony Faust 4 th 1 ,.,,„„„• ot- tlu, first race ou Wednesday won by r.ii.niu.- to his best form, was much the best of Anita Park, and the horsemen receiving the notice nVanlner t££F7?7. B .....I.... » ««" ™ »«» uav - an "ea that Belle of Iro- the ot icrs in the third race and led all the way. are in a quandary as to where they can find new McCarter . .....Y.... 4 Firestone .. :i quois ami Emma G. were not trying on that occa- Ihe closing race went to Delphic, which raced ,Uarters for their horses. ha seaway 4 Jack Atkiu 4 in Envoy, the favorite, into defeat in the first three- _ Suburban Handicap. La.lv Vera, which broke down very badlv in the quarters and then drew away into an easy victory. OFFICIAL DATES OF EASTERN RACING. Horse. Age. Horse. Age. third race todav. was subsequent destroyed bv Skyward was sold to I. Simon after the last race N.alm pr. Chwaaiil 5 .-, shKti„„. Her right hind leg broke off just above •■ *40,u Aqueduct to Open and Close New York Season- gjg* $ wCpW » l,,e ,Vflo k .lo.k,y It. Murphy was suspended for six days Empire City Given Two Meetings. EUtadale" I . YYYY. YYYY. 4 Eliieott ..... YYYYYYY. 4 The arrival of William Walker with his big string by the slarter. and lairbrother and Minder were «■ Westlmry 4 Transvaal .1 of th,,r. ughbreds from Arcadia is expected dailv. each llu-ee Cottontown •■■••■ • laf ADen 4 givtn days. oni-lultl Splendid vveathei _Mfh»r is is r.i-evailiiiL pievailin and -m.1 the the track track is is »*• York- *■■■■ ! ».— The stewards of the Lawrence p. Daley..:: Timber M. M Coldbl-i.t t.oldblatt annouiH.d -.nnonnccl l„s his iatfeaUeh in vm ,n to t., ship shio t.. to ■; Salvidere 4 Tourenue 4 drying out rapidly. The average attendance ■ • « ke Club have out the dates of 100H. * Burl.-w h ONeill given ra. mg ti . OalirocaU next week. sold ,jaffney :; Bedouin - ,MX ** ,„.. .[..,..,. s,j„llt fallin" off in the Alsatian am. Georgia Girl to him for SOO. and "" *«? " " f»f- ably for all of the Hessian Rlue Book 4 g JJZ* ti fou dUn" bush, s WU1 the with asMK-iations. including Empire City. It now remains gg" ggS*w "a tlu, also be shipped to coast the con- . 4 si,n,„ent. for Mr. Butler to say whether he will accept the fiSJSTYYYYYY. 4 uESTf. YYYYYYYYYY. * » , wiK u tm. Bmu. racJn„ m._Mte ,,„, R.v sanction of the registrar of the fee** Club. ■■»*• "» allotment or otherwise. The dates are Celt ... 8 Don Enrique 4 J»J* . tkt, . , . , , f dlows- Iountainbhie 4 Fair Ilay • ownei ot l.emiuell. l-tuiueil ..tl , to Oakland yestem.ij . ,s .,„,,,,,.. * the filly Bet/ Mass. has had her name changed t" _ Royal Tourist 3 Faust 4 He was accompanied bv Eddie Sachs, who was Pinion. There was considerable censure heaped on ■■■■■■l I -M»in U to Apt n S Senator Clay 4 Arcite 4 lhe . . lu"=er . h ,. ,. Jaiea-April 2. to May 12. Beaiiclere 4 Sir Huon S Butujnuam the registrar for accepting the name Holv Mass a. the be-iuniu" Belmont Park— May IS to May M. an.lelion I Johnny Lyons 1 .:. U. Bnullev will shor.lv depart for his club- »■»■«■■■ — 1 to June IS. Mwtar] Kehert . ! I ! . 3 iSkAttM YYYY YY. 4 KENILWORTH PARK OWNED AT HOME. Sheepshead Bay-June 19 to July 6. RUh»an. 4 I.ad of Langdeu I - - house at Palm Beach. Florida. The Palmetto club. Running Acoiint .lonfier ■ Buffalo. N. .. January *J. — The ownership of , , „ . ■"»■■" Bri-hton rstacu Beach— .iiu.v Julv 7 . to to Julv juiy j. •*» operated by local people, over-played themselves in Gretna Green 4 old Honestv 4 .- ., ,, „ , , ....... , mi . -"""orth Park the hands of local Saratoga-July M to August 1--. nas passed into the opening race, and were forced to suspend ..per- Restigouehe 3 Montgomery 4 auons whi.e they were getting together a fresh bank ■"■*• ty-August 12 to August M. SLg " SwGam 5 " " ,"" To eXerUSe f, , • T °, . h ", . ol I. They resumed business on the last three races. »"■«" Bay-August Cf to Septen.lK-r VI. %£J™ YYYYYYY 4 Tom-Faust YYYYYYY 4 ES l, ,7 T!f ■ H tuere ,n »■ M"™. The only exception is the few r .avesend-Septemher 14 Iti. to September 3 P. M. Civill has rum I of Matabon, and the King James 3 Stanley Fay Brighton Beach— September 28 to October a. W. H. Dauiel 4 Uncle 3 shares owned by Joseph A. Murphy of St. Louis. hene wlB Ik- shipped to Tampa. „. , ...,..,,,, . . , . neimoiit I :. i im in t taiK Park— October ifcioixto ". to ki uuoutr October n. 17 « • li it j- who has for several vears acted as presiding h J judge ■ bookinak- Brighton Handicap. Tinl.iv j arrivals included the following , _. ,, , .. . . ,,. ,,, l-innire Citv October IS to October 24 .. _ . and general manager during the race meetings. i-nipac v n.» jion»r i.t 10 ociooei *.-i. . 4 n » " * ■ ■ prs: Charley Thomas, Ed Kaufman and Ld Blum. Berae. Age. nors -. Age. The litter will h-ive char-c of the three books that Jamaica— October 20 to November 4. Aster dOr I Running Water B Li,st J,.lgl,t H M?rfl"l,» °ern,1,s- president of Aqtieduct— November to November 14. BeJlot 4 Salvidei-e- ; . 4 the Buffalo Racing Association, made the following bis II In hi i.roii.er Ml UCr, J I . 15411 Ki.,,,, 111. will Will i rootimie "HU11UC lo !» one- OlMi.ilv ite U«l- her-- o I6t».i iic/tim i. iMiurAi- r Imv 4 . . ... ,.u. in7 his stav in California. *" 1"- :l »raeaWai three-year-old by Ben gjgato* .....: YYYY I tgSSZ 7?. YYYYYYY. * enient relative * to the negotiations which have WcJChU for the Speed Handicap, to fea aaa B-tar- ttiaau flteychlnla, died at Sheepshead Bay today Ben Fleet 3 Superman 4 be«l going on for some time. has •* ***** meningitis. He was a full brother to the gee Beak 4 Tglher j "Kenilworth Park. ,11 its entirety, is now in the * v. iave been announced. Secretaiv Magiim * " «■ HJphha*. winner of the American g " " "trol of Buffalo people I am able to announce allot, d to,, weight to Jack Atkiu. giving bin, the K;lvViird /. 4 Transvaal YY Y. YY [ I is 9**, »hich broke a leg in a race at Brixton Chaseawa.v 4 W H. Daniel 4 l«"«ay that every share of stock formerly owned by M.-.dving impost ,.f m pounds. Jacobite next 1?,:"" "* "H 1 tlJ "- "l- B-" 1"k"t «■ *** * iork ****** nas *een Pchased by Buffalo Chapailepee colin1 5* with IU and with IM is heM in hlph S Kr Baaa 8 eateeaa, as the Burlew i ONeill voungster is 01.lv " "1;1" akes. He was lK ught last year from Dandelion K Arcite 4 J"**1 • *■ J llolnas bv th~ Oaecfc Stable of H. K. Knapp. Don Creole 4 Colonel Bob 3 "Arrangements were completed yesterday whereby ■ill wi i the e |Miu ds by I-Kk tkin by the Rale Th.ie -t" «**» ,h,h 11"•","•,■• ****** !""1 ******* of «*• OartSe? Filmeu" *?" * Se»,-"erd- Geor»e Bleistein, 8. H. Knox. Y YYYY are eighty entered and the most probable stai te 3 Dh-k 4 ers will come from Jack Atkiu 134; Chapulteo.-e s,;"1 ■"*•■« L-»naiiission. Mr. Knapp said taiaj FHisdale 4 Fair Play .! °liver J- Cabana. Jr.. Daniel Good, George E. Lat- ■" the Windsor Arcade: "The loss is a severe one. Fountainbltie 4 Master Robert :; timer. W. P. Taylor and myself, all of Buffalo. i-xi. u-i...-. iio„„h...,- iw- -.i.i, r 1 ft. -..it.. l-O. King s 1aUgnicl. IIO. V.olUproot. ll_. l.olio- fb_»l l-lll 4 ttmmmJmmmi R . .. ■ , .j . ... ■■"■*"■ of ■« l in *" St°Ck 1,Cld by NeW l0rkerS The as ht P18 w quv. 32: Ma«e Ahmed. 107: Charlie Eastman. 107: -r"at QtU LaVlv YY YY. I nivstone YYYYYY 1 •**£"f PJimialliai 104- Sally Pre-ioi lo4- Vce Hi-h 10.;- I,is threa-year-all form, others in the Oaaek Stable Qhwaa . . •: Centre Shot .*; ;rl Kenilworth Park not held by these men I have Co.,,,,-, K.; i.xr. Angelus. M*; . .....," Ou Sam. P* "ave been sick, although not with meningitis, but Gretna Green 4 Eilwin Gum 5 mentioned is owned by Buffalonians." «»"»." ■• general illness at any of the Long Is- lnfYrn t YYYYYYY ."...::.:: ~" if Toy Boy. M; Bellwether. W. The Bear. .». and * Montgomery 4 ii„t Bose M **** "acks- King Jain.-s :: Tony Faust 4 HAS A HIGH OPINION OF LEE ROSE. -1 lit 11L Gill has not been sent to Kentucky. His "*** A11,n, ■.;•.•• :. I,1"!.,, :" RULING TURF OFFICIALS GATHERING. ewaex concluded not to take a chai.ee of sending JftSffSw . . .*. 7?. . . . 4 Jack Atkbi!!!!! YYYY. 4 ° A Bianchi of the Oakland Stable declares that Iiim to the stud and gelling him back to racing Nealon ."• Old Honesty 4 Lee Rose Is by long odds the liest prospect he has New Orleans. I.a.. January !t. -W. J. OBrien. J. j.gain lor the Suburban and Brighton after he looked Restigoiieno :: Glorifiei- ■ iniudled iu his extended experience ou the furl. L. RliiiKN-k and Secretary W. J. McAllister, of the over the entries to the three big handicaps. Rnnaia* Aceoant . . :i " Ht" sa.vs iaat the colt has never yet been extended Ameii-an Turf Association, arc expected to arrive | be Toddiugton — La Fleur colt iu the Durjea barn in his races or work, and that there is no telling 11, iha city tomorrow niorning in time for the is said to outlook his ,,«K stable mate by °* U" Il"***la* U,os" " "".] * ,to n ***** "f how gootl he may be. So he has resolutely set hi scheduled meeting of the American Turf As.-ocia- ;riffon— Pillowdcx. which worked so fast last he "* r;" "! N/a1" Bltllot oU- I-a""11"e fa.e against the tempting offers that have been tion. Even if Beat of the directors comprising that fall as to bring about his sale at that big figure. , "" ■ !"" ,. rtet". Uiar,ts Edward, madp for t youngster an,i wiu keep hlm Hl. l,.Hlv ...e on baud it will ha ■ffflTJ to prahMg The ant i racing bills at Albany aiv iu the hands j*|"" "m-£T pert " Si7 ,N"l ii,,,rs ■*■ "**V *** as * * * as- ™d periiaps Riflem-in BM Old the in,-, ling so us to give rile license committee a of couinaUteea said to be safely in the majority .." . «... a Ix-iter colt than Firestone f. r which "oo.u T .. II ... .... ... .. ., . . . , . , ... Honesty. Running Account. Gretna Given. Rcsti , ,1 ■ .1 »ri «-.. -ii t ..1- " • u-..i 1 „..,, i!i:iii •-.- lo wade I he fanners - will not take chance • through then- accumulated business, against llieui. u Williams paid S. 0. Hildreth MKX a year ago mmmT% M:;y i;,vl",M :"" w; * ,,Ar"Yr- %:"",:", V AAWW, ,;i",y,a,ly TLJSZ Kaai-i water. Jack au.., nrct-*. ia»a«a.i: *• u Uas a" "xivll ",t «*»*** *w«U« iiieiubei-s ol the license committee, «ill uot be here will nave to fight lor every year instead ot holding Z good qualities, and there Is every reason to beliee until tome time next week. the certainty they now have in the race track tax. j Continued on second page. that he will be a. genuine crackerjack.

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