Eastern Outlook Bright: Prospects Promising for Good Season on Metropolitan Tracks., Daily Racing Form, 1910-04-07


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EASTERN OUTLOOK BRIGHT PROSPECTS PROMISING FOR GOOD SEASON ON METROPOLITAN TRACKS. Quality of Sport Likely to Be Better Than at Any Time Since the Hart-Agnew Law Went Into Force — Opening at Aqueduct Next Week. Now York. April fi. — On Friday of next week the HM»trtt|M iitan racing season. under the auspices of the Jo -kVy ciuli. will begin at A pic lucl. From that day imiil Nowmlier 1.". there will Itc incessant rao BBJ in tin- stale ol" New ork. 1 tut whether the s|«»rt will be a source of profit to the various racing associations remains to lie seen. The betting condition?, will remain as they were last season. except for the fact that according to a decision liy the Court of Appeals there can he no interference with oral speculation, which includes the laying of odds without the recording of wagers. It is a until ral conclusion that the general puhlic will Ik* prevented front hotting on the horses under these conditions, and that only persons who can establish credit can hack their opinions. Bui with the usual high rate ol admission and a cutting down of the fr.-e list the track owners feel confident that there will lie enough |iaying patronage to enable them to meet ox|ienscs. All of the tracks have mapped out lihoral stake programs. The overnight purses have lieen hung up without stint and there seems to Ik- no doubt tiiai more hoises will ra v here throrghnut the season than at any time sitxv the Hart-Aguew measure hecame a law. The example set by August Bel-luoin. chairman of the Jockey Chili, in racing almost exclusively in luis country, has lieen followed by ". Iher prominent owners w iio had l ig stables in Knirlainl las; year, while owners and trainers who deserted the N.-w York tracks Jor Canadian and western circuit x in Bios and lSHM are coming hack. The Jockey "lull has made it known that unity of action may save tlie turf in thus state, and for that reason there mviiis to he a tendency to stand together in an effort to win a finish tight. That the tracks are prepared for a rocky road is indicated in the pool lag of interests by the A«pie-duct. Jamaica. Brighton and Yonkcrs tracks. They have agreed to share profits or losses, as the case may l o. so that there will !»• no o| en dates in the ineiroMilitau schedule. The Sravescnd. Sheepshoad Bay. Belmont Park and Saratoga tracks, on the other hand, having the cream of the racing dates, figure that they can stand alone. From April until NovemlK.1. tin re fore. ■ ireat is in store for horse owners and breeders of all classes regardless of the patronage of the public, and as ■ result the stakes have attracted the lic-t iace horses in Ihis country. S. C. Hlldretu. Align.-1 Belmont and James It. Keene have the most formidable strings. Mr. Hil-dreth. strictly a professional turfman, has sold the great Fitz Herbert to John B. Madden, hut he still own- the Might King James, winner of the Metropolitan and ISrooklyii Handicaps last year: Joe Madden, the BtejpBat money-winning three-year-old in F.Mf.l: Rest i jcuoefce. by .iiiiii:Mid... a fast horse that 1- being pointed for the Carter Handicap on the op n-ing day at Atpioduct: Fin stone. Fayette. Woodcraft. .Ir.miii dArc Dalmatian. I.ivouia. Eddie DlfU, IJosc Queen. Dandelion. Montgomery. Sporting Life .Hid | 1 uo-eai -old •■! s... HUdretB will have the services of jockey Shilling if that jockey is ehte to get a Itceaae, and he will also have second call on Eddie ltiigau. win. rod ■ for him la-t year. Mr. Belmonts horses, nearly forty in all. iiiolud-ing the two-year-olds, will be trained in two divisions liv John Wiialen and Tom Welsh. Dugan is under ...ntract as the regular siable jockev . Of the oblei horses the brat known arc Ficid Mease, Half Sow reign. Iris. illiau. which raced abroad last season. StarlH.ttlc and two war ..Ids bv Kock Sand. Hastings. Octagon. The Hard. Star ltuby and Singh-ion. bearing the liain. s Diadem, Toiiean. Satisfax. ivra-mhl. Typical. OaldCB Sand. Heretic, itogoii. Heeta-EBa Barn Dance. Via Oetavia. l.abbler. Trap Back, Footprint. Whist. Sandhill. So ml Dune and others. Mr. Keen.- has more than thirty horses in training at Sheepsh.ad Bay in Hie car.- of -lames BoWe. who lias engaged j.okey Bulwcll to ride. Hallot. the 1 anion- Voter colt, the American champion of MR, is back from F.nglaiid and seems to lie training Well. Millaaadr sutrragi-t. Ilrtewt and Metapfear, Mas k turned from Fngland. are doing well, but the real star- of He- Keen.- siable ar. i he famous four year • •id nine Ma-h.-tt. . w inicr of tin- BIOS Futuritx. rated n.l to Fitz Herbert M a three year "Id last ■eeaea swe. -p ami UtaaaBere. now Baetj developed thrc. rear-eld .-..lis. ;ind the four ear olds Affliction and Hilarious. The Keen.- two year olds have Baca at l railing attention at the Bay far sonic time and are highly regarded. In fact. they are said to lie the most promising that Castleton Stud has ever sent to th. iocs. Thcv are the get of Boll Brush. Voter. Delhi :in.l other great stallions and MM of them arc named Archduke, Bake, forking. Black Friar. S.i imuiage. I... v. Not. Bate, Nightfall, Drcin-in:. Clieiiinli.... Chancery and Forbidden Fruit. II. I. Whitney, who is Slill maintaining a big stable in Flglan.l. will race hero on a larger scale than a year ago. He has sent Kick from tin other side Baby Wolf. Sixty. Dim, a Ken and Sea Cliff. •ad has a bin,.!, ,.i t w • war ..Ids at Brookdah- Farm that will Lear watching. K. T. Wilson. Jr.. will have one of the nwist powerful -table- in training in the care of iraiuer Tom lleahv. and lackey Cr.-ovy will ride. IK the older division the fill WtBI OtaBBhala may 1m- the star, with B .-iiicoiip. Fabada. M:iv Biver. Mexaaaa, Kri.l inni Star. Candlebcrry. I.ni-libr n. BeraoMM and Iro- jecih- also worth reinenilM-riug. Mr. Wilsons two veai old-, twentv in numlter. were nearlv all bred iiv John F. Madden, who sold them to Mr. Wilson l:is sprim: for S.-.o.m o. They have winiei-ed well and ate -howiiiL enc..u!ai;iiig trials at Belmont Iark. In addition to training the Belmont and Whitney jM.rs.-s Tom Welsh has the New -astle Stables string in his care, including Wi-o M.1-..1 . Glacaae and tw..-ve.-ir olds named Beth. Hanger Mark. Zeus. BMral "M.-teor. Leah, Reradte, BaaMI and Mutineer, sir.-d liv Adjaui. Sein].ronin-. Star Shoot and Watercress. Welsh also h;is the horse- of It. .l.ort For-ythe Little, including the three -year obi Irinee Imiierial. and will have tir-t call on .jockey Gav earner, who lias mad.- rapid progress since last fall, being the l,.-t rid.r at the re.-eiit meeting at Juarez. Mex. John F. Madden will not have a hi- stable, but Fit* HeilH-rt will Ik- tlie bright parCculir star, and M id.ieti thinks the Kthelbert - lt will win some of the big handicaps. Hamilton Court. I.adv Fed-ford and -e.-ral other- make up th.- older iivisloa of lb.- M.-ohl.-n -ring, wliib- the t wo ar old- ini-luile the get of Yank.-.-. Oatiea, The Scribe and Ilanudes. W. 11. Bail lilt will 1h- a busv trainer Wth the horses ..f the oneck Stable the Cli. l-e.i Stable and V. It- Hitchcock. lie will prepare Fashion IMate for the b!g h.nidi.-:i|.- and will have many two y.-ar olds in hand. F. A. Korsythe will cine east with jioratit. Berry HaM and rva-jear-aUa hv oddfellow :.nd FiliLrane. The Forsythe trailer. Italeigh Col-jst.Ki. will also have charge of C. L. Harrsons stabb . of which the Lreat Mahlo is the star. Waldo, the champion two-year-old of last season, has devel-opi-.l into a t-u|MTb race horse from all accounts, .-nd before he comes east he will go after the Kentucky iHihy and other stakes in the blue grass region. Mr. llaiti-oa has some crack two-year-olds. James Fuller, who will race for the first time, will liegin with a comparatively small stable, made up of the three-year-old filly. Turf Star, and the two-year-olds. Compliment. Bobs, 1horpc. Dartworth and others. They will be prepared by William Hurley, the trainer of E. It. l.radlevs horses, and Sc; -ville will do the riding, it is said. Bradleys best horse is the three-year-old Colinet. hut lie still owns the ancient Bad News and also a lot of valuable two-year-olds, including Fell Horse, by Cuuard — Eonic: Bobby Ho.vcr. by Orlando — Sweet Alice; Brass F.utlon. by Adam -Tarpeia. II.: Beach Sand, by Book Sand— Piiilistia. and Bad News 11.. by Sarry Henna 1111 — Performance. tSeorge odoin. the most successful .voting trainer in the profession, will race the old standhys Trance, bobbin Around. Nimbus. Prince Sal. Follie I -vy and Koimie Keiso. also several good two-year olds, including Fireman, a colt by Sir Pixon — -Ashes, and Hesitate, a colt by Monsieur do LOnue — Lady-in-Waiting. Ota xvill have the services of jockey MclSte. who rode for Henderson iV Hogan last year. The Beverwyck Stable, trained by I. Wix dlord. will campaign the crack sprinter. Sir John Johnson. and the useful platers Juantico. Court Lady and Beiloview. Jack Atkin will race again in the intere-ts of Barney Schroiber. who will also send Ncalon. the T.MI7 Suburban winner, together with the three-year-olds Sager arid Vr.-eland, the lot to lie train-, d by John Powers. James E. Saffiiey will lie represented bv the 0.-imi:» Alfred Noble, which, according to ttaiuer Weir, may develop into a slar sprinter: the tlS.400 Harley-thorpe. now a three -year-old; Louise S.. a fast filly: Dr. Ba.khy am. several Othen to be imrchased after the season opens. Weirs apprentice. F. King, who has been riding a: Jacksonville, will be employed by the stable. Weir lias a good three-year-old in Galley Slave, which wintered at Sravesenil. Book-stone is also in the same barn for another campaign a ng the platers. Jaie. - AlcManus. the former San Francisco car cou-daetor, who won the Hopeful Stakes at Saratoga last year with Kooky OBrien, will race the Meddler rait again, together with the two-vear-olds. Star oltyau. by Oddfellow; Tay Fay. by Stalwart: Dublin lin-liel. bv Stalwart; Sinn Fcinn. bv Filigrane. and ..Iher.-. John A. Drake ret urns to the game with a string of two year olds sired by Ort Wells, which won im portanl races for him several years ago and may start again if he can stand training. The Drake I wo yea 1 ..his will Im- trained by Enoch Wishard. but it is said there will he a number of high class sell ing platers in the barn to be trained by I. T. Chinn and that Vincent Powers will be the regular stable joekey. Mrs. James McLaughlins Faunthroy anil ArondacI; ar.- well engaged, a- usual. Co ago Iteif will race Maltbie. v. ii.iu r of tin- Empire City Handicap last y.-ar: Fighting Bah, a uauie three year-old, and the two year olds. Ceotge Welt and Syy.ygy. Woodford lav will try to send his great filly. Ocean K01111.I. I., the post again. lie will bring the usual number of high-class two year-olds east with him. the get of Stir Shoot. Si?- Dixon and other good sires. Tlie Brow nleigh Pari: Stable will campaign King Cobalt once more, together with two-vear-olds named lien Lomond. Center Rush and Lady ltosalie. J. P.. It.-p.ss bus enured his four-year-old. Wintergieen. in leading events and will uncover another trap of two year-olds bv Dick Welles. W. I". Fine will have Cb.rio aa the -tar of his stable and W. II. Fiz.r iias a crack three -y.-ar -old in Boca Graade. It. F. Carman owns Alette and some high-cla-s selling plalers that have raced in Florida all whiter. C. K. Fleisoh. manns colors will be carried hv Taay Bon.ro. Apache ami others trained by John J. Hyhind. Wil iiaiu Carat may bring the three-year old. Doiian. here after the Louisville meeting and will also show-some fast two year olds. J. S. Sreoner. who bred Oiseau and Olainl.ala. has catered a three-year-old n; d Co.iniless. by The Commoner — Oletiant. in various stak.-s. .Iain.- Sri tin expects to win some important races with Czar, a five vear old horse bv Incommoii Livadia. Then we have Pulka. a three-year-old colt by Ogden— La polka, which has been entered in all the big handicaps by James Hewitt. William Walk ers Stanley Fav will be seen ben a".ain in hiding handicaps; also M. L. Schwartz Far West. T. C. McDowells Hack. Kings Daughter and Ellen a Dab--. BT. F. Schulles King Olympian, a lhr e vear-obl bv olympian — Queen Lute: Quimy Stables Everett. San. Irian and a bunch of promising two-vear-olds; W. L. Lewis Crystal Maid, a aatoi mud runner: S. C. Austins Chaili-- H.irgrave. which showed goo I form at Juarez: It. II. Amh rs.ms Joe Morris, a pionii-ing throe year-old: the IdiehrooB Stables Captain Morris and J. T. Irelands Cherrvola. II. IS. Itedw.-ll will have a powerful stable, with Irinee Ahmed. Nad7.11 and Itighteasy as the leading hie. id winners, but he will not have jockev Taplin. a- th.it skillful jockey has sig 1 to ride for it. J. Mackenzie, a wealthy Canadian, who own- some fast horse-. Irving If. Wheatcroft, who races in the eaten of the St. laaara stable, will probably -end • Sreen Seal. Woolwindor and other horse- to the front. Capt. E. B. Cassatt. a comparatively new turfman, will Is- represented hv Choirmaster of Ckcsiorbrook Bad many highly-tried two year-olds. J. N Camden has entered Hoggs, a live vear-ohl son of Itoyal Flush III. M.-g Merrilies II.. in the ban dicap- and will also race the four-year old Miami, the three-year-olds Boola Boolu, Martinez ajid Ny- anza. and the two-year-olds Deadwood. Tahoe, Koo-tinay. Sertrude S.. Ocalee. Phoebe i. and St. Helier. John Sanfords horst. including a fine lot of two-year-olds bred at his Hurricana Stock Farm, will not begin racing until the Saratoga meeting. Other horsemen who will race on the New York circuit are II. L. Shaw. It. L. Thomas. W. J. Young. John Marklein. W. B. Jennings. Harry Iji Montague. Sam Laaarus. Earl Linnell. Thomas Monahan. T. W. OBrien. O. L. Bichards, Homer Selbv. T. I. Sullivan. W. S. Yanke. J. L. McCinnis. J. F. Juild. Mose Soldhlatt, P. Dunne. . A. Bianchi. J. V Bclinet. Seorge W. Berry. Seorge J. Stoll. W. T. ltyan. Edsar Madden. Jule Sarson. J. Ixmghlin. J. S. Hawkins. C. C. Van Meter. W. S. House. S. F. Hyiuan. T. Hatfield. J. W. Johnston. J. W Model land. Mr. Earle. F. C. Piper. John A. Shafer. L. C. Sliolie. A. Baker. Boger Minton and manv others. Wliile practically all of the stakes have been reduced in value, they are still attractive and will provide some of tlie best kind of racing. .The Carter Handicap, seven-eighths, is the leading event at Aqueduct, with thirty horses eligible. The Excelsior Handicap, one mile and a sixteenth, will be run ..n the opening day ai Jamaica and will draw a good licltl. During the Belmont Park meeting the Metropolitan Handicap, the Withers. Behaoat, Ladies. Jiivinile. National Stallion and other famous turf fixtures will he run. the best horses in training being eligible. The Brooklyn Handicap, the Great American, the Tremont. the Expectation, the Hudson and the Brooklyn Derby ar- the usual features at Srav.s-ead. Then come the Suburban, the Double Event, the Tidal, the Commonwealth, Concv Island Jockey Club and Lawrence Realization Stakes at historic Shcepshead Bay. Wlcn Brighton Beach re-opens in July the Brighton Ha ad leap will he renewed. ti -gctlier with other interesting events which will be crowded into a meeting of fourteen days. Then Empire City follows with twelve davs. the Empire City Handicap being the star event, as usual, with more than sixty entries. Saratoga has planned a brilliant meeting, with 230,000 to be distributed to the successful horsemen. The Saratoga Handicap. Saratoga Cup. the Special, tin- Hopeful, the Alabama, the Flash, the Travels. Halted States Hotel. Srand Fnion Hotel. Harrieaaa, Beaaeeteer and other stake events will be starred and many tine horses will be seen under saddle. With Saratoga at an end. Sheepshead opens the fall season with the rich Futnriiy. the Flatbush Stakes and other big events to follow. ISraveseml and F.elmont Park will wind up the important stake races of tin- year, though there will be a long stretch of racing at Jamaica before the end comes.

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