Roseate Prospects for Latonia.: Outlook Exceptionally Bright for Most Successful Meeting in Years at Famous Old Milldale Course., Daily Racing Form, 1910-05-22


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ROSEATE PROSPECTS FOR LAT0NIA. Outlook Exceptionally Bright for Most Successful Meeting in Years at Famous Old Milldale Course. Cincinnati. O.. May 21.— In less than three weeks I.atouia will take its pluce on the racing map. jlHll before in the hi.-tory of racing in this section lias such keen interest ill the sport been manifested and the coming thirty-days meeting at the beautitul Milldale course probably will be the most prosperous anil suceesstiil held there in years. The inanagcmeiil is sanguine of suc.-ess and there is no valid reason why their expectations should not be lulnll. d. Horse men who have usually been in the habit of sidestepping Latonia will this season aid in making the racing there successful. The pleasant r.-iaiimi ex isting at present belwteii the Kentucky State Racing Commission and the Latonia Jockey Club is undoiibt-c.llj a factor in this. Ween the members of the commission and the Latonia officials were at loggerheads, some of the horsemen feared being Involved and fought shy of Latonia. The liberal polhv that the track management has announced is also serving to induce horsemen to remain in these parts. There are few tracks at present in this country whir. horsemen are given opportunity to try for purse money, stakes included, averaging ,tMU daily. Oniitiing the stakes, the daily ilismbutimi to winning owners will lie .:!NI. No purse will be of less value than MM and only two of this sort will In-carded each da . The other purses will carry added values of nO and I0. Secretary Maginn announced yesterday that the program book for the first two weeks of the meeting is n- w in the hands of the printer and will be distributed to horsemen next .Monday. Chief interest in the coming meeting centers in the I at— It lierby. one of the time-honored fixtures of the western turf and contested for in the past by racers which have contributed extensively to American turf history. The distance is the true Derby routi — one mile and a half — ami the race is to be run on the opening day. There were thirty-five nominations and. with the exception of a few. all have qualified to start. The final declaration fell due on Monday last. Practically the same hand, excepting Fighting Bah, that lined up at the harrier in the Kentucky Derby, will again measure strides, but under different weight adjustments. The Latonia event will also hold interest from the fact that several other reputed three-year-old stars will make a hid for supremacy. Race patrons are familiar with the prowess of IKinau. which carried nil the honors of tlie ktmtucky Derby, and of his valiant rival. Jou Morris, which failed by half a length. P.oola Hoolas sensational last quarter sprint in the Churchill Down* nice has gained him many adherents for the Latonia event. Hesides the above-named stars. Milton I!.. Elizabethan. Boca Qtaade, Sager and Countless will nil have followings. Other likely starters include Callaut Pirate. Hrevite. John Furlong and Royal Bcport. The proverbial "dark horse" for the race is Countless. He is owned by John H. Orcener. the Nashville horseman who won with olaiubala last year. John Ferrlss. who trained Olambala. makes no secret that he considers Countless a much better horse than Olambala. He is giving him a slow and careful preparation and is sanguine that he will again lead away the winner of the Latonia Derby. Harney Schn-ibers Sager is expected to be among the siarters ami is considered a formidable ractor. lie is at" present at Toronto. W. H. Filer is pointing Roca iraude ror the race and has announced him as a positive starter. Since his arrival from Jacksonville. Boca Grande lias taken on much flesh and is going along splendidly in his training. Last season lie was adjudged the best youngster in this section and was thought to have all the Derbys at his mercy. But he went amiss this spring in consequence of the hurried training to which he was subjected for the Derbv at Jacksonville. C. D. Chonaults Milton H. is rounding into form after a brief illness develoixal at Lexington and his owner feels confident that he will go to the post in tine fettle. Hunans admirers have faith that the Tennessee colt will dupicate his Churchill Downs Derby victory at Latonia. His Louisville success forces him to assume a five pounds penalty, making his weight for the Latonia Derby 127 |KHiinls. Most or the owners are engaged in a hunt for good jockeys to pilot their charges. There will be several importations from New York. Vincent Powers being one rider who is in demand. The Latonia Jockey Club will this season inaugurate the employment of a veterinarian as paddock judge. He will be required to observe and report changes in equipment worn by starters. It is the aim of the Latonia management to give high-class raiing and the officials will exert themselves to keep the sport clean and wholesome. In addition to those new racing at Churchill llowns. several eastern owners have signified an intention of taking part in the Latonia racing ami have requested reser val i.. lis. Secretary Maginn announced yesterday that tin-following owneis have been allotted stable room: Owner. Horses. Owner. Horses. II. McCoulskev 5 J. T. Combs 7 W. M. Wallace 4 K. Baxter « W. Hopkins 12 C. A. Ross 5 J. J. Long 14 X. J. Williams 7 T. Hatfield 12 J. Riley 5 L. Jones 7 Weaver and Speirs ... 4 W. deist :".0 T. Abadie 5 James Griffin 3 F. B. Stevens : 4 N.-il F.nright ti F. St hrick.l 5 J. C. Ferriss 12 H. C. Hiinburv 5 Milt. .11 Young 12 L. O. Lee 2 Wayne Lewis 12 J. N. Tholl 2 W. K. tints 5 J. C. Calm S L. c. Shear fi Qarrity and Duniap ... • J. R. Waiuw right ...14 W. Perkins 4 Lou Johnson 5 A. Steele ■ J. N. Camden 10 H. T. Hateheler •! S. K. Hughes Holla Drake S Gallaher Bros H McLi more 4 C. D. Chenault .! G. .Gaskins 7 J. P. Ross 7 C. H. Daniels 5 M. Goldhlalt fi J. Nichols ■ T. P. Haves 11 tl. M. Bond 4 A. Brown 1« J. R. Tavlor 7 J. T. Inland lfi . H. Kn.-b. Ikanip .. :: K. R. Bra.llev 10 .1. Kellv 2 T. Savers 0 G. P. Krazier 2 C. B. Reid f M. I. Mattinglv 2 C. De Witt 11 T. D. Martin 2 Henderson A: Hogan.. S J. J. Flanuigan 2 W. J. Young 17 K. J. Gildersleeve :: L. Kellv 5 D. Hammond 2 T. II. Stevens 18 G. Klilber 4 J. B. R.s| 10 A. W. Watkiiis 2 F. Respess 6 Peyton A Akin .5 V. II. Haer 14 W. II. Crawford ... :: B. Schreiber 15 C. Xolte 4 C. C. Van Meter ...10 A. C. Lang S W. Graler 14 W. A. Kirwau -". D. T. Morris 7 T. M. Irvin 5 J. C. Milam 10 G. H. Meal B J. W. Fuller If. W. R. Sallee 2 :. W. J. Bissell 12 A. J. Gorey 5 .1. Rodegap 10 T. Agnew 2 F. J. Pons 20 K. I. Well 2 J. Baker 12 F. Gering 2 II. McCarreti VJ W. Stenve : I. B. Fitzgerald 0 F. H Stringer ?. J. Fverman S S. Williams 2 C. S. Wilson 7 Hak and Co 5 P. Iviii.II 7 W. E. Nnnn 4 K. Spetn-e 4 J. S. Hawkins S W. V. Casey 5 Kdward Corrigau ....16 T. W. Kiyuu 5 Lee Christy 5

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