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Only standard hoaad work on turf sjieculation: BBS pages winning systems and inside information : Holnes "Finance Svsteiu": complete rules for ban dicapping yourself. Formerly $::. ►. For the next thirty .lavs price, paatpahi, .34 . Proaaeetna fur aished free. MENTOR PUB. CO.. 82 Duane Street, : : New York City. - - . , | I RELIABLE BETTORS. get in on some good winners — four at Louisville. ...Ids B to M to 1: live at Toronto, odds will average in to 1. These I/ouisville ones have been under cover for several weeks. Toronto ones noted for winning at long prices. Terms: tine half net winnings of a straight bet on each one. Send address where wires will reach you promptly. The live Toronto horses now on file with Ituily Racing Form. J. 0. MILLS, Station A, III I : Cleveland, Ohio. 25-1 Parlay GOES BETWEEN MAY 28 AND JUNE 1. If it does not win you get throe Occasional* free. See Rook BBS for full particulars. PRICE, .00. Yesterdays Form Special lost. Yesterdays Dafljr and Occasional ran third. Yesterdays X Special lost. MONDAYS FORM SPECIAL: Red Wednesday 54-38-27-21-35-51-42-95-97. The Turf Reporter Room 312, 59 Dearborn Street, Chicago, III. Winning Information DIRECT FROM THE TRACK. I am now at BF.I.MONT PARK where I am in a position lo send ex.lusive information to reliable act tors. My track connections enable me lo semi two or three horses a week. 1 send the information by mail several days in advance of the ra.e. This information will lie sent to private parlies who will send a part of their winnings after winning. If interested, send self-addressed envelope for particn- JAMES BRADLEY. Room 15. 234 Broadway. :: :: New York. CODE OCCASIONALS. We are sending out two or three a week which are extra good. Advertised in Hail.. Racing Form and Now York Telegraph, saving expense of lele grams. Price. .00 per Week. Yesterdays Form Special ran second. Yesterdays Two-Horse Daily gave a third and a los.r. Mondays Form Special: No. 419 in Book 158. THt STANDARD TURF GUIDE Room 211. 59 Dearborn Street, Chicago, 111. Real Information! Through strong connections at the tracks I can supply real winning information to parties who will place on each horse I send and treat me on the square by remitting promptly. Addies.s E. PRUNER, 843 Rcscoe Street. : : Chicago, Illinois. The Turk, 8-5, Won was yesterdays Oaily Wife. Yesterdays Form Si.e.ial lost. MONDAYS 10RM SPECIAL: NO. 10. National Racing Review Room 37. 71 Dearborn Street. Chicago, ill. NOW ON SALE. THE AMERICAN RACING MANUAL for 1910. Puper Bound.... 50 Cents. Leather Bound. .75 Cents DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. 59 Plymouth Court : Chicago, Illinois.

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