Stake Racing of the Present Week., Daily Racing Form, 1910-05-22


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STAKE RACING OF THE PRESENT WEEK. ■aehar. will he reinforced this week l.v the he-Clnnlmc ef the sprim. meeting d the Ontario Jockey lul. at Woodbtrte Park. Toronto. The aMXtlan at Belmont Lark. Louisville and Oakland will continue. At Belmont Lark torn. .now the Flareniout Handicap will be the principal feature, the names of the probable startera •paearlac In the entry list aah-lish.d lodav. The Bompiet .Stakes, for two year-olds, at four and a half Barieaga straight, will be run Tuesdav. The names of Frank Kuhslaller. Benxprolus. White Wool. The Baseal. Royal Ten nanf. Miss Nett. C.unlv Chairman. Zeus. Haniccr Mark. Altadcna. Anna Casse. Rinda, Monereif and On.iLer show promineiitlv in its entry list. The locanlico Stakes, for three year-olds, at three -quarters of a mile straight, is set for Wednesday afternoon. It should brittjt about a rood race, aaeh fast ones as Dalmatian. Prince banerial. The Turk. Mex-...ina. C.indlel.errv. Cilhcit Rom-. Astlcot. Barley-tlieiiie. German Silver. Ben Loyal. S.-irpia. Faunt-leiov. Hamilton Court. Medallion and Kim: Olympian bring anions the elhjlbles. Tlie Van Cortlandt Hnn-dicap is to be decided Thnmday, It is at a mile, with such cracks as Jack Atkiu. Klaa James, lris-cillian. Restfaroncbc, Uockv OBrien. Nimbus. Mary Davis. J..e Madden. Stanlcv Fay. Prince imperial. Far West. Mairazine and others of lessor note en-gaged. No stake ractac takes place Friday, but the Kashi..n Stakts. for two-vcar-old fillies, at four and a half farieaga Btraixht: Toboagnn Handicap, at tbree-quarlers ..f a mile stiaiyrht. and the Amateur Cup. at a mil", will be decided Saturday afternoon. Of the forty six tillics in tht Fashion. Housemaid. Itashti. Maid. Anna Casse. Illdora. Horizon. Lula. Mi Nett. Nightfall, Golden Sand and Colden Agnea have already shown s .d form In public, and there are quite a number of fashionably -bred ones that have vet to make a start. The Tehaggaa has aboSl all ..f the great Bprtatera of the day aoatiaated, in-cliuliiig Prime Ahmed. Pajaroita. Field Mouse, Sir lohn .lohnson. King Cobalt. Marv Davis. Mapa/ane. Berry Maid. Alfred Noble. Klag James. Beatlgooche. Jack Atkin. Masketti-. Helmet. Trance, Prince Gal. Coh.nt. Centre Shot. Barlevthorpe. Dalmatian. Becky OBrien and Prince Imperial. The Amateur Cup is of recent closing and for regtatered centlemcn riders. The Toroato meeting begtaw Tuesday afternoon with an enticing program of sevi n races, of which tbfl Mint. Stakes, at a mile and a sixtecntn. and the KtagV Plate, at a mile ami a quarter, are the leading Items. The Minto Stakes is under selling ••.nditi.iiis with such well-known racers as Shapdalc. ii Baarard. Gny Fis:.i. Bthaa, Bio Qraaac, Michael Vngelo. Kagman. Nethermost. Bab Co.. Gretaa Green. Joe Bose. Light ftfaol. Martin Doyle, dimmer. Charlie Cilhcrt and Deiihain in its big list ■* fliribley and promises a real race. The Kings Plate is for Canadian-bred horses and is the most imoortaiit and fashionable event of the Canadian inrf. It has eighteen eligwtea represeatiag tea owners and the ni;ij..ritv will be sent to the pevst. Dailv Baciag Form has already published the names ..f the probable contestants. Three stake races will be run Wednesday, the Coronation Stakes at four and a half rurlonga for Canadian bred two year-olds. the Livei] 1 Can at a mile and a sixteenth and i he Prince ..f Wales Handicap at three quarters. Nothing la known of the merits of the reangstero in the Coronation, but the Liv.-rpo 1 Ciin has such tried performcra as Plaudmore. Chief Kee. Fountain Square. Michael Angela. Itusy. B..bert C.v.per. Chat lie Gilbert and Glimmer in its entry list and orbed Lad. Sou. Bacatecas, Bed Kiver. Lady Irnia. Dal-hoitsie. Sir i:.lward. John Crillin 1 1.. Gay Fisher. Klhon. Hc-|Xs. Level ie. Hying Footsteps. Arondack. K.vbourn. Besom. Bob Co.. Siincoo. Carroll. Dcnham tad other swift ones promise to make the Prince if Wales Handicap decidedly Interesting. Tliursday has the Victoria Stake for two oar-olds. Woodstock Plate for tliree-veni-olds and the Woodbine Steenle-cbase among its attmetipaa. iadge Maack. Bed-wine. Bosev Posey. Cisniont. Planutess. Dune Camp-It 11. Bebngo Ino. Pendergraat. Bcrinunage, Monereif. Capsiae. Chilton Belle. Sir Chilton. Dell. Decency. •nd Darling are in the Victoria list. Countless. Dalmatian. Chief Kee. Kddie Dagan. Collis Ormsby. Amelia Jimks. Sotemia. Busy. Fauntleroy. Bey-l.onrii. Boh Co.. Foun. The Monk. Polls and Theo IiMik are among those likely to furnish a good field for the Woodstock. Tl.istle.iale. Sir Wooster. Minto. Iimastle. Diooit. Dr. Heard. Byzantine. Tourney. I.en Cole. Bcllo. St. Faisenay. Bossfenton and Dr. Pillow are among the capital jumpers nominated to the Woodbine. The Breeders Stakes, for Canadian bird three-vcar-olds at a mile and an eighth, is Fridays stake race the entries betag unknown to racing fame. Far Saturday the Kteg F.dward Hotel Cold Cup at a oile and a quarter is the atake feature and has Kim; tames, Bestigonche. Joe Madden. Dalmatian, •eiintless. Chief Kee. Jubilee. Sotemia. IK.n Antonio. Michael Angela. P.usv. Ai lack. Fulfill. Bouquet. the Monk and Petal in its array of eli»;ihlos. At Louisville three stake races will lie disponed I ..f in the course of the week. The Tobacco Stakes, formerly the Blue Crass Stakes, will be run Tues dag. It is a dash of seven faillja for three-year tan with Mcttie P.ert.uul. Boola P.tsda. Kthel I.. lirovile. Countess. Don Antonio. Foursome. Boyal I Beaort. Reimburse. John railoag. Donovan and Nan netto in ils list of tiftv-seven cBgtMes. The Juvenile ! Stakes, for two -J • •::!■ olds at live eighths under selling . on.iitioiis. will be decided Thursday. Loween. Bear-lei i PhaprraeL Brass Button. Klla P.ryson. Clienault. Monty Ft x. Insnectar Geeteral. Kllanettc. Wine : Bodega. Oracle. Churkshngg. Bayoc. Foiehetul. Asncs May. Princess Industry. Dunceaway and Ini-ision will Mittite to furnish an excellent race. Saturday . ifteraosa will ariag about the raaatag af the Praak ■".hf Stake- at a mile with Orb"d Lad. Ormuz. Miami. Plantl.ind. Ilora Kil y. P.cii K. Sleet. Park-• iew. Flizal.elhan. First PgeaUaaa. Rubin Oraada, Inaoa. Barlv Tide. Oecaa Oucen. Oaaatleaa. La Bcine Hindoo. Hyperion II. . J. H. .Seed. KerchemL Claudia. Croat Pirate. All Bed. Ifeteeey. Woal Sao dali Merrick. Camel. Maltbie. WlnUrgreca. Dr. ■ Hwbtherg. Byebrigbt and Sreea Seal prominent in its bi list - f entries.

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