Wintergreen Disappoints: Erratic Tony Bonero Takes Measure of Respess Sprinter at Latonia, Daily Racing Form, 1910-06-22


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WimRGREEN DISAPPOINTS i IRRATIC TONY BONERO TAKES MEASURE OF RESPESS SPRINTER AT LATONIA. i. i I Al Muller Scores Flukv Victory Over Righteasy — i Patronage Continues Good Despite Sweltering Climatic Conditions. . tiveinnati. 0 . fat -.- 21. — Al Muller. at pwntal :il the top ..I his form. «•! t ..lavs handicap al LatOBU i from Righteasy. with Coltouaj in third place. Al 1 Millie!-, will. ImWcVer, was i I. -.-Ill nit. as li:l« I Righteast I. .11 away mi equal leraa with aim sh«-• !..u!.!lc-- would have reversed the raaniag. She a is,. aaaTered from Interfereaee in tin- stretch, bnl not . iinu_, in nistitv disqaatlncatl f the winner. l!. d, :. ii .1 Rlntergreeu by the erratic Tony Bonero was the grcat«-sl disappointment of the :i 1 1. *!. ■ I •• -ii- Kentucky Ptlbj winner Bra* considered 1 . I.. -I • 1 1 mil: proposition ..I the da ;ni.| was accorded -.m.iiv support. Inn T.mj Bonero. I n m ii inn t-. his heal fnnn. led him foe the entire distance and won 1 1 t « 1 i I in the fast tiiii- of 1:12 , t. i -:■ fnrinngs. W nit. i green rasBj heal the others. .1. V Canteen Beared his tir-t mnm i the aaeef lag whea iVkn leaded the pane in the second race. II.- wee rewrite and was AeeMedty best. Ohle-f Hayes, ranaiag in Improved form, licit thirteen platen in the fifth raee .-iftet- a aherp atreteh sprint t.i down Hnrinrfc The Keataekj Oeka winner. Bam irii. iii. I ■ Mm* escape re ■ Be teal in Bat dosing dash, her victory hi It in a aaeaaare due In the tricky riding ..I Seville, who Interfered "Ill Creed m the mi. till turn. Baaaaiia just inan-.ii.ii! to leal l.ui- eaoaga to win h] ■ heed. :«n l I .tt:i "n-..| would have heme in front in a tern eeera atrlde*. Kr.-il fRrberl placed aaaBlcc imrs.- to Tin- eredlt • W Qeral win n he led home ■ head ef aaar ■aide as thai started in ih - eaeaer. He wan eae ef the oatsiders. luit • n :is if niu.-li the beat. Tim.-: lin-lenn. rgci announced loUay that in tin-buM race . -t.-r.i:. in had baas eat tin mile time l ] adateke and that the thae f u- the full il atenre. 1.! mil. and ttv. nly Viitils. w:is 1:41*. This was uia.le i.niei.-il by tin- .indues. Sw.iiiiiu weetber ajgatn pwvailed. hat the at t.-nd-im- held 1 1 . rarprUdnsly well. S|Minlati« n w:ts aN.. al islactniv 9eeretary Kdward Ifejctan will leave lien- nevl Mi»nda 1 it 1 1 1 : 1 1 • aaeaaae hie d at lea ea etere tarj .-f the Karl Brh eeeetha . wlii«-h will heaja ■ week real aexl Betarday. Uarine his eheeaeu the ateretarye eaVe will I- in rhan; at .1. V-. 1 .-i mi ! «■ 1 1 . iN a aeting » as»;lstaiit aeTetary. Prealdlefi Jodjte Charlee F PTiee will a--ii la eeaigaiBg the welghtj f n iianilii-.i].-. K.-i ..ri and Mil lander will hereafter 1" trained n* tiewrgi Land. Bojral Beaort. however, will 11.1 axaia I..- a tarter until late in the fall en aeteeanl »l Uln .1 « I . v K. Martin nill leave teeeerraw for Bheeae heul Baj :.. ride I. Mel towel Is Kinu-- Daofrhtwr hi the Wwenah 1 Bay Haaaasap, t. be run next Thuredaj . The aumeaemenl will ihis year revive tin- custom • f -hiii- tin- uminr ..f the Clmf Jnnetl Taaphj ■ silir rap, and tli. order far it has Im-cji pleieed. Jin ki s Sinvill. and Ki-niiedv were KUS|M-Ilileil fur two daya bj rh • start, r for diaobedienc* at tin-i».-1. Jockey Xeekaon area lini-d Sl.". for a similar i.ff.-ir. .1. it. Wainwrizht t..dav Ininiit the two-year-old liiu. Vanity Fair, by Intrnaive Fluxh. rl««s :iIi.iil- and M. V. Lylea u- 1 for lark -.mill, lodaj at tin reoueal .if F. .1. lions • t.nii.-nx in I lie bookmakina irial.- to m de . id. d «."i Iliui —lav next. The qooation Involved is ; whi-tli.-r h.M.kinakiiiL i- n, ..Isi-llinL-. Mr. Pone alao •.. have 1 well known turf eorresnoiidenl make ■ rip t i .1:1.-1— ill.- !■• --i.- the roart hi- vlenra nt ii.miI-i IliiiL and In". kin. ikiu.:. 1. 111 the -t.1..- found 1 • ■! awaj mi an-iniiit of iii-- present ■ In isner i- reported !■ be inini-ovin;. rapi lly. Hi- nn-ntal condition Is a-iin normal. .!•• h -v ;rif ■a wii. tell fiinii 1:. lit- Clem, win: to Caicana t" foi ■ few • ava.

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