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me PRtCt OF THIS PAPER is 5 CENTS EVERYWHERE, pay ho more. " i DcJly a VOL. XIX. NO. 5. CHICAGO, SUNDAY, JANUARY 5, 1913. PRICE 5 CENTS STARS OF THE PAST YEAR T * SADDLES THREE WINNERS YEARLING SALES OF 1912 IN AMERICA RACING Or 1912 PARTICIPATED IN BY MANY + + TRAINER JOHN LOWE MAKES RECORD FOR HORSES OF HIGH CLASS. Compared with a few years hark the 1012 public subs of thoroughbred yearlings in North America SEASON AT MEXICAN COURSE. Iunn hi ii i heggail.i diaplaj of return-. In all 203 w -re so sold for an aggregate -if I128.3U2, The year — p:ovious "i!Mi wen1 Bold for a total of 7,067, the average being slightly better tlian §20. The 1012 average ivai 88.07. inii I his d i iic i apparent Improvement i- almost : i • • I accounted f r by soanewbal sense Top Notch Thrcc-Ycar-Olds of the Year an Espcci- tj,nsl inns paid at E. It. Drnd c.vs sale of the yearlings he had bought from .lames R. Keene for a man - n.mhle for Tnscnh Srhrrihrr vuilh Flnr«ir» Stoic. Doubic loi 5 chrcibcr with llorenca who afterwards became dissatisfied with the transaction. This sale producer: the tanner price of the year Joseph allv Notable Lot — Racine S Records xitcoias of Win- win when Mr. Bradley himself bought the brown Bock Sand— Fairy Slim er colt for 4,006 and supplemented _ „ . „ . . . ... T, r _,|fa ,y rfi.ooo for tlie ch,stnut colt bv Celt -Handmaid. The record of the auction sales of year- Roberts and Maiz.e Girl and Wins Purse for ncrs of ,000 and Over. a*f in *»**■ " ■Iphahetlcal order of their sires, is as follows ", w vm*m wlln lne maer ALEVI.A. ch. h. .18981. by Worcester— Anr.isette. by Top Gallant. " " — — " Siller. P.uvo:-. Color and Sec. Dam. Price. . __ — V. J. ;rist W. H. Sne.ulev Chesimit colt Conn .Maid $ -•" -"• i n | ii t.-il race borsi - of all age- figured in American V. .1. Crist W. II. Snearlev Chest mil till v Welsh Girl 250 ,. ., ... . , T . . , - racing of IS72. There was not so much money t" W. J. Grist U. V. Crippen Chestnut roll nolle Monroe 220 . ,• ■ "- ,J,,X- ;.l"":,ry„ , ,, "■ Vi"° .wn" .nn- be won a« la other years aot fat away, W. J. Crist Walter fan- Chestnut eo« Peg Parks 200 -i""1 *?*!* [ " ; ,.. ,Vlvvt " i •lVll,,-1l,.,,L bui u;,ai was offered was just as strenu- V. .1. Urlsl Walter Carr Bay colt Bnbywick 133 "a"irs list for 1»U today aceompliabed a feat ...ish rowprted for. Ksucciall.V was the rac- w. I irtel Uex Slinpoon CbeWnnl miv Maria Bolton iu» «t the Jaares tiyh that no .other trafaer has darjag ins »f the three-yearolda iiigh L-lara aud W. i. Urisl I. Striker Bay coil . . Baaaed 75 H»- i r«--nt im-img by saddling three winners, ram Worth"1"". ALBULA. ch. h. UN, by Worce3te,-An„is«tfte. by Top Gallant: or. HINSDALE, eh. h. 1898. by V,, jhVhreTbS Of San" Frnn.-ls!." Mr. - Iwes muv Sle vear nll»e th? borUr older Hi nn f.-i-r Hanover— Dilemma, by Ononda. other winner was The Cinder, which is one of tha rears, Soteinia immortalised herself when in the W. J. Grist !■:. I.. rltageraM Bay My Qnei 170 hoises he trains for c. W. Clark, the California- Kenruck 1 n.lur. n -,- Make- ai LooisTille. she ran ALLOWMAISE. b. h. 1904... bv AUoway— Po!mai.se. by Sterlin-. Molilalia millionaire. lour mile- in the time of Honwe Itoberta won the handicap, which serreel ... unprecedented . . 7:10%. .1 T . c o. i ariH * irhp o.,,,,. v i t.i, i ,.,.rK„. lark. son it, ,.. r v c „,.,. 1 1...... i.u e Baaarii i,nsst n l.o n" . .• ii.. ■ i i i i 1 t r...... .i,,. .|....v i-i.i,,., vjhn m. ■ «▼„ m • nu """ "" "•l s »ne i.in a siHiiethiux ii-olutciv nii|i«s-ib|. in tin- nld days ___ _ .1 _■ raeing. game wImmi raHnc at lhal distam-e wats the enxtoui. The BEN BRUSH, b. h. 1893. by Bramble — Rosevillo. ..,.„, by Reform. race. Cilpj was withdrawn front this race, leaving .--■ii - thai our horses i»l loda ran Ktay as far f r. Drown 1 D Crav Hnv colt ... . Noonday 4, WO viN- to B». Pride of Msatore shewed the keenest at lho-e ..: any. other period, when prepared for tie- F k Drown .. .. ; V Inncs lUiv colt . . Karv and Often lBJO :,llv 8peed. but Florence Roberts gradually cliwd iM-k. and also run i i-ie: . Modern breeding here Oatesby Woodford ... W G Yanke Bay celt .Ccniinnne 425 In on him after he had things his own way tor Iialf and abroad has been for the development of A " ;,;" x|" u"" ■W»X Cleaer ran a dismal speed anY ,,, K ,mi k. nrA»r vAr,~a „ v™nn Anr -"" 30X ch- h- 1Q04. bv Order— Pandora, by Rayon d Or. greater than thai iKissessed U the cider gem ration-. __ ,.,,,. iM contrast to his recent winning performance-. There i- ii" reason to doubt that it has been sue w- Bhowalter D. Lchan Day colt Two Heart 37. Xhe cinder, which won the tirst race, displayed v- Rbawalter A. H. Jewell Chestnut filly Dinah Shad 110 repeated in ,,.-;,,: ;,ud thai our inn-. ■- are reilx rifted ";tli : great sameness, withstanding challenges greater nteed In behalf ol such ofd-t ime equine - Showaller E. Brewster Chestnut colt l.ndy Reaper lf 0 the long stretch dtive. worthie- :!- I.o-ioi,. la-lieu. l.eingio„. Idbu ild w.- S-owalier K. Chenault Dayeolt Margaret Kent 00 pr. u. Norrell, the well known racing secretarv and Fellow craft, it might be correctly pleaded that j w- Showalter . n. Jewell Day fllly liina 7o „f ,1|. nillcrest. Dnfferfal Park and other eastern the old lime track- were vastlj slower. No doubt BRYN MAWR, br. h. 1901, by Athelinij — Maggie Weir, by The Bard. • Hacks, who has been unite ill here with erysipelas. those horses would have scored mm h taster time ., » u,1.ier ,- u jiomirip ,•.,. .qn,,t ,.0it no ."00 ta wwerlag rapidly and is now out of danger. iban l reconled to their credit, bad the tracks of wcifecett ■ St R- H; ""liv ui" "•|K" u"- «Mrage«enta for 100 w ■ n»-SL1 T *■ Hitchcock nittnco.K ixtesarai toir EIU.be i.nzam m a B ii i.ai Ibcir days be.u equal to those ol the present time |echey Drejrer in the future. Dreyer came here But. allowing for everything, it is more than proh CELT, cb. h. 1905, by Commando — Maid of Erin, by Amphicr. «ith the big string of K. 1*. Carman, but severed able that Sot.ii,i:i- wonderful feat could not have F. E. Drown B. It. Bradley Chestnut colt Handmaid 11,000 hia connect kw with that owner yesterday. Mr. Car-been approached by any one of them under an f. k. Brown J E Madden cbestnrr eolt . Fairv Sprite 2.300 man is negotiating with Jockey Merritt Buxton for « rl ol ii lii ion-. p. j. Millett !.J. .!. llair.ig.in ... ..Brown coit .......... Amaranth 175 the season of l.H::. Buxton baa been riding fairly lite sta. shoot lout rear-old Star Charter bears well at Ibi- meeting. /.rcinTnu ■. •. „»no v i- .i x v -o • the l , of beeii CESARION. b. h. Utt, by F— aim Cmanntia, by Rosicructan. lljP the having principal m.mey-winner ,. M, .,,.,,,...,., ,,,, ,,,..„,,.,,. ,,,„„ un „, anaaj. of the year and ...- :; stnrd staying wpeclaaea fA P. D. Knight .T. P. Oiinn Chestaat olr Husy I.ass n Mi He formerly owned her and A. C. MeCafferty claimed I be thoroughbred, bin fortunate In hi- engagements. Young. Can- ft liatt I. Walters Chestnut filly Beslqae 660 |,,.r |aH| season ih.ii him. When the lime was up In Soiat of native iqieed. -m h other horses of F. I». Knigh! V. S. Payne Day or brown filly I.ydia II 4." 0 f,,;. payment be failed logo to the seeretarya oasce hi- ag - as Adams Express. Meridian and Young. Can- and liatt II. McDanlel Chestnut filly Edith Mc 450 u.j||, the money The stewards then suspended him Granite were nrobablj superior to him, but Lconatp* Slock Farm f. II Reed Dlack filly Sneerwell 300 for hi- action and denied him further privileges of were not so ravorablv engaged and did not Roger* .and Wheatcroft ...C. Dogers Pav fillv I.ovelt "Hi the coarse the -tress of racing so weH Of Israel and : Wheatcroft , ...S. T. Harbison Flack colt Mainsail 260 ,. w rrlWien and S. A. Beckham, two horsemen. twUbstand . ..bbr than Mar t barter High Private and I.e. mat us Slock Farm .... . 1 . tl.r ...Black filly K,X*r,,J! 55 became Involved in an alienation this afternoon. Plate cia-s raced with marked distinction, and f./i Young, carr and Piatt W . i.erst Brown filly Magnificence £.0 ,,,,.,, „.,„.,. ..vl.,.ii„,i |,.,„,. tUl. .,,.„„, „i- ix y. .„ obis l.reserved their great uatnral s, .1 Israel fcWkeatcroft ... .m. Young and«*?* charlcote 200 ThewyeaV-otd -lake o." 1«T! of the Jockey remarkably. Another six-year-old, the toe l.xa- J. S. Barhea s P Harbison I ay hlly . Eva me ISO ,.,,.., Jvmrr£ wbkA ,.,„ r,I for ,.ntI.i,.s nII DeceaabM mare. Meadow, on tbe , ther hand, distinctly showed HNDaAis ..... u,crst Chestnut celt 5*f"iJ J2 3i. illed exceedingly well. There are thirty four that -In- was on the downgrade in the latter re- Threlkeld * beatcroft.-. 1. Harbison Drown colt .?,f,,da, J nominations tor U- Senoritaa stakes tor lillies, speet. Next to Star Charter in the matter o, lo.ing. ai r ■and. Pnitt I K Madden Day colt fharlcote F 0 -2 fiW f Yucatan Stake, for colts aud fillies. iiiouey won. wa- the two-year-old star Shoot gelding, C. . Simpson . Boyd Fay or brown eolt Faradise 7o -_j forty-seven for the Mexican Stakes for llelio-. Hut for being retired from racing early in CHARCOT, br. h. 1903. by Common— Spanish Match, by Roval Hampton. colts, lillies and gelding-. This is a total of 111 ;e MTmiavtlniuV, IharwoUdlu,;: J "■ "•"«« £ U. Carpenter Fay col, Hand.arra 350 entries ™ »ver«ge off « rJt«yW All of been tbe chief winner of the year Inrtead of star CONTESTOR. b. k, 1891. by Galore-Conjectrix, by Tineas. **and£ "hi-minning - worths wa.Jfallaw. Charter. Next to linn was the brilliant three-ycai p. Y. Simpson I. D. Adkfan Hnv or brown colt I.ucasta BS bar o;no!leim:1e.h1Jvies:nim7n Hi"!,° and " " " ah" Fay ,.r brown colt BsBthan Girl 175 Adelaide T. -Three quarters in 1:13. handily: is rear-old Frogl.-gs. In this particular there was a CUNAED. eh. h. 1899. by Goldfinch— Lucania. by Sir Modred. good. falling oil ,.f one from the record of mil. when T. J 4fc G. H. Clay F. R. Bradley ...t Day Oily Bllangowaa 600 Anajeius— Three-quarters in 1:1a seven horses won «.00W oi more as compared with F. R. Bradley ir. St. C. Slreett Cbestaal colt Tarpeia II SO 5*twf !l!" x1,11, i iK i ;? " V"r. ? uinn;" Vri.iVl,, w!rVl, ri.no- DAVID GARR1CK- b- h- 1897 ■ by Hanover-Pe Woffington. by Longfellow. BoUnie Balrd iii,!"i„ 1:41. handily: is good. ,, /,.,, " il» ,-- i.ri.ii-ii it.... ,. the v nl.i - Vw- Hcndrie estale f. 0. :orman Chestnut eolt Kelpie 450 Campeon Three-quarters in 1:17%, handily; ia .,,; I in oV wi ■;■." s ti cures , ; L id!, w"- nendrie estate I. S. Hendrie Ches.net colt nicker SM g i. ,,, ,.i-. Vorth in.V ov, -nor cr- l"ing dead Wm" Headria eatate r. G. Gormaa Bay colt Sampan 275 Chanricmr— Half mile in 48. driving. Zeus in France and tbe others not so successful as DICK WELLES, b. h. 1900. by King Eric— Teas Over, by Hanover. Con-..le Sev ■n-eighllis in 1 :.;;l. Went sore. in mi. Plate Glaus, with .220, came ueareal to y,v,ng. rarr A Piatt ....Dr. R. F. Macias Chestnut filly Anna Drooks 375 i«cke? Box ftlUeta "« niwfoving -•• iiiing a place lathe list again and would ha ve young. Carr* Fiatt ....W. St. Vincent Black lillv Fulvia ?.™ ,:..v 1 1 -, i r " nil.- in 4s- i- -ctt n-""-.»Hl : ■"■ ••• "".j"- r«»«"« lame. Among the horses .IoIln D. can ,■ ,. IV ,,SOM ,,.,,. ulj 1 lease 235 irrnamo -Klve-elghths talaB hiuidih- the1 cuursV of toe "years impatgn G M Mil- DISGUISE, b. h. 1897. by Domino— Bonnie Gal. by Galopin. Ella Bryaoa Three quarters in 1:13%, driving In-. Ubore. Helen Barltee, Edda. Grover Hughes, F. K. Drown r. Rowe Bay or roan east Contenilous 2.100 .. ;,;rV1:;!; W,UV V.L.i" /VT.r- Meridian, Adams Express. Volthorpe, Guy Fisher. P. F. Drown Uuincv Stable Fbestaul colt Half Crown .-. 1,800 i an -nn Hal. Miiee eigtiii- in ... .. oi e /in faugh Hill. Effcndi. Bosseaux, Cailion G., Plying K. 0. Cowdin J. F. Madden Figinnr. bay colt Homespun 1,150 ountalu Square 1 ive eighths m l 01 ,;, Uiivinj,. I i Jim Basey. Granite. Blackford. Sureg t. Se C. I.. Harrison R. F. Carman Bay or brown colt Ophtrdale 500 . , IN, •...•■"""• . . . .... . nl exSrtleSt delmn-ualion- of /."high s "ed "of" I he D0RANTE, b. h. 19051. by Pe«ara_Lady Augusta, by Luke Blackburn. , ii,."""! i.ree q..arT.i "8 in 1 0?bm -aiiiii: Is extra i lern race borsc. Among the jumpers High Chinn and Porsytbe . T. VTaadard, .lr. Bay eolt Stolen Manwra r,oo uokI. . . i.n.l..,. was b-si and performed so well in Chinn tt Poraythe r. 1-. Adkmn Bay eolt .Maid of the Order... 2 0 Gordon Russell- rive-eighths lu 1:02, handily. !lJ"LTvelr.tn oiXtunDv thSsear"? dou-m" ELECTIONEER, hr. h. 1901. by T.U, — aJ, by Himyar. "iXTyJ rfveldgMh-il, " 1 !oi handily : ki irrattag8,wh*t" cirdTihafllrovef iEnl T. Gilbert v I Gilbert r«4*. cheataurt cml dare Duncan 175 «traSood . ;., ,.; " FAIR PLAY, ch. h. fl905, bv Hayings— Fairy Gold, by Bond Or. lolalird Hall mile ln_40%, handily. »Tjl« fear the eastern stables did not .present , ,. BelmoiH I MaealaMa Robinetta, bay illr ..... Retained n 1.325 SuTveelehtbs 1n*l-»2?l£udily :,Te". helilVee frSeraaJ- ™ thTSSfi A Mmmt ,f"TO" Sun King, bay gelding .. Souveroine 13i J i i l « i enUen-Klve-e ighthrin i:»i: breestog. •.!,„„;. ,.| ii,,. v", !,, ib, regai 1 was luherited l»j EILIGRANE. b. h. 1836. by Galore— Ftllotto. by Kingfisher. Joe Deibold Mile in 1:42, driving. Has much the western stables, which harbored tbe splendid Young. Carr A Piatt G. M. Hendrie Hnv eolt I.adv Augusta .350 . ".-1,11 "JI.""1 "•* H.id at finish. vttiiag horses named carl in this review. Ii also Caieshy Woodford Weber ft Ward Brown eolt Mv Fleanor 225 |N: ! • :l » t KC , "i « i ""!?"*■ fen to the w.-i to possess the best two-year-olds .Tames Poraythe I. W. Mav Dav fillv Caroaa 200 ,";!" k! V- ""• ,., " , V-., Il!.n|,|llv . • i the rear In Helios and Hawthorn. These were James Poraythe W. Stewre Bay coll Naoina 1H." hvJ ,. , iv.; eighths in i :"-: i_s g"» "i. lM-vund iiuestiou ol superior excellence aud quite in Chinn a: Poraythe A. 1». Steele Bay tlllv Mav Mack 100 „Lyn » .,," .r! " ..- 7-V D5f*»H,S advance of all uf their age, with -; rround or Chinn and Poraythe kmn Carr Bay roll Lady Augusta 133 ?. Y-"- J,"" .■-,h,,l~ ."..-:.• I[:"l,lllv- eonir.o rsj a- t.. wnieh sas the better of tbe twok Chinn and Poraythe s. T. Harhlsoa Dav fillv Intermeaao 110 JJ"*? ■": -Tiiree-tigntbs in 37%. oreeaing. But l here were other lne two-yeai olda in racing, oi Chinn k Poraythe . II. Jewell Brown ally Picture Hat 100 Melton street— Three-quarters in I. IT*, handily; which, i.e-ide- lb two stars earned, locbares, Chinn k Poraythe M. J. Shannon Bay filv Osee 100 ,, •. -.,.. ■ , ,, ■ . Iredernk I... Yankee Notions. Goweil. Bock View. James Forsylhe n. ii. Hunn Bay Illy Dettio Gray 100 S™,*r"??reJisUt£S.. ? ?%; l!Jt*c?l"KJ„ Riagllhg. Mi-- Foilii Briar Path. Ten Point, The Chinn and■ ForSTthe . H. Jewell Bay fillv Klla Duke JM JJ*P« N;.k 1 ny ;ighlhs in I : l.t. handily. Widow Moim. Lacx. Tartar. Pan Zarets. Floral Park. James Forsylhe 1 Martin Bay colt Miss Fleischmann. ... 75 « -■" • Pive-eightos In 1:04, breeslng. Wrtkn. ,nd otoers" r.*ced"so w"?*. Ill -eeu, S"!K ERONTENAC. b. h. .1900. by K.ngston-Sylvabelle. by Bend Or. SekTninS;- Plreteigblhsln ""b.. r. sure ■ eanital tbrec year-old contingent tor the T s- McCullough . II. Jewell Bdna Buaaey, brown fill ..Jennie Wade 70 Prtaeesi industry -Mile in 1:42, driving; in extra racinu of PJl.i " J- s- McCullough . II. Jewell Braidwood. chestnut colt. I.adv Charles 70 good. Vslde from the conceded Mara of the rear su.i, J- s- McCnllough . II. Jewell Caricature, bav filly Rosefinch 05 Bamsy Plve-eightbs in 1:01%, driving. il,;,... ear-olds as Mission Col 1 Hollows; Heresy J- s- McCullough ;. I.. Parsona Garwood, cbeslnut colt. .. Poetie 40 Boseitalre- Half mile in 50%. breeslng. .„,]...: •,. Hamilton Vanir Jenny Geddes. Eight 0 ■ ,s- McCullough T. Scully Sadorus. cbeslnut eolt. .*. . 1. a Josephine 35 s- V. Hough Halt mile in ".i»:.. breeslng T,,-, -,, .■■!uW,!f. *andhi™*£?£- ilv,! GALVESTON, b. h. 1WT, by Galop.n-H,mptonian. by Hampton. «££ ThrS us in"!.m .ml.di.v""*- a!,k. .■•;;-.M,1 "kV;,;; 1lau,:; :".l,,Ak„S,i. k" T- P lU ,»-- S1- •■ ■«««« Bay HI, Ly Stratbmore ... 120 Stertln Half mile In 49% handily: link- »ml .M.s-ristowii raced In c I form when al GOLD HEELS, b. h. 1898. by The Bard— Heel and Toe. by Glenclg. "V •"■* 1 hive ,,, ,,•,,!.. is in 1:17%, handily; is their i.-i and. Mission, in particular, showed her- stone t Backer W. Qerst Bay filly Kin Rose 350 "" Kotcu! m hi the BowhTsrakes1 at" toe Phnli. GOLDCREST. ch. h. 1803. by Bend Or— Princess Iskra. by Robort the Devil. HALE-MILE TRACK FOR OTTAWA meeting Fleetwood Rtnd R. P. Dodsoa Chestnut colt Tufa 400 -,i u ; inciiMling 1"-. the leading mooej win Flee tweed Stu.l . ll. Jewell Cheatnut filly I.o.isa 70 " " - " ■"- " horwi of each year have been tbe HAMBURG, b. h. a895. by Hanover— Lady Reel, by Eeliowcraft. Ottawa, Owt.. Jaaaarj I. Ottawa nm] have renre- Yerf Horse te W .,, B- C Cowdin J. I. Wilson Scarsdale. biy oi br. colt. .Spindrift 650 s""l;lli"1 the Canadian halt mil. • racing eireutt 1002 Major Haiugerfld :• $ 37.085 HASTINGS, br. h. IMS, by Spendthrift— Cinderella, by Blue Suit, or Tomahawk. Toronto! Ottawa horsemen mareri.iz.- " Thov- uuil iV"""11 :: --o.,- Perguaaa Si Belmont P. .1. Kelly Bav eolt Jane Grey 375 caaae to Ottawa recently and looked aver aererat ;". "". .: iii"si, Ferguson ft Belmont I. I.ehan R..j,n fillv Thrilled 375 site-., one of which was on the Quebec side They :: . .-■-"- , 0. W dverton P. I. Kelly Brawn eolt Scarlet and Green ISO |*an, of rse. to hold their meet lugs between ,, - •■ ««• " ., , ■■•".u- v: P. ,"r and Piatt . -T. Karr liav eolt Lady Mercury ISO tonse scheduled for Counaught Park. , V i • ~ -v-"i Ca**h» Woodford H. Ford QuickheeU, h. or br. geM. Queen of Trent 150 H la doubtful if they aril! be able to get things ■ ., . .i i!" ~ ai.Iir *• ■ll,°, t T. Hitchcock Quickhee.s. b. or br. geld. Queen of Trout 125 Itoing, as the Connaught Park club i- decidedly •," !; . v" V.""" ;; :., ,.::;; A Beiasont 8. T. Harbison Bine Bonnet, bav fillv... Blue Jacket .. .. 15 posed, believing thai two tracks locally would hurt ton v ,.i * " •" !," i- Hoibiway and Beuaont A. 11. Jewell Brown fillv ". . . . Marpcsia 100 the sport. The Connaught Park Club took over the ,, ., ,.,•!,;,., J i,-- Moss Belmont I. Goode Chestnut fillv Bessie Simpson 1ik old charter of the Ottawa Jockey Association, aad it .M- m... ii.ii i.-i 4 ii -. R Xt Kv:ui , p Ross Chestnut fillv Friendship 100 w doubtful if the new club could get I charier. Th..,., c : ,«„ ul,.eh wo. ia.000 , ,,,, HAVOC, b.h. 1892. by Hinty.r-Ellotu. by E.khorn. SSSSSSS pVaTir5S to V M - A- Sta l-t 2d ::d.rii] Won. • E. Seagram I. J. Elwanl Bay filly Pairiie Head ISO elude operation, under the auspices of the Hull elah. Star bui. i . i 17 i; .", I . ll. «;.".:. ■■ • Seagram I. Little Baj Illy Xenia 115 A meeting of those Interested Is to be held next Hello* 2 lo 8 1 ii 1 ll. ".-I •■ !•■ Seagram P. Graham Chestnut hlly Class .s., week, when some decision will be arrived at. I ho Manager :; 15 • » j 2 -.-~" •• ;• Seagram . Uentty Baj gchii ;V Iuriiania ji The mild weather ha* proven :i I ■ lo the «on i High Private . •! :i i : n :: .» lj.iib. ■• ,:- Seagram I. Holland Bay gelding Veracions II ,, naught Fail, Club, whk-h has continued operations J s.i nri 3 ii J •_ 1 I 11 .::7i HERMIS, ch. h. 1899. by Hermenoe— Katy of the West, by Spendthrift. li-1" "" " ■" ,"" *". ■** "!-"i. U . Bate Ft .leg- ". -Ji; ]o s i; 2 I a 745 ., ,, -— .- .. ,,-•,,■, . .... .. •. u Ti _. „ .. m. stated today that tin spring meeting would certainly R. WUHaaM I lie Buekboru 3 -» B 5 : -: Bngeu Hermit, bay colt Flying Fashion 75 beheld. Hawthorn - HI 11 :; 1 1 O.OtK! HINSDALE, ch. h. ,1893.. by Hanover — Dilemma, by Onondaga. [£°«hares - ■ J 4 5 :: 0.473 v. .1 Grist I. Striker Cray Bly Vgn, * Lacier 150 NOTES OF THE TURF. Worth i. lead, • is .i « :: 4 s..i:., W. J. Grist I. Striker Chestnut colt I Know .. ion colon.l HoIIoumv .. ll i 7 i; 24 s.777 y. J. Grist Dickinson I.ro- Chestnut roll Minion 711 Jtatc "*- . ..".. "• ■■! S -- 4 s- HIPPODROME, ch. h. 1894. by Coiuniiiudu— Dojmuoss. by Domiuo. The f lal of the late .lame- R. K, , u, will laka Itanretl i 34, T « 7 14 1.812 C I. Harris,,,, j . Lehan Chestnut illl Bosi. rin 200 |l!;" " N,NV "l,"U M""l;,v ■awraJaa;. - " " — - — ■ Si-iei I "lo., nee :is claimed fronj P. I. Weir at Couiuiueu on ■ecaaal page. ti oatumed on third page. Juarez a few day- ago by Winfrey and Gibson.

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