Yearling Sales of 1912 in America, Daily Racing Form, 1913-01-05

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YEARLING SALES OF 1912 IN AMERICA + + Compared with a few years hack ti;e 1912 public snles of thorongbhred yearings in North Ainerien funiisbcd i beggarly diapla of returns. In all 2S3 were so sold for an aggregate of 28,302. lh" year litovious H90 were sold for a total of 7,957, the avetnee beins slightly hotter than .*:;0. The 1912 nveraRe was 88.07. inn iii-. .1 i ide i appnrenl Improvemenl i- almosl whol.y accounted for by soatewhal siuisa tional Junes paid at ]■,. 11. Knit o.vs saio of the yearlittga he had bought from .James It. Keene for a man who afterwards became dissatisfied with, the transaction. This sale produced the banner price of the year when Mr. Bradley himself bought the brown Itoek Sand — Fairy Slioi er colt for ¥ll.00O anrl supplemented .his by giving 1,000 for the ehislnut colt by Celt -Handmaid. The record of the auction sales of year-■:• ga in 101, in alphabetical order of tadr sires, is as follows ALEUI.A. ch. h. ;.189S, by Worcester — Anr.isette, by Top Gallant. Siller. P.uvcr. Color and Sev. Dam. Price. W. J. Crist W. 11. Snearlev Chestnut colt Conn Maid $ :;■"••"• W. .1. Crist W. ii. Snearlev Cbestnul Ally Welsh Girl 250 W. .1. Grist C W. Crlppes Chestnut coll Belle Monroe S2U W. I. Crist Walter Cur Chestnut colt Peg Parka -XI W. .1. Grist Walter Carr Bay colt Bnbywick 133 W. .1. Grisl Ilex Simpson Chestnut rill v Maria Boltsn llo W. .1. Crist i. striker Iiay colt Banned 13 AI.BULA. ch. h. I89SI. by Worccstei— Annisandtte. by Top Gallant: or. HINSDALE, eh. h. 1898. by Hanovc — Dilemma, by Onor.dig-a. W. .1. Crist .:. 1.. FltageraU Day idly Qaehec I7t ALLOWMAISE, b. h. 1904;, by Alloway— Po.maise. by Sterling. J. s. Barhaa Frank cia/kson Kay coll Clan Baaatll IM BEN BRUSH, b. h. 1893. by Bramble— Rosevilla. by Keform. i r.. Rrowu 1. D. irsv i?av colt Noonday 4.f.nn F. F, Drown C. W. lmus Bay celt hutrij and Often 1350 Oatesby Wooufoid w. G. Taake Bay eeit .Vmniune 425 BOX, ch. h. 1004, by Order — Pandora, by Rayon dOr. W. Bhoaralter D. Ixdian Bay oolt Two Heart 375 W. Rbowalter . 11. Jewell Chestnut filly Iiinah Shad 110 W. Showallor E. Brewster Chestnut colt I.nd.v Reaper 100 W. Show-nlier K. Cliennult ltav eolt Margaret Kent 00 W. Showalter . II. Jewell Pay rllly Puna 75 BRYN MAWR, br. h. 1901. by Athelins— Maggie Weir, by The Bard. Stone A- Uueker G. M. Hendrie Chestnut colt no 500 W. Ctaggett T. Ilitchcoek Chestnut colt Kliznbeth. I? 100 CELT, ch. h. 1905, by Commando — Maid of Erin, by Amphicn. P. E. Drown E. U. Pradlev Cliestnut eolt Handmaid 11.000 P. E. Drown J. fc Madden hestnr.T eolt Fairy Sprite 2..00 P. J. Millett I. .!. Hamxtgaa Drown eolt Amaranth 175 CESARION. b. h. 1892, by Faustus— Cleopatra, by Rosicrueian. I. l . r sight r. P. Chinn bheataat coir Baa* Lass 93a Young, Carr ic Piatt I. V/alirrs Chestnut fillv Ilezique o00 r. D. Knight W. S. Pavne Bay or brown fillv I.vdia II 450 Young, fair and Piatt II. McDaniel Chestnut filly Edith Mc 450 Leonatas Stock Farm f. II Reed Black illy Sneerwell 300 Ro is and Whentcroft ...C. Popers Pay filly" I.ovett °.6 » Israel 1 Whentcroft ....S. T. Harbison lUark colt. Mainsail 200 Lennarea Stock Farm P. 1 . Weir Black filly Dixarina 250 Young, Carr and Piatt W. Cerst Brown fillv ■ Magnificence 250 Israel and Wliealcroft M. Young Bay celt.. Cliarlrote 2O0 -I. S. Darbco s. T. Harbison Bay tillv Evaline ISO if. N. Havis w. Gerst Chestnut colt Reality 175 Tbrelkcld and Whentcroft. .S. T. Harbison Drown colt Yolanda 100 Young. Carr k Piatt f. E. Madden Day eolt harlcote 150 C. JT. Simpson . Boyd Bay or brown celt Paradise 75 CHARCOT, br. h. 19031, by Common— Spanish Match, by Royal Hampton. J. II. Morris C. I.. Carpenter Bay eolt Hnndanrra .150 C0NTEST0R. b. h. 18911. by Galore — Conjcciri*, by Uncas. C. W. Simpson J. I . Ailkins Bay at brown call I.uensta 525 Hinde and. Baker I. . Cahn Bay er brown colt Southern Girl 175 1 CUNABD, ch. h. 18991, by Goldfinch— Lucania. by Sir Modred. T. .T and C. II. Clay E. R. Bradlev ...t Bay filly Kllangowan 600 E. R. Bradley Dr. St C. Streett Chestnut colt Tarpeia II SO 1 DAVID GARRICK, b. h. 1897, by Hanover— Pes Woffington, by Longfellow. Win. Hendrie estate f. l. ilorman Cliestnut colt Kelpie 450 1 Win. Hendrie estate I. S. Hendrie Chestnut colt Flicker 2:sl 1 Win. Hendrie estate I. G. Gorman Bay colt Sampan 275 . DICK V/ELLES, b. h. 1900. by King Eric— Teas Over, by Hanover. Young. Carr k Piatt Dr. U. K. Macias Chestnut fillv Anna Brooks .T75 Young. Carr and Piatt W. St. Vincent Black fillv Kulvia .",50 1 John I. Cart K. P. DedBsa Day filly Please 235 DISGUISE, b. h. 1897, by Domino— Bonnie Gal, by Galopin. . v. v.. Brown ,f. Rowe Bay or roan colt Contentious 2,loo f B. Brown Oiiincy Stable ! instnul colt Half Crown .-. 1.SO0 , E. 0. Cowdin I 1". Mndden Figinny, bay eolt Homespun 1.150 . c. 1. Harrison R. E. Carman Bay or brown colt Ophirdale 500 D0RANTE, b. h. 1905. by Pesara— Lady Augusta, by Luke Blackburn. chinn X Forsytbe W. T. Weodard. -Ir Bay colt Stolen Moments 500 1 Cblun and Forsythe f. !. Adkias toy cttt Maid of the Order... 2s0 I ELECTIONEER, br. h. 1904, by Voter— Ouesal, by Himyar. .1. T. Gilbert v. .1. Gilbert v..i ebestaat colt Clare Duncan 175 i FAIR PLAY. ch. h. 1905. by Hastings— Fairy Gold, by Bond Or. y. Belaaont I. Macalaaaa Roblnetta, bay filly Retained II If329 A. Belmont T. Carroll Sun King, hay gelding . . Souveraine 135 FILIGRANE. b. h. 1836, by Galore— Fillotto. by Kingfisher. Young. Carr A- Piatt C M. Hendrie Bav v lf I.adv Augusta .".50 I Caleshy Woodford Weber ,v: Ward Brown colt Mv Eleanor 225 James Forsythe I. W. May Day filly Caraaa 2 K . .Tames Forsythe W. Slouvo IUir eoit Naoina 1*5 J Chinn and Forsythe A. I». Steele Bay fillv Mav Mack 100 Chinn and Forsythe loan Carr Buy colt l.adv Augusta 123 chinn ft Foray the s. v. Harbison Bav fillv iateraaeaao 110 . Chinn ft Forsythe . II. Jewell Drown filly picture Hat 199 , chini and Forsythe M. 1 Shannon Bay illy Osee 100 James Eorsytlie H. II. Iltinn Bav Illy itettie Gray 100 Chinn oc Forsvthe . II. .lewell Day fillv Ella IH:ke SO . James Forsythe T. Mariin Day eolt Miss Fleisehmann 75 FRONTENAC. b. h. 1900. by Kingston— Sylvabelle. by Bend Or. J S. MeCulloiigli . H Jewell Edna Dorsey, brown fill,-. Jennie Wade 70 1 J. s. McCuIlough . II. Jewell Bra id wood, chestnut colt. I.adv Charles 70 .7 s. McCuIlough . II. Jewell Caricature, bav filly Rosefinch 65 -, r s. McCuIlougb ;. B. Paraoua Harwood, ehesinut* eolt. .. Poetic 40 1 I. S. UcCullougb T. Scully Badorua, chestnut colt. .". .1. a Josephine 35 ; GALVESTOK. b. h. C1837. by Galopin— H?mptonian. by Hampton. T. P. Hayes pr. St. c. Streett Day filly Lady Strathmore ... 120 GOLD HEELS, b. h. 1898. by The B?rd— Heel and Toe. by Glenclg. Stone II linker W. Cerst Bay filly Kin Ros© 330 . G0LDCREST. ch. h. 1893. by Bend Or— Princess Iskra, by Robert the Devil. I Fleetwood Stud It. p. Dodeoa Cliestnut colt Tufa 400 I Fleetwood Stud . II. Jewell Chestnut filly Loyaa 70 HAMBURG, b. h. C1895. by Hanover— Lady Reel, by Fellowcraft. B. c. Cawdia «;. D. wnsea Tramlali haj ei la mil n lataiifl 650 HASTINGS, br. h. 18931. by Spendthrift— Cinderella, by Blue Ruin or Tomahawk. Ferguaaa A Belaaont E. J. Kelly Bav eolt Jane Grey 375 Ferguson ft Belmont ....l». Lehan Roan fillv Thrilled 375 0. Wolvertoa I J. Kelly Brown colt ecarlet and Greeu 150 Y : g Carr ft Piatt A. J. Karr Bay colt I.adv Mereurv 150 Caesby Woodford H. Ford Qnickheels, b. or br. geld.Vjueen of lYent 150 a. Belmont T. Ilitchcoek Qnickheels, b. or br. geld. Queen of Treat 125 A. Belmont S. T. Harbison Bin Bonnet, bav fillv. .. Blue Jacket 125 Holloway ft Belmont A. II. Jewell Brown fillv Marpesia 100 Moss ft Belmont I. Goode Chestnut fillv Dtsrie Simpson ] H4 R. L. Evan I l Ross chestnut filly Friendship 100 HAVOC, b. h. 1892. by Himyar— Elletta. by Elkhorn. J, B. Seagram T. J. Elward Bay Blly Fairlie Head 136 1. IL Seagram F. Little Bay Illy Xeaia 113 .1. ::. Seagram P. Graham Cbestnul Illy class s., J. E. Seagram W. Beatty Bay gelding Pnritania ... -ji ■I. K.Seagram T. Holland Bay gelding Veracious II :,i HERMIS, ch. h. 18991. by Hermence— Katy of the West, by Spendthrift. I. II. Eugels B. Willi ims The Hermit, bay colt ....Flying Fashion 75 HINSDALE, ch. h. 1893.. by Hanover— Dilemma, by Onondaga. w. J. Orisf i. striker Gray nUy km Legier 13t W. .1. Cr; t I. striker Cbestnul coif 1 Imu.w .. Km . J. Orisf Dickinson Bws Phestanl roll Mimoii 711 HIPPODROME, ch. h. 18iM. by Coumiiiido— Doimuoes. by Domino. C 1. Harriaoa |». Lehaa Cbestnat tllly Ros- Possaaa 200 Continued on third page. YEARLING SALES OF 1912 IN AMERICA. J. Continued from first page. t J. J. J. HURST PARK, ch. h. 1900, by Kingston— Editha, by Master Kildare. j J. Belief Banc Color and Sex. Dam. Price. J. S. McCullough U. HMMttf Al Wormwood ch. colt... Is.ell Hermenee * 1.-. J. S. MeCullougli A. H. Jewell Whitsuntide, bay filly... Emma lowner 30 ■ F. F. INFERNO, b. h. 1902, by Havoc — Bon Iuo, by Marauder. F. j. .1 1" Seagram Smith ft K:in Day gclitag Court Maid 90S J. E. Seagram T. Gallagher Chestnut gelding lYoaaa h f K IVAN THE TERRIBLE, ch. h. 1902. by Pirate of Penzance— Kate Pelletier, by Rapture. Chestnut colt Miss Gardner 222 I J. O. Greener Mr. Landberger JOHN F., b. h. 1901, by St, Issey— Australian Gold, by Bendigo. _ j r I. Holland ..11 Kites Brown colt Loreta Phillips f 325 I Ho "5 ............. Chestnut colt Rosetinge 100 J it Holland .... L. C. WllUami Chestnut colt Mai Lowery ISO I J. L. Holland O. Ihmauus Kay colt Strife CO KNIGHT ERRANT, br. h. .1901, by Trenton— St. Mildred, by St. Simon. B r Guthrie S. T. Harbison Bay filly Sure?s ??, 110 I B T Guthrie •». I.ehan Bay colt ilerdin R. Alexander W. .T. Hogg Bay filly Lady Levity 00 . KNIGHT OF THE THISTLE, b. h. 1893, by Rosebery — The Empress Maud, by Beauclere. , J ■ Morris K. R. Bradley Chestnut filly Ilun,,a* JI£ J. H Morris W. 3. Hon Bay filly Mar edna K J h Morris W. H. Hurd Chestnut filly EXOt.1C, 2£ i5 J J. 3. 1L Morris A. I. Steele Bay colt Tantalize J. LEONIDAS. b. h. 1901, by Hamburg— Boise, by Hampton. Young. Carr A Piatt . . . . F. .7. Bay or brown colt Flying Gold Dust.... 37S Young! Oarr and Piatt ....J- K. Madden Bay colt Eastern Shore 275 1 LORD ESTERLING, ch. h. 1887, by Esterling— Lady 8peculum, by Speculum. Farmer A Stone S. Brown Brown filly 2h?£B* inS J. 1 Parmer A Stone U Garth Brown colt Brie f .. 40O J . Parmer and Stone L. Garth Chestnut filly Miss Alice 300 Parmer A *tone S. Brown Brown filly Annie Lauretta 300 Parmer A Stone S. Brown Chestnut filly My Bessie 2Ln Parmer and Stone F. M. Alger Chestnut colt iankee Rose 999 - MARTA SANTA, b. h. 1896, by Martley — Luxette, by Knight of Malta. 1 Young. Carr and Piatt ....R. T. Carman Bay colt.... Strathlou 800 . G. D Wilson W. Gerst Chestnut filly. Veracious 400 0 Watts W. Perkins Bay or brown filly L Orient ..... 300 UrntH Stock Farm ...D. Lehan Bay colt Bettie s DeceiTer ... 200 : Stone and Rueker A. Reilly Bay colt.... Merriwell l-o G. TVatta C. D. Chenault Chestnut colt Gold Trust 100 MARATHON, b. h. 1904, by Martagon — Ondulee, by St. Simon. Young. Carr A Piatt G. M. Hendrie Chestnut colt Queen Isabella 075 MARTIMAS, ch, h. 1896, by Candlemas — Biggonet, by Bramble. W. Hendrie estate I. S. Hendrie Brown filly Blue Grouse 400 W. Hendrie estate J. S. Hendrie Chestnut cot I negater 360 , W. Hendrie estate R. R. Morgan Chestnut filly Moki Land 200 . MARTINET, b. h. 1900, by Martagon— Silene, by St. Simon. J L Holland W. B. Carson Chestnut colt Miss Vera 400 J. L. Holland Beverwyck Stable Brown colt uaTe •■"; £5 a ™-. .... 300 Blessed Damozel J L Holland W. B. Carson Bay filly 1 L Holland T. W. Burttschell Bay colt Caseabel 2. 0 3. L. Holland E. Utterback Chestnut colt Abdicate ZLS MAZAGAN, b. h. 1896, by Martagon— Maize, by Hampton. T. J A G. H. Clay W. Gerst Bay colt lady Hope 573 j McGEE. b. h. 1900, by White Knight — Remorse, by Hermit. J K Madden Charles Black Bay filly Miss tanale E5 « O. 1. Randolph W. Gerst Chestnut filly Josie Cohan i K H P. Headley T. P. Hayes Bay colt Princess Orna 200 T O. P. Randolph J. D. Adkins Bay filly *«*xl ™ H. Johnson K. Patterson Bay filly Votoa 100 t F | riav .W Gerst Chestnut hlly Single Shot 100 F. Rogers ........ . A. Boyd Winnie McGee, bay filly.. Winnetka 5 MEXICAN, ch. h. 1900, by Mirthful— Llardrino, by The Anew. Young. Carr and Piatt ....J. E. Madden Brown colt Midlight o?n Young Carr and Piatt ....M. C. Moore Chestnut colt Lillian Foeso 2o0 , ] P. F. Guthrie A. H. Jewell Chestnut filly Sweet Nell 6 ] MIGRANE, blk. or br. h. 1902, by Top Gallant— Cinderella, by Blue Ruin or Tomahawk. T J A C, H. Clay J. C. Cahn Brown or black colt Emma Louise 150 ■.Rocker .. J. C. Bryant Brown filly Miss Oertel 12.» MY BOY II., oh. h. 1896, by Marcion— Marchioness, by Pellegrino. J O. Greener F. M. Alger Chestnut filly Ousel 150 J. G. Greener H. W. Moore Bay colt Ocayuna 100 NASTURTIUM, ch, h. 1899, by Watercress— Margerique, by Order. G J. Stoll W. M. Wallace Chestnut colt California ....... 500 G J Stoll W. M. Wallace Brown colt Katy of the West ... 2o0 o J Stoll D. Ballard Brown colt Aunt Bet 200 O j Stoll 1!...W J Hogg Bav filly Scattercash SO1. II. D. Richardson W. H. Hurd Chestnut filly Natasha «9 , 1 ODDFELLOW, b. h. 1887, by Barcaldine — Geheimniss, by Rosicrucian. I Chlnn A Forsvthe I. MacManus Chestnut colt Rosinante 1,350 Chinn A Forsvthe A. Walsh Bay or brown colt Crisscross toO Chlnn A Forsythe J. C. Cahn Bay colt. . Rubus . 7o 1 Chinn and Forsvthe W. T. Woodard. Jr Brown colt Naulahka MR Young. Carr and Piatt Weber A Ward Bay colt... Virginia Lee 4_o Chinn and Forsvthe R. Baker Chestnut cot Ethel Thomas 410 | Chinn and Forsythe J. MacManus Chestnut colt P,al,?lniL , ,-- Hicks and Forsythe M. J. Shannon Chestnut filly Haifa-Sovereign , 0GDEN, br. h. 1894, by Kilwariin— Oriole, by Bend Or. 3. E. Madden H. II. Hunn Black filly Par Excellence 100, ORISON, b. h. 1903, by Hamburg— Vespers, by Himyar. H Reether 3. E. Cordon Chestnut colt Apology 120 G. H. Wultner W. Gerst Bay filly Work 100 ORMICANT, ch. h. 1897, by Orme — Cant, by Dutch Skater. T J Carson U L. Haggin Chestnut colt Chartreuse COO J I T. 1. Carson .7. E. Gordon Brown or black filly Irvana 110. ORT WELLS, ch. h. 1901, by King Eric— Teas Over, by Hanover. Young, Carr and Piatt W. Gerst Bay colt The Scold 323: OUT OF REACH, b. h. 1900, by Persimmon — Sandfly, by Isonomy. | James Forsvthe T. P. Hayes Brown colt Miss McMeekin *.°0°i , CI Inn k Forsvthe W. T. Worthington P.rown colt Consuelo II ••h Chinn and Forsythe W. T. Worthington ....Bay filly Fanny Rikes ......... 42 , Chlnn and Forsythe R. Baker Brown colt lairy Dell 400 Chlnn and Forsvthe W. C.erst Bay colt halhe McAllister ... 260 Chinn and Forsythe M. J. Shannon Brown colt Annie lliompson Iandj PEEP oDAY, b. h. 1893, by Ayreshire — Sundown. , J. S. Barbee R. Baker Brown colt My Gyps 1,800 C. D. Clay K. R. Bradley Chestnut colt Avon II 1,100 Young. Carr and Piatt .T. Hochrein Chestnut colt Miss Anno 4aO Williams k Radford H. M. iiddiugs Brown colt All Charm .Uo J. S. Barbee B. Brewster Bay filly Lmoto ljO T. P. Hayes A. H. Jewell Bay fiily Lottie Darr 0 PETER PAN, b. h. 1904, by Commando — Cinderella, by Hermit. F E Brown J. Rowo Chestnut colt Royal Rose 1,700 F. r. Brown I. Rowe Brown colt Jessant 1,700 F E Brown B. R. Bradlev Black colt Belgravia 1,000 Cateshy Woodford J. Creuse ..: Chestnut colt Anna Loretta Daly... 4o PLANUDES, b. h. 1897, by St. Simon— Lonely, by Hermit. Young. Can- and Piatt 0. M. Hendrio Chestnut colt Strathreel 1,150 Ht-Mie and Rueker G. M. Hendrie Chestnut colt Carmen Sylva K.O Stone and Rueker J. I". Madden Bay colt Lady llsley 530 A C, Fonda A. J. Johnson Brown or black colt I aos and 1 ancies ... 100 Hal Price Headley W. J. Hogg Chestnut colt Thoughtless 150 PRIG, b. h. 1891. by Galore— Prude, by King Alfonso. W. Claggett E. Brewster Chestnut colt Fairyland 110 ROCK SAND, b. h. 1900, by Sainfoin — Roquebrune, by St. Simon. F F Brown E. R. Bradlev Brown colt Fairy Slipper 11,000 A. Belmont T. Hitchcock Oktibbena, chestnut filly.. Octoroon S00 ROYAL FLUSH III., ch. h. 1893, by Favo— Flush, by Discount. Dr. J. C. Oarrk-k D. Lehan Chestnut colt Marie Shanklln 150 SAMSON, b. h. 1903, by Sainfoin— Eckford, by Oberon. V. J. Hogg Terese Hall, brown filly. . Dolly Holt 83 SCINTILLANT II., b. h. 1896, by Sheen— Saltire, by Bend Or. T. J. Carson L. L. Haggin Bay colt Strychnia 500 SINGLETON, b. h. 1901, by St. Simon— Field Azure, by Bend Or, A Bolmont S. T. Harbison Disparity, b. or br. filly. Dissembler 175 A. Belmont J. E. Davis Single Stick, bay gelding. St. Agnes 150 SIR HAMPTON, br. h. 1897, by Watercress— Lizzie Hampton, by Hampton. R. A. Farra A. H. Jewell Sample Boy. chest, geld. .Her Ladyship 335 SIR WILFRED, b. h. 1903, by Ossary— Plumeria, by Eagles Plume. J. E. Gushing E. Brewster Chestnut colt Hattie Walker 100 ST. SAVIN, b. h. 1904, by St. Simon— Aboyne, by Hampton. F I Knighf S. T. Harbison Bay lilly Nethjniote 5M Ferguson and Wheatcroft. ..R. H. Anderson Brown filly My Fair Kentucky... 2 o Wilder and. Wheatcroft . . . S. T. Harbison Bay filly Topsy Over 200 8hirn and Wheatcroft S. T. Harbison Bay or brown colt Miss Simplicity 100 II N Davis ;. A. Boyd Brown colt Aimee Goodwin 1 5 Israel ,t Wheatcroft S. T. Harbison Bay filly j. Altiora 130 Slii;.;. and Wheatcroft S. T. Harbison Chestnut colt 1leda B 100 6T. SAVIN, b. h. 1904, by St. Simon— Aboyne, by Hampton; or, CESARION, b. h. 1392, by Faustus— Cleopatra, by Rosicrucian. Young. Carr and Piatt I. E. Madden Black or brown colt Goody Good 500 STALWART, ch. h. 1901, by Meddler— Mslba, by Mortemer. r I ciav J. MacManus Chestnut filly Lady Balgowan 000 C l . ciav D. Lehan Chestnut filly Myrtelus 500 R. H. Anderson J. F. Madden Chestnut gelding Carrie Jones 400 T. J. fcG H Ciav K. Patterson Chestnut filly Janet Gray 3o0 J. L. AS. Holton" II. P. Headley Chestnut colt Looking Glass £ 0 G. D. Wilson D. I.ehan Chestnut filly Miss Dolly 200 W. Showalter .1 W. Mav Chestnut colt Stormy Petrel loO Q. D. Wilson W. E. Matthews Black colt Iiseco 125 W. Showalter . II. Jewell Chestnut colt Miss Peggy 75 Mrs L V. Plnkerton. .. W. II. Hurd Ctaestnat tiily Vie Kinuey K d. D. Wilson A. H. Jewell Ch«str.ut filly Allanette Oo THE COMMONER, ch. h. 1892, by Hanover — Margerine, by Algerine. Tarmer and Stone, J. J. Bradv Brown filly Alveria M 525 Parmer A Stone M. Wallace Chestnut filly Salaire 425 Parmer A Stone. L. larth Chestnut colt Mountain Mist 42o T.irmer and Stonw ;. M Hendrie Chestnut colt Nevada 400 Parmer A Stone I,. Garth Chestnut filly Argosy 350 Parmer A- Stone j. D. Adkins Chestnut filly Ice Water 300 P8rmer A Stone L Garth Brown colt Hawkslight 2o0 Parmer and Stone F. I. Weir Bay filly Niaxus 150 Parmer A Stone c. V. Gorman Bay filly Alpaca 123 Parmer A Stone J. P. Mclneruey Chestnut filly Rene 125 THE SCRIBE, b. h. 1901, by Isinglass — Memoir, by St. Simon. Btone and Rueker i. M. Hendrie Brown colt Hollybush 550 John D. Carr E. Brewster Bay filly Barbetto 400 TRANSVAAL, b. h. 1905, by Commando — Royal Rose, by Royal Hampton. It. H Anderson V. Grater Brown or Black filly Dividend 350 UNCLE, ch. h. 1905, by Star Shoot — The Niece, by Alarm. J. H. Madden Charles Black Bav filly Dorothy Gray 300 J. K Madden H. B. Hunn OhOBtaM filly Dolly Hlgginn 135 J. J. t J. J. j J. ■ F. F. F. j. f I j I I . , J J. J. 1 J. 1 J . UNCOMMON, blk. or br. h. 1895, by Common Eng.— Boyal Nun, by Hermit. S. McCullough B. Brewster Elsie Ware, bay flllv Huron Fairy $ 1 »0 S. McCullough A. II. Jewell Marv Sellers, bay filly ..Occident flO S. McCullough A. H. Jewell Kerr, bay filly Obscurity «0 S. McCullough A. II. Jewell Condit. brown filly Marsara 60 S. McCullough A. H. Jewell Extraordinary, br. colt. .. Fontanet 40 ULTIMUS, ch. h. 1906, by Commando — Running Stream, by Domino. E. Brown .1. J. Gray Chestnut colt Stepping Stone 2.800 K. Brown J. Q. Gray Iiay colt Miuge 1,700 E. Brown R. F. Carman Bay colt Dancing Water 1,200 VOTER, ch. h. 1694, by Friars Balsam — Mavourneen, by Barcaldine. F. K. Brown B. K. Bradley Chestnut colt Cap and Bells 5.S00 F. E. Brown .1. Rowe Chestnut colt Harpsichord 3,100 T. E. Brown H. K. Knapp Chestnut colt Cassandra 9O0 P. J. Millett F. J. Kelly Chestnut colt Red Light 700 C. Woodford R. F. Carman Chestnut colt Adelbert Belle 62o WOODSON, blk. h. 1901, by St. George— Exclusion, by Rayon dOr. Iyoonatus Stock Farm ...D. W. Scott Chestnut colt Lady Manners 75 WOOLSTHORPE, b. h. 1888, by Tibthorpe— Light of Other Days, by Balfe. Young, Carr A Piatt R. F. Carman Bay colt One Moment S.V Young. Carr and Piatt ....Weber and Ward Chestnut colt Mrs. Malaprop 850 Young, Carr and Piatt ....Weber and Ward Bav flllv Clemence 750 Young. Carr and Piatt If. C. Moore Bay filly Lura F 075 Young, Carr A Piatt . ...W. Gerst Brown colt Indigo 450 Young. Carr and Piatt W. Walker Brown filly Incendiary 225 YANKEE, b. h. 1899, by Hanover — Correction, by Himyar. J. E. Madden Charles Black Bay filly Mamie Worth 475 E. Madden Charles Black Bav filly Femesole 37,% B. Madden W. Gerst Bay filly Deviltree 225 YORKSHIRE LAD. blk. h. 1902, by Dinna Forget— Rose Marjorie, by Rosebery. B. F. Guthrie J. Creuse Minnie Jackson, br. filly. . Helen MUler *8 YPSILANTI II., b. h. 1898, by Galore— Stefanette, by Peter. E. Seagram G. Lowrie ..Bay filly Prima Vera S" J. E. Seagram J. Miller Chestnut gelding Coquille Ho

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