Chas. Kohlers Horses Abroad, Daily Racing Form, 1913-01-22


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I CHAS. KOHLERS HORSES ABROAD. « Writing from Xb-e. France. January 8. the coir"- i spondeni of Londoa Sporting Life says of Cha*. i K ilers noraes im w in training in France ami j I : land: I When writing a fortnigbl ago i»l the korsea en- i ;aged in the big race ai Sic . I drea special atti 1 linn to Marj the s . . n.i as baring a great chance id i ig inn- .ii the principal prize-. Although Karon i VI. Ill: lee lie 1 1 1 1 a - i I I I I 1 - IlllUe - 1 a 1 I CI ; al .1 CollipaM- , ,..,,_: .1 1 . for I be Pri ile Monti I ai lo. her | victory was anticipated with some degree ol e.udi i li. ii.-r iiiiineiliaie en niiei lien-. Sic- bad mm a I i. ne at Aiiieiui in November, bad shown t speeiai aptitude a- a quick Jumper, and DOkbuysen ; had given her an excellent preparation. Being a t daughter of William the Third, oul of ■ Bead Or six had class oa In r sid . and her breed I Lord Falmouth, is entitled to 200 as a premium for . • in r i i i"! v mi Sunday . Twentj runners coMlested the Prla de Moutc i Carle. l. Arthur Veil-Plcard and M. Werlbeiiuei | • .en starting i eoU|de. Parfremenl rode Lord Will iam while Heath was up on Balagan. the borne which II. lell-Pleard latel.i parehaaeil from M. i Ephritssi Thi* pair "coupled" constituted the tavoi i ii a i Li- inntiiel-. I. hi i other of Diliei horses 1 w ■ -t well i.a.Uiii. there being good uoaej especiallj t Im Novelty ami I.e Sopha. It wa- a splendid r.n -. wiili do accidents, ami the finish was mosl exciting. : Mai i in Second passing the t" •-1 short I; in n.ini •■! Novelty, which beat La Sopha a heel for i - I place. The race was worth 1,000 to the i winner, wbih then was a sum of ,000 for t be se -•ml. 81.000 for ii,,. third, and s:; mi for the four Hi I I Lord Willi.- I Mr. Kohler, tbi Aaaericaa sportsaaaa, not only : supplied tin* runner-up fur the bit: hurdle i ici rest I hi I I. slao ran second with Va Tent for the i Prta •!■ Villefranche. a steepleebaae woa b. Lord I. m i li i- eridenl thai in intend* taking a prom1 ■ in in |i!aie in the Ilenell llirf. Il wil |,e rem. i!i I l.ei-il thai win n be first broiigbl over a batch . Iini-i- in in Alinlica h"s nii-inal i lili ill inn ici- |l I set 111 in England. Inn being unable to obtain i license for Sun Hildtrth to train at Newmarket . .- I transferred in- bcadonarters lo France, where Baron Maurice de RotbschUd offered biin hospitality al i Malson* Laltltie. For a inn. during the Illness . of P.. irmi Maurices trainer. .1. dOkhuyscn, Hildn had charge of the Join I stable, ami it is a cirincl deaee that tin tii-t ami second In the lri ile Monte Carl. i should in- til. in the Maisons Latliite entail lishment. Hiklreth is a very capable stableman, ami 1 1 ;i i ii- ii|mui up tn dale American lines. Mr. kohler dues mu intend to confine himself. however, to France, ami lie has al the per sen I Ii i sixteen or seventeen two-year-obi* with J. Batters at Newmarket. Most .r these are of In- own breed lag. His broodmares are now located in France al tin- Haras dti Saussay. where be also potumnu-n twn stallions broughl tr the 1oited States. These are I in le 19051. my star Shoot The Niece, hj Alarm. ami i-mz Herbert ilono, I.. Et helbcrt - Morganatic. by Emperor. His broodmares are tweatj one in unci her. ami tn-.-i of them hare been served by ITncle or ■ Charles Edward. I inilii mention that Star Shoo tin- sire of Uncle, was a borne by Isinglass, whil .laeiic-l . .Ii.- dam of The Niece, was hy Lcainiiutnii Maggie B. B.. tin- dam of Inspuds. Star Sin.., was al tin- bead "t the winning stallions in America |..i Mi • Neasoas 1911 ami 1912. Aaaoag the besl kmnrn of Mr. Kohlers bnioilmaret are Brookweed ib. Waterrresal, Double Si ibv Domino |, II. i by Sln-eui. The Horden ibv Eftner. Cottage Maid ihy Ilalntai. San~ Peur iby Requital i. Tweedie iby Child wick. Mv Baela and Nemesis iby Meddler I. Ever True ibv Plaudit i. Flutter iby Orsjnh. Semblance i|,v St. P.laisei. Marise |hj Hambargi. Bi sail ibv Ben Brash, P.ettii Vincent 1 1 . SandringhamL ami Mon Rere iby Mesmerist i. The Hoyden has a line yearliag .►I t. named Ramapn. by I arte, ami Sans Pear, the dam if Beethoven IL, now In England, has a yearling filly, named Osarageaa, by the same stallion. Semblance ha- a yearling lillv Baaed Mol .Menu-, also hj Uncle. Doable si is rln- dam of Doable Pass. a two-year-old roll now under the charge of Batters. She has 9 yearliag roll by Uncle thai lias been named Mxraia. Mr. Kohhyr lias mi t «i -year-olds in traialag in France, the tol-toarlac being a list of his horaea bow in the care of Sam Hiklreth at Mahwaa I.atritte: Bestigooche. in-. . 8. Commando Daacias Water. Shanmin II., In. h. S, by Ogden— Lambent. r.iinyre. li. in. .". by I.e Samaritala Calfarto. Chickasaw, br. y:. ■"•. by Pontine Clotho. Nnveity. he. b. •"•. by Kiagatoa Carbmdty. Va Iiiui. br. li. 5. bv Sun o Mine -Xicuna. Zen~ II., b. li. 3. by Adam— Shaft. 1 lit! Creek, eh. e. 4. by Clifford — Caytlilutla. Fonteaoi. b. e. A. by Geaeral Alberl Flamiu. cb. . Gold Blade, li. c L by Canard -Miss Ringlets. Puggins, b. s. 4. by Patbertess Slater Aaaa. Saint Oandeas. eh. c, 4. by Herode- -Salrerte. Sorsum, rh. c. ■•. by Prestige -Spa II. Alar. b. e. .:. by Rest Man Princess Santoi. Pataud. b. e. :;. bj Parley Dale La Poetiea. Broodwood. b. c, ■. bj Voter Wild Thyme. La Serrei una. gr. f. :!. b Artisan La Sevne. Le Kaniadan. b. c :!. by Chefi Royal Brook. Mr. Kohler patroaiaes both rtaases of aporta. moiling horses aadrr Jockej club and Steeplechase Soiietys rales. His yoaager horaea bow at nv niaikei. I.imiainl. in rharge of trainer Joseph Butters, ai.- the following, all except Beethoven II. . being two-year-olds, while be is ■ three-year-old: Beethoven IL. b. .-. by Brooatatlek -Sans Pear. Betlisarlo. b. t. by Hippodrome Biturlca. Remi.-i. eii. .-. by Unrte— Bremen. Captation, rh. r, by Watercress. -Captivity. Clavecin, b. L by Peter Pan St. Cypria. Coroiiis. rh. f. bv Voter— Caatl Dress. Dartle, bik. f, by Hessian— Dareka. Divine, eli. f. by Hippodrome — Deity. D Ileaack. b. f. by Ren Brash— Dominoes. Doable Baas. b. .-. by Carte— Doable Six. M.-iltna. b. t. by Star Baby -Majolica. Mllltona, le 1. bj Saperman — Mayfait. Nortbllght. cb. f, b Northern Star -Torchlight. Speedy t....t. b. f, by Voter Swiftfoot. Staccato, eli. f, b Africander -Sipiedadille. Tippeeanne. eh. c, by bildtincli Toogese. I in.iia. b. f. by Superman — Umbra.

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