Ladies Day at Palmetto Park: Biggest Crowd of Season in Attendance Yesterday-Open Betting Ring in Sight, Daily Racing Form, 1913-02-08


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I I 1 1 , 1 I , LADIES- DAY AT PALMETTO PARK. C Biggest Crowd of Season in Attendance Yesterday — Open Betting Ring in Sight. Si s.. Charleaton, 8. C, I.Liuary 1. — Membera of Ike fair ~. were again i-.,n~|.i.-ii.,ii~ at Palnaetto Park _ today, the occasion being ladies day. Their pres r ence contributed to mak the attendam-e bj far the Lc~i Hen ha- witness ,1 the racing here this season. The coatlnned ancx-ess of Ibe layers taring the pre- , ceding fen ,la~ .i~ responsible f«* more-stable ring conditions, prices being fairl iiLral. with the con- , ,pi that action was -aip-: and Ibe roinaae ..i play greater. The talent wai In fairl -»"i i"1,11--iniiV favorites and Iwo second choices seiwlng. Tttv j racing waa ini-i ■ ~i m- and at times marked b I linisbes. lu - ira of Hi ■ conti -~ rough rid Ins played a pnaninent i-.ui in iletennining the .•■ ~nli ah instaucc ..i i i* • — sort, which practlcall hronght with it the di real of Banorella. the ravorlte ran n the titili race, when she was crowded back ... almost la-, place, tarltoa cinL. another extim ivelv -upiMii l.-.l contender in ilii~ race, also suffered L iVowdiiig. but in Li- case n i- doubtful If li would have cut a ~«-i n i- Ogitre in the result even -.villi the besl kind of racing link. •| ;„ i. I., li., Ham! combination again tried to put - Eal vii. but he was beaten by Coreopsis in a . hard drive in the Brat race. Gardenia, which li;i~ ; been Knowing marked ~m. • li -i ai il ,i.-i.-. won iii, -■.....,! race with ci,.iln-~ Brush *ec • oaaL Gold cap showed a tin performance in iln third rac when he heal ■ goad band ..I sprinters The iii.-,.n~i~i.-n, Rose QtTeen ran to her beat forat . in the rourth and won all the way. The lifili went : l, v. Poweis, after li- bad s«"cnred an advantage ant after the atari, through a jam which eliminated several of Ibe contemlers, ami Bill Vanderveer ua-decisiveh I c~i in the elosiag dash. There Is a posslbili j that the betting iin will . in i ,,;i,iihi. .1 on the open plan teaau i iw. a~ aevet il layers Lad a conference with ringmaster Holder dur inu the afteiTMs* ami iuthaMted that the iit-~ r ■■■ igh l iiiii.-pi-m!. ni layers I be innatered. The managemem Is deslrmts of having Ih Independents quote the piacs ami If there are eight layers with Lank rolls wiilinv lo draa ha. the ring will l.e opened i them. If eight independents dnha ia to morrow, ii will probably mean twelve layers in line counting twn Held i ks and two others Unit would be Installed t prevent a possible syndicating i.f prices were the indepeudenta so Inclined. The arrival of distant aci-.-~~i n~ makes it alumst certain that the riiiu will be opened L next -i-k at lie latest. The, ~4j.n1 i~ healthy despite the handicap ,t iln ring, au.l i~ Improvtag daily. The veteran horseman, Charles Llttlefleld, win. is visiting in 1.. waa taken aerlonaly ill ihis marnhng while it the rearae and wa~ lmrried to tin- ciiy ami taken to the Roper hospital. Mr. Littleliehl anffered from eonvulaiona which lasted a ...uiile r ln nr~. lli~ son. Harry l.itllcficld. who i~ tralniny f..r the Canadian tarfaaan, Joseph I". Seagram, and Fred l.iitlciiclil. whose home la at MMdleburg, Aid.. were notlned by telegraph r Lis eoadition. Reports tonight were thai Mr. LittleaVdd was resting quietly. Charles UtUeweM is probably the oldest trainer alive today. As a jmkey he rode tke tii-1 winner of the Kings Plate, ran at Toronto, Oat., and in later years waa associated with Charles Boyle as an owner. He al~.. trained al one time for .lames B. Haggin. Gardenia raced in the colon of J. M. Zlmmer, who purchased ihe filly frem V. P. R I t hi- morning. Mr. Reed will return to Kentucky shortly and will probably take up a couple of two-year-olds for Hal P. Headley. Tommy r.urns will dispose of Premier and Mama Johnson at a aale toaaorrow, ami retara i New York. It is possible thai he may make an eagage in. in to ride abroad. .1. V. r.iirtts -L.-li. who ~. l.l Lawtoa Wiggins yes lei.iay. will leave for Washington toaaorrow t i«s k alter the horses be Las wintering at the Benntng track. The folloalnaj work-oats took place tlii~ morning over tli. Palmetto Park track, which was in K" d 1 1 ,,iiiliti,ni : Anieii, us Tkree-eighths in -!°. cantering and i~ • extra good. Annie Sellers Three-quarters in 1:18. Good move • for her. Bodkin Three-eighths in 1". breeaing. Itryn- Half mile i1 31, driving. Does not eaU Bar i.i.i.-l. consideration Bus -Half mile in 30. Has plenty of speed. Ciniillc Three-eighths in ::7. Is iii ami lia~ ; -peed, en H.n -Three-eighths In t".. Palled up lame. utiyliiiiik Halt mile in 34, breeaing. Training ; slowl . N.u ei read] . Oarl Three-eighths in 38, cantering. Probably the Ih-si two year-old In re. Golden Irasiin- Three-etghtba in tn. lla~ L, en 1 si.k. Great Heavens— Three-oaarters in 1:21. Training along soundly and probably will rare again. Hoffman— Seven-eighths In 1:33. Good work and probably will Improve in James Arthurs hand-. .l.-wei i.r A~ia -Half mil. in 54, breeaing. Train in;: slowly. Not yet ready. Jim Milii.n Half mile in 54. breeaing. Nol yet ready. Joe Stein -Three-quarters in 1:29. Coming to hand 1 ami a ill siM.11 be ready. Judge Wright— Mile in 1 : ts.. Training well anal : Li~ wind is good. I.i.elii.-l Half mile in 34, breeaing M.n Lad— Mite in 1:49. In .«.d condition. l l.,i nve-eigfaths in 1:06, breeaing. Has his • ap -.-.I and is ready. Milton I..--Half mile in 31. Has all Li~ good speed 1 and i~ llkel to improve in Lis next stall. Montagnle Mile in 1 47. i~ improvlag. l;. piil.lii-an Half mil. in .".1 Looks extra good. Royal Messagi Half mile in 30. Ha~ u,k,i| apee l. SaUie Ward Five-eighths in 1 :« :,. i~ ready to • 11111 I., l.e-r form. Spiill...uii.l Mile in 1:49. breeaing. 1~ tit. Star Rose nve-elghths in 1: m,. haadrly. Will win in cheap company. Sweet Owen Three-elghtha in 39. Goon work and 1 should race well. Volt borne -Mil. in 1 !".i In good condition. White Wool Three-eighths in 38. I- taking Li-work well and I ...k~ extra good,

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