All but a Clean Sweep: Samuel R. Meyer at Prohibitive Odds Only Winning Charleston Favorite, Daily Racing Form, 1913-03-04


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ALL BUT A CLEAN SWEEP fcAMUEL R. MEYER. AT PROHIBITIVE ODDS. ONLY WINNING CHARLESTON FAVORITE. .7n key Mai tin Listlessness Frustrates Successful Consummation of Betting Coup on York Lad and Stmuids Fine Him 5. Ii.nli -ion. K. C . March 3. — Samuel R. Meyer. bucked ui.iii "J i" .". to 1 i I, was I in- oulj sac • •—llll I .1 • r i I . :li IallUelti. 1 : ik Ilii- .1 I ternoon. I In- day** results emailed additional loss in ilii-public who have been Jolted hard daring the nasi tea day-, flu- i i-.i .-u bad dried surprisiuglj and III"- going wa- llnil..ill,i. good. Wealller .nil. Ill werc Ideal. l ui ihe attendance showed a deerea* and betting m,-i eorri -pondinsrly ligbl. Jock - i:. Martin itpsel ■ betting eowp of no mem proportions after il practically bad lieen sac ■ ■i- iiill i onsniumatcd. through listless handling • •I oi u Lad -ii ti ad of 1 in- third race. wtii. -li enabled Commoners Touch io beat Kin la tin- lasl stride. Vork Lad had been -.. persi*teril*i sup ported thai in- wen! lo i in post i:ivin-i:i- aft ! having ii «i..ii mi i in I. 1 1.- look i iii lead hi -.■ and a.i- iii ■ fair waj to win when Martin irenl to • |i and ihreu firsl mouej away, riu- stewards llll 1 I. Mil S-J.-i Ill- III- careiessnes.*-. |ii.n.-ii.i Macdnnaid again deaton trated Iii- present good form lij winning the feature race in command lug fashion over Milton V... with the odds-on ■ roriie. sha.kleton. third. " I " 1 1 ■-- latter and Spobn were raced inii exhaustion daring the first three-iinart#m. •rand. »-bo rode Spobn. complained after ihe linisli to .In- stewards thai Buxton bad sub ji-i-ii .1 liim in inn i •ferenee during most of the mee aud also claimed thai Buxton had -purred him. Tin- latter statement was fonnd to he anfoonded as i.i ion iinl inn carry spurs as pari of 1 • i — equipment -.ii iin- horse. .1 . I-:. Madden- Iliim-i i.i rtcrh; candidate. Berua ■lane i .ih -.1 mi i v i v. !i. -i i . i » iiir favorite in the second L, . :i i-. bin Hi best in iiiulil do wa- n land in second f ilii.-. The t- including race, in which Question Mark, iln raroriie. landed second to Pendant, brought al I a • limine in the latters ownership. Mi-- I". A. Tyson, ih.- owner of Quetitinn Mark, purchased Pendaal Im .v..iKi. :m advance of 230 over bis entered price. Prank Berry, formerl forentan for Adair «v Baker, left for Washington todaj lo Join Silas Vi-in-li .ii Beimlns. Berrj will help prepare iln- hht hand of lumpers thni Mr. Voitch lui wintered al Ih* Wa«a Inflow track. Prance* .1. Pons ti for Jacksonville last night id attend ;i nteetins of the Florida si.-m- r.-iir and liiioin. A--n-i:ii inn. This meeting i lo decide If ihe association will dispose of Monc-reif Parfc lo a real estate corporation to i»- ctil ap ini"1 buildlns i n-. li i- nndcTstood |73 mm has I a offered for iln- property. Jockey But well departed rot Jackanaville Safur iIh.v aiafhi and h la doubtful ii he will he -t-i n in iln- saddle iiLTnin nniii iln- oneniajg of the Xorfotk meet iiv-. rii.- Palmetto Park track wai in u:ikhI ronditloa ihi- mornins. when the following work Mtta -"i place: IMermau Phicco Half milt* in .vi. brccziar-tlfred . Tbree-qnarrers in |:S3. is I raining -lmvly. Miimi- -liiiii mile i" •"•-: 1- extra good and has improved kxa Five-eight bs in l iT. Has been aiefc and looks thin. Brbwnslooe Half mill in : l. snlking;. Carlton Cluh ilii: mile in 55. I . « il - ihin from Inn work, i rt". i n i i Mill- in I :."ii Extra good jn-t nmr. riiiin I a ■ • :-!nl:- iii l : »;. bard in Id. Extra good :n ii -• i i Floral I»n Hall mile in 53. I- being trained slowly. .- i dun Half mill In "iJ. Acts soar and is going back. .Ii.lui Furlong Mile in I:1R. Serei worked better i ban In- di-i-- nowadays and Is tiiorooghl ii l.,-iiiiii-i .-.- Mile in l IT Looks gi id and is im in i Ing. l.i-ii.m ii.. Five-eighths In l :o. hreesing. I... iii 1. 1. in. I ln-i-i-uiKi-ii-: - in 1:22. Right "ii . .!-.-Mi-rrv i..i i Mile In l:4S Is al his best. Mw- -.Ion. il- Mile in 1 ."hi. Is coughing. New River li.,- In 1:3*. I- read lo inn .i good race. Paton— Three-quarters in 1:23. bard in-d. Will probabt lmprov in liis next start. Piiiiii- .Muin-.l Five-eighths in 1:05. 1-- rwnad lug :u In- beat form. I San .l-i! Hall mile in 51. I- ti t and appears to I.I- LIlAll colt. Spellbound -Mile in 1 . IT Appears aa Rood aa ■ i i and is i rii Ining soundly. Xnitydle II:1 • i- i|ii.-irii-i f in l:2rl, breexing. ! 1 Avano Hall mill- in 51. driving. *iarrj Hernnaun Three-quarters in 1:22. Has m-.Mi nothing. - ii •. -Mile in 1:1;i. Never better. i.i i - il. iii mile in 51 hreealng. fick rack Mile in l 50. Snows no speed in i-orh i mi Kim.- -Half mill- in 5ft Training alowlj Tonj . I i.ii - i|i.i;i-i-i -. in i:i». i ;i,-i i ii- betiei luau i •■ :.-. .1 lo. li.u Field Mile in 1 . K . Al Iii- besl and prefers i.i-i nark. net* sir.imi- rhree-qnarters in 1:1*. Ai het In-! .-Illll Should will -mill. While Wool Mile In 1:50. ..t al iii- heat. lej I.. Hall mile in ."•■_. Knowing improve .ii. ■ i. ___

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