Prospects Good for Jamestown Racing: Advance Demand for Accommodations Indicate Successful Spring Meeting at Norfolk Course, Daily Racing Form, 1913-03-04


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PROSPECTS GOOD FOR JAMESTOWN RACING. Advance Demand inr Arconimodations Indicate Successful Spring Meeting: at Norfolk Course. Norfolk. V:i. March ■■ The fonr stakes ! the Jamestown Jocket i Inli to Is rle. •!■ -! ibti ing the i -pring meeting. April 1 17. will t-los*- March 15. Iln -i- events hvlnde the Norfolk Selllug Slakes. . i.imhi. i im i.-iii.-n-i-i - ■•: :i nii!-. for i in ••■ y.-.-.r olds and over: Jnvenih Slakes, half mik-. -M."". for iiv.. , i-.-i. ..Ids: Jaiucslort-n Handicap, si.. i . one mile for ilm- u-.r . ii- n:-i over, ami :n Rmitl .-.II., Hotel II.i.kI: • i;-. ,500. lor and over. .liH mile aud » si* l entb. Ilencntl Managct II ■!■ Levy. • ; iln- Jamestown Joekej i In.. - ., - -.. «m las grouiiil ami experts more entries thi* *;w ng lhau his races h.iv.- al iractcd in I be kisI I In iinlii •■ l«»ns are I tin hi »ih im . io .-.ii- lor upward -;" •! " m-.- iv. i hundred arc aln a i ti hi il tlie h»ca! ti u-k and :ipidii-:i i mn- I- stalls an ii mi lug tu from ail I ii.-ii-1 . Ipwatds .1. iwO :l,. u.i-_l; -in ii- Aiutered n Not I.ilk and bate ••• -n a i ,.n: over Ihe track, which lever n i-7. - - •• middle ■■: F«bruarj luc-c i.i arc :-. ad i - 1 atul wilt he well able to aoM Mi.ii own » Hi rami !gn is !..:n ibe -■nii ind sonthwesl from tlie opening day of Ihe meel ng im. i hi ho s m. n :ilr.-.i i., iii Xi -folk include I1h-i-i Sim-.n- . Itli lifteen: Hugh Iimh. ■!. li : Will mi Martin, seventeen; Max Hirsch. eleven; Edward Karhman. il.n .-: Ired Miller! . . Ioa ran and IViiliain Mitrra with a I lal i - ii ■■:: : Wilimiu Redmond, i ■ -i . J. Charles, four and Jack I II. lln . .• li- l Simons is Ira uujg hordes Harrj Panye Win:..-, hi i! .1 -.:. .. - Rmre an I Ihe -.- tn iwh of Ibe iil.l. ■■ ra -i- it ui ■ his i-are is l....:.n- . .i tiv ■ .-:iti.|.l -mi ui Delhi run! "m.1:i f- -.i :. l,.H 111.-ii.n- - .:! iln- Sinn i si log ii w!ii -li i-n racing public are »: keiml ■ Intel -i--,l are i . • twa-j .-. i ii - il a hi li h hi - i : wards ... a ■■ Been. i Ibe . home bred. Thc.i arc |.nlm.- ■- Mr. Wliirm-y -Rrookdalc Stml in Monino.tth tmintj New Jemey. Mr. Sin -mi- •■; I :i i-/..-i ui ii-n.- of iln- Wiiiiii-,. youngsters last Joitn Whalens Rnskn among rhem. HI J ntagsie - prctutring for Mi,- K ml races :■■ working qnarters in i.-:i.: itan -I sec .in!- and l.nlv. - in :ls ,.- then abm:l -. Willi- Martins ol are youngsters bred i-;. Mi-. I.. . Uvingston .-n her ••bourg s nd In Iamtda ami boughl is yearlings in i:iiiiid;i i.-i i sqmnicr and •ever a I li n.-.| good imeml in the fall. Mr. Maiiid has in in !:ii.| im for a fen- days, bnl lii horses are -■ in righl .-i i-ni_ iinl gs Doping satisfactorily. Mi-. i.ivin--i«n whu v. as bare lasl Week, di-■laid. niii-i loakifig iIh-iii over, thai thej were as good a tin- in-i she kepi for service undue her own colors. |i . Livingston has engaged accommodations for a ii otable which will race under Ihe management of Man Feake* and ln- has bespokea a -,uiii al the Montlcelln HntH for the meeting. Colonel riiailis ciiiwimi. the MonticeHo manager. -ay- in- i- rapidly booking ttn, wliii-li would seem to indicate thai llie town will dr. :i big hoarnesa in April. The ui"--! ii-.-i-ni arrivals arc the stables of tlnnter R. RreekenrHtge, of Rotetourl iiiini. and Richard I. Wilson, ui New Vork. Mr. Rreckenridges horses wintered al Catawba Farm near Flneastle under the charge of the veteran trainer. Theodore !■*. Coles. Titi- naanl promising member of Ihe Brecfcenridge ~i tin-jr i- a two-year-old called Voder-ling, a chestunt son ui Roebampton and lodel. YimI«-I and BoebMitpton are both at Mr. Rreckenridges farm in Botetourt. Yodel N a daughter ••! Meddler, and Roehampton. sire i.i RossuampUm, In, ui. I. - Five and several other winners, was one of the isiil race horses of his time, ioderling N a big-bodied, clone connWd cbestnat, tilii-i-n hands three Inches tall, with aplendid h-s- and plenty of reach. Already be lia- worked quarters in :,:i1-. and trainer t oles does not believe be has shown anything like his heal Im older horses of tin--.nim: arc Mini Princess. Cold Spring, Peyton Brcckenridge and Shingles. Cold Spring and slim Prim-ess were Bred at the lieginaing of thi uiiiii-i-and lln-ir h"gs arc in tip hip condition. i"i.- members of ihe stable Mr VTRson will met here arrived from Belmont Park and were taken in charge i.y A. ;. Weston, who arrived lasl week from Salisbury. M.I. Mr. SVeston saya thai lap lain William F. Preagrave will li" along a liltle utter wiiii a band of runners of variontt uses. Mr. I.i-vv annonn.-iil toda.t thai Ihe officers for iln- meeting would i.. Frank Bryan and Joseph A. Mm i . ! i % . stewards; Edward Pole, presiding judge; i ii-il tlerbardv, associate luoge; Herman Cook I ing. elet-k of the scabs: hhtrs Casridy. starter: iiarrj White, padtlock and patrol jmlge. and Joseph Mc I. -iniiiii. clerk of the eourse. Mr. McLennan K now al Charleston and i-- soik-iting entries from thai qnarter.

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