Good Prospects for Canadian Racing, Daily Racing Form, 1913-03-12


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COOII TROSFECTS FOR CANADIAN RACING. Montreal. Que M 1 1 BTita the passing ol Hi winter -ilmi -. .i! i. hi inn i-- drawn h- closely t" tin ia. iu- prospects for the routing season I o ijij there will i.e ;i better elasa of horses t. carry the eidors ol owners on the Island of Montreal thin ilurlug an] -• i-..ii in tin hiatorj isl racing Iu i.n:.-iii. which dales ba.-w ..».-i bill ., i ntury. 1 — • — t fall Inie a H- i.eii.i - ii l iii — — . iii iw two-year-olds mid belter |wo-yi ir olds. In.u three .» eal .ilil-. -.I into wiatei ipiarters than ever before. N"t only in the i|iialit was there an improverm-ut, but there was a liberal Ite-rease in numiiei-. The yimngsters have .]. .!.i|i. d womlerfully well and i.k- trainers ari eveu noa meuciug work ou lb.- i.. -ol- with them. Road arork Is lh«- tir-i exercise iti n tbvorughbreds after ■ long winters rest-up. .nut ihe are H this until the opening up of the season, wheu I. -lit sallopiug ou Ua- track will be started. The- prospects foi racln« in Canada for the coming -ea-i n an- of the best. The Canadian eircail will be stretched oat this mu i.j the addition of Cob ii .in.!, i Park at Ottawa, ami nosslhlv the opening ..I Ibe new plant at Dorval. tbi taanagemenl • which will a-k for wiih Ibe Canadian Ita--lug Associations, the piverninn IskIj of the tarf in an ida. w itli the additbai l il least inie n -w raciug center and perliaps Iwo. i In- lut»rvals lietween that h.i- be.n -.iiMwbat detriuieutal to the sjaa-t ,i ana. la * 111 !"■ i . iim • d , s farther e ragenienl to tin enlargement of bj. strings owned by Canadians and is an attrai He. I" Ibe better .la-- i.i the American Ktahles to ..ain rare In Canada, tliere will lie . general : i — « - In i.iii-i- and -taki - 1 urn time in i - the auadian Jockej elubs have a.hbii in.,i. money to i lit-ii overnight purses which h.i- bad the desiri I i-rieei of bringing the l»-t of the thoroughbred* to Canada t" h* raced. As in finnier Near- t li - stake* in ii . majority of the Canadian tracks will eb—-ai ibe -aim- I inie. almi:! the lir-t of M.iv llnniii.iii and Toronto bare always been the Hrsi .-■ rbeir -lake- as n Is si Ihese tracks that t iii- -| i i nji racing i- bold. The Reason will again njieu ai ibe bistoiie Woowbiac coarse ut Toronto, which meeting will be followed by the spring meet ing at Bine Bonnets. The running of the Kings Plate in Montreal does not ei.ine ia for much di-eus-ion su early, as it is a fall event, while tin Ontario plate is already being talked of. it being one oi hie great features of the -.ning meeting of the Ontario Jockey Club. Judging the eligible* lion their work as two-year-olds la-; season. Harry CHldiiigs. the owner of Cedar Orove Farm, al Oakvllle, Ontario, itoids lie-strong iiaml. Lnless -oinethinu anforeaeen happen-l-cti.een iinw ami raee da.v . Hearts of Oak should can*] hi- owner- colors to victor hi this im|s rtaul iaee lb- was ihe greatest niuuing Canadian bred two-year-old last season, and aeul Into winter quarters none th. a i. -e for a -ireiuinis rampalgu during ihe tamia There are doe over a hundred horses in whiter quarter.- iu Moulreal. a number of which are stabled it r.l lie Bonnets This number Includes about twenty tun year old- ami a- many three-yeal nida, while ihe others are horses that have carried colors for several season*. This season- crop of foals should be without evepiiou lie- largest in mam yenr-. iml the i an be traenl back lo Epsom lierhv win-iier-. a- well a- to winners of great Aineriemi races.

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