Foul Riding at Juarez: Jockey Burlingame is Suspended and His Mount Suffers Disqualification., Daily Racing Form, 1913-03-16


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FOUL RIDING AT JUAREZ JOCKEY BURLINGAME IS SUSPENDED AND HIS MOUNT SUFFERS DISOUALIFICATION. .» i i Boy Interleres with Several of His Opponents and I Nearly Causes One to Fall — Mutuels for Coeur dAlene Meeting. i 1.1 F.l-o. T-x.. March 1" The lir-t disqualification , •I the .Inan-Z Hteetlug look | 1 :i •■ when .V r t ■ • I • ■ 1 1 was I • t i-i •!:■ - - ! after Mulshing m-i in Ihe third race thi- ! ifternooa. n wa* a - • 1 1 ini. an~aii at -i furlong*, i i • t 1 1 .it was i iddeu bj Jockej Barlings me, v bo ■ started lei Uerd hi- n| |MH itiou at tin head of the IrctcU. Ul n lie thought lie had huuiped the mosl ] l i mi. laid- id I.U opponents .mi of contention, be sn A/an. i coming along the rail. Then be 1 - j 1 1 • ■ i . 1 1 . -1 % guided bis iiiuiih; over ami forced Jocke] i Hill in pull mi -■• — 1 1 :t i-| » l v ihai l*i-— wount almost ii-ll. Tin-. occurred nil bin the plain sigh! of all the , itur* l*residing Steward Brelvnsrbs and hi-associate, John T. Ireland, Immediately disqualified Ai.lil.ii. piaciug him last. Juckey Burlingame was u-m ml-d 1 . i r the r-ina iiulcr of the in—1 ing. Iuu favorites —m ,!. while the other four races went in horse* ai libera I odds Gemaiell. which ha* I., i started r«ar Home time. was sent to the post i. m1 read bj ni- owner-trainer, V. C. Clancy. easlli disposed of bis opposition. Owner I 1ml. I- a record for the meeting on account ■ r having saddled - -v . n winneni Ml of eight sent In lite poat. K. .ill nay Won I lie handicap after a hard struggle ii I be stretch. Irish Gcatleiaan. running kindly todav. waa closing fast. The pacemakers. Pride i;f l d i- an. I lad] Paitchita, laitb |hii badly at the • i.i Tin- nun of the rare waa fast, being within IW I. 111.- of a second of tin- n. i.l. n- .-id "I 1:11.-.. Kugt ni wa- L-laimeil out • •! the !a-i race vosi-r ■ i bj I rank Kim hart for 8825. I i. mi. W. smiiii :- iii-n i. -1 • ■■ I .luiin Diane -. ■ . it. t ■ 1 1 • - tin- pnurram li-mk for tin- 1 1 r -1 week ••! i! fwith nothing i-s- thin .**! i .- Which will iii- iln 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 it i ii 1 1 aninuiii given . »i during I be sixtj -in- day* of racing at 11 Mali nrse. tin- handicap will range from |30H upward! and then will - several stakes, imhuliii-ilie Cm-Mi- dAlene lierhy. the conditions ni wlidi will he announced later. The a— ocialioti will in Mai the parl-nintuel* n the form of betting for the log. A large number of boraeaaen now racing ni Iitarei hare signified their Intention of shipping In Aim ai the close of I lie racing here. i i nie has arranged tu ship hi- stable toaaorrou I, . rfolk. i He holds the contract on the ap preiitlee rider A. Halsey, who wjJl sn with him to the V n ginla tr ick. Jis-kej McDonald was * ispended for ire day* bj starter Cassidy for disobedience while i-iiii nir Plying. ! r. W-.kI. win. baa been in ill health, disposed ..i the following two-year-old* at auction here this week: Khadraeh. In C. E. Rogers for pant; Y* ill i|, a. i iei. ill. im. 83 *i; Vip-Hy-Va. I.. 1.. Masoa. Sinn: Meshacb. W. .i. Weber, 25, ami AI fdnego, V. .1. V -In r. 25. Il.i- Juarez track waa in excellent condition this ruing, when the following work-outs took place Moon Three-eighths In 36. la good. mi Mamie Half wile in 51, breezing. At her hl-l. Bellsuicker Half mile in 58. Improving. Heal He Hall mile in 51, hreexing. Acta goad. Illack Male Three-eighth* in "7. Acts g I i apltan iti ivo Mile in i:ts. Training ■ tritle -..I i . i haniiilor Half mi!- in 5fl Is good. lha|Mtlte|iei Half mile in 50. At hi best. 1 1 1 1 Boj Half mile in 50. At hi beat. i racket Bos Hall mih in is ■.-.. liajirorlng. i i foot Three eighth* in ::7. IHefc -Three-eighths in 30. Ai his beat. II . Hm bine Half mile In 50. Ai is - I. lion. iln bean Half mile in 51, hreexing. la i -I.i J. ...;. fir. Macm* Klre-eighth* in I 08. m little at i mini . El Sabio— Five-eighth* in 1 :ini. or little account 1 l i — i siai l Ii in ! tv I* read] I ■ , ,- Tbn eglitbs in :;7. Improi mg Puwlamen al ii piarrers in lilR. la ready. lialeue Hale Hail mill in i1- .. Is good i ,.i 1 1 «-• Ihrei eighths in 37. Training -lowly. lioldfiiin -Five-eighths in l:03*j. At her beat. Hanni* Half uiilt in ".I. hi ■ ring. I- -■•• • Helen Pink- rtera in 1 It*. «•: little H count . Kenneth -Three-eighth* in :;7. Training Rlowly: liHik* inc. . rt vender l.a— Three-eighth* la :.i OI little «c ...nil . I.,., s i.i,.: ■ ghthi Iii 38. I* good, 1. Mil. In l iv l|i Alan si ren • igbib* in 1 34. bn ezing M :ii .1 - I In.- . Igbths .i. !7 icts good. Mill.. ii i:. hie. Half mile in 50. Of little account. ii, , .in Shore Mile ,ii I iv I- read] . i ii I in Kripp Five-eighths in l :"•■ Training well .: 1 1 pi a inters n -i Palo : I in-. ■ nn irter* In 1 10. I raining well at ni i long !■ -i Iwit -i iii ii-h in Ueah. pan Careta Hah mile in :.i. lareealng. In grand foi in Pawbnska Three-quarters In 1:14%. Baa re :••! m. S. a i lit! 1 hn-e |iiarter* in 1 Is- AI bia beat. , i, Kevcn-cightbs in 1:32. At her heal

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