At Standstill in the East: No Definite Course Mapped Out for Resumption of Racing., Daily Racing Form, 1913-03-26


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AT STANDSTILL IN THE EAST NO UU1M1T1 COURSE MAPPED OUT FOR RESUMPTION OF RACING. Hitch Reported in Tentative Plans fag Revival of ■part — Saiatoga Meeting Regarded as Extremely Probable. Kent York, March l.".. According hi intm.ii* in tiii.h «rii|| Hi, luring situation in tins state there Ill hitch in tin- plan- in revive the sport ilii- rear and mile-* certain obstacle* are overcome ii will n. m be surprising If Saratoga i- the only track In "I i! it- gates, unless Brighton Beach sudden I v com -l«i hi.-. Ii Is ■ i i ■ -mill- i elusion ii. .. thai Aqueduct. liraveseud, sin-| -ii.-;i.l Baj and Jama Ira will aol at tempi i . re-open under present conditions. All "i lln- tracks are wltkin the rity limit- and in-t iww ii h bettered that it would be inadvisable to expj i iiifin .ii au* i»f them. The Brightim traefc is in the hand- . i .-i Receiver, Inn it William . Eugenia u ran unravel the flnaucial langh m the i:.=n-ii ii will n ,i lie * shock to turf in. -n in hear that Brighton ■- ready to hold :i summci meeting regardless i l the attitude, of tlie other i i. log aaMoHatioiiK. .lames Punier baa revealed nothing thai indicate* ii rcsumptii f racing at Empire City. Mr. Butler liai najMrited i i i v ; 1 1 -1 unii the other uwnera m Sea Ylarfc in,, nurses -nnr his retnrn from Juarcs. Mi .. Imt ha- declined In talk 1.H- publication. At the Empire City traefc ii i- proposed to la] oat ■ half-mile I rot t lug course in the inlh-l.l. hat au rat i." arrangements have been made tu lii the plant for the runner-. The Westchester Racing Assorts I ion la at ;i -land •-lili regarding Behatont Iark. Nothing baa h ■• n I ao far in imi the great traefc al Queens in Miiipi- for a — i ■ t lug meeting, inn of course there la plenty of lime if it i- the plan to put « u :i meet ing there in .Inn.. The plan already discussed by the various raring asaociatkais, which laHieve that Belmont Park Is the logical place ii atari .1 renewal «f racing, in io|1- .i raid! guarantee of at least s." n.oiai to n ■ ••sja-naiii. Tlie m.h t..i,| by well informed turfmen ~ thai eacb raring association was .1 -k. .1 receutli tn pin ui. sin ikhi lo I,, ip liuauce a nci ling of elgli rni days iii Belmont Park. II i- umlersl I thai the traeka included in the reuses! were She. psbead, i.y.iv, -end. Aqueduct, Ja tunica Empire city mid Saratoga. As p. .1 Dwyei control* Gravesend and Aqueduct, it was suggested thiii he iniulii make one *1i .h ii contribntion to ■ mt hnth cuwraea The plan me! with miiiu- oapnaitkni and alao rauaed cuoKlderalde friction. It hus been Kuggeated thHt the WentcheKter Racing Aaaociatfon run go ahead without aiwiMtance, while Saratoga ahomld be ei|nallj aMe ii p.i.i.n.- tta nan ranoe. If Mr. Kngeuiaii ran make arrangementa to raee at III iglitou. thereby inviting :i teal n t the Instance • •r Brooklyn reformera, it i- hinted thai he eaa ki. aoOMi still backing from certain unartera. Bui thi* is iiienlv u.»ssi|i. which can ! ■ traced t.» im an I hellt li- *OUr rnrratofoi is s:,i,| to be sun- to race, however, and - i it i- esnecled that R. T. V/llaon, preaideiit of • be track al the ana. will be in ■ nutrition to ntak" ■i definite .inneiiiiii nieiit. Ii may turn out th:il r.i -I nt Park aril I iwvcedc Saratoga, hut ii doeanM In.ik that waj iu-t now. The Court of App.nis meanwhile baa been aaked lo nana . n the k*gallty of the decision in the Paul Khane ruse I in in- iju Snnider ib-riaion, afflrmed hi l lie Appellate IHviaion the Siwne caae is ralculatetl lo i.eriiiii the traeka to open under rather precarious ei*M!itlon*. It is laHieved that the racing Interotta bare been adviaed bj connael to proceed rather Mowly until I be higher court luis bandefi h»wii ;. •.piiiiiui A bill wiping out all the • ..mlii ions pronounced within the l.i» bj the lowci eourta Inu been tut • dnced al Albani and » statewide campaign for its adTancemeul Is well Dialer way.

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