Stallions for Public Service.: National Government Announces Regulations for the Breeding of Army Remounts., Daily Racing Form, 1913-03-26


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STAILI0NS FOR PUBLIC SERVICE. National Government Announces Regulations Icr the. Breeding oi" Armv Remounts.. Washingtoa, D. r. March 25. Rlaborate prepara lions have been e pletisl i.v the Bepartaaeat "f Agriculture for breeding army remounts, according l" i bullet in jt-t i--ind. Ihiity four new stallions have bee., purchased for breedbig ].ui|io-..-. and will lie available al once ,r pnblii aervln on liberal lei ins. The bulletin sa - in pari : "The Parted state-. Department of Agriculture ban ."inpleied for Ihe present the purchase of aral lions for u-e in tin- encouragement of the breeding • •I in [ms for mill tan purposes. Four Morgans, ten -l. ii. lard breds, eleven American -addle horses and nine thoroughbreds lia. been purchased. Li stallion-, with four or live Morgana from the Morgan horse farm and -i thoroughbreds presented to the government, will be available for public service ■hiring the sea- f itu:;. making a total of it jeasl fortj four stallions. wish,-- will be respected and the breed of ibe stallion placed in a community will be that which i- most generally profera I hj thai community. Accordingly, tic M iL.iti- will stand in Vermont and New Hampshire, the thoroughbreds mainly in Virginia, the saddle horses and -t lard bred* mainVj in West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennesaec. Furthermore, everj effort is to be made to avoid competing with pi i ratel] ..wind stallions, and horses will not be placed in communities which are ilreadj supplied. "The govermnpni ha- not spared expense in the purchase of horses. The lirsl requisites were that they should be good, sound individual-, and regis tei-il in the propei- stud books. t»ood breeding was. therefore, essential, and in many cases stake and show i" i 1 1 -■■ winners wen obtained, nul no horse was l • -1 1 u-1 1 1 solely becanse be was ■ race winner or solelj on •iceouni of hi- pedigrei*. These liorses will be available for pnltllc servlc on liberal terma. The owners of sound mares, wiih a square n ttting :;.-iit. may breed such mares lri«-of charge, iwovhh-d Ihej uiv. Ibe government an optio I lie i,..ii during the pear it la Hue. rears of age al ••Sl.n. However, Hie govern il will i:..i held tin- breeder ol a f.. a I to his option, if lie wishes 1" he reUeved. bill will allow him to camel the option at an time bj paying the service fee. Thi fee will be s-j.i for mature stallions ami leas for Hi..-e under tie years of age In buying the cits the War Department has agreed In imrchase both ii ares and geldings. N.i service fee will lie chargi I unless the owner elects to can el bis option. If Ha- govcrnmenl buy- the coll no toe i- charged; il the colt is offered to the goverameiii and purchase refused no fee is char-;, d. i n ac ouiii of the provision for vti- service the government Mleves thai Ibe mate- bred should he -uitabie »ior tin- purpose, and. therefore, it will be necessary to I d only those which are free from the following unsoundnesses: Bone spavin, ring bono, side bone, heaves, strlngbalt. lameness "f am kind, roaring, periodic npthalmta and blindness, ee tial or complete. Mate- must ah» be free ni.inifesl ranlts of i " such as eu,.. bocks; pacing mares will not be bred. Appiwi il marea will lie given a certldeate of registration In flie remount hr I ma re register ..f be Agricultural De|eir.ineiit."

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