Notes of the Turf., Daily Racing Form, 1913-03-26


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NOTES OF THE TURF Th.- starting machine was mi n d u Erufland during the Line.. in Sisring Meeting «f ioimi |i waa I hi .1 I "llilll. d t" two e.ll Old I ace-. , li i- general! agreed thai the starting ef Mars Cassld during ihe recenl Juarex meeting i. fi II •■• to I" desired, being uniform! excellent. .laim-s Osborne will g Winnipeg n Mav la lipell In- ,|l|l . a- -laltel ill . ■ li in I 1 j, ,| i Willi the i ai in in I In- t anadiaii Noi i bwi Rl An-iiaiian horses freqoenti] go In India to r.i. .-and ii i- notable thai main of them fail i- al ward- -In w their good form. . If there i no racing on the New S*ork tracks .1 L. llil will nerve a- an Hi I il on the Oklahoma circuit. John McDonald, under whose management the stable ..I |i- M. R. Farmer waa rac ft al Juarex wa- on.- of a considerable delegation of horsemen who passed through Chicago vesterdai "ii their . .n t" Hie east fi i the Mexican i ut - The uiini-i.i- of Texas hare Instituted a -i,. . camuaign against the lull t.. restore betting on ln»rse races, which has been reported favorald bj a- "• ,,v i »n it r on ci iniinal Inrlspnide k i I measure restricts betting to Ihe pari-mutuel system. ■I E. Pike, a prominent and successful jhnsrt Jockey, has -aibd for Rngland. where hi will as a tree lame. It is under-toed that R. WoottOII ihe Australian trainer who has il well in En« land, will extern! him a helping hand upon at rival. A feature of the racing at Melbourne ind Svdn ■ meetings since Ibe new •Australian Rules oi I; i ciag" came into force "ii November 12 last, bat been a noticeable Increase in the her ol ,- stances in hi. I, . v apprentice all wan. are u i availed of. Baron Springer, a well-known Austrian in. !••• and owner ol llioroiigbhr.i|s, has seven times lieadi i Hi- w Inning li-i ifi I,;- e iti i and I..-. n nm tint ■ -ecllil. ill the c.lll-e of ,1,, l;,l | w. lit e ,, l| « uiiiiii -- Iii -i ake dm n i liat ner! «l ai nl :•; si . I 7u .tn: -,. The U ei. in An tialian I at i lnl |. ., p ..l .s.".... mm ji recenl Perth Cm ling. Last Ve ■ 111. i lull mad. i profit ..I If IT.- ".o .nil ill i- : i il Ihe -id., inotie for the annual ting from - ■■• •• u Io S.S.IKIO w Idle .- II a mow t « : lb .1 |. i • rher i. n . -. W. II. Smith, who has ridden In Australia f..t more than fifteen years, has just signed a con trad i i ile- c nun- j ai . li n proi ides rot the pai i ie il ■ i sj ..mi ami in :i.r eenl nl hi- wiunhigs Thi I de-erib-il as the iih.-i libera] retaining i.- |»ald an kieke in Australia. W. ". Clancy has leased three of his -table p. go to the northwest, Including RoKaaao. Ben Stoiu1 ; nil Mis- s.i. He has mad., arrangements with II. W. Hoag to look after tliese horses while be goes to Kentucky with Ge tell, Li.;!, Jan Fern I. . Kennel h. « iarter and Ci sgrore. Burins the recent four days racing. bekl b Tasmanian Turf Cluh al Mowbray. SlsT7.ii . . thnsigh the t. .tali-. it. is. whilst U-v tin- four days ai Klwick the .-uu i was Sli;7.7 ni. tn-ing an Incr i •• In favor if M iwbray of siu.ji.-.. or the total amouti; the club- retain 5 per can. and thi govei t eelvi - i.-r . .;ii for sniiei ision. The Juarez -hi| -nt I" Kentucky includes the liorses -I W. II. Fixer. .1. i.ritlin. I. .1. Ureter .i s. ■iit-eib-i. w. P. Clancy. K. "Spence. .1. r. Calm I. II. Mead. W. Hurley. Karl l.limell. J. H. Heaven |s»rl i W. Cbirk. M. F ley. [ P. Sheridan. 1 .1 Otis. FltXgi raid iV I-irr. I I ni..H. |- llvaiu--I. t -N.-w. nan. G. M. Ddom. W. li. Mi/-ll and rtailk l» Weil. M—i ■ f the bookmaker! who operated ate tdiD i t .liia:.: are i .n..iie,| to bare made ., ntofll Raj t n*ntl i- liciitiil with being the biggest winner anion:, tic- layers, having overcome a big deft ci I tier a tind. d bis operations during tin- cnU d.i- . r Hie meeting. With Bill Bevi-rley, Johnnie L-wis. II K -e. Horace Paul ami Frank Shannon he will -., to Norfolk i.i book. Something like a record In delays al the post wis achieved at tie recent Gore meeting In a /■ when the Held for the Presidents Handicap ai the post i.. i fort mlnntes. the burses were i.-n ■iiiniiic- in the parade ring, a simitar period a p. -; before making an attempt to get In liiu tbei ie a long ami rexatbms del.-i h fore tie- li M linali.i straggled off the urn k Tin German Govcrnmenl has bough! tin eight-year-old Australian stallion Parsec; i.. Metal 1 As a yearling lai-e was bought for S825 and won. among othet races, the Australian Jocko Club Derby. Iaulli LI tiuineas. and Australian Jockej flub Craven Plate. During the ua-t three oi years several horses have been sent from Australia io ; rmany. but nothing of the .la-- if |»ai whose -lie price was 18,750. The recentj published conditions of the G »««1 Steeplechase ile Pan- -In.w the added moil . f thai • v • -ii t to have been raised from 5.001 to 099. The race Ut run al four miles, and i- the n. -. valneable ste«plecbase in the w.iid. l-unded n is7t. under ih.- title of th- Grand National .e Prance, it was originally worth bul 98.0IW. Wlieu its name wi- changed i.i it- preseul iiiipelbition. .-; 1882, n- value was Increased t.. 0,000. in ISSO il Waa again augmented to 1 KM and in 1905 taiind 5,099. The program issued by the Qoeensbiml Tarf I lab l Brisbane i for ii- autumn meeting on Ma d ami June .". and 7. gives -miie Idea ..f the tnannei which racbag i- Honrisbtng in tbi northwesl sectl n .1 Australia. Sune s:;c..7".o for three da - is - w-tbing for the club to be proud of, aid the Question natural! arisen whether, without the assistance of the total Isa tor. it would he In a iM.-iii..n i glj -0,000 for one race and ,990 Im another I surprising part Is thai the totallsator timl- -•• nm. a favor In Brisbane, a- the deduct ion- are exorbitant, amonnting i" something lik- three shillings In sovereign. Although an advocate of the machln I should not can- to patronize ii on those terms. i;i-l If wi evei do gel it in New South Wales, il i- to he hoped th- 8 p-r cut. deduction obtaining iii France will be considered sufficient for all purpose . Sydney Referee.

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