Stake Dates Are Announced: Schedule Arranged for Important Events at Churchill Downs and Douglas Park-Louisville Gossip, Daily Racing Form, 1914-04-14


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I S i ; . • ■ STAKE DATES ARE ANNOUNCED. hedule Arranged toi Important Events at Churchill j Downs and Douglas Park — Louisville Gossip. L..uisville. Ky.. April ta. — Secretary Lyman II. Daria has |anounced the dates on which ih.- seren -.lak. ijci-s ir. I,,- decided during the coming twelve-days meeting -t he New Ixmlsriile Jockey Clab, . beginning Saturday. May h, and riaahag Friday, la. 22. will be run. The Kntuckj Derby Is always ran on the opening .la of tin- meet Ins and Um Keatuckj Oaks, follon hag lie. cnatoaa n lata .-.u~. will he ran on the closing day of ihc meetmg. The other stake dates are tat aa follows: Dehatante Stakea. Monday, Mac 11. Bashford Manoi Stakes, Wednesday, Max IS. Clark Handicap, Saturday, May 1«. Jureaile stakes. Monday, May 18. Prank Icio Stakea, Wednesday, May 19. luis leaves fix. daya darlag the coming meeting at the Downs with ao Hake race, the ofl .lavs being Tuesday, May 12, Thorsdajr, May 14, irida . May 15, Tuesday, May 19 and Tburaday, May 21. on these days nil especial 1] attractive card of special parses and overnight handicap-- will be programmed. s. thai every day ar the D"",ls hs sprtag will pn Bent something oot oi Cue ordkaary. Secretarj Davis la now compiling the book pro gram fot the Churchill i ..n- ateetkag. The Hrst ..K.-k. which will include all the entries to the seven stakes, will carry ihe programs of overnight races fot the it r-1 si days of the meeting from Saturday, May 9, to Friday, May 15. baehaalve. Before the hrst week of racing at the Downs is • -r. the b.xik program for the concluding mx days will he issllcil. The woadetfal array of stakes for the meeting. embracing among the entries ptactieally all of Cue l - -i horses in training in America, assures thur the nrernigbl races decided at the Downs Ihis spring will have of a class unequaled in the hhrterj .•! Kentucky racing. There will be many feature races. OTcrnighl handicaps and high grail. ■ elliu: races at the Downs this spring which will present the aspect ..f stake areata, Stabling qnarten kavevheea sought here for all the guar three-year-old Derby and Oaks candidates. Fhe beM two-year-olde, tried and untried, will also be at the Downs ilii- spring and practically all of tlv crack older horses la training are booked to nee here thU sprtag. Right now the stables at the Downs house a total of 2.".". horses. Manager John Haehmeiater, of the Douglas Park Jockej club, will leave Naples. Fla.. for this city. on Wednesday i rt. He has aboui perfected, with Secretary l- W. Maginn, the iK ok program for the coming meting of thirteen day- at Douglas Park, beginning Saturday, May 2:; and ending Saturday, June R, The dates far the siak. races to in run there this s|r,-inj; an as fattOWS: Kentucky Handicap — Saturday. May 2.:. Memorial Handicap— Saturday, May 30. Speculation Stakes— Wednesday, June ::. Spring Trial Slake-- Saturday, June ti. Mr. Ilnchniei-t.-rs assistant. Frank Hrnen. H ei peete.l ;.. arrive here to open the track orti.-,. at Dougiaa Hark ahoiii ihe middle of this week and then fiie full lisi of entries to these important -tak.-wiii be aaaonnced. The Douglas Park meeting will include three .Saturday.- tili- spring and for each of thesi day- a stake race ha- heen assigned tor ie . -; On the nine day- of the meeting when m -lake face is on the card there will be feature l-iii-c- and overnight handicaps, which will .haw helds of stake class ta the p .-r to coateat fot ih.- added nion.y. Bttae Of these race- will be a- •: much ralue j- seaae of the stakes foraaavJy were on the Kentticky tra.-k-. There are surely great things in -lore for lovers of racing during the twenty ii. .lav- s»-as«. u ..t the spoi t iii Louisville this spring. II. .1. Winn, tmaatei «.r the New Louisville Jockey Huh, went to New Stack Sunday, but will re turn "hen- towards liie last of Ihis week. The mi arovemeuts he ban umler way at the Dawaa are 4 .iu on dining his absence and by ihe time he returns -..lue Of the biggest Of them will have be.-li completed and everything will be iu shape for the finishing touches long before Derby Hay. Manager .lohn H.-u hmeisi -r has written to tin-:geni- of the in Kentucky a-kiug for -je-, iai rates from statewide points In Kentucky dm lag the Douglas Park spring meeting and for special trains from Lexington oa the opening day. when the Kentucky Handicap Is run. as well as on Memorial Hay. ii i- understood that such arrangements have been made with th.- railroads already for the big days ai Churchill Downs this spring and through ..ut the meeting. Including Kentucky Derby day. I at sag the jsood two-year-olds of high private repiHaii.u. which i ame here In the recent shipment from El Paso, Tex., is the brown Tilly. Whims, an eligible to the Dehatante Slakes, which has not ret raced. Tin- illy was bought by J. Cmensetter. her present owner, from Henry McDaniel and was re garded bv that trainer as the pick of the yearlings he purchased last year. She Is a daughter of the Ill turitv winner Ogden and Caprice. The latter was ■ uimmI winning daughter of the great Hamburg. Other horse- In this shipment embraced J. B. Robin sons Curlicue and Tyree. the latter being owned bv Field Bros., of Kan-as city, relatives of the late 0. L. Harrison, who raced Waldo. Housemaid and other horses of note a few years ago. Joekej -I Kederis has arrived here from California and Joined the stable of John lx w wh has him under contract to ride .lames Butlers horses on :h.-Kentucky tracks ihis spring and summer. Lowe ■ closed liw- contract with Kederis before that rider lefl Jaares fot his California vacation, l.owe will probably ship n few members of his big stable ro Lexington to race during the meeting there this spring, In which case Kederis will go there also. Eugene Elred i- now at Lexington getting the pari iiiui uel department ready for the coming meet-ing. He v ill return here the la-: of this week and remain I few days attending to the details connected with this system at Churchill Down-and Douglas Park. He will go hack to Lexington early next week to remain until tbe meeting end- at that place. iter having recently worked a mile in l:4«. Watermelon. J. L Madden* Kentucky Derby and 1 Oak- candidate has again gone the distance credit ably, on this last occasion she went a mile in I:47*ji hamlih. The tirsi quarter wae covered In S. the half In -Vi-.. and the three quarters in 1:19. ibis handsome daughter of Watercress is rradualij gelling iato condition far a fasl mile workout and trainers who havi ii--te i her preparation eloeelj predict thai she will not make a disappointing per formal!., when calked anon far a sapreme effort at a high rate of speed. Another g....d « «*k-ont at the Howns recently by a Kentneki Derby and Oaks candidate was a half mile in 50*| by S. VeUlera Chrlstophlne. The holder of the American mile record of 1:3and%, ander double wraps, went the first three furlongs in n j -lade andet -:7. This i- the fir.-t speed that Chris-tophiiu has been asked to -how since coming here from Mexico. . Some recent sparkling performances of other horses In training at Churchill Downs embrace three- t :i-i ii •■;■- !.v i Y s. Jones in 1:15, in which he went the fir-r quarter in 88%. three furlongs In 85%, the half in is;. and live furlongs ir. 1:01 :1.,. and the following: Cash on Delivery— Five-eighths in 1 :il:irr,. Husface -Five-eighths in 1:03%. Ghetto ".ill Half mile in tand£. .! w. oshea Three-quarters in 1:17% limiiiie GUI Thvre qaartera la ilsn.- . Judge Gl u- lour and one half fiirhuig- in 57. May L. live eighth- in 1KB. Osaplc -Quarter mile in 2f . Iaiihachapi — Half mile In "•-. Rudolf o Half mile in 56. Sani McMeekin Half mile, io 58% siiile- Knob FIve-elghtha in 1:01. The Rea.h- Five-elgkths In J:o:i-,. Tillies Nightmare- Thl quarters in 1 :10*f.. Zin H.-l - -Half mile in 59%. The last-aamed went the first quarter in 24%, ii;.. furlongs In 38% and the half in 49%. He • looks like the making of a useful three-year-old tiii- sea ma. Trainer Andrew Ewtng has charge of Mrs. The .lore AbaOi. - horses at Charehill Howns. At pre* ent he has t i.: horses under his care, namely, Holy Hill. Tom King. Bad Prospect and Fleetabelle. The • latter - a sister r.. Jupiter .! .• and i- an eligible ■ in the Debutante Stake-. I.wing at one time had I charge of B. F. Carmans big stable and is a horse man who ha- enjoyed considerable success - saddling hlgh-clasn winners. His string looks an usually well, considering they have .iu-t returned from -i wlntei campaign at Charleston The sistet to Jupiter .1". was not ra ed at the South Carolina A three-yecr-old that raced at -luarez the past « int.-r uni i- looking nnusnally well at pre.-. -in n i trainhaa at Churchill Downs Is Sir Harry. He i-tbe only borse at present in tbe stable of U. Leigh and promises to win for his awaer here and at Lai. .nia. Leigh expects to increase his stable bj the imrchase of some Keatuckj bred colts whl i he - racing Sir Harry here this spring. The cremation ol ;|." Kentucky Derbj m nner, WIntergreen. al Lateaia la-i week, lemvea oaly three of th. ~la-i eishi wmners of this race alive. - ■ Street died last winter, as did Doaaa. Pink Star, ii,. wini. .ii IJJ07 and Worth, the rictot In 1911. air- both dead Th snrTivlag Ken tacky Derby win ner- since i-ia; • r sn Hnon. now in tbe stnd at George I. Dongs Bashford Via not Farm: Merl dlan. - iii in the stable of i:. r. Carman, and 1 Ip.uieia I owned by T. P. Haves. Ben Brush and I plaudit earliet Derbj winner-, are -lill in i i -in. I in Kentucky It i- probable the former is n„. ,- .,.- i Kentucky Derby winner now alive. James Uac.Manus baa what looks like a like i lot of two-yeat olds in his ban at the Churchill I Downs eoaree. None .f them has worked sen-.i- j . tlaaally, bat several act as if they can run fast. The best fillies in the string arc thought to be Mini Park, Gilt Edge and Arrogance, the latter being i lister to Pn sumption, while a colt that is well liked bv other uaiucrs i- Chesterton, a sou of that richly bred borse The Scribe. Jockey .f. Henry is now with the stable and will do Mr. Mac Manns ridiag agaia tbii season, John W Schorr -|Kfl;t Sunday in LexiagtOB i-il lag the Idle Hour Farm Of B. R- Hradiey where i- quartered tbe only broodmare be owas. This is Woodbine which i- expected to soea foal ■ coil of filly i.y Iltiinus. a son of Commando. li Schorr baa had poor luck so far with this young man -foals. Her first, which would now be a l. .oai old. i.y Canard, died as a yearHag, and th" foal which would now be a yearling, by Aylmer. is also dead. So tin foal -oon ro arrive, if il lives, will be the ■rat of her produce to race Mr. Schorr i- thinking or lur.iiig b firm n K;-nai -ky within -he BKBSi year or two for ihe establlahment of a fu-eedlng stud. He will have two grand young horses for sire purpose- in Star Charter and Ft ug legs, When their racing career- have ended. If he follows out his present inclination for a stud of hi- own, he will reserve for it mares like labia that he may come into possession of. This good mare looks as if she will stand training again this ssaaoa sad has wintered as well as any borse quartered in Ken lucky this season. She Is ol an ideal type for a broodmare, anil while having i«-en loug in training, she bos nev-r been raced excessively in any one season. Thar good three-year-aid, Othello, which show..! I sensational speed during the recent winter meeting at Juarez, has arrived at Churchill Downs and will be raced on the big Kentucky tracks thi- season by his trainer and owner. W. 8. Ileal h. Othello .Ie feated such good ones as Hodge and Orb during the M recent Juarez meeting and won hi- last four -tarts. H So far In- has not l een n«kcd to go farther tlmu ■ sprinting distances, but lie won his races like s fl bone that would stay In races over considerable fl distances. He is by the Texa- owned sire. Lltbos, V Which ha- also another good I hi if- es r old ..nt this ■ - a-.ui In Manganese. Othello i- I sightly three ■ yarobl who an extra fine way of going. Hi shipped M well fr El Paso and has b-en on tin- track . m e JH Or twi.-e since landing at the Downs. Doubt about V -ending him to Kentucky early this spring explains am waj Beatfa did not enter him for th.- Kentucky jl Derby. s«. tar as iu- ha- been asked i go he has run # I as ii" he could hold hi- own with almost raj b use 1 in training * - , i

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