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C GENERAL NEWS NOTES OF THE DAY J Mexk-aa enrreacj dropped to 25 ceata at LI Pas... Ti,is i-. the l.iwesi prio .! placed. Tin- ltepubiican siate convention renominated Leu W. Hooper for ■ third term as -overimr of Teaaes- The will of tornier gsvemoC BfeeB S. Draper ol Massachiisetis provides for 34,000 in public be aetata. Former Governor base S. Osbora will be a can didate for the Republican nomination for governor of Michigan the reanhag fall. Ohio suffragists have adopted 1 re eolation callins upon the Republican and Democratic parties to fan in line with the Progressive party oa the ciitial avffrage .|iiesiiou. Colonel i.oethais announces that the Panama .anal is In coaditioa to allow the Immediate imxeage Of the smaller .rafts of war. should it l e deemed uecessarv to use it. . Karl Hamilton, the pitcher win. jumped from In St. Louis American League club to the Kansas City Federals last Thursday, lias agreed to rejoin the St. I.-.nis team. Londonderry. Ireland. April Hi. A aafbagette arson aqoad burned a large resilience here today. "Apply f..r daaaages to sir Edward Caracas,* was one ol the placards left liebind. The New York State Court of Appeals Met fea terdiiy to listen to arguments oa the question ol the legality of the Impeachment and removal from oaare of former c«.. William Sareer. It is uiiilei stood in diplomatic circles thai Count Voa Beraetortf and Jniea .1. Josseraad, the Germah and French ambassadors, had I. ecu active throagil their foreign ofgeet in aeiatgiag about a relief ot the Mexican crisis. Taenia. Wash.. April ML— The strike of yardmen employed at the Ti na smelter, a Guggenheim property. Was oaBciaily declared off aftei haviiu. be.-n in progress since Jaauary 1. The men atrack because then workday was increased trees, nine to ten hours. Vincent Aatot lias had an abscess in the lower part of the Lang, but this has now discharged and the patients condition has greatly improved. according lo a statement given out at the country home of hi- Baweee. Miss Helen DhaaBMre Haratiag-|..n. where he la ill- tiial the Opening of the Panama canal may l»- followed by a world-wide redistribution of yel low fever and uholera is expreased by Dr. Richard i Btreaae, head of the Harvard achoo of tropical aaedicUie. Dr. Strong was formerly head of thi U.11T inmrnl biologica! laboratory la the Phillippines. United States Senator -I. P. Clarke was reiioini-nai.d by a majority of 212 over -I mljr ■- W. !. Kirby. according to a canvass of the Arkansas vote. Sup porters of lodge kiri.n aaaoonced a .-out. -si would he instituted and hat il would be carried before the Democratic state coaveatloa In Pine PlulT in .llllle. A historical coincidence lias beea discovered in thai the Atlantic Beel is due to reach Tanaplco 00 ihe sixteenth anniversary of the declaration of war between Spain and the United States. April 21. 1888 It was also noted that the revolutionary war began April 19, the Mexican war Ihiui April 24, and the civil war April 14. Trinidad, Colo., April 18. — "Mbtker" Mary Jones, aged strike leader, who lias been a military prison., in tie- hospital ward of the Huerfano county jail ill Walsenimrg. wlK-re she has been held in muni. H.I.. without charge, since March 22. was ~e; at liberty today. "The release is automatic with the suspension of maiiial law iu the strike zone" said General John Chase. A climax to the unusual Shakespeare season in Germany is expected April 23, when the jubilee of the German Shakespeare society will i e celebrated with the performance of plays by the great poet ea practically pverjr Important stage of tlie country. This will assure the production of more Shakespeare than England or America ever witnessed iu one uiuht. Leavenworth, Kas.. April 16. — Convicts employed iu the twine plain at the Kansas state penitentiary have agreed ta ■ ].roia»iiiou made by the stati i.. aid ■•! corrections to work overtime iu order to meet the deaaaad of Kansas wheal mowers fee bind lag twine. For Ibis extra service Ihe men of th.-twine plan; will be given redactions of sentences. The men will work from 8:30 oclock a. in. until S::io in the evening. Ai the close of the days work they will be son e.l an extra 111. -al. President Wilson baa conferred with the leaders ;h booses of Congress and is assured ot sue ■on ii .ase ke -alls for drastic action. Carrauzs is sileni oa the part he will lake if the United States mov.s. against llu.-rta. Congress is read] to lev a s|, lax if war is declared: funds for Initial operations are available. The Senate will pass the Hay bill to provide for a larger volunteer araaj . Hoerta has sabaaitted American de meads to .I. exeentivi sesaioa ol the Mexican senate. Pekin. China. April li.--Regular troops today s, vcrelv defeated "White Wolf" and his brigands. several hundred of whom wore killed. The troops encountered the bandit army at Uchuanbsien. north west of siaxtfu. Alter 1 sharp engagemeal the brl gauds Bed to a position twenty aaHes from farther northwest. Heavy reinforcements of regulars have been iisnatched to tie scene and ill brigands, who have pillaged many towns and villages and kill.-d the luhabitaats, are tiein gradually tar rounded Washington. D. •. April id. — The long Ioughl Virginia West Virginia state debt case was presented to the supreme Court today In oral argu meats. The is what share of the Virginia stati debt existing al the time of the formation of Wesf Virini.i should be paid by West Virginia. Several years 1:0 the Supreme Conrl held that West Viv cinia was rlabie for ,000,000 to Virginia, but Wesl Virginia now claims that tiiis ihouid be reduced to about ,000,000 by reason of assets la the hands of Virginia in which 11 should be allowed to ahaam. As a resell of recounts of ballots cast in the loeal option elections of April t . the "drys" have won two Michigan counties which Brat returns awarded to the -wets" Wexford and Ogemaw are the counties which now go hxto the "day" column, or the tw.-ive ...unties voting oa the saloon proposition the "drys" are shown to have- 1 d victorious in tea. One comity changed from •dry" f.. "wet." one remained "wet. three voted from "wot" re "dry" ami aev 11 remained "drj .lames Deering has eiven ,880,008 to the Chicago Weslej Hospital, which was founded by his father he late William Deerbtg. The coodltlonB which were accepted, stipnlate that there shall he a low Intimac] hetween tm liospital and the Medical s.-h.H.i .., Sorth westers 1 Diversity. Another sti;e. laiioii is that tin- name of the hospital hereafter shall he the "Weslej Memorial Hospital." On H- stationary and oa other appropriate places the hospital is 10 indicate that it is a memorial to William Peering and Abhy Deering Howe, fathei ami sist.-.f reepectivelj of the donor. Atlanta Oak, April Id Counsel rot I M. Frank, the rosuni factor? sapertntendeal under sen fence of death here for the murder of his employe Man Ihagan. 11 years old. today hied an extra ordinary motion for a new trial for Frank. Filing of the motion will stay the execution ..f Frank until Indge Hill of the Superior Court makes a decision on the new trial application The convicted man was semen, ed to hang tomorrow. The new Irial motion was based oa the claim of newly dtacovered evidence and the repudiation of testimony given by Witnesses al Franks trial. Methods used by the prosecution 111 preparing the ase agaiusi 1 rank also are attacked m the application. At the reorganisation meeting ol the Western Union Telegraph Company directors C. W I. Atkins and Belvidere Brooks were elected vice-presidents. William 11. Baker, secretary, and A 1;. Brewer, treasurer. The new executive committee comprises William H. Baker, Henry Bishop, Sew-colui Carlton. II. T. Daviaon T. II. Hubbard. Rob eel S. Lovetl and .Mortimer L. S.hiff. Toueka, Kas.. April IB -jTaaaal has fewei inur- derers. fewer soicldee and fewer deal hs by accident ban any oiler state iu the union, a. cording to W. 3. V. D.-ai on. slat, registrar of vital statistics. The-suicide raw- i~ 10.9 for each hundred thousand im.j. illation, the homicide rate is 4.i; and deaths front alt other forms of violence 38 per hundred thousand. In other stales Mr. Beacea says, the average rata for suicide is 18, for homicide 6.5 and for other violence S2. t. New lack, April IC loam B. Stain htield. counsel foi Henry Siege] and Frank Voaael. partners In stores and other business enterprises in this .n and Boston, thai recently failed, have notified l is-trict Attorney Whitman thai his clients would not. change their pleas of not gnilty entered a week ago when fourteen Indictments wen- returned against them, charging grand larceny and receiving bank deposits when Insolvent. Siegel and Vogel probably will be brooghl to trial follhwlaif that of former Police Lieiitcuan: Charles Becker. Read.justincni of nasaeager rates ,,u all lateratate railroads in the United states In conformity witli the long and short haul provisions of the law, aader orders of the interstate commerce commission, will become effective May 1. The aew tariffs tiled by the roads with the comniiasion Indicate a material redact loo in fares, particularly from imporiant tear-miiials and rate basing points to fatermediate points. Jt is estimated by officials of the .on.ini-siou after an analysis of the l.-uills thai "88 per cent, of file changes in fares will be reductions" and •". per .-.•nl. iiu-re.isi-. George Alfred fowwaond. S3, widely kmnaa Joor-aalial and author, who wrote for many years nude: the pen name of "Uath." died at the home of W son in law, B. F. Boaavt uturc. in New York. H.-bad been la poor health for s,.m.. time. Mr. Town send was bora at Georgetown, Del.. January •;,. 1841, a soa of i . Stephen and Marj Iownseit.l. He was graduated from Central High School in Philadelphia and became a reporter on the Phlla delphia Inquirer .11 1888k later going to the lt -in the same city. In IM,1 he became Philadelphia 1 ■pn tentative foi the Sew Sfork Herald, ami M IMJ2 became war corresnoadenl for the same paper, his duties taking him with the Union irniy in Virginia. Later iu the year be wem to Borland, and wrote for English and American periodicals. Is ~«-isiit he returned to America as war correspondent to the New Y ark World, and while acting in that position he came Into international prominence as a descriptive writer. Later he cpvered the Ausiro-Iriissiau war for the World. in 1867 his writings were syndicated among several American news papers, and he continued iii that field forty yean i s writiagv covering a large variety of subject*. Mr. Towiiseud was the author of numerous hi...;: a phics. nol.ibh "The Life Of Lincoln." "The Life of Alexander Hamilton" and "The Life of Garibaldi Ii.- wrote several plays and descriptive stories public personages ami events and his wrilings were widely printed in newspapers and maga/ims. Washington. D. C, April 18. President Huerta of Mexico has promised Charge OShaogbnessi 1 . salute the American Hag iu apology for the arrest of American bluejacket* at fampico. The news was rec Ived »1 the x 1 1 i 1 e house toiay as Secretan Bryan and acting chairmaa Shivery of the Sen. it foreign relations committee went inio conference with Pi. -si. i. i,t Wilson. Unless Haerta 1 Images his mind tic- crisis promises 1.. pass wit hia the next twenty-foot hours. The only condition li tached was iliar the American sliips lire a salute in acknowledgment. Officials close to the president said this is n .accordance with naval practice ot nations and according 10 precedent. Officials pointed cut thai oa occasions when the American navy had saluted the Bag of other milieu- a- a result of difficulties a; sea a salute In response had been Brew. The only iiaestioa involved in Huertas con • litioii was whether a salute of response would constitute recognition, bat it was pomted out that the Washington goverumeal considers recognition of intern in each ease and would not so regard an acknowledgment of Htiei las saline. Sonn ofih nils de. -late that questions of recognition were iu«t aa mi. h Involved In the demand by The 1 aited Statea for a saint, frees Huerta as iu acknowledging a salute from bim. The disposition of the adm nistra lion is nnderstod to be to Increase the naval forces in Mexican waters, even after the salute is hied, -o that In such an event only part of the ships now steaming south would be turned back.

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