Runs a Marvellous Race: Luke McLuke, from Schorr Stable, Wins Rich Kentucky Handicap, Daily Racing Form, 1914-05-24


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BUNS A MARVELLOUS RACE LUKE MfLUKE, FROM SCHORR STABLE. WINS RICH KENTUCKY HANDICAP. liaee-JTeaiOlcl Son of Ultiinus and Midge Makes ■•w track Record of 2:021i for Mile ai;d a Quaitei at Douglas Park. Louisville, l.v.. liaj 23. Maintaining a teriffie clip from the harriers rise, John V. Schorrs crack three j par old. Lake -. gave a quirk i mi, i Munition •! ]" id ..nil stamina iii winning Mi.- rich K ■ 1 1 1 1 1 K llaudli rap, him li featured Doug i - Hart - otieuiug today. Luke Mi l.uke. defeating i in- |ieal racer* thai could be mustered here, hi ibe » n -;!i i.iii.-il time of 2:U2%, shattering ...I farmer areateru records far :i mile and .1 liiarler. Riuinlfo. winner uf lite same event last . was second and Solar Star wax third. S.-imu I K *Iej r. coupled iili Solar Star in the lirlii. lauded fourth ami by mi lining, saved his starting awl enlranre fees of 00. The winners mi pi* nun ...1 11. i- , i i.intn 1 mi was mi. ."..hi. Kudolfo i.iiiui! .fl.Mxi. autl Solar Star 866U. li was ibe second running of the Kentucky llandi cap. ibe brief history ol widen is now as follows: Vear. Winner. A.Wt. Jockey. Val. Time. Uii.i Kudolfo 4 119 J. Loftus. .812.15" 2 :u55and l!»H Luke M 1. nkc..:; UK a. Xi.vli.n. 11,500 2:02% Luke M.-I.ul: . under Ceylons capable bandling, waa kepi in furwarti contention farm ili«. start ami followed the faal |*ee farced ly Solar Star itur in.-, the lir:-; ihn-i quarters. Many of the veteran in. 11, .i-n ai 1 tii — stage predicted Hie earlj collaiise ■■I the ilnci- vi-ar «.lil far the leaders won- going al l-iiiili- -1 1 1 1 the three quarters being ran in 1:11. n - -. 1 1 1 -1-. in ill.- field were well strung oat. lull Uudolfa mi-i I in be settling into his stride .mil w.:s begiuiuK in gain steadily. In the next fiirhuig. Luke McLake dlapiaced Solar Slar ami .111111I iii.- frenzied acclaim of his numeroiM snp-1 in tern printed into a tluiee-lenghth* 1 ■■ad. At thi.-poiul i. appeared to be ail over, with Lake Me l.uke lil.civ in win "li by hlms-lf, hut Kudolfo came •Aiil: 1 iu h thai farced Neyhm, who had r -iiiiim-il alert, to do his host to win by a length. Hull Mi wn* live lengths in advance o!" Solar Star.-which weakened badly in the last quarter, iow.-li. Undue. Pi-llo.-. Ciiih- and Dooerail, all expected fa in ihuigeroiia contendera, were left hopeleaaly in the rear after going the lir-i threc-qnartera, the pace belue i"" gru iin„ far them !• siand. The vvliiiiiii hois.- ami rider -n- given a , ineudoux ovation on their retarn lo Ibe Judges siand. Luke M -i . 1 1 U • - Bulslieil Irish ami seemingly could Uaye gone mi al the h ime ran-. Mmh regret was 1 |ui-ss..i| thai In- did m.l have an ..|.|i.n 1 unit 1 to imi-i Old ttdaebud in the race, for al lm- dill, r i-n,-,. ot fourleen |HUinds al uhiih they were weighted, ii would have been an interesting contest between the pair. ideal raciajg weather, an attractive card ami ih--k1.11 Interest urevaillna in the ileeisioa uf the rich Keutuck llai.ilii an accounted for an immeasc al tinilamc. and one that was far in c.-.-ss ol laM M-.ison.. 1 iiii iriud. witnessing the inaugurattoa 1 the sprint: session of racing at Douglas Hark. There were numerous out-of-town visitors and they aeemed to take real pleasure in the their outing. To the rrgalara who had freqoeated Charchlll Downs ii waa practically a continuation of the racing thai has I . , a going on far two weeks. The betting, while of hum- volume, fell slightly lit low expectations and did not compare with that at eh trchlll Downs on Derby day. Several of the rates were contested by small netda and show bet-i lag v, .is greatly 1 nrtailed. raontes fared iioorly, the exceptioa being l.uke .Mi-l.uki- iiid Bell Horse. The longest-priced winner of the season turned ap in tin- opener when Misty Morn scurried home in front and rewarded bet few with odds ol over 147 lo 1. The worst iipsei of the afternoon came when laeocharea was defeated by Orover Hughes, thongh the failures of Strong. Delano and Helen M. win- :i!so vastly -lis appointing to the majority. Helen M. was crowded 1. in al the start, which resulted in her elimination. Ueneral Manager John Hachnieiatcr was im ininsi-h pleased with the generous patronage and JiHiks for ■■■ greal season of racing at Doagtaa Iark. There were tweuty-uiue niuliu-l maehhiet in opera 1 1,11 on all the races and an additional mutm-l de vices lo handle the preliminary speenlation on the l "iK race. Thirtj ■•ashlers paid of£ the winning tickets. The inn t . 1 • • I i- binatkms were a popular form of wagering The Ursl eombiuatiou, made ap i f the 1 ,..! . . ...1 i 1 . -. wenl to the geld backers, a- n . mi- in the .im throng struck the winning combination. Il paid 8M.40. Star Shooter, Iii ivei Hughi and Bell Horse yielded flld..;:, to K2 for three borsi . in addition lo winning the stake. John V. Schorrs «tal.h took Ibe juvenile race with Star Shooter. t; u Bradley al.. scored ■ doable dnring the day iih Beaanel and Bell Horse. Mali .1. Winn. Charles 1. Grainger, Hairy K. Btclvogel, Lyman II. l»nW ami others, of the New : 11 iiie Jjockej Club, were visitors al the coarse congratulated Mr. Hnchmeister on the successful opening. Messrs. Winn and Brelvogel n U 1, ive tomorrow tor Laurel to stay briefly to nate progress on the Improvements al that ionise and il -i pi 1 -id to Nen Vork. Track superintendents John Keegan and Larry Bogeuschutze, of the Latonla track, headed a hi; il j. -.■:! 1 ion thai came over from Latonla and Covington in attend fd opening. The Lexington delegation of visitors mis also numerous and Included ,v prominent breeder in the Bine Grass re- •_• loll. s. c. Nockols. Jr.. secretary of the Kentucky Stale Racing Iommission and former secretary .1 Ielhain Johnston, were among the visitors. ,,, ,rg Itilll and wife, who . am.- fiom New York. were eniei!aii..i! during the afternoon by .Mr. and Mrs. John I- Schorr. The stake 1 1, for the Latonla meeting was dis- 1 iimi.d lo horsi men tliis morning. 1 rank D. Weirs extensive string of racers, in r-lmllllg l»UI It- . Ill I. Will !»■ shippeil to NiW Sort loii mi. .w. Old i:..-.l.inl will :ill his initial metro politan engagenienl hi the Withera Stakes, to u-run at Belmont Iark. Afchie Ziiiuii.-r ami Linker will ship their lorses ii .in- i von to Bel ut Park. Jockey Turner ,ill " with Ibe /,i miner stable and ride ilii season I" Ibe east. Turner is al preaenl riding in greal form and Is dividing the honors with Neylou. c. A. Tilh-s. em- of ill. principal owners of tin- Hboglas Park track, motored over from St. I is In attend the opening, lie will renin In here several days 10 enjoy the siiort Bed of Bases, which was badly eat down yesterday, «ill according, to the veterinarians pull through, inn will be uniii for further racing. She -.vili be retired to 1: K. Bradlevs Idle Hon Farm near I xington. Tlie ally n/oodlane foaletl ■ likely Imiklng vouugster bj Iltlmus at Idle Hoar Farm i «|erday. lo. ke McCabe will j-"i east with the F. D. Weir stable. letferson Livingston came over from Chicago this 111. ruing t" witness Ibe opening. In. 1 M Leach, who osaciated as paddock lodge, had the burses out on the track in e| jious fashion, Bauipmeul carried by the different starters was also keenly noted by the paddock judge lor future reference. l.uke McLnke. the original, of Ihe Cincinnati Enquirer staff for whom tin- winner • tin- Ken tttcky Handicap was named, was among the days Kitors and congratulated trainer Schorr and |ockei oylon on the oils success. The following were among the best trials this ruing over Ibe Chuichill Dow ns and lioiiia- I.nk tracks: Al Chun-hill Downs: Black Tonev—1ive eighths in 143%, Bore! Half mile in SO . Coin Three-quarters in 1:20. Eustace Three-quarters in 1:18%. Flying Keel Half mile in 4H-,. J 1111 Half mile ill 52. Judge Gbeens Five-eighths in 1:05. Kewpie Foot and one-half furlongs in 57 . LAiglette Five eighths in 1 :05. Mimortoso Half mile in 4s--,. OBeill Three-quarters in 1:17%. Ihresumptton Three-quartera in 1:17%. Booster Three-quarters in 1:19. Wilblte - Half mil.- in 4s--.. Yallaha Five-eighths in 1:01-.. At Douglas Hark: Barnard -Mile in 1:14. tampion Three-quarters in 1:17. Clle Mile 1,, 1:48. Constant Mile in 1:41%. First Degree Five-eighths in 1:02. Gaao — Five eighths in 1 :03. I.uria Three-quarters in 1:15. Macnea — Mile in 1 ■ ■ Manioc Five eighths In 1:117. Marion Qosahy Three eighths in 40. Sureget— Three-quarters in 1:17%. Waterproof— Three-eighths in :in.

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