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gSSSSSgggggggggggggsggggggggggggggg , Tn,nn at all news stands rTrryXsPV A XT Wi l-*r 1H B Where Daily Racing Form Is Sold. | I II I Z y •» M.AMJIRJ THE AMERICAN THOROIOHBRED * V-rJ-T-aTA. X Foiincrly 4A I JUST ASK YOUR DLALER AAA / AM:«v WOODS I III I 11 If 1 LnniPS nirL.. T.,n= IR0M WHOM YOU GET THE 1V/,V/1/U UU|IIC I JfJUf RATINGS I FORM. FOR A SAMPLE COPY. The little white book is now ready ■ « each horse prefers. In fact, it will for you; get a copy and learn HOW r V give you a complete line on nearly TO DO YOUR OWN HANDICAP- / ■~*—Q " every horse running. We will also PING, abo to tell at a glance the / sQJfri: px: ~ I sve you one EOod nPt eac1 lav class of a horse, to pick out the con- ItMsSS. j£/sS± PRF.E, which we will advertise in sistent horses from the in-and-outers, 14* y*fw£ jaM ,llls paper as RATINGS BEST, good selling platers from bad ones, or ffl*V jgjm MONDAYS BEST IS GAY 64. B" if a horse is getting better or staling yJSr J sure aru* gei a copy t0ay: trv *. off: finds the soft spots certain horses k r S thats all we ask. You can send us get into almost every day : gives you » ,y r your name and address and 2 cent the age, distance and kind of track stamp and we will mail you a copyi. THE AMERICAN THOROUGHBRED BALTIMORE BUILDING: CHICAGO. SPECIAL OFFER— TRIAL SUBSCRIPTION 2 Months 9 copies, for . sent as first-class mail in plain sealed envelope. CUT RATES Responding to many requests, I herewith make a FLAT RATE for my daily — one horse wire— of FIVE DOLLARS FOR THE BALANCE OF DOUGLAS PARK, alse Toronto meeting. COLLYERS This olfer INCLUDES all specials, the next of which goes Tuesday. Information mailed — tbe night before. SPECIAL:— I have MY OWN WIRES, my own staff of experts, hence handle MORE in- noon. formation than all others put together. The above offer POSITIVELY closes Wednesday BERT E. COLLYER Formerly with the Chicago American. SUITE 309 OXFORD BUILDING. H8 NORTH LA SALLE STREET. CHICAGO. ILL. . TRACK NEWS 1 RACE I shall be in charge of the pool buyers of the stand for the coming Butte and Ana- i conda, Mont., meetings, opening July 4. under tbe same conditions as last summer. I need pool buyers for Butte and Anaconda. All who care to come will be treated well and equally. You will see a grand game, with plenty of business. For further information enclose addressed, stamped envelope to ■»« I* I* I I V ■ 816 FRANKLIN AVE1NI E .-. 8T. LOUIS. MO. J The Race Horses in Training, NOW TWO-YEAR OLDS, FROM THE NAPA STOCK FARM, propertv of Mr. A. B. SPRECKELS, San Erancisto, Cal., will be sold by PUBLIC AUCTION at the Belmont Park Race Course, Thursday, May 28. Ahara, br. -. brother m Amity, sad half-brother to Naiii. Agaar aad Daria, i •/oorbees- HaaAsaaje ll.iriy. i.y II;imls..iiic. Onar. b. I. sister to Alris, by Solitaire II. B» meraafen, by Sandringbam. Aldonus, ch. c. half-brother Ki Zmin iiti.l IicMi Carroll by Dr. l«ggo— Sseeharate. by Brata*. Sinai, b. i. isite:- ;» llyki aad half-sister to Ban. by Ii. Leggo ...iinne. by Bratas. Voluspa. b. i. bj Dr. I. .-_"... — Georgia Girl, by S..li t.iire II. .. ,, ■ Venttia. b. 1. sister to Harabgrd, by Solitaire II. S:ilv.iu-i. bj Salvatioa. Wodan. b. -. by Dr. Leggo — Coma, by Solitaire II. Valas. t.. c. by Imv •.•!•• D. — Glathe, by Solitaire 11. Vifir, b. .-. bj !»•. Leggo Gaerara. by Marias II. V;vi. cb. l. bjr Vnnii.e.-— Sanaa, by Paryear D. Saba, ii. f. sister to Rimlfaj and Deseaeato, by Voorbees— Maya II.. by Prince of Norfolk. Solon, ch. c. brother i" Aaar, Georgia Girl, Media, linn. mi .mil Captain Emerleh, and half-brother to i.i.rue Hwev. George Berry, iur Sister anil Al i;inciii, by HaitalK II. Georgia VI.. by l-lam- Sunno, b. f. sister L- Saga Nici; aad Nagga, aad half-sister t. Pare Dale, by Solitaire II. — Alma Dal . i. Midlothian. Vaza, I. e brother t. Holablrd, sad half-brother to lladad, Fafaer, Raveling, BaTdsaeal aad Chaaa. by Paryear 1 . Rltnlaetta, by St. Sevioar. Rusila sister 1" Dr. Leggo and Kin. la. and half- aister t.. Vaalr. Madeline I... TorbeHlao, AUIs a i.l l£.»s,. Fini. by Paryear D. gewas, by Wa- terrress. Hawara. b. f. by Vertices Ircslciie. by Presfa- pans. Saturnus, eh. c. brother to l.ri.ly Quality. Ilorns and "cos. and li.-tlf l.rot ti«-r t Tim Judge and Preservator, by Solitaire II. Fi.rinella. by I.ru- tus. Runes, br. c half-brotber t" Konnak. Trocha. Im an. Km. Magnifleo aad Baatiera, by Vaarheea— ciiitlie. by llism. Norus, b. c. in. ill luother t.. Cotytto, Glennadeaae nml Vimui i. by Dr. Leggo— The Peeress, by His Highness. Juvara. cb. I*. by Voochces Gaviota, by Olgbtoa. Aswan, b. .-. by Dr. Leggo — Prlaeeas Alssa, by Solitaire II. Carlone, br. e. by Ur. Leggo — Napa Girl, by Solitaire II. Vignola sister to Voorliees. Autenor nml Tiro, by Solitaire II.— Carnation II.. by Flambeau. FOR CATALOGUES. ADDRESS POWERS-HUNTER CO., Windsor Arcade, 569 Fifth Ave., New York, .Y. GEO. A. BAIN. AUCTIONEER. S* — TNE AMERICAN ■f a t THOROIOHBRED, IJandffiandk lt tomierly / HJ4/t S WOODS, I * /3w jM Room 312. 59 Dearborn St.. V iFQPH NOW L0CATE0 AT */r 1 Room 5IO * / y Baltimore Bldg., Chirajo l-** PHONE WABASH C443. DIRECT TRACK WIRE Oar nasaager has retaraed froai Piadlea, Loals- villi- is his n, .| atopping l.l.ice. If .voll v:int some real live inform:! tion wired to you direct from the uli.un.l ii iirli r before the raee, heres yoar ehaaea. WE ASK No Money in Advance on this svrviee. Plaee for us as we direct oa our wire .in. I seiul the winnings to our Chicago ..thee. Win- are scut under our .-.le No. 7.".. Semi f»r it NOW. Item. nil. t. we ioal sif in our ..Hice aad dope our wires ..:it. furthermore, we :iiw;is adver ii- ii- hwern -is well as oar winners. Our ad. h:is has appeared in this paper every day for over 10 years: naiss iliis oagfal t . show von whether we lire np t . .oil- promises or not. Be mire aad gel n copy of the latest REPORTER. No. 494. which contains i-oapoa for our new track sei« Ice. lis oa sale al nil newsdealers win. sell this paper. ;et :i ropy today, -•" cents is all it rosts, :in l its good for a week. Satardaya Special ran second. MONDAYS SPECIAL: No. 241. THE TURF REPORTER rXatahUahed AM. Room 509. 22 West Quincv Street. Chioafro. Illinoiii. WANTED i lea more ■aharilhiis t.. ear NEW SERVICE. Oar liisi sii starters ..n the Kentuckv tracks this rear, we gave on this service HAWTHORN. .95 to 1. WON: DISPARITY. .50 to 1. WON: OLD ROSEBUD. 85 cents to . WON: LUKE McLUKE, 23 to 20. second, and BENANET, 17 to 1. lost. Last two won llel lini.- out. AL- KANET. .15 to 1. WON. Get in at once. so we can mail you a code, Yesterdays Perm Special talshed seeaad. MONDAYS FORM SPECIAL: 503 in Book 367. THE STANDARD TIRE GUIDE Room 403. 22 W. Quincy St.. Chicago. 111. Beehive 15-100 Won ;► ► Luke McLuke ...23-10 Won ! o Bell Horse 18-10 Won % Balfron 9-10 Won ♦ o Little Hugh 26-10 Won Z o Stalwart Helen .38-10 Won I J Paton 14-10 Won o York Lad 18-10 Won o o Oakland 41-10 Won | Little Bean 9-1 Won j ► Martha Lee 33-10 Won I Glass 45-10 Won J! It Beulah S 36-10 Won 0 Bob ilensfey 41-10 Won ! Ella Grane 11-1 Won % ► ♦ O Tlieie were the winners my system selected 4 i during the past week. This system call-: O ► for no handicapping, no tips. After you ► O have same, you need no ones halp. If you O J I cannot prove above facts to yourself by the i * 2 charts, your money is returned on deuiaiid. O J Can anything be fairer? Terms: O.ie M . t hundred dollars, payable, twenty-five dollars . I with order, and the balance in thre a in- stallmcnts. after trying it and being con- .. O vinced. I know I have the goods. n- k O Juggling, no side-stepping: hard cold fucts. 41 which you will verify to your own satisfac- y tion, cr your money is refunded. You can O telegraph same or remit by special deliveiy. o O registered letter or certified check. ► j i Addvess t H. H. RIGGS t J 12 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. »••♦•••»•••»• a aaaaaaaaaaaaar DOUGLAS PARK.. J. J. SCHBETXBR AMERICAS PREMIER CLOCKER. I am rloefciag every mataJan mki ready t . i.-WINNERS. I hurt sit in an ofBce aaeasini for you. I am on the spat. Be member, the stable ■soaey is bet oa those I sjtve. This iaformatlos cannot be purchased with mooey slooe. it takes Innuence aad frieadsbip of years sraadlnc;. I have ■ good line oa all horses. After twentj years of practical experleace. I bare reached a stage where I have it oa this gasae, so commit :i s ialist of the aport. Have a .locker of roar own. Give me :i trial. I make Rood. V an employ me for the Douglas Park meeting of 19 davs. beginning May 23, for 0. I wire on two horses daily .it 11 a. m. Telearapb remit- t.i oi remit bj express order. Proposition* ii. . i eoasidered. Strictly :ivi |v. Preston Hotel, Room 208. Louisville, Ky. ■i i ■ 1 1 — mi ■ in iim i i ii mia iiiwimiaajBuwaasmusji OIY W. HAZE: WtltmmtmmUt ■ A .North JetTcrsou Avenue. St. Louis. Mo. BABY FREDDIE. Douglas Park :: Douglas Park 1 .-iin ii.. w located nt ibis track fat the meetmx I will he ;il LATONIA for meet in-. T. inis :i usual. OCCASIONALS only. EX-JOCKEY M ABSHA LL Initials E. J. --NERAL DELIVERY :: LOUISVILLE. KY. I AM IN on foar kiiiiiiLs dariajg the Deaglas Park mrf llaf I want yu« to striae with me. These four coup hors.s. now til.-.l with Daily Racing Form. Terms on these foar m:ik.- g I bets: Mail me morning after each race what you think riulit al year winnings. Write it ..i.e.-. inclosing four self -addressed stamped envelopes. Will mall horses names .i ;it :i iiine I., prevent leaks. MR. RICK. Oars of Goodwin. 1417 West Maiket Street. :: Louisville. Ky. NATIONAL RACING REVIEW MONDAYS SPECIAL: New- M.xi.o. Music, Mate, Swallow Vesterdays S|teckl ran so, |. Vne. LUKE McLUKE. 35 to 100. WON. Occasional ran Iblni Room 446. 321 South La Salle Street. Chicago. 111. The Monthly Form Book eoaUiaftag charts af all raeea run a* iaaagalard tracka in North America during the mouth of April, is now on sale. PRICE .00. MmjJe cpies by mall win Iositivlt.y only he sent :is i -i.isteie.I mail, with an extra gfeafga of ten cents for registration. Not res|Hinsible for boots sent as rcj;ul:ir mail. DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. 441 Plymouth Court :: :: Chi. ago, Illinois.

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