Yearling of 1914 Sold by Auction in America, Daily Racing Form, 1914-12-04

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. I ! ! : . I 1 : 1 " " ; " I : K .. ; ; ie ie d !f ,p , YEARLINGS OF 1914 SOLD BY AUCTION IN AMERICA j, 4 The number of thoroughbred yearlings sold at public auction in 1914 was 3G7. Several of these were resold, bringing the total Df sales up to 39S. The number so sold in 1912 was 243 and In 1913 it was 310. so a substantial gain was recorded. There was even a more marked increase in average prices, being .97 tills year, as compared with 71.00 in 1913. The top price of the year was the ,150 paid by T. C. McDowell for the chestnut colt by Watercress Pearl V. Good prices realized were not Infrequent. Thus five yearlings sold for ,0C0 or more, ten for between ,000 and ,000. sixteen for between ,000 and ,000 and thirty for 1etveeu ,000 and ,000, there thus being sixty-one which sold for ,000 or more, as against thirty-nine so sold in 1913 and twenty-two in 1912. the comparison being fairly reflective of the swelling prosperity of American racing. In alphabetical order of the sires the foliowing is a complete list of the yearlings passed into new ownerships by auction in the course of the year: ASTRONOMER, ch. h. 1903, by Dieudonne Star Chime, by Star Ruby. Seller. Buyer. Color and Sex. Dam. Price. Hinde and Baker ... ,..J. C. Milam Brown colt Fads-and Fancies ...$ 500 J AYLMER, b, h. 1907, by Bryn Mawr Thistledown, by Eothen. A. Bowman .- ..D. Lehan Chestnut filly Loretta Gale 123 BANNOCKBURN br. h. 1895, by Hayden -Edwards Bettie Blaise, by St. Blaise. B. Schreiber F. M. and R. Brown Bay colt Geheimniss 255 B. Schreiber F. Bendheutel Bay colt Merida 195 B. Pchreiher ....P. Bendheutel Brown colt Mildred B 175 B. Schreibei- ,. ..F. M. and R. Brown Brown colt Schwalbe 115 B. Schreiber F. Bendheutel Chestnut colt Royals Last 110 B. Schreiber F. Bendbeutel Chestnut filly Mescal 80 15. Schreiber ............ F. Bendbeutel Brown filly Augusta Victoria .t. 75 BEN BRUSH, b. h. 1893, by Bramble Roseville, by Reform. Miss E. Daingerfield G. A. Cochran Tar Brush, b. or br. c.Ladv Hortense 2.100 .1. D. Carr .......J. Butler Ray colt The" Scold 2,000 T. C. McDowell ...... .;.F. P. Keeno Ray colt Acusbla 1,250 T. C. McDowell ..G. A. Cochran Bay filly Tenawha 1,250 Thomas Piatt G. A. Cochran Bay colt Diimo 1.100 R. E. Beatty A. L. Astc H. Brush, b. e. Daisy Louise 000 John Fay . . ,.,R. T. Wilson Bay Ally Runaway Girl .. 000 J. S. Barlvee ..A. Stafford H. Brush, b. c Daisy Louise 550 BEN TROVATO, br. h. 1904, by Falsetto or Alvescot Golden Rose, by Goldfinch. 0. II. Chenault ...... ...W. Gerst Brown or black filly . Ava 250 T. L. Carpenter .;C. B. Reid Brown or black tillv Ava 225 BOX, ch. h. 1894, by Order Pandora, by Rayon dOr. W. Showalter .Ilickey Bros Bay filly Margaret Kent 225 W. Showalter .. ....W. Walker Chestnut colt Elsie 175 W. Showalter .. ....A. H. McCormack Chestnut filly Dinah Shad 135 W. Showalter ......Hickey Bros Bay colt Two Lick 100 W. Showalter B. Morgan Bay gelding .Two Heart 100 CELT, ch. h, 1905, by Commando Maid of Erin, by Amphion. A. B. Hancock ......J. Butler ............. .Bay colt ... Network 4.000 A. 15. Hancock ..Klkwooil Park Stable Chestnur filly Adriana 3,000 B. Hancock ....J. Butler Chestnut colt Queens Messenger... 2.100 Elkwood Park Stable . ... W. L. Powers Chestnut filly Adrjana v... 2,000 A: B. Hancock Elkwood Parle Stable Chestnut colt Ellerslie 1,900" A. Hi Hancock..... J.- Butler ,. ....Chestnut filly Frantic 900 Av 15. Hancock . .E. IV Whitney Chestnut filly Auriiie 700 aC 15. Hancock Elkwood Park Stable Chestnut filly Sanci 100 Elkwood Park Stable ...iS. L. Parsons Chestnut colt Ellerslie ion A 15. Hancock . ;...-..G. M.. Odom Chestnut filly Eliza Russell 500 Elkwood Park Stable ...R- T. Wilson .Chestnut filly Sanci. ...v..... 450 CHARLES EDWARD, ch. h. 1904, by Golden Garter Flora Mac, by Falsetto. Young, Carr and Piatt ...P. M. Civill ...Chestnut colt ....Mamena 325 IT. T. Oxuard ...... . W. Garth i. .Chestnut colt Torchlight 150 CONTESTOR, b. h. 1891, by Galore Conjectrix, by Uncas. Edward Frazer C- -Milam "...Bay or brown colt Hide and Seek 550 Edward Frazer ...J. C. Milam Bay or brown colt Grotesque 500 Edward Frazer . .....George Morgan Bay colt Miss Manners 150 Edward Frazer .....-.. ..George Morgan Bay or brown filly Fata Morgana 125 Edward Frazer ....... . George Morgan Chestnut Jilly Me-Sah-Che 75 -Edward Frazer ......... George Morgan Bay or brown colt The Brooin 50 Edward Frazer- ... :.. George Morgan Bay or brown filly Sweep Along 50 Edward Frazer- ...... . ...George Morgan Bay colt The Laundress 25 CUNARD, ch. h. 1899, by Goldfinch Lucania, by Sir Modred. Neot and Bradley ...... 1.. Dr. J- D. Neet ... ...Bay or brown filly Glass Slipper 400 . ,-...L. Calm Chestnut filly Miss Jordan 200 Stone and Rucker ..i.,.. ..William Blackford Chestnut filly Tinker .............. 100 CYCLADES, ch. h. 1901, by Cyllene Valo Royal, by Albert Victor. Williams and Radford ....W. H. Karriek .Chestnut colt ... .Lida B. 500 Williams and Radford ,.,.M. J. Grubcr Chestnut filly Olivia Miekle 500 J. II. White J. T. McDonald Bay colt Black Swan 500 E: Renshaw ..W. Gerst Bay filly -Moonshine 210 Williams and Radford W. Gass Brown filly Dorothy K 2O0 J. II. White ............George Morgan Chestnut filly Ravensroost 150 CZAR, b. h. 1905, by Uncommon Livadia, by Wawekus. Estate J. S. McCullough. . J. MacManus ....... Tatiana, ch: f .Marsara 400 Estate J. S. McCullough... W, Perkins Ruth Strickland, b.orbr.f.Searchlight 125 Estate J. S. McCullough. .3. IliilTman ..Bay colt Enhance 70 DAVID GARRICK, b. h. 1897, by Hancver Peg Woffington, by Longfellow. Valley Farm .tVA.-jityJ. S. . Hendrie ......... .Scotch Grouse, b. f. Blue Grbtise-27rv, Valley Farm ...v.- Allan Bulcroft Wishing Well. ch. f Springwells . . 225 -a- V ii Hey Farm J. S. Hendrie. Indian Day, ch. f .. .Temagaiiu 140 Valley Farm A. Bowman Tidal Wave. ch. f Logan Water 90 1 Valley Farm -..A. R. Spiers Snuffer, b. f Flicker Go .DELHI, br. h. 1901, by Ben Brush Veva, by Mortemer. 1 Miss E. Daingerfield ....F: P. Keeiie Ulenia, ch. c... Anthem 1,100 DICK FINNELL, blk. h. 1904, by. King Eric Teas Over, by Hanover. R. II. Anderson ..... John Whitlow Bay colt Alice Baird 300 R II. Anderson Smith and Farrar Brown or black filly Paradise Won 275 R. H. Anderson .v.. .John Whitlow Chestnut filly Octavo 150 Burgess Smith ...... . A. Bianchi Bob Blossom, b. c Wedding Blossom ... 150 Burgess Smith .....Smith and Farrar Base Ball, b. c Grizel r,0 DICK WELLES, b. h. 1900, by King Eric Teas Over, by Hanover. J. B. Respcss 1 i.J. .TV. Weaver Brown colt Lady Infallible 900 J 15. Respess .T. P. Hayes Chestnut filly Winter - G50 Young, Carr and Piatt .... M. C. Moore Bay colt Fluid G50 Young. Carr and Piatt M. C. Moore Bay colt Midlight 525 J. B. Resivess : . . . M. 0. -Mopre Bay colt Aniinositv , 500 Young, Can- and Piatt ....A. II. McCormack Chestnut filly Incendiary I 475 Young. Carr and Piatt J. Umensetter Brown or black filly Sweet Nell 400 J. L. and S. Holton i.J. P. Ross Chestnut filly Looking Glass 300 Young, Carr and Piatt ....J. P. Ross Black filly Obia ...... 300 15. F. Guthrie L. Calm Bay tillv Helen Miller 275 Young. Carr and Piatt J. P. Ross Brown filly Anna Brooks 250 J. 15. Respess ..W. F. Cisco Bay colt Outwai 200 J. 15. Respess ;.i.J. P. Smyth Chestnut filly Miladi Love 150 J B. Respess W. P. Cisco Chestnut filly Bessie Spahr 100 J. 15. Respess .. i.iW. P. King Chestnut colt Somersault 100 DISGUISE, b. h. 1S97, by Domino Bonnie Gal, by Galopin. Miss E. Daingerfield ....J. Butler Double Entendre, b. f...Ruby Nethersole 4.100 Miss E. Daingerfield -,t..P. P. Keene Glorianua, b. or br. f Wild Bess 3.950 .Miss E. Daingerfield J. C. Rodgers Bulse, ch. c Nethersole .2.150 Crosthwaite and Rocers ...J. C. Rodgers Chestnut colt Lardella 2,050 Miss E. Daingerfield G. A. Cochran Prince of Como. b. c Claudia 2.000 S C Lvne ..I. ..I: -Marklein Chestnut colt . .- Black Banner 9O0 George Starr P. J- Kelley Bay colt Sadie S 750 S. C. Lvne W. J. Treacy Chestnut filly Pirate Pollv 700 S. C. Lyne .....;... W. J. Treacy Chestnut colt Black Banner .. .50 DOR ANTE, b. h. 1905, by Pessara Lady Augusta, by Luke Blackburn. Chinn and Fovsvthe Mrs. J. Shilling Bay colt Pepeta GOO Chinn and Forsvthe .. C. X. Worthington Bay colt Fairy Dell 500 Chinn !: Forsvthe ..J- B. Cloher Brown iilly Sauteuse 325 Chimi and Forsvthe .. .R. B. McMillan Brown colt Crisscross 225 James Forsvthe ..A. 15. Metz Chestnut filly ...Naonia 225 James Forsvthe W. L. Lewis Chestnut lilly Bettie Gray 200 Chinn and Porsythe W.- L. Oliver Chestnut colt Maid of the Order... 175 Chinn and Forsvthe -. . .. . W. M. Roberts Bay colt Osee 150 Chinn and Forsythe W. Coower Bay fillv Intermezzo 125 James Forsvthe T. Fell Bay colt .Haif a-Sovereign 105 James Forsythe ..T. Fell Chestnut fillv :..Fugurtha 100 . .Tallies .Forsvthe ....W. Coower Chestnut colt Miss Flelsehniann ... 90 W. C. Forsythe ...C. Bogan Bay colt Birdseye .- 75 DR. BOOTS, ch. h. 190G, by The Commoner Touch Not, by Tremont. Parmer and Hendrie A. Sellers Chestnut colt Flexible 250 DUKE OF ORMONDE, b. h. 1907, by Orsini Santa Bella, by St. Serf. Ormondale Stud ......... W. M.; Wallace Bay colt Gold Lace 900 Ormondale Stud ..M. Goldblatt ." Bay filly -. Compensate 700 Ormondale Stud A.. Stafford Bay colt Chaste 325 Ormondale Stud W. J. Treacy Bay filly -Maid of the Mist ... 200 G. D. Wilson P. E. Booth Bay filly Maid of the Mist ... 200 Dr. P. E. Booth J. S. Hawkins Bay lilly Maid of tbc Mist ... 125 Mrs. C. Schreiber ....G. 1reece . Jose, b. e Silver Line 125 OrnioiKiale Stud W. V. Babcock Bav filly Reticella 100 Ormondale Stud W. J. Treacy Bay filly Spangle 100 ELKHORN. br. h. 1898, by Belvidcre Elkhorn Lass, by Glenelg. C. W. Crowley .!. W. J. Bissell ...Chestnut filly .Submarine 125 C. W. Crowley John Hoffman Brown filly Black Mantilla 75 FACTOR, b. h. 1906, by Fume Fairy, by Frusquin. A. Belmont II. Phillips Pecan, b. f Pecadillo 100 A. Belmont .11, Phillips Paradigm, b. g Lady Paramount 75 A. Belmont .... G. Preece Dash, b. f Dance Spirit 75 FAIR PLAY, ch. h. 1S05, by Hastings Fairy Gold, by Bend Or. A. Belmont :...G. M. Hendrie .Sands Of Pleasure, b. c. .. Golden Sand S00 A. . Belmont ..G. M. Hendrie Fair Orienta, h. C Orienta 450 A. Belmont ." Fred Foster Eulogy, b. f St. Etidora .".75 FAYETTE, ch. h. 190G, by Ogden Saratoga Belle, by Henry of Navarre. H. T. Oxnard . ..V....... L. Martine ...Bay colt .... Bohemia- 1.050 II. T. Oxnard L. -Marline Chestnut colt Bettie Bramble 050 FEROLE, b. h. 1909, by Ormc Ferment, by Octagon. Mrs. K. P. Shipp J. T. Williams Bay filly Chlone 100 FRONTENAC, b. h. 1900, by Kingston Sylvabelle, by Bend Or. Estate J. S. McWliioiigh...T. Griflin Ralph S., b. or br. c Idle Fancy 350 Estate .1. S. McCullough. . P. M. Civill Investment, b. f Jennie Wade 175 Stone and Rucker K. Stone Chestnut filly ... Rosetinch V. 100 Estate J. S. McCullough. .G. II. Whitney Suggestion, .ch. f Liberty Belle GO GALVESTON, b. h. 1897, by Galopin Hamptonia. by Hampton. J. B. Haggin ..V M. Hendrie Bay colt Lyehee Nut GOO il.T. 15. Ilaggiu Elkwood Park Stable Brown filly Squedaddle 550 J. 15. llacgin R. IV Carman Bay. tillv Phlda 350 R. H. Anderson R. L. Baker Bay colt Adept 350 J. 15. Haigiu T. C. McDowell Bay filly Sweet lavender 2i0 Elkwood Park Stable ...1 T. Williams Browu lilly Squedaddle 200 GLORIFIER, ch. h. 1902, by Hastings Glory, by 111 Used. Seller. Buyer. Color and Sex. Dam. Prlce; AV. Mulholland S. T. Harbison Bay tilly Fatinitza 220 .Aw-B.. .Hancock U. AY. MeCully Clicstnut Ally Sallie AVashiugton .. 200 GOLD HEELS, b. h. 1898, by Tho Bard Heel and Toe, by Glenelg. Hlntle and Baker J. C. Milam Bay or brown Ally Sanctissima 525 M. R. Harned L. Lcban ...Bay colt ... Pouting 100 GOLDEN MAXIM, b. h. 1900, by Golden Garter Miss Maxim, by Maxim. II. T. Oxnard P. Johnson Bay colt . .Hesione Cr0 II. T. Oxnard Bevenvyck Stable Bay colt Masthead 000 II. T. Oxnnrd J. McLaughlin. Sr Bav Ally Personal 400 II. T. Oxnard M. J. Leonard Bay Ally Bclphoebc 150 11. T. Oxnard 13. P. Whitney Bay colt High Gate 150 Elkwood Park Stable ...James McLaughlin Chestnut colt Bit of Spice 150 II. T. Oxnard M. A. Silvers Chestnut colt Bit of Spice 100 II. T. Oxnard M. A. Silvers Chestnut filly Listless 100 II. T. Oxnard AV. Stewart Bay colt Maid of Promise ... 100 II. T. Oxnard M. A. Silvers Bay Ally Sandy Bar 100 Elkwood Park Stable ...L. T. Williams Bay Ally Personal 100 GREAT HEAVENS, ch. h. 1906, by Star Shoot Chapter, by Carlsbad. K. J. Pons M. J. Leonard Lily Heavens, ch. f Lillian E 50 HAMMON, b. h. 1895, by Hanover Havilah, by Longfellow, Estate J. S. McCullough..E. C. Crockett Chestnut colt Jane Gray 30 HASTINGS, br. h. 1893, by Spendthrift Cinderella, by Blue Kuin or Tomahawk. Belmont and Patrick R- L- Baker Chestnut colt Crimea 2,000 Belmont and Smitha L. Sinitha Bay colt Lizzie Gilmau 050 O. II. Chenault E. Davis Chestnut Ally Cathay 000 A. Belmont G. Erbert Turco, b. c Turquoise 375 Belmont and Shipp V. Shipp Bay colt Miss Simplicity :t50 Estate J. S. McCullough..Gallaher Bros Bay or brown colt Miss Simplicity 350 Belmont and Shipp O. II. Chenault Chestnut Ally Ruby Ray , 200 Stone and Rucker JL Leonard Chestnut Ally Carmen Silva 150 Belmont and Cole J- Splan Blue Cap, ch. f Blue Jacket 125 O. II. Chenault A. B. Gallaher Chestnut filly Ruby Ray 125 A. Belmont 3lr- Newton Selma. br. f Selina D 100 J. N. Camden P. Johnson Bay filly Involved 100 Belmont and Patrick W. V. King Bay filly Arline 100 Stone and Rucker K- Stone Bay filly Ano 50 HENO, b. h. 1899, by Falsetto or Henry Young Quiver, by Faustus. A. B. Hancock J. S. Hendrie Chestnut colt Lady Godiva 750 A. B. Hancock Quincy Stable Chestnut filly ". Watita 400 A. B. Hancock S. Lawler .......Bay filly Albertola 100 HILARIOUS, ch. h. 1906, by Voter Harpsichord, by Amphion. J. L. Holland !! Oots Chestnut filly .....Druid 1,200 J. L. Holland G. It. Seun Chestnut colt Ethel Scruggs 1,000 J. L. Holland IL Gets Brown or black colt Adipose 000 J. L. Holland L L Plannigan Bay lilly Rosetingc 525 J. L. Holland H- Oots Brown filly Peggy 400 T. L. Holland ! L. Powers Black colt .Lady Esther 325 J. L. Holland G. It. Semi Bay filly Cascabel 275 HIPPODROME, ch. h, 1894, by Commando Dominoes, by Domino. Miss K. Daingerfield G. AVingfield Skeer Face. b. e Fleeing Venus 500 Mrs. E. L. Israel John Doyle Chestnut colt Charlcotc 325 Mrs! E. L. Israel Ken AValker Paducah, ch. c Charlcotc 250 ir. F. K. Booth J. Walters Paducah, ch. c Charlcote 175 C. M. Corbiu G. AVingfield Mary Jay, b. f Calyx 150 HURST PARK, ch. h. 1900, by Kingston Editha, by Master Kildare. Estate J. S. McCullough..M. C. Moore Little Cove, b. c Fontanet 175 Estate J S. McCullough..E. C. Crockett Mallet, b. f Prophetess 175 Stone and Rucker A. Blown . . Chestnut filly . . Isboll Hermeuce 100 Estate J. S. McCullougli..T. J. Harmon Paulson, br. or blk. f... Isabella I 100 Estate J. S. McCullough..Miss E. Daingerfield Method, eh. f La Josephine S5 JACK ATKIN, b. h. 1904, by Sain El Salado, by Emperor of Norfolk. O. II. Chenault Robert Davies Bay colt Miss Marion 2.S00 T .7. and G. II. Clay P. K. Booth Bay colt Ellangowan 2,500 K. R. Bradlev W. Hurley Brown Ally AVhisk Broom 110 E. R. Bradley J. F. Davenport Bay filly Grail 13,-. KING JAMES, b. h. 1905, by Plaudit Unsightly, by Pursobearcr. " H. T. Oxnard F- Johnson Brown colt Ridicule 1,5100 II. T. Oxnard J. Butler Brown colt Auntie Muni 100 II. T. Oxnard Bevcrwyck Stable Chestnut colt . .Gatien Belle . .. 500 II. T. Oxnard W. Garth Brown filly AVealtU 850 II. T. Oxnard ....A. II. Morris iirown colt Bella Mia SOO H. T. Oxnard J. E. Davis Bay filly Plumeria 700 H. T. Oxnard L. P. Williams - Bay filly Belle of Oakley COO 11. T. Oxnard Bevcrwyck Stable Bay colt i.... Dainty 000 H. T. Oxnard A. J. Goldsborough Chestnut colt Xotasulga 000 H. T. Oxnard J. Butler Brown filly Award 550 H. T. Oxnard A. J. Goldsborough Chestnut colt Proud Duchess 500 II. T. Oxnard F. Johnson Bay filly Belle of Oakley 500 II. T. Oxnard F. Johnson Chestnut Ally Marjoram 450 II. T. Oxnard J. E. Madden Clicstnut filly Santa Catalina 450 II. T. Oxnard W. Gartli Chestnut colt Tuscanita 350 II. T. Oxnard AV. O. Joplin Brown filly Smirr 200 H. T. Oxnard P. S. P. Randolph Bay filly Doughnuts 150 II. T. Oxnard AV. Garth Chestnut filly Lady Appleby 150 H. T. Oxnard J- E. Davis Bay colt Verdict 150 KNIGHT OF THE THISTLE, b. h. 1893, by Rosebery The Empress Maud, by Bcauclcre. J. II. Morris J. MacManus Chestnut colt Tardy 300 MARATHON, b. h. 1904, by Martagon Ondulee, by St. Simon. Hiude and Baker J. C. Milam Bay filly Golden Fancies 025 J. B. Respess E. T. Colton Brown filly Edna Shannon 175 Young, Carr and Piatt ....AV. Roberts Chestnut Ally ... i. i Belle Swift 100 MARTA SANTA, b. h. 1836, by Martley Luxette, by Knight of Malta. S. C. Lvne F. Carman Bay colt Country Fraud 500 O. AV. Sininsoii J. O. Milam Chestnut filly Lucasta, by II.Edwds 475 Young, Carr and Piatt J. J. Marklein Bay colt Reality 425 S. C. Lyne J- G. Milam Bay colt ..Argon Esher 400 O. II. Chenault A. P. Metz Bay or brown filly Little Fraud 375 O. H. Chenault D. T. Morris Bay filly Statira 350 Young, Carr and Piatt AV. G niter Bay filly .Thrilled 225 S. C. Lvne O. II. Chenault Bay Ally Little Fraud 200 Estate J. S. McCullough.. Thomas Piatt Bay filly Thrilled 100 MARTIMAS, ch. h. 1896, by Candlemas Biggonot, by Bramble. Aalley Farm J. S. Hendrie . Good Shot, b. f Percussion 250 C. E. Connscll S. B. Thompson California Queen 130 Aalley Farm C. S. Parkinson Cockatoo, eh. c ...The Liutio 05 MARTINET, b. h. 1900, by Martagon Silene, by St. Simon. J. L. Holland J. II. Mead Chestnut colt Mai Lowery 525 McGEE, b. hi 1900, by White Knight Remorse, by Hermit. O. II. Chenault J. E. Davis Chestnut colt Any Day 1,400 C. AV. Moore C. C. Frey Bay or brown colt Trlsauce SOO C. AV. Moore ...A. Tuiney Brown Ally Inference 800 O. II. Chenault AV. II. McCorkle Chestnut colt Richmond Hill 400 Gorliaui Bros M. Young Charlie McGee, 1. c... Sadie May 400 C. W. Moore i.A. Turney Chestnut colt Royal Una 300 O. IL Chenault G. I. AVilson Chestnut colt Richmond Hill 250 O. A. Moore J. AV. May Clicstnut Ally Radiance 225 C. AV. Moore K. Brewster Bay filly Inlet 175 C. AV. Moore T. Pratt Brown colt Lithia 155 AV. B. Duke J. Harp Olive McGee, b. f.. Aerna Rice 125 MIZZEN, b. h. 1900, by Hastings Donna Mia, by Ill-Used. C. AV. Crowley L. Calm Bay colt . Rosegarland 125 C. AV. Crowley M. J. Farris Bay filly AVitch Hazel 75 C. AV. Crowley George Morgan Bay or brown colt Sabot 55 NASTURTIUM, ch. h. 1899, by Watercress Margeriquc, by Order. Young, Carr and Piatt W. Gerst Chestnut filly Divination 550 Kentucky Sales Co. Agts.J. C. Milam The Meadows, b. e. . ....Pink Rose 350 Kentucky Sales Co. Agts.C. T. AVorthingtou Bay lilly Merrily 225 Stone and Rucker . ...S. Newman Bay colt Lemco ;i00 Kentucky Sales Co. Agts.George Stoll Chestnut colt Seattcrcasli 100 NEALON, br. h. 1903, by Sain Sister Josephine, by Hanover. B Scbreiber F. M. and It. Brown Bay colt .Lisp ......... 210 b! Schrelbev F. M. and R. Brown Bay colt Ravelue 175 ORDER, b. h. 1888, by Bend Or Angelica, by Galopin. T. J. and G. II. -Clay J. MacManus Bay or brown colt Madam Junot 1,050 ORISON, b. h. 1903, by Hamburg Vespers, by Himyar. G H AVhitnev Y M. Pittman Clicstnut colt Peggy It 150 u ;" n" AVhitnev 3 J- Harmon Bay colt ; Marjory Rice 100 Dr. St. C. Street Bay colt Marjory Rice ORMONDALE, b. h. 1D03, by Ormonde Santa Bella, by St. Serf. I S Birbec Oneck Stable Bay lilly Lady Bramble 1.000 Orniondale Stud MacManus Bay colt . Ophirdale . . 1,100 Orniondale Stud J. Fitzsiuinions ...Bay colt Roman Gold 450 ORSINI, br. h. 189S, by Ormonde Jongleusc, by Alarm. Young Carr and Tiatt W. Forman Brown colt Zenobia 425 Ormonilaie Stud Thomas Piatt Brown colt Zenobia 200 Orniondale Stud J- Fitzslmmons Bay Ally Rose of China 100 OSSARY, b. h. 1896, by Ormonde Countess Langden, by Kingcraft. Orniondale Stud -L W. Schorr Bay colt Orsina 900 Orniondale Stud J- MacManus Bay colt Tenebrae 350 Orniondale Stud M. Goldblatt Brown colt Latona :;0 Airs C Scbreiber G. Preece Dora Doe, b. f Dora 1 225 Orniondale Stud James McDonald Bay colt Belle of Palo Alto ... 150 OTIS, br. h. 1899, by Sain or Foul Shot Laura Agnes, by Jils Johnson. 15 Scbreiber F. M. It. Brown Bay colt Modwena 105 B. i-chretber R. Tubbs Bay colt Fidel Youlin 70 OUT OF REACH, b. h. 1900. by Persimmon Sandfly, by Isonomy. riiii.n and Forsythe C. T. AVorthingtou Bay colt Commena 1 700 iin and Forsvtbe E. McBride Bay colt Consuelo II 000 i- and Forsythe Gallaher Bros Bay colt Iorrol ryv-, Ch and Forsythe W. L. Oliver Brown colt My Eleanor 00 Clin and Forsythe J. W. May ,lc, lnru. "at . 1 Ch n and Forsythe E. L. Fitzgerald Bay nlly Belle of St. r Louis ... 150 Ch 1 and Forsythe J. Riley lours, br. c Lthel Thomas 105 rpbiim it Forsythe J. Lally Brown colt Naulahka 100 PEEP oDAY, b. h. 1893, by Ayrshire Sundown, by Springfield. t Barhee Robert Davies Ray colt My Gyps 3.0OO T j and G II. Clay It. L. Baker Chestnut colt Prairie Belle 1,050 1 S Barbce P. Johnson Bay colt Aic Kinney 1,500 T V Barbce J. T. McDonald Bay colt Sena Goodrich 000 J. S. Barbee Robert Davies Bay colt Miss,, Marconi ........ C00 PENTECOST, b. or br. h. 1899, by Hastings Tarantella, by Peter. O. AV. Crowley O. A. Blanehi Ray Hy Indian Fairy 100 PETER PAN, b. b, 1904, by Commando Cinderella, by Hermit. t r AlcDowell F. P. Keeue .Bay Ally Star Cat 4,000 MiV Daiugerfield J. Butler Panacea, b. or br. c. Mintcake 4,000 T S Barbee A. Cochran Bay or brown filly Benefactress 3,500 T O and G IT. keene ...A. P. Keeue "ay Hy Mildred Shults l.SWH Yo?ug7 Carr and Piatt .... W. Gerst Chestnut colt My Baby 1.425 Seller. Buyer. Color and Sex. Dam. Price. P. J. Millctt T. P. Hayes Brown colt Lauretta Burke 800 H.- Oots II. Oots ,. .Chestnut Allv Moselle 500 S. C. Lyne M. Young Chestnut colt My Baby 400 F. J. Kelley L. Calm Bay colt Attelle 75 PETER QUINCE, ch. h. 1905, by Commando Fair Vision, by Touchet. O. IT. Chenault James Blute Brown colt Sweet Marjoram 2,000 Young, Carr and Piatt . ...M. G. Thompson Black colt Baby Lamb 1,300 J. N. Camden F. Johnson Brown lilly Sister Juliet S50 Capt. B. Alley and Sons...AA J. Young Bay lilly Lucasta, by Hkstone 800 J. N. Camden J. O. Keene Bay colt Musical Slipper 050 J. N. Camden p. Johnson Bay Ally Amy J 000 J. N. Camden Thomas Piatt Black colt Baby Lamb 000 J. N. Camden G. F. Johnson Ray filly Emma Traunmlller .. 500 Young, Carr and. Piatt J. B. Gorham .v.. Bay colt Mctzie 400 Capt. B. Vlley and Sons. ..Gallaher Bros Chestnut filly Bobbinct- 375 Capt. B. Alley and Sons...K. Moore Chestnut filly Tunisia 300 A. Bowman M. C. Moore Bay filly Ellora 300 T. J. and G. II. Clay J. AVilmot Clicstnut filly Janet Gray 275 J. N. Camden U. Breece Chestnut filly Aggie Marden 225 T. J. and G. II. Clay Thomas" Piatt Bay colt Mctzie 200 PLAUDIT, br. h. 1895, by Himyar Cinderella, by Blue Ruin or Tomahawk. A. B. Hancock ..... J. Fitzsiuinions Bay colt Meddling Mary 3,300 PRINCE OF MELBOURNE, ch. h. 1897, by Bramble Maid of Balgowan, by Hindoo. II. T. Oxnard M. J. Leonard Chestnut filly Rose Prim 175 ROCKSAND, br. h. 1900, by Sainfoin Roquebruno, by St. Simon. A. Belmont C. Erbert Sand Pocket, b. f Pocketplece 075 A. Belmont C. Erbert Orator, ch. c Donna de Oro 025 A. Belmont F. Johnson Venture, b. f Aelocity iOO A. Belmont C. Erbert Rock Merry, b. f Merry Token ... 150 A. Belmont R. F. Carman Oleander, ch. f Octoroon 100 SAIN, br. h. 1894, by St. Serf The Task, by Barcaldine. O. H. Chenault AV. II. McCorkle Bay colt Highland Queen 300 O. II. Chenault Kay Spence Bay colt Highland Queen ..... 175 SAMSON, b. h. 1903, by Sainfoin Eckford, by Oberon. R. L. Garsidc AV. L. Powers Chestnut colt Flower 500 J. H. Morris D. Douglas Bay colt Mary Morris .... 200 SINGLETON, b. h. 1901, by St. Simon Field Azure, by Bend Or. A. Belmont R. F. Carman Typography, b. f Typical 250 Belmont and Cole .J. Splan Blue Diamond b. c Blue Bell 125 A. Belmont R. F. Carman Dune Site, b. f Dune 100 J- Splan G. Preece Blue Diamond, b. c Blue Bell 100 SIR WILFRED, b. h. 1903. by Ossary Plumeria, by Eagles Plume. II. T. Oxnard ..S. Ross Bay filly Spanish Match 450 STALWART, ch. h. 1901, by Meddler Molba, by Mortemer, G. D. AVilson J. C. Milam , Chestnut colt Torrid 500 G. 1. AVilson W. M. AVallace Chestnut colt .Miss Peggy 400 Ed. Frazer T. C. Jlilaui Bay colt Confab 300 G. D. AAllson D. Lcban Chestnut lilly Stormy Petrel 150 C. AV. Moore. W. L. Oliver Bay colt Semper Victoria 150 Ed. Frazer ., George Morgan Chestnut filly Concert 100 STAR RUBY, b. h. 1892, by Hampton Ornament, by Bend Or. J. B. Haggin J. S. Hendrie ..Bay colt Muriel 550 J. B. Haggin T. C. McDowell Bay filly Rosanna 200 STAR SHOOT, ch. h. 1898, by Isinglass Astrology, by Hermit J. N. Camden M. Goldblatt Chestnut colt Berry Maid 2,000 J. S. Barbee J. T. McDonald Chestnut colt El Salado 1,500 C. and J. II. AVoodford ...J. C. Milam Chestnut filly Nell Olin 1,000 C. AVoodford S. AVcst Chestnut filly Independence Dav ... 450 Dr. F. E. Booth J. B. Cloher Chestnut lilly Independence Day ... 450 J. N. Cauideu Thomas Piatt Bay colt Balkis 350 SUPERMAN, ch. h. 1904, by Commando Anomaly, by Bend Or. J. E. Dclph G. AAingfield Chestnut colt Jarto 300 SWEEP, br. h. 1907, by Ben Brush Pink Domino, by Domino. J. D. Carr F. P. Keene Brown colt Lamp Jirl SOO J. D. Carr G. AVingfield Brown lilly Grace Commoner 400 THE COMMONER, ch. h. 1892, by Hanover Margerino, by Algerine. Parmer and nendrie Elkwood Park Stable ....Chestnut colt Salaire 1,000 Parmer and Hendrie J. S. Hendrie Chestnut lilly .Mountain Mist 550 Parmer and Hendrie A. Brown Bay colt Rene 500 Parmer and Hendrie R. AV. MeCully Chestnut filly Hortensia 300 Parmer and Hendrie G. M. Hendrie lirown colt Alpaca 200 Parmer and Hendrie G. M. Hendrie Chestnut filly Argosy 200 Parmer and Hendrie T. II. Cook Brown colt Yankee Rose 150 Elkwood Park Stable ...Thomas Piatt Chestnut colt Salaire 125 Parmer and Hendrie G. J. Long Black filly Hawkstlight 100 Parmer and Hendrie T. II. Cook Brown filly Niaxtis 100 Parmer and Hendrie J. B. Sheridan .Bay filly ...Irresistible 100 THE PICKET, b. h. 1900, by Falsetto Voltario, by Volante. T. R. Gardner G. AA J. Bissell Brown colt Bethel 350 A. B. Hancock E. F. AVhitney Clicstnut filly Little Em 300 11. T. Oxnard W. Garth Chestnut filly Rosecrest ..1 150 O. II. Chenault AV. II. McCorkle Black colt Rose of Gold 150 II. T. Oxnard M. A. Silvers Bay colt ..Queen 100 O. II. Chenault G. D. AVilson Black colt Rose of Gold 100 Elkwood Park Stable ...T. OReilly Bay colt Queen 50 TODDINGTON, b. h. 1898, by Melton Minerva, by Hermit or Galopin. J. B. Haggin T. C. McDowell Bay filly Poinpadoura 200 TONY BONERO, br. h. 1904, by Sain America, by Spendthrift. F. J. Pons J. H. ATalentine Elsie Bonero, b. f Elsie Bramble 100 TRANSVAAL, b. h. 1905, by Commando Royal Rose, by Royal Hampton. Hinde and Baker J. C. Milam Bay or brown filly Fair Alien 775 AV. C. Forsythe J- R. Redmond Chestnut eolt Cerina 750 AV. C. Forsythe J. R. Redmond Chestnut filly Katherine Moore 725 S. F. Owen J. C. Milam Chestnut filly Kuhla 150 TRAP ROCK, ch. h. 1908, by Rock Sand Topiary, by Orme. Mrs. T. J. Carson R. T. AVilson Bay colt Sly Nun 1,300 O. II. Chenault J. MacManus Brown colt ...Africa 1,100 O. H. Chenault Robert Davies Chestnut filly Avon II 1,100 O. II. Chenault Robert Davies Chestnut colt Golden Bush 1,000 Mrs. T. J. Carson It. T. AVilson Chestnut filly Lady .Moccasin 500 B. F. Guthrie Gallaher P.ros Brown colt The Pet 400 O. II. Chenault D. T. Morris Bay Ally Wailles 300 .Mrs. T. J. Carson O. H. Chenault Bay filly AValfles .... 200 O. II. Chenault J. J. Flannigan Bay filly ...AVatlles 200 ULTIMUS, ch. h. 1906, by Commando Running Stream, by Domino. F. J. Kelley J. Butler Chestnut Ally Graziella 1,100 Estate J. S. McCullough. Dr. E. W. Hagyard Frank Ensign, ch. c Miss Juneau 250 VOTER, ch. h. 1894, by Friars Balsam Mavoureen, by Barcaldine. T. C. McDowell C. H. Berryuiau Chestnut colt Ecstacy 5,100 T. C. McDowell G. A. Cochran Chestnut Ally Belle of Ashland ... 3.330 J. S. Barbee G. A. Cochran Chestnut colt Carlutta C 3,200 Estate J. S. McCullough.. Dr. E. AV. Hagyard Breunen, b. c Debacle 3 000 J. O. and G. H. Keene J. Butler Chestnut filly Fleur de Marie 2,500 J. 1. Neet K. Alexander Chestnut lilly Dancing Wave 2.125 C. D. Clay J. AV. Schorr Chestnut colt Lady Balgowan 1 700 Miss E. Daingerfield E. R. Bradley Airginia Minor, ch. f. ...Busy Lass L300 Thomas Piatt G. A. Cochran Chestnut colt Goody Good 1250 P. J. Millctt r. Butler Chestnut filly Red Light 1,000 Miss E. Daingerfield F. J. Kelley Lady of Lynn. ch. f Lydia II 850 Miss E. Daingerlield G. Wingtield Tze-Lsi, b. f Fair Empress ... 550 Miss E. Daingerfield- K. Alexander Mollie Elliott, ch. f .Airs. Sewall 550 W. T. Anderson V. T. Anderson Bay lilly Prinzessiii 500 Miss E. Daingerfield J. Butler Chestnut Ally Bird of Paradise 500 J. S. Barbee G. AVingfield Chestnut Ally Hattie Walker 300 W. E. Randolph G. AVingfield Bay filly Haniose 300 WATERBOY, br. h. 1899, by Watercress Zealandia, by Sir Modrcd. J. B. Hagsin Quincy Stable Brown colt Colonial 3,000 J. B. Haggin Klkwook Park Stable Bay or brown filly Hamburg Belle 3,100 Elkwood Park Stable S. L. Parsons Bay or brown filly Hamburg Belle 2,300 J. B. Haggin Quincy Stable Black colt Yvonette 2,100 J. B. Haggin Quincy Stable Bay or brown colt Enterprise 1 000 J. B. Haggin G. J. Long : Bay filly La Fleur 700 J. B. Haggin G. J. Long Bay filly Star 000 .1. B. Haggin T. C. McDowell Bay Ally Soliloquy 300 Stone and Rucker Tuiney Bros Bay colt Lady Ilsley 250 AVATERCRESS. br. h. 1889, by Springfield Wharfedale, by Hermit. J. B. Haggin T. C. AlcDowell Chestnut colt Pearl V. 8 150 J. B. Haggin E. I. Tyler Brown Ally Ogalala 1,100

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