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; ■ i. i GENERAL NEWS NOTES OF THE DAY. Expenditure of more than 7,000,000 in furtherance of German interests in this country, including the effort to foment a new revolution in Mexico headed by Huerta. with the hope of involving Ununited , States, was accounted for in a report of - government agents in New York, which was mailed 1 to Washington early Friday morning. The report was a voluminous document, which treated in detail [ various projects of German officials and Gcnmrh agents. It arrived in Washington after the recall 1 of Captain Boy-Ed aud Captain von Papen had been 1 asked, but it was predicted today that the report would probata* lead to further action by the State Department against other official and semi-official i representatives of the German and Austrian governments. - Much of the report is devoted to the work . of the organization directed by Dr. Hciiirich Albert. . German privy councilor, who has been esaaeod as 1 the official Chief of the German propaganda in this • countrv. German agents who reported to Dr. Albert l and to Captains Boy Ed and Von lapen have been t Shadowed for months by United States Secret service men acting under the orders of William C. Otfiy. chief of the bureau of investigatim of the Dc-i-artuient ■ of Justice in New York city. The distribution - of the 7,000,000 was as follows: Twelve million dollars for the panose of a counter-revolution in 1 Mexico. Five million dollars for the Bridgeport t Projectile coumany. Three million dollars for secret ! service and detective work. Three million dollars I for lectures, press bureaus and certain foreigtt language publications. Two million Ire hundred thousand " dollars for German sea raiders. One million 1 live hundred thousand dollars for miscellaneous expenses. A dispatch of Saturday night from Loudon says: Roumauia today gave notice to the world that she is 1 ready to strike in the great tangle in the Balkans. • On what side the magnificent army of King Ferdinand. 500.000 of the finest aud best c tuipped troops i in Europe, will strike, only the great chancellories know: ami even they may not be in the secret of ■ the wily Balkan diplomats. All steamships, barges, ■ tugs ami other vessels fouml in Roumanian harbors • on Monday will lie seized by the government "in the interests of national defense." according to an 1 official announcement made by the Roumanian rata-net in Bucharest today. All ships, whether Roumanian or foreign, will be requisitioned. This action by Roumauia overshadowed every other development - in the Balkan situation tonight. News of this 1 warlike movement was telegraphed here on the • heels of reports from Athens, apparently confirmed I in Berlin dispatches, that King Constantino was altout t«- give a satisfactory reply to the allies. It i gave rise to fresh hopes that Roumania is about to cast her lot with the allies. Only a few foreign 1 vessels are now in Roumanian Black sea ports. It 1 is lH-lieved here the order is aimed principally at 1 Bulgarian and Austro-German cargo boats, carrying munitions and foodstuffs along the Danube. Should ! Koumania suddenly enter th,- war on the side of the entente allies her first move probably would be to seize these vessels to aid in transporting Russian troops up the Danube into Bulgaria. A message from Saloniki says tw French air squadrons bombarded Gem. an and Bulgarian camp-; near Stru-aritaa . sad Usktib effectively today. They returned [ safety to the allied lines despite a hot fire. An Amsterdam dispatch says that treachery on 1 the part of Arab tribesmen when Bagdad was J within their grasp caused the rout of the British 1 forces in Mesopotamia, according to Berlin advices. Hordes of Arabs made their way up the Tigris with the British under General Townshed almost to ! the gates of Br.guad. Arab scouts, sent ahead of the British forces, reported o:ily comparatively small bodies of Turkish troops defending Bagdad. At the crucial mc ment in the battle near Ctesipbon tin-Arabs turned upon the British, according to dispatches received by the Berlin Yissische Zeitung. An official dispatch from the Turkish war office tonight described the defeat of the British as a rout. The Turks hare pursued the fleeing British nearly 100 miles down the Tigris to within a few mile; 1 of their base at Kut-ol-Amara. and are continuing ! their attacks. An official report adds: We captured • two transport ships on the Tigris, loaded with 1 rata and two monitors. A la!" message from OOB- • staatteopte claims a fresh I uccess for the Turkis.i 1 arniv in Meso;io!at.iia. stating that it has captured I two" additional British gunboats, equipped with loci ntimetcr guns. Thirtv-one of the fifty-four men indicted as lalxo-Staggers and conspirators app.eared in the Criminal Conart Saturday and gave heads for their release. Acceptance Of bail was acrompanicd by much con fusion, beraaoe Of a difference of ssslerstaadtag between lawyers repii-senting the defendants and ■*• sist::uts of states Attorney lloyne as to what CWef • Justice Richard C. Burke had decided oa beads. The men who gave themselves up and were released , sa beads were: L. P. I.indelof. William Geimer. Charles W. Hanson. Frank Gardner. Julius Lichten-stein. I Don I.. Bernard. Kay Chary, .lack Cleary. Frank Curran. Charles Gibard. II. II. Grass, bsdore ] tardea. Kisser H. Hitt. John B. Johnson. William . Klemz. Edward Kenm-y. William E. Nestor, Ni--k Pekelsina. Lawrence Simon. Thomas Sheplor. Ray C. Stewart. Richard Shields. George Tu.kbreifer. . John Tulics. a, Hugo Hahn, Ureses Kcllman. Tom K.-tlv. JT. vT. Murphy. Tom Kidding. Roy Shields ami Walter Rtasejr. Officials of the large Phila.lalphia refineries say tin- public will be forced to pay ai least ten cents 1 a poaad for granulated sugar in the next tin months, as S result of conditions arising from the war. Premier Asquith. Lord Kitchener, the first lord of the admiralty. Mr. Balfour and British naval a:i 1 military advisers conferred at Calais with the French premier and ministers of war and marine, it was officially announced Saturday night. It was i 1 1 1 ! . [ 1 1 J ! announced in Paris that uo successor to General JotTre would be appointed at present to take com-j mand on the western front. This gave the tir t intimation that any successor had been considered for the French commander-in-chiefs place iu the west, and came as a surprise. The trustees of the Carnegie Hero Fund, the Car-j negie Trust for the Universities of Scotland and the Carnegie Dunfermline Trust have decided to sell at current market prices the United States Steel Corporation bonds held by the trusts and invest the proceeds in beads of the British government. The lionds amount to almost 5,000,000. A German commander of a division has been cap tared h» the Baariaaa in the fighting southwest of Pinsk. it was orliciallv admitted iu Berlin Satur- day afternoon. The war office, however, denied that any other German officers were captuied at the same

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