Necrology of the Turf in the Year 1916, Daily Racing Form, 1917-01-11


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NECROLOGY OF THE TBRF IN THE YEAR 191C. Of those who w.nished in 391G. to be known no more la the efforts of mankind, the turf world lost inanv of 11 t •. Among tlios. wlio passed into eterni-tj were Weodtord Clay of a distinguished Kentucky family Identified for senerathMM with the turf own era and hreeeers; Robert Davies. one of Canadas f temost ttirinn 11: Herman B. Duryea of interna-1 fane as aa owner and breeder, as well as winner of the Epsom Derby with a horse of his owe breeding:; CoL L. P. Tarlton. an able lawyer aandd a t reeder of many good horses; Charles Thorpe, one of the beat Jockeys who ever sat on a horse: "Uncle Jinmiie" Cray, truly a veteran of the ABMTieaa turf and widely known; John K. String-field and Ralph Toner, writers on turf affairs for many years; besides many others connected with racing in rsriooa capacities. Across the seas also death closed the earthly accounts of numerous men Of great fame in racing, not least of whom was the well beloved rider "Danny" Maher. who was born :.n American and died an Englishman. The death Lst of the year embraces the following: Owners and Ereeders. liltIIATtl . BENSON — Former owner and trainer, Kansas City, Kan., June i: kidney trouble. PETKB BRATTON — Owner and trainer, Jersey City, v .1.. Noresaber; lingering illness. ERA8TUS BURGESS — Former owner and breeder. Woodstock, Canada, July 2H. WOODFORD CLAY— Breeder, Louisville, Ky., June 2: apoplexy. ROBERT DAVIES — Owner and breeder, Toronto, om.. Karen 22; anoph y. SIM DEIMBL — Formi r owner, while aboard steamer to Havana. February 1: dropped dead. LEWIS P. DOERHOFEB — Former owner. Anchorage. Kv.. November 26j !5riglits disease, WILLIAM H. DUBOI8 — lonner owner, Jamaica. N. Y., May 2; pneumonia. DAVID DlNLOP — Owner and breeder, "Ellorslie." Chesterfield County, Ya.. January 1; suddenly. HERMAN B. DURYEA— Owner, Baranac Lake, N. Y.. January 2o: lingering Uiness. JAMES . GAMBLE — Foraser owner, Baltimore. Mil.. January. "UNCLE JIMMIE" GRAY— Owner and breeder, Ifinco, Okla., June U8; found dead in bed — old age. W. R. GRUTIN — Foraser owner, Berkeley, CaL, November 15. COL ROBERT T. HOLLOWAY -Former owner. Washington, D. C, April 4: acute indigestion. CHAR] ES JORDAN— Owner, Tijuana, Hex., De- n u her •" ■ . . L. KAI1N — Foraser owner. New York. N. Y., „ icbru- a.-v 1: liver trouble. W H LAt DEM A.N -Former owner and track !. Lexington, Ky., November 29; uraemic poisoning. LAWRENCE McCREARY— Owner, Pau, France, April. P J MILLETT— Owner and breeder. KnoxvUle, T. nn.. October 12; eaTecta of an ops rattan. HERMAN MORSEL— Owner, Brooklyn, N. Y., Janu- a rv . FRANCIS -T. PONS -owner and breeder, Madison, T. on., Novembi r 20: pneumonia. CAP!. W. F. PRE8GRAVE— Owner, Salisbury, Md., November 29; heart trouble. A • STAFFORD Onau, New York, N. X., July 12 HARRY II. STANHOPE— Former owner, Lexington. Ky., April .".. HENRY STRAUS Owner, Cincinnati, O., April 11; heart failure. DXE STRIKER— Owner, Montreal. Que., December 4; general bn shdown. COL. L. P. TARLTON — Owner and breeder. Franklin Co., Ky.; I.l.ruary IT. BRYMOUR VEILLER — Owner. San Diego, Cal., N ember 12. JOSEPH C. YEAGEB — Owner and bookmaker, Buffalo, N. Y., August 10; effects of an operation. Tul ami C. C. GRAY— Trainer, Philadelphia, Pa.. August 13. GRANT LEIGH— Former trainer, Bheepahead Bay, N. v.. January 2.".. JOHN L. PALL— Trainer, Lexington, Ky., July 24. Jockeys. LIEUT. ADAIR — Amateur rider at hunt meetings. Carrixal, Mexico, .Mine: kiUed by Mexicans. KARL CHAMNE8S Former jockey. Hamilton, Ohio, Man h : diphtheria. JAMES COFFEY -Former Jockey, Saratoga Springs, N. v.. February 12: tuberculosis. J PERCY EVANS Gentleman rider, Jamaica. L. I . . Y.. October 9; result of a fall received Bepto ml. r SO FRANK : 1RUETT— Former jockey, Baltimore. Md., May 1«. _ AY 11 GIFFORD Former Jockey, Brooklyn, „ N. .. i -..: r 2.;. RAY HACK- Chicago. 111.. August 1: fall. THOMAS HARTY Former Jockey, Phadieo, Md., Maj 14; "TIP" McINTYRE Former jockey. St. Louis. Mo., 1 .-. , mber 27. F. MEAiiBB Former Jockey, Lexington. Ky.. May 22: pnenmoni 1 WILLIAM Ml UPHY Steeplechase Jockey. Jamaica, 1. 1 :.. " .. October 12. fall. J. PENDEKGA8T Montreal, Que., June 12; pneu- 1 iii 1. JOSEPU KYAN Steeplechase jockey, Jamaica. L. I.. N. v . October £; typhoid fever. HARRY TANSEY Steeplechase Jockey, Pimlico, U November 6; result of a fall. A. THOMAS Moscow, Russia, March 12. CHARLES THORPE Former Jockey, Omaha, Neb.. Fi bruary 11 . nm amnali Others Connocttd with the Turf. JAMES F. BURNS— Turf writer, Saswaassend Bay. N. Y.. November 7: nleers of the stomach, GEOBGE CON8IDINB — Stockholder of Havre te j race raci course. New fork, N. Y., August 7. LON FORBES Clockcr, Arlington, Md.. November Ifj ; pai .lytic itroke. JAMES GRANT -Superintendent of Oakland and other California track.. CaL, M arch. S. F. BEA8LIP Former president City Par; Racing Association, New Orleans, La., May ti. c. L. JONES Bookmaker, Chicago, 111., Deeamber :,: dl as,, of ;l , stomach. CHARLES LYMAN- Bookmakers clerk, Montreal, ju.-.. June 17: appendicitis. John MAHONEY Former bookmaker, Little Silver, n. .;.. July 17. PETEB McGRATfJ Bookmaker and turf follower, Buffalo, N. 1"., August 11: heart failure. 11. L. MIHltAY --Bo. kmakers clerk, Baltimore, Mu., October 27; Tuberculosis. NORMAN PRINCE--Member National Steeplechase and Runt Association, Once mber. BEDMOND QUAIN — Director of the Connaught Park Jockey Club. Ottawa, Out.. October. JOHN ROGERS— Philadelphia bookmaker, June 2G. J. J. SCOTT. K. C. — President of the Hamilton Jockey Club, Englrnd, November 20. TOM 8TRAHAN— Former superintendent of eastern tracks, Washington, I. C, April 7; accidental poisoning. JOHN K. STRTNGFIELD— Turf writer, Cincinnati. O.. October 22: suddenly. LEO 8WATT8 — Former bookmaker, New York, N. Y.. January IS; complication of diseases. RALPH TOZBR — Turf writer and official. Agnew, CaL, September 2S: nervous breakdown. CLAUDE VARNELL — Former bookmaker, Wheeling. W. v.i.. January 7: pneumonia. WILLIS VERNBUILLI— Foraser bookmaker, New Orleans, La., January 12; suicide. Foreign Deaths — Owners, Trainers, Breeders, Jockeys and Others. M. ADOLPHE ABEILLE— French turfman, France. November. W. ALLAN — Australian bookmaker, France; killed in war. COUNT MAN ARCO-ZINNEBBRG— Breeder and owner. Munich, Germany, January 24. HEKU HECTOR BALTAZZI— Former Austrian owner, Vienna, Austria. January. LESLIE CARTLEDGE— Australian cross-country rider. Bepteaaber; died from wounds received in war. JAMES COVEY — Former English jockey, Birmingham. England. March S. JOHN CROZIBR — Australian owner, Australia. COUNT DECAZE8 — F-ench owner, Verdun, France, April; killed in war. W. DUGOAN — Trainer and foraier jockey, Sydney, Australia, January. R. ELLIS — Former Australian jockey, October. M. MAURICE EPHRUSSI— French and English turfman. France. November. EARL OF ESSEX— St ward of the English Jockey Club. England, September 25; heart failure. M. HENRIQUBT — French owner, Luzarclies, France, Septembt r. CHARLES HIBBERT— Bookmaker, Nottingham, England. December 2H. 1015; pleurisv. IIERR J. YON JAXKOVICH-BESAN— Hungarian breeder and owner. Austria, November. DONALD LEONARD— English turf writer, Newmarket, England, September 24: suddenly. "DANNY" MAHER— American and English jockey, London. England. Nov; mber i: consumption. H. MAHER— Former trainer and jockey, New Zealand. Australia. E. DE MESTRE — Australian turfman and breeder, Austral!*, October. D. MOLONEY — Irish breeder and owner. Bridge House. Knocklong, Ireland. February i. SIR BIGMUND NEUMANN— South African owner, Bournemouth, England. September 13. A. J. NOID — Trainer, South Queensland, Australia, January. DAN OBRIEN— Australian owner, Sydney, Australia. » tober. MAJOR J. ORR-EWING— Owner, London, England, February 2l SIDNEY PAGET— English turfman, London England. September 3j. J. REDFEARX — Australian owner and breeder, Glen Huntley. Australia, March. KOI" It SAHIB -Indian owner, Calcutta, India, Ma rcli. R. HAMILTON STFBRER. D. L.— Irish turfman. Durrow, Queens County, Ireland, August; suddenly.

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