Imported Hopeful Stakes Candidates.: Sixty-Two Foreign Bred Youngsters in the Richest of Our Two-Year Old Stakes., Daily Racing Form, 1917-01-16


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IMPORTED HOPEFUL STAKES CANDIDATES. Sixty-Two Foreign Bred Youngsters in the Richest of Our Two-Year-Old Stakes. There is certainly a wealth of representatives of foreign breeding in the list of nominations to the |2B,888 Hopeful Stakes of this year, which will probably net the winner nearer to 0,000, than its guaranteed value of the first named sum. How these youngsters from the other side of the big water will pan out in racing remains to be seen, but there are enough of them to constitute a highly interesting study for those interested in problems of breeding. A part of them have been namid, but named or not. the point of interest is the- variety of lines of breeding representeel. These young strangers, their owners and breeding are as follows: A. Belmonts b. c. Pelican, by Tracery — Prickly Pear. A. Belmonts b. c. Bistouri, by Tracerv — Ballot Bred. A. Belmonts br. c. Alibi, by Tracery — Amicitia. Grant H. Brownes b. c. The Floater, by Flotsam — -Oratas. Grant II. Brownes b. c. by Heliotrope — Norma. Grant H. Brownes b. c, by Winstanley — Tala-vera. S. Christensens blk. c. by Mauvezin — Bernice II. G. A. Cochrans b. f. by Radium — Pietra. W. H. Coes br. c. by Thrush — Human Slave. W. H. Coes b. c, by Marco — Geoffros. W. H. Coes eh. c. by Phaleron — Aunty Hilda. W. H. Coes ch. c. by Sunflower II. — Fair Anna. Duncan Grants b. c, by Heliotrope — Hultons System. Duncan Grants b. or br, c. by Heliotrope — Ap-plecross. Duncan Grants ch. c. by Marco — Aloquin. Duncan Grants b. or br. c, by Pericles — Purple Light. Greentree Stables ch. g, by Sans Souci — Alster Cress. F. Housmans b. c, by Fitz Herbert — Miss Mala-prop. F. Johnsons br. c. by Negofol — La Doumn. W. S. Kilnu-rs ch. f. Conference, b# Hock Sand — Audience. / W. S. Kilmers b. f. Feu d Astlfice, by Fitz Herbert— Strike-a-Light II. / W. S. Kilmers b. c, Sun BriaV by Sundrldge — Sweet Briar. W. S. Kilmers b. c, Nelsweep, by Sweeper — I.: cly Nell. W. S. Kilmers b. f, Wrhite Dinah, by the White Knight — Dark Dinah. W. S. Kilmers b. c, Magamah. by Magic — Djama. J. Livingstons b. c, by Ampelion — Potamides. J. Livingstons b. c, by Spearmint — Mare by Cyl-lene. J. Livingstons b. c, by Day Comet — Beautiful Sight. J. Livingstons b. f. by Polymelus — Spangled. Mrs. S. McNaughtons b. e, Sh. melon, bv Irish Lad— Wedding Bells. / A. K. Macombers b. c. Eliminator. l»y Sunstar — Marian Hood. / A. K. Macombers br. c. Hand Grcfnade, by Sun-ptar — All Green. A. K. Macombers b. c, Narosla, by Sir Goffrey — Sunshine Girl. A. K. Macombers blk. c. Night Wind, by Sun-star — Verne. A. K. Macombers b. c. Porte Drapcau. by Sun-ttac — Bright Cherry. A. K. Macombers br. c, Sirocco, by Sir Geoffrey — Helium. A. K. Macombers ch. c. Spirit /of France, by .Sunder — Sweet Fine-h. / A. K. Macombers b. c, War CfBud. by Polymelus — Dreamy. A. K. Macombers b. c. William S. Culbertsou, oy Sunstar — Cannie Lassie. A. Milh-rs b. c. by Fitz Herbert — Mrs. Penn. H. Parrs b. c. Royal Arch, by Arc de Triomphe — Royal Brook. H. Parrs br. e, Twin Six, by Macdonald II. — Double Six. S. Ross b. c. by Grey Leg — Marie Claire. J. Sanfords b. c, Valerius, by Tracery — Lotili. J. Sanfords ch. f. La Husse, by Lemberg — Joie cie Vivre. T. P. Thomes br. c. Panaman. by Magellan — Pronta. J. T. Thomes b. c. Sicamoor. by Magellan — Statuette. J. P. Thomes br. c. Longni. by Magellan — La Sorma. J. P. Thomes ch. c. Pasamena, by Magellan — Iallette. F. F. Tighes ch. c, F. J. Hund, by Sau Antonio — Fontaine Labbe. f II. P. Whitneys b. c. by Willonyx — Ulue Girl. Wickliff Stables ch. f. by Cicero — Crflna. G. D. Wideners ch. c, by Marcovil-jfcPolitely . G. D. Wideners br. c. by Maboul IU — Alby. G. D. Wideners ch. g. by LlangiAby — Southern Belle. / J. E. Wideners b. c. Alarie II.. /bv Ve-rwood — Porte Maillot. 7 J. K. Wideners ch. c. Trompe laMorte. by Ver-wood — Marsa. J. K. Wideni-rs br. c, Jusqu au Bout, by Ajax — Koquette. J. E. Wideners b. c, LInfe-rmier. by Verwood — Zabra. J. K. Wideners b. f. La Bayonet te. by Verwood — Rondeau. J. E. Wideners b. f. Llnfermiere. by Ajax — Golden Key. J. E. Wideners ch. f. by Orby— St. Flora.

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