Latest Work-Outs At Louisville, Daily Racing Form, 1919-05-14

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LATEST WORKOUTS AT LOUISVILLE LOUISVILLE Ky May 13 Workouts at Churchill Downs this morning included the following official workouts workoutsAt At Churchill Downs Weather cloudy track fast Abbess Half mile in 52 52Ailclia Ailclia AV Fiveeighths in 105 105Arthur Arthur Middleton Threeeighths in 30 30Angon Angon Half mile In 40 15 15 Johnson Threequarters in 113 113Beaverkill Beaverkill Half mile in r 0 0Believe Believe Me Girls Threequarters in 115 115I5fst I5fst Pal Half mile in r 0 0IHack IHack Prince Threeeighths in 3G7 3G7I5ob I5ob llcnsley Tlircequarters ill 1111 1111Bonnie Bonnie Tess Mile in 148 148Rounding Rounding Through Half mile in 40 40Canania Canania Thrceeigliths in 39 39Caudle Caudle Light Mile in 148 148Caraway Caraway Mile in 140 140Cheer Cheer leader Mile in 142 142Chesterfield Chesterfield Half mile in 54 54Clintonville Clintonville Threeeighths in 35 35Constantino Constantino Threequarters in 115 Coiirtland Threeeighth in 39 39Dandy Dandy Van Threeeighths in 35 35El El Rey Mile in 144 144Enmity Enmity Threequarters in 118 118Fifi Fifi II Threequarters in 115 115General General Haig Threequarters in 115 115Glciimcr Glciimcr Half mile in 5H Grundy Fiveeighths in 105 105Harry Harry Burgoyno Half mile in 53 53Harvest Harvest King Mile in 145 145Hasty Hasty Cora Threeeighths in 37 37Hunter Hunter Pliiti Threequarters in 121 121Iris Iris Four and a half furlongs in 50 50T T C Stone Mile in 142 7 Huftis Mile in 143 143Kilkenny Kilkenny I5oy Tlireequarters in 123 123Kinburn Kinburn Threeeighths in 30 Langhorne Threequarters in 121 121Lorraine Lorraine Quarter mile in 23 23Liicile Liicile P Mile in 145 145Luke Luke Dillon Half mile in 51 51Maiden Maiden Lane Half mile in 55 55Marie Marie Miller Hair mI16 in 52 52Midway Midway Mile in 140 140Montague Montague Mile in 142 142Nan Nan Threeeighths in 30 30Nei Nei McGee Threeeighths in 38 38Orlava Orlava Threeeighths Jn 3GV Peccant Threeeighths in 35 35Plumoot Plumoot Threequarters in 115 Kay Atkin Tlireeeighths in 37 37Sams Sams Boy Quarter mile in 23 23Sauer Sauer Threequarters in 115 115Sea Sea Urchin Mile in 148 148Sir Sir Jolin Verne Threequarters in 110 110Sister Sister Helene Half mile in 50 Skeptic Threequarters in 117 117Star Star I5aby Tlireequarters in 114 114Starry Starry Banner Mile in 140 140Sterling Sterling Half mile in 50 50Sun Sun God Half mile in 51 51Tally Tally Threeeighths in 40 40Thinker Thinker Mile in 144 144Top Top Coat Half mile in 49 49Travesty Travesty Threeeighths in 34 34Troben Troben Threequarters in 123 123Ulster Ulster Queen Threequarters iu 115 115Verity Verity Mile in 143 143Walnut Walnut Hall Tlireequarters in 121 121Westwood Westwood Four and a half furlongs In 50 50William William S Culbertson Mile in 149 149Zaza Zaza Threeeighths in 40 40At At Douglas Park Weather cloudy track fast Auriiin Mile in 145 Aztec Seveneighths in 132 Hobby Allen Half mile in 52 Breeze Tlireequarters iu 119 Cane Uun Threequarters in 117 Carrie Moore Half mile iu 51 Chilluni Threequarters in 118 Common Law Scveneightlis in 134 Contestant Fiveeighths in 100 Dancer Seveneighths in 130 Darnay Threequarters in 118 Ddrnley Threequarters in 117 David Craig Threequarters in 118 Donna Grafton Fiveeighths iu 108 Ed Stone Fiveeighths in TOS Exhorter Mile in 140 Fax Brown Mile in 148 Grace Half mile in 49 Gun Wrack Threequarters in 117 Hondo Threequarters in 118 Honolulu Boy Threequarters in 110 Honor Man Fiveeighths in 104 lolite Fiveeighths in 104 104Jack Jack Hill Mile in 145 145Jack Jack K Fiveeighths in 104 104Johnnie Johnnie pOJfLarry A Half mile in pOJf Larry 15 Threequarters in 117 117Loyalist Loyalist Threequarters in 110 110Mary Mary II Half mile in 55 55Miirse Miirse JohriThreequarters in 119 119McAex McAex Half mile iir 49 49Mercliant Mercliant Mile in 140 140Miss Miss Procter Mile in 150 150Money Money Maker Threequarters in 123 123Musfard Musfard Half mile in 49 49North North Sea Threequarters in 118 118Obolus Obolus Sevon igliths in 132 132Old Old Broom Mile in 153 153Precious Precious Mile in 140 140Prospector Prospector Mile in 145 145Pullux Pullux Mile in 145 145Hamcau Hamcau Half mile in 52 52Regreso Regreso Mile in 144 144RiflesThreequarters RiflesThreequarters iii 115 115Uuth Uuth Strickland Threequarters in 120 120Sarasota Sarasota Fiveeighths in 103 103Sayeth Sayeth Fiveeighths in 104 104Sophia Sophia Gatewood Mile in 145 145Spencer Spencer Lady Fiveeighths in 104 104Tidal Tidal Threequarters in 110 110Tippo Tippo Saliib Fiveeighths in 103 103Tokalon Tokalon March Tlireequarters in 110 110Tokay Tokay Threequarters in 110 Tom Anderson Half mile in 51 51Virgo Virgo Half mile in 501 501Vision Vision Fiveeighths in 102 102Warsaw Warsaw Half mile in 50 50Wave Wave Threequarters in 115 115Wenonah Wenonah Threequarters in 120 J

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