Telegraphic Form, Daily Racing Form, 1919-10-15

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TELEGRAPHIC FORM The horses which seem best in Wednesdays races are: : . Latonia, Ky., October 14. 1 TOP COAT. Binding Tie, Words o Wisdom. 2 Lady Waldeek, Judge David, Thistles Beau. 3 St. Germain, Diamond Girl, Maize. 4" Regalo, Bellsolar, Omond. 5 J. N. Camden, J. II. Wheelwright and G. W. VLoft. -entry,.. Peace. Pennant, Marjorie Hyncs. 6 Jack Hare Jr., Ocean Sweep, Rifle. 7 Paris Maid, Wadsworths Last, Jim Heffcring. J. L. Dumpsej. Buffalos Latonia Handicap. 1 TOP COAT, Words o Wisdom, Binding Tic, . Discussion. 2 Thistles Beau, Bugle Call, Judge David, nopc- fiil. 3 Lady Mountjoy, Louis A., St. Germain, Emma 4 Regalo, Bellsolar. Omond, Piedra. 5-0n Watch,. Marjorie Hynes, Peace Pennant, Alsace. . C Jack Hare Jr., High Cost, Scwell Combs, Ocean, Sweep. 7 Jim Heffcring. Wadsworths Last, Chick Barkley, Taiilac. Observers Latonia Handicap. 1 Top Coat, Pullux. A. N. Akin, Binding Tic. 2 Miss Manage, Judge David,. Sauer, Ilelma. 3r Louis A.. Maize, Anticipate, Diamond Girl. 4 Omond, Regalo, Piedra, Bellsolar. 5 Mysterious Girl, The Swimmer, Peace Pennant, i Oh: Watch.: G RIFLE, High Cost, Jack Hare Jr., Ocean Sweep. 7 Wadsworths Last, Contestant, Paris Maid, Tanlac. Laurel, Md., October 14. 1 Broom Peddler, Mint Cat, Daddys Choice. 2 J. EL Widener entry.- Pioneer, Jay Bird, Clootz. 3 Kinnoul, Damask, The Wit. 4 r-The Decision. The Desert, Veto. 5 BALLYCONNELL, Legacy1, Bar Coy. 6 St. QUentin, Peaceful Star, Sister Emblem. 7 Smite, Toucanet, The Wit. T. K. Lynch. Buffalos Laurel Handicap. - 1 Broom Peddler, Mint Cat, Daddys. Choice, Frogtown. 2 Doublet, Duettiste, Pioneer, Jay Bird. 3rr-Daniask, The Wit, Kinnoul, Murray. 4 Waukeag, The Decision, Little Cottage, The Desert. 5 Ballycohnell, War Plume, Challenge, Legacy, f King Tuscan, Peaceful Star, St. Quentin. 7 The Wit, Toucanet, Sea Queen,. Peregrine. Observers Laurel Handicap. 1 Daddys Choice, Frogtown, Broom Peddler, Mint Cat. 2 J. E. Widener entry. Pioneer, Jay Bird, Clootz. 3 rKINNOUL, The Wit, Damask. Devil Dog. 4 Little Cottage, The. Decision, Waukeag, Search Eight III. 5 BaUyconnell, Crest Hill, War.Flumc, Challenge, 6 Ideal, Sister Emblerii, St. Quentin, Peaceful Star: 7 The Wit, Toucanet, Sea Queen, Weary. Empire City. Yonkers, N. Y., October 14. . t Ji. E. Madden entry, Swirl, Bridge Player. 2 Vice-Chairman, Foreclosure. May Alley. 3 Paddy, Paddy Dear, Belle Roberts. 4 Enfilade. F. D. Weir entry, Ultima Thule. 5 THISTELDON, Blairgowrie, Daydue. 6 -Lucius, Monomoy, Gleipner. F. J. OrteU. Buffalos Empire City Handicap. 1 May Alley, Swirl, Our Maid, Northern Belle. 2 Foreclosure, Round Robin, May Alley, Moroni. 3r Belle Roberts, Paddy Dear. Peerless One, Gex. 4 Ultima Thule. Pickwick, Toto, Old Rosebud. 5 TfllSTLEDON, Daydue. Blairgowrie. G Monoindy, Lucius, Hiudoostan, Gleipner. Observers Empire City Handicap. 1 May Alley, Bridge Player; Swirl, Our Maid. 2 Round Robin, Foreclosure, May Alley, Minute Man. 3 Brille Roberts. Gey. Paddy Dear. Peerless One. 4 Toto, Pickwick, Old Rosebud. Jock Scot. 5 Blairgowrie. Thistledon, Daydue. 6 Molioinoy, Hiudoostan, Lucius, Kilkenny.

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