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FalJjMMMBBBBBaBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB PERCENTAGE WINNER K"% $ | "|T T% K T "53 A. g I -C i»anZ T CbZ li IV Ai WONDERFULLY SIMPLE 1 svp™ X rXJUi 1V111/.V Li JEi oiOIlM IFILLY tOIVKIGHTEl AID IHOTKCTKD N OPICINVI slit TSSFl I. - POWKRFfL METHOD » F TFRF INVFSTMF.XT COVKKNEI I5YTHK LAWS OF INDISPUTABLE AVBRAOH AND FKHRKS AM KVOLVKI OM Y VTER ! YEARS or CONCENTRATED STIBY ON THE SUBJECT. IT IS AS PNVABYING IN ITS OPERATION AS THE LAW Of GRAVITATION. IT AVERTS THE INEVITABLE PIN Of A NUMBER OF CONSECUTIVE LOSERS, AND HAS BEEN DECLARED INVULNERABLE BY ALL WHO HAVE BEEN ITS OPERATION. | I POSITIVELY ELIMINATES THE CHANCE ELEMENT — — — — — I NO NO i 1 HANDICAPPING AND DISPR0VES beyond ALL DOUBT the FALLACY THAT IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO OPERATE PROFITABLY on "TIPS" ISSUED l- mmmmd RACING. WE STAND PREPARED TO CONCLUSIVELY PROVE THIS TO ALL WHO SAY TT CANNOT BE DONE." aBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBaaBBBBBBBBBi This safe. suae, scientific and COPYRIGHTED METHOD of profltaMy com- Whether a novice or veteran, a large or small operator. DONT MAKE AN- t.rtinfc all vasarfea and rieianitndea of the track eaa be operated with either a "it i ;iwliri p TOKvmu/ OTHEB PI. AY WITHOUT IT. Place year investment- aa ■ ayateaaatie baadaaaa large or aaaall capital la cither aaatada, baadbooka, poataooaaa or at the track. ~ nteSoic baaia. Voa can operate with aa mach coaMeace as you iroald aegotiate a certi- Man.v borne oaraera, traiaera, smart "iaaMera" operate the system daily A LITTLE MORE than EI7HER a«d check, for this Master Method has atood the test of time and practicability : under oar confidential term- of agreeaaeat witli aa almost tmhelievahle degree THE- BOOKS OR THE TALENT" ti I long ■lace passed all eipi I ll lltal MUms. Disastrous results are aaavoMa- of Mtcciss. it is beiag played today in many of the leading cities ,,t the UaMed s====: " " v"" "ntnuo "mwaalag" tad latrretlag haphazardly, if yon are i "loser" «» State* Caha Canada, Mexico. Argeatiaa and Australia. ■Bgvss. are can POSITIVELV place you in ■ position to recover your losses within a ; I Yor pay M attention TO CLOCKING, JOCKEYS, WEIGHTS, Dis- /aJala* *Jz+ reaaoaabty short period. TANtK and all other aaeh bO|W If wlj Mafaoiag factors. / "•SVA AandZ* "" " lilst " " m""t!l " llish a statement of results sworn to hefore l l:,v can he confined to ONE I.F.ST BET daily, or yon can invest in practi- //%SbaV J%and Notary, which since its inauguration has never shown other than prorititble re- A eaUy every race on the card. 11 works equally latieaafal at all tracks. The S « - // jSf WjWy EJU suits. The correctness of these results you can readily check and verify. tern selects the •MONEY HORSES" in a n lents time from the entries. These [[,555/ //fl IS I v -,,SK- IK llll; MYRAfLK SYSTEM MEASURES IP In OIK LAIMS, daily "System oi Money Horses" are invariably supported y lis with substantial *£Sland S== a«H?|i i IS IT MARKETED": t investments. SeMiit.t ie per cent of tl.eni are consistent animals that an on r/i§ft§b7// Write for particulars TODAY on this logical and very interesting question j edge and •business bent." j™*J$ "Dl VtV ,// Testimonials, valuable FREE turf .lata, containing vitallj iinn..i t ant racing sS»l -pointers." SWORN RESULTS AND STATISTICS, and a review „f the lies,. ► P.Y IMF SYSTKM-S PROTECTIYE METHOD OF OPERATION. IF YOIR i XW// J INVESTMENT HOUSE FINISHES SECOND, AND O.N MANY OCCASIONS -Sffi l|SEi£__ ".."systems publ.shed «,11 be sent you. POSTALS ARE IONORED. S THIRD. YOU INVARIABLI WIN. YOIR "PLACE" AND "SHOW" MONEY THEMIPAfLrl /MINIMUM Cl« , t "rthe Miracle System la moderate To mpooalble individ- IP,,,, ENTI.Y PBOVES 2, 8. 4 or even 10 M 1. ™™| CSS SfS S •„ l.Tn.Kn.L eIeK v", VS. YOOufSoTI M*sPr WALTER aSr CO., " E; s. E. ARTHUR, District Manager Sole lt* i»rt»Kentiiti vr for Hiil . ,. .. . ..... ... ■? * 3 A - E m- N -. I- „ I*emis l ania. Maryland. Xirjnia SALB9 S 1. S. A.. ITS UOSSKSs!0 s. CUBA, CANADA, MKXI 30, AMD trapeLahk. DIVISION PRIVATE LOCK BOX 40D g ALL PORBIGU OlMKIES kecisterso TOWMR ___________ MARTLASD NATI0AL 0. K. RACIFMG LETTER PICTOR 9-10 WON WAS YESTERDAY S "BEST BET DANCING SPRAY ....8-1 WON WAS MONDAYS "BEST BET" HARVEST KING ....8-1 WON WAS OUR NEW YEAR S DAY BEST BET that we advetiseii would go in the sixth race and should be 5 TO 1 OR BETTER. WE SURE ARE THERE when it comes to putting over the GOOD ONES. We dont write a lot of flowery ads. and TELL YOU ABOUT THE SURE THINGS THAT CANNOT LOSE, as hot air does not get you anywhere, for we know RESULTS LIKE ABOVE ARE WHAT THE PUBLIC WANTS. JUST THINK OF IT ! OVER 50 PER CENT WINNERS ON OUR BEST BETS since New Orleans opened. This sure is wonderful. as we have had many a •LONG SHOT"" on this service. AZTEC 8-1 WON WAS ANOTHER WINNER GIVEN ON YESTERDAYS SHEET. TODAYS BEST BET GOES IN THE SEVENTH RACE AND SHOULD BE 3 TO 1 OR BETTER. DONT MISS this one. as wo think exceptionally well of it. ALL IT COSTS IS 50c — at All News-stands — 50c AND OFFICE. MAILED DIRECT— 1 WEEK— National 0. K. Publishing Co., Room 411, Baltimore Bldg. Chicago, Illinois STABLE BOY ! This information ccmes direct from the track hy ! a Stable Boy FOR SALE AT ALL NEWS-STANDS— 50c DAILY | SPECIAL ONE BEST. TODAY Our naaa informs us that he lias been waiting ; for quite some time for this bird to start and i | today connections are going to send him for the : dough. So confident is he of this horse winning j that his advice is to GO THE LIMIT. EXTRA SPECIAL | is a mare that has not been doing much and today it will he a different story. STABLE TIP The clochcrs down at the track have sent this one out a; a Good Thin?. Subscription rates — . 1 week: , 2 weeks. I Mailed overnght in plain sealed envelope. Received j the very first mail in the mornimj. Address STABLE BOY I 501 South Dearborn Street Chicago. Illinois NEWSDEALERS WRITE You All Know OTTO HILDRETH And when I say that I can place in your hands ten of the best advertised systems containing real dope on systematic turf speculation, operative in pool rooms, hand book or track, worth many hundreds of dollars to any horse player. I mean every word I say. By sending me a .00 money order I will mail you this booklet in plain sealed envelope by return mail. Otto Hildreth NEWBURGH KENTUCKY 517 Temple Court Bldg. Chicago. 111. TUESDAYS SHEET GAVE THREE WTNNERS. We absolutely guarantee OURS to be INFORMATION WIRED DIRECT FROM THE TRACK. GET TODAYS. 50c, OR MAILED WEEKLY. Subscribe for Daily Racing Form PICTOR 9-10 WONJ Was Yesterdays "FREE FORM SPECIAL SEA SINNER 12-5 WON Was Tuesdays "FREE FORM SPECIAL" TODAYS FREE FORM SPECIAL": Catchor-Orange-22-16-17-31 This makes 7 WINNERS. 2 seconds. 1 third and t 4 losers out of the last 14 starters on our FREE FORM SPECIALS. Why be without iha BLUE ] BOOK when you can virtually get it at the price of a newspaper ? 35c Per Copy Code is good for one week. You not only get a Free Form Special every day but the best line on horses that is to be obtained at any price. The Standard Turf Guide 403-22 West Ouincy St. Chicago, 111. Tuesdays Free Code: SEA SINNER 2-1 WON Yesterdays Free Code: THURSDAY NIGHTER 6-5 2ND Todays Free Code: Desoto-Ridden-All-Best-Best THE WINNING POST 101 West Forty-lirst Street New York City 15 cents per copy. per year CHIEF OBSERVER 25 WEST 42nd St., Room 515. NEW YORK CITY TODAYS FREE CODES: HAVANA-Vermont-17-8-22. NEW ORLEANS: Virginia-10-2O-20. SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY RACING FORM TERM*: 10 Cents Per Copy. .00 Per Month. 830.00 Per Annum. Ai plain enveloped letter; first -class mall. Single copies by mail 12 cents eacb. DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHINO CO.. 441 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO. ILL. 157-159 EAST 32nd STREET, NEW YORK. N. Y. N EXCHANGE STREET BUFFALO, N. Y. JACK FIELD THE MAN WHO KNOWS. I GIVE ONLY ONE SPECIAL A DAY, SOLD ON ALL NEWS-STANDS— DAILY. BIG SPECIAL TODAY If you want to get in on a SURE WINNER, then get my SPECIAL of today. This fillys works have been wonderful, and I cant see how she can be beaten today. A good boy will ride and this will help her winning chances. I expect a REAL GOOD PRICE. NOTE — Sheet can be mailed overnight in plain sealed envelope. Received first mail in the morning; a week. JACK FIELD. Room 701. 501 South Dearborn St., Chicago. 111. NEWSDEALERS WANTED WRITE AT ONCE. THE Monthly Form Book containing charts of all races run on recognized tracks in North America during the month of DECEMBER, is now one sale. PRICE, .00 Single copies by mail will POSITIVELY only be sent as registered mail, with an extra charge of ten cents for registration. Not responsible for books sent as regular mail. DAILY RACING FORM PUBLISHING CO. 441 PLYMOUTH COURT CHICAGO, ILL. 157-159 EAST 32nd STREET, NEW YORK, N. Y. j 74 EXCHANGE STREET BUFFALO. N. Y.

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