Sires of Winning Two-Year-Olds: For the Second Year in Succession the Dead Stallion Celt Sends the Greatest Number of Successful Juveniles into Our Racing, Daily Racing Form, 1921-01-14


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, j i i I ■ 1 1 1 SIXES Of WINNING TWO-YEAR-OLDS i FOR THE SECOND YEAR IN SUCCESSION THE DEAD STALLION CELT SENDS THE GREATEST NUMBER OF SUCCESSFUL JUVENILES INTO OUR RACING It i- a -iniiulal-ity that a dead -tallion led all Otben in IMS and MSI in the important item of sending the most wiaaiag two-year-olds into our rariag. let that i- Celt- peathaaaeSM record. In lill!* he led With -ixteen -iich two year-olds and in l!Ul with fourteen. Cinderella was his principal money winner in llll.l and Ten-Lee in IBM. olnmbala was hard after Celt with thirteen winner-, of which the hardy Dry Moon shows the best record. The BagHsh hois,. Light Brigade was third with twelve to his" credit, of which Rangeoa showed best in raciag. Imle came next with eleven, none of which wa- bet tet than u-eful. Another yOOJBg English horse. Wrack, made a better show in.- with ten. which included the real stars of their age, Careful and Kn.bbie. Then came the first of the usual ties. Rallot. QuIdCl Maxim, .lini OaaTaey, Meelich and McCSee, each haviag nine winners in action. QeMea Maxim and McOee had no winner of as much a- 0,000, but in that li-t Ballot was represented by Star Voter, Jim t.alTnev by the tilly By .litniny and Meelich by the crack colt Ceiitimeier. Sires with eight to their credit were I.roomsi i.k. Luke M.Luke. Kweep, I he Manager ami Eeas. In thi- gtaajp Swe.p- unbeaten s,,n and , Hopeful Stakes winner Leonardo II. and Itroomst icks swift running daughter Nancy Lee made the b, -t I | record-. Then with -even each came Assagai, Friar Rock. Hssjeyweed, .lack Atkin. Peter Pan, Runny . niede. Tran-vaal. Von Tronip and Vuleain. In this bind of nine sires Peter Pan qaite out-hone the otben with his brilliant son and daaghter Tryster and Pradery, than which better two vear-ohls are seldom seen. In Friar Rocks sou Inehcapo may be the making of a great race hois,-, hut that i- one of the things that remain to be proved. At any rate, he has the record of having been sold for the greatest sum ever paid for a two-year-old. I I , Other particulars of Interest to student- ..f breeding and of rachag problems can be gathered from i tbe following statement of the thirty kadiag juveniie aires of I.CO. ahowlng the number of winner- to the credit of each, with the total races, and amount won by them: I Sire. No. of Winners. Pint. Second. Third. Inp. Aint. Won. , Celt chad i 14 SS :tl iii .a; .silinT. Olambala Li - -S -j g7.438 |j I Ught Brigade i- "•» it it M 44 ttu: I 1 nc le 11 3« IT 11 SI 30.408 1, Wrack 10 28 Id L- 84 82.1T1 Rallot ■» 11 1" 1o 13 88,218 Golden Maxim !» 11 M lit 7. 22.088 Jim tialfnev » 21 II 18 .".t 24.1.T7 McCee -. ! 84 17 1! .-,.", 27,488 Meclick dead ■ -■• 28 Is :,4 34.5K2 Br istick 8 18 1". 18 J4 W.580 Lake Mc Luke " 14 lit 1 ;,l 18.884 Sweep S 17 | 1". St HI.J71 The Manager N 2o 11 Lt .-,:, i s...i:.s lean 8 1 1 7 !i t;:t 12,048 Assagai 13 !» 14 N 15,318 ; Fi iar Rock 7 ! :t r 28 14.738 lloneywood 7 111 11 1 pi 18,240 1 .lack Atkin dead 7 11 . s in :a 0,218 Peter Ran 7 :in !t 1 it, 82.883 Raanyaaede 7 is n; o .-pli 18,783 Transvaal 1 15 is i:, :t:, 18,828 on Troarp ~ 18 18 in 711 I7.mii i ulcain 7 11" lti |g ". 18,402 Lard of Hop" " 11 8 13 41 12.284 ! Dick Finnell U 13 !l 7 :.". 14. Via i| , Frizzie •! 14 IS 11 :ii 18.888 I Great ltritain •« H» Li 11 r,4 18.150 I His Majesty «1 M 18 11 88 18,487 Ivan the Terrible ■ Li 15 .» L7 lot; 17

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