Pen Rose and Elected 11: Figure in Sensational Finish in Decision of the Pocahontas, Daily Racing Form, 1921-07-23


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PEN ROSE AND ELECTED II. Figure in Sensational Finish in Decision of the Pocahontas. Sandes Vigorous and Masterly Riding Enables Sweep Mare to Win by a Nose. NEW YOKK. X. Y., July 22. There was n bit of .fine raieng at Empire City this afternoon. It ciinic out of the Pocahontas Handicap, for assorted mares over the short three-uuarter course. The horse quality of the day gathered in it. There was the pliant Ien Itose. the elastic Kleeted II.. honest Kdwina, nice Chateau Thierry with a future before Iter; Polythia, not yet herself: Genie , generous lint without great talent, and two others. TJiis year 1kUi Pen Hose and Kleeted II. have raced as if creatures of a day, without pasts or steady form ideas, starting each day as fresh and seeming to be unable to do their lest always. P.nt mares in July, een if well along in years, are rather brittle. The weights for the Pocahontas were nicely adjusted for a flue contest and a fine one came. Ien Itose was its winner. Her victory can be credited to Snmle. Pen Hose bad great early speed. She always bad. It was used to the full in the Pocahontas. At the end her 120 pounds told and had not Sande nursed her beautifully and drove Sweeps old daughter home like the great race rider lie is, Kleeted II. would have beaten her. Satiric didnt carry that riisastrous whip of his. It might well be always left at the stable. Sande uses it well at times, but seemingly without, conviction. Hut his example would be worth while. Many riders misuse the whip sadly. Properly used whips sting many horses into the moods and. fancies. Misapplied ones are barbarous. Pen Hose won the Pocahontas without the whip and under a fine hand and heel finish that was glorious to see. Master Fator was on Kleeted II. Hes Sandes claim and stable associate. Rut, oh, bow hard he tried to outride Sande In the race. Thats as it should be. To wins the game, always and ever. The public likes Pen Itose when Pen Itose is Pen Itose. It and her party backed her to the limit for the Pocahontas. Kleeted II. and Chateau Thierry were hopefully supported. There was nothing to the race but the finish. Pen Hose was in front in a few strides and was rated in front all the way. She was copious of speed and it seemed a if she would not bo cleared to do lier best. Fator, with Kleeted II., was always after Ien Itose. FASTEST RACE OF THE MEETING. Xo fractions are timed over the Futurity course, owing to its oddity of distance. P.nt the first quarter was in 23, the second in 23 ,. and the 385 yards which is fifty-five yards less than a quarter mile was in 222- seconds. The race was run in 1:00, the fastest speed of the meeting, yet lis seconds off the record for the course. The finish was superb. Pen Itose was hard and skillfully driven home. Kleeted II. closed half the lengths advantage of the older mare to the sixteenth post and from in the tracks center gained inch by inch. She and Fator just missed, however, for Pen Itose and Sande got to the winning post with the. mares none too long nose in front. It was a fine finish and great horsemanship. The course was filled with cheers as riders and horses came bark to the scales. The cheers were for both horses and both riders, and were well deserved. Behind the fiercely contending leaders there Was another intense struggle for third place. It was rather missed by the crowd and was between Genie W. and Kdwina for third place and out of it came ienle W. as best under Callahan, Knsor, on Kdwina, failing to get up the Soule mare by another nose. They were two lengths behind the leaders. George Odoms reversed namesake is a dullard. After a fair race of promise at Belmont, Modo has deceived five times and is evidently far better of reputation than performance. Modes fifth failure was in the Millbrook, for fair and middling two-year-olds at five and a half furlongs. it seemed early as if Modo would fancy a longer distance. He raced then with speed, which wasnt profuse enough. At a longer distance Modo has failed, too. In the Millbrook he was dull and always outrun, though he was pressed hard enough by Keogh. Modo was favorite again, off slowly, a laggard always, and landed third, beaten nearly five lengths by Sidereal, which, with the license of free foot, a first quarter in 22 and much promise, left the barrier under Fator with a rush and led gaily to the last furlong. There Yankee Maid carae along with courage and dispatch and. under the whip, and Fator had to drive Sidereal to do his best to win, with nothing in hand by a meager half length. Modo was a forlorn third four lengths behind the Whitney filly a pretty good and improving sort, beautifully bred and not of the Peter Pan type at all. Kight variegated platers, which have long-distance naming leanings when they feel well and are properly encouraged, faced Mars Cassidy in the one and one-sixteenth mile Getty Square only temporary nomenclature, it. is to be hoped. LONG SHOT HERD GIRL WINNER. Scotch Verdict not yet rendered, perhaps-evaded the issue. Herd Girl, a long shot, and qualifying fur some time, won rather placidly even with a handicap of slow beginning. Coltilctti, usually in a hurry, was rather patient with the Colin filly. She wove her way, at the inside rails, into contention at the stretchs head, beat Dark Hill. Penelope and Thimble in the ruu through it and won by a length and more from the early ploddiug but fast finishing Thiiuuie well mc.iiit herself which was just clear of til. Mrir.g favorite. Darfc Hill. Penelope shot her racing arrow at the three-quarter mile post. 1he poof of the Xalupa confederacy, Idijiir Allan I.ic if I.-, ciratic than his namesake, 1ml as r.cii CoatiuueU on eighth Page. PEN ROSE AND ELECTED II. Continued from first page. limit in his racing way as was the Maryland verisificr and word weaver. The McGee colt has a world of speed and Avill do better things :han beat Empire City sellers. Evidently he scared out six of that kind in the Chevalier at a mile. The conditions only let him in. He was- boursed early at ,2 to 5. The oil stream cut the prieu to 1 lo 4. Schuttinger took Edgar away fast and he w.on with nonchalance, the mile of even speed in 1:40. It was most smoothly turned. Curfew did the .best he could, chased the McGee colt Lome under Fators whip and landed second five lengths before LEclair. The others were mere triflers of contest. After five failures, in four of which he had been second, infirm but classful and honest Old Pickwick cilmc to his own in the appropriately named Hardy at a mile and seventy yards, for moderates of irf:iny failures and alibis. There were eighteen entries. A dozen stood their ground, with Pickwick at an astonishingly short price, but well backed. The best had scratched away from him, among them Turnabout, Grundy and Salute. Sande was on the back of Clancys old warrior. He gave him a judgematical ride, restraining him from the smart pace of Florsain and Pibroch for half a mile. Pickwick was sent to the front n the turn and from there won in a mild gallop, with Pibroch, Miss BanUin, Incinerator aud Mandalay eight lengths behind him in order and driving hard. Thirteen ordinary two-year-old fillies came out for the- Blue Bird claimer, at five furlongs and a half. Oue of the best. Sailing Along, was ticratched. She wasnt necessary, for Carmcncita, of the AVhituey stable, was in and made an odls-1111 favorite tor good cause. There was a slout market about Mulches Mary, which had Eusor up. arid bad shown promise. Colliletti was on the favorire aud never left the issue in doubt, for CarmenVita. :i shapely miss, away fast, and oii.illily,l-.-.l. Hie load at f.n.v .and won nil the wiiy with niwh in reserve at the finish, 10 win by a length froni Matches Mary, which closed fast from a rather tardy beginning. The slnall and rapid Mad Nell ran another good race and outlasted AVi tch work in the closing drive. It was ideal weather for racing at the Yonkers course; bright, warm, sunny, when and where one sought sun, with a breeze that could have been more regular, but was grateful as it came and went. The course was still a little spotty, but averaged nearly fast and was generally good to race upon. Empire Citys going is better than in several years. It should be at its best Saturday. Normal attendant filled the points of vantage comfortably. The Pen Bose-Elected II. finish was one of great nobility. Outside it class was absent and the racing ordinary. The riding of Sande and Fator in the mares race was worth an afternoons time. It was first class. Bancocas has the best riders, as well as most of the best horses about here. AVc shall see how good they are at Saratoga. There both jockeys and horses will have rivals. Four favorites won during the afternoon. All four were odds-on in what speculation there was about their races. Sande rode two winners both well and Col-tiletti was on two more. Careful was brought down from Saratoga, where she worked well, to take part in the Knickerbocker Handicap, which will divide interest with the East Aiew Stakes tomorrow afternoon. AVith this fast and game miss in at 10S pounds she may be counted upon to carry her weight along at a clip for the greater part of a mile at least. Sam llil-dreth is asking a lot of Grey Lag to win with 135 pounds. The colt is good, however, right now and .this horsemans policy always has been to run them wlien they are ready. If nothing goes wrong with Ineucape within the next month this colt will be able to assume some of the burdens in the three-year-old races, as he is training soundly again. A complication arose from the claim bos alter the tjfth race. The Tina Stable eutered a claim of ,765 for Cannencita, which was a starter in the next dash. Supporting the ruling that only oue bid may be entered by an individual claimant, the stewards ruled that, the Tina Stable would not be permitted to mril.e a regular claim for the Whitney representative after the race she ran. It made little difference to the Tina Stable. Since here were seven claims entered for lie filly after she won the sixth race and the one which obtained her was over that of the irregular Tina Stable bid. H. Acker got the filly for ,030. There were five other envelopes in the box after the race, all aspiring for the Biviera Stables Matches Mary. H. J. Murphy obtained this filly for .,300. The remains of Frank Easton, a valel, will be buried tomorrow afternoon at 3 oclock from an undertaking establishment at Eighth Avenue and Forty-third Street. Easton shot himself ; 8l room at the Hotel McAlpin Wednesday, night. DesKndency over ill-health is believed to have been the cause of his action. The deceased was acting as valet for jockeys Elisor and Pullman and served in that capacity for Joe Nottcr when the latter was riding in his prime. The stewards suspended jockey P.abin for the remainder of the meeting for rough riding astride Dark Hill in the fifth race. AVord readied the track telling of the death in Bengios, Md., of the wife of Lee AVagner. Jockey Zocller left for Saratoga to report to his employer. A. J. Joyner. N. L. Byer claimed Dark Hill from AVm. Farnum for ,050. J. A. Coburn took Herd Girl from Samuel Boss for ,745. Old Pickwick was purchased from the stable of AV. C. Clancy to the ownership of L. M. Kardas Jr., for ,800. AVhile pursuing the pace in a contending position with Court Aiew, Clarence Turner was struck in the right eye by a stone kicked up by one of the horses in front of him. The blow rendered Turner temiwrarily blind in the right eye and he was compelled to ease his mount up. Turner was sent to a specialist. The eye may be seriously injured. Joe Peters, who rode AVreeker for the Bedstone Stable, is another development of James Fitzsim-mons school. AVm. Booth, trainer of the Bedstone Stable horses, has taken over the contract on this lad, who rides a steady race for a beginner.

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