Top Prices in Yearling Sales: Ninety-Seven Out of Total of Two Hundred and Sixty-Seven Sold at Saratoga Bring, Daily Racing Form, 1921-08-31

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TOP PRICES IN YEARLING SALES NINETY-SEVEN OUT OF TOTAL OF TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY-SEVEN SOLD AT SARATOGA BRING ,000 OR MORE EACH Quite satisfactory -were the results of the recent yearling sales at Saratoga. The grand average was not only higher than hist year, but even exceeded the high-water mark of 1019. Of the 2 1 57 yearlings sold, ninety-seven of them brought ,000 or more each. So keen and spirited was the bidding for the choicer offerings that: the 0,000 mark -was reached and passed before eight, of them went under the hammer. The hay colt by Sweep Ballet Girl, by St. Leonards brought the top price, J. S. Cosden paying 1,000 for him. The next highest price was -1, ."00 paid by A. J. Goldsborough, acting for C. A. Sloue-hain, for Marys Last, a liny colt by Hourless Mary Davis, by Watercress. A Star Shoot colt brought 2,100 and a son of Celt. 2,000. The progeny of Hourless, Fair Play, Sweep, Star Shoot. Celt, Friar Hock and Ultimus were in great demand and realized fancy prices for their breeders, as the following tabulation showing the list of yearlings that brought ,000 or more discloses. How many of these, ir any, are destined to future greatness is a story yet untold, but it will be interesting to watch their careers. Here is the list: Col, Sex and Pedigree. Buyer. Purchase Price. Bay or brown colt, by Sweep Ballet Girl, by St. Leonards .1. S. Cdsden 1,000 .Brown or black colt, by Star Shoot Elinaba, by Ogden . J. Goldsborough 14, ".00 Marys Last, b. c, by Hourless Mary Davis, by Watercress S. 1. Harlan 12,100 Hay colt, by Celt Primula, by St. Denis R. L. Gerry 12.000 Bay colt, by Short Grass Triple Crown, by Star Shoot G. A. Cochran 10.500 Brown colt, by Ogden Scenery, by Sain A. J. Goldsborough 10.000 Black colt, by Hourless Pamphyle. by Robert le Diable Mrs. S. D. Riddle 10.00! Bay or brown-colt, by Friar Rock Swan Song, by Ren Brush J. E. Widener 10.000 Chestnut colt, by Fair Play Couronne de Laurier, by Verdun H. P. Whitney 8.300 Ray colt, by McGee Enchantress II.. by Collar F. J. Kelley S.20O Chestnut colt, by Celt Little Flower, by Star Ruby Joseph Johnson 8,100 .Bay colt, by Sweep Soiirnoise. by Verwood . .. . . - J. C. Milam ..... S.000 Bay filly, by Wrack Blazing Star, by Star Shoot H. D. Riddle 7,M0 Black colt, by Rock Aiew Arrowshnft, by Ogden R. L. Gerry 7,300 Bay colt, by Short Grass Christophine, by Plaudit S. P. Harlan 7.100 Bay colt, by Wrack Rahu, by Disguise A. J. Goldsborough 7.000 Bay filly,, by Star Shoot Dismiss, by Ogden II. O. Fisher 7.000 Dark; bay or brown HIIjv by Broomstick Embroidery, by Celt II. C. Fisher 7.000 Bay colt, by Wrack Ahyday, by Locoliatchee R. L. Gerry ti,70O Black colt, by Black Toney Cnin Chaser, by Otis II. Fisher 0.500 Chestnut filly, by Friar Rock Plume, by Woolsthorpe 11. T. Griffin 0,i00 Blue Darter, rn. f, by Sweep Hnwksnra, by Ilawkswick W. S. Kilmer 0.500 Bay colt, by Ultimus Marian Casey, by Star Ruby S. P. Harlan 0,300 Bay filly, by Black Jester Dorot by Court, by Robert le Diable W. J. Salmon 0,100 Bay colt, by AV rack Desirous, by Hamburg T. Healey -.. 0,100 Brown colt, by Jim Gaffney Hacy, by Burgomaster : The Allies Stable 0,100 Bay colt, by Theo. Cook Cowl, by Disguise W. Garth 0,000 Bay or brown colt, by Sunstar Togs, by St. Frusquin C. T. Grayson 0.000 Chestnut colt, by Friar Rock Dreaming, by Ben Brush . S. Mendelsohn . 0,000 Chestnut colt, by Friar Rock Miss Borgie, by Mortlake . S. Mendelsohn ."i.OOO Chestnut colt, b.v Friar Rock Problem, by Superman A. S. Mendelsohn .".000 Chestnut colt, by Delhi Lucrative, by Mordant R. L. Gerry 5,500 Chestnut colt, b.v Ballot Nettie Hastings, by Hastings M. Hirsch 5.200 Chestnut filly, by Celt Red Hair II.. by William Rufus William Garth "..100 Brown or black colt, by Sweep Kopje, by Kroonstart S. P.. Harlan 5.100 Bay colt, by Wrack Golding, b.v Flint Rock M. L. Schwartz r.,100 Black filly, by Celt Keadean II.. by Gallinnle I. K. L. Ross r.,100 Chestnut filly, by Ultimus Amanuensis, b.v The Scribe S. I. Riddle ."..101 Bay colt, by Wrat-k Medora. by Rabelais ,s. Hildreth .".fOO Brown colt, b.v Sunstar Melrique, by Melton II. C. Fisher .".,000 Brown colt, b.v Sweep Gold Ten, b.v Goldcrest !. D. Widener .".,000 Brown iilly, by The Finn Dolly Hastings, by Migraine S. C. Hildreth "..000 Brown colt, by Mont rtOr II. Yennila. by Jack Atkin Riviera Stable .".,000 Bay or brown colt, b.v George Smith Droll, b.v Dick Welles w. J. Salmon r.,000 Chestnut filly, by Ultinnis Toucan, by Star Ruby I., w. Garth .. 4.S00 Chestnut filly, by Celt Fair Play, by Radium E. J. Tranter agent -1.700 Chestnut colt, by Cunard Cousin Martha, by Pirate of Penzance The Allies Stable 4.000 Chestnut filly, by Celt Workmaid, b.v Fatherless O. I. Widener 4,000 Bay colt, b.v Jim Gartney Hull Gull, by Marta Santa .1. O. Milam 4.000 Chestnut Colt, by Celt Honey Bee, b.v Hamburg .II. C. Fisher 4. ."00 Bay colt, by Dick FinnellStarland. b.v Star Shoot S. C. Hildreth 4,500 Chestnut colt, by Ultimus Sarnia, by Quebec , S. C. Hildretl 4,500 Chestnut colt, by Rock View Margaret L., by Ballot B. Littlefield 4,500 Bay colt, by AV rack Lady Errant, by Knight Errant.... R. L. Gerry 4,300 Chestnut colt, by Ultimus De Luxe Annie, by Ogden J. K. L. Ross 4,200 Brown colt, b.v Sweep Sea Mist, by Fowling-piece Triple Springs Farm 4,100 Bay or brown colt, by Short Grass Intrigue, by Kingston H. S. Bouns. 4.100 Chestnut colt, b.v Friar Rock Sea Air, b.v Pirate of Penzance A. S. Mendelsohn 4,100 Brown colt, by Ultimus Event, b.v Adam T. J. Penrtergast 4,100 Chestnut lilly. b.v Hourless rJane Frances, b.v Uncle J. C. Milam 4.100 Bay colt, by Star Shoot Coat, by Ogden ... AV. .1. Salmon 4.100 Chestnut xoltr by-Celt Marsli Light, by Hamburg A. J. Goldsborough 4,100 Soivo Uric, cfi. if. yearling, by Uncle-Idlft Tale, by Sujiccnian S-i:.-.Hurlan . jra- rf-,100- Chestnut filly, by Celt Pyramid, b.v Hastings M. L. Schwartz V.T. 5.000 Rrown or black colt, b.v Heno Daphne, by Ballot R. I.. Geiry 4.000 Bay filly, by Ultimus HnraTian, by Uncle G. D. Wideher 4,000 Chestnut colt, b.v Pennant Juliette II., by Marco M. L. Scwartz 4,000 Chestjiut colt, by Celt Sand Dune, by Rock Sand E. Johnson .. 3.S00 Bay colt, b.v Great Britain Metzie. by AlloWay 15. Aivadou 3,800 Bay iilly, by Sweep Santa Maria, by Golden Maxim Triple Springs Farm 3,700 Brown filly, by Black Jester Electric Fuse, by Henry the First P. M. . Burch 3,700 Chestnut colt, by Ballot Triad, by Star Shoot Triple Springs Farm 3,000 Chestnut colt, by Disguise Bold Girl, by Ogden S. P. Harlan 3,000 Bay colt, by Escoba La Recolte, b.v Meddler I. C. Milam 3.0CO Bay filly, by Peter Pan AAinifred A., by Sir Dixon L. AVaterbury 3,000 Chestnut colt, by Celt Lady Godiya, by Hanover L. A. Price 3.500 Chestnut colt, by Magic II. Hussy, by Star Shoot Riviera Stable 3.500 Bay filly, by Fair Play Keystone, b.v Mara jax B. Block 3,500 Brown iilly," by Fair Play Free Love, by Chouberski S. P. Harlan 3,500 Bay colt, by Zeus Nellie Irene, by Ogden T. J. Pendergast 3.500 Bay colt, bv Zeus Sans Gene, by Rock Sand J. O. Milam 3,200 Brown filly, b.v Escoba Affect, b.v His Highness J. S. Ward 3.2C0 Black filly, b.v Sweep Hortensia, b.v Meddler H. C. Fisher 3,200 Bay colt, by Sweep Margaret T.. by Sempronius F. J. Kelley 3,200 Bay filly, by Jim Gaffney Royal Message, by Star Shoot S. C. Hildreth 3,200 Chestnut colt, b.v Ultimus Cloak, by Disguise L. AV. Clark 3.100 Chestnut filly, by Ultimus Queen of the AVater. by AVaterboy E. F. Whit.-.ey 3,100 Chestnut filly, b.v Friar Rock Santa Malta, b.v Sanctuary H. T. Griffin 3,100 Bay colt, by Wrack Bold Lady, by Marcovil AV. E. Goodwin 3,100 Bay filly, by Theo. Cook Everdene, by Sempronius J. C. Milam 3,100 Chestnut filly, by Celt Prude, b.v Meddler J. C Milam 3,000 Chestnut colt, by Ultimus Ollie Belle, by Charaxus J. C. Milam 3,000 Chestnut filly, by Ultimus Mollie Kearney, by Sir Dixon Riviera Stable 3,000 BrowH colt, by Black Jester R0S3- Tidings, by Ladas AV. Goodwin 3,000 Brown colt, by Sweep Lemco, by Ducat AV. J. Salmon 3,000 Chesfnitt fillv, by Theo. Cook Dixie, by Ogden AV. Garth 3.000 Bay filly, bv Theo. Cook Ruche, by Hastings J. C. Milam 3,000

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