Valuable Juvenile Fixture: Ninety-Four Nominations Receive for the Kentucky Jockey Club Stakes, Daily Racing Form, 1921-09-22

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V N j is ail CO ci Rl get fo j, Uv e !" if of tli ai Tl $; $ n j tl tl ai E n c: el F -u - J . 3 j j C j 1 ! i i " i - s t J ; a a T VALUABLE JUVENILE FIXTURE m St St. Ninety-Four Nominations Received for the Kentucky Jockey Club Stakes. A valuable two-venr-old race yet to be decided the Kentucky Jockey Club .Stakes, of 0,000 added, to bo run at Churchill Downs during the st coming fall meeting. Xluety-four youngsters are eligible to strive for this rich prize, and they, to- her with the conditions of the race, are as follows: Kentucky Jockey Club Stakes S10.000 added. subscription of Sia.OO each cash to accompany Fi entry. For two-year-olds foals of 1919; 0,000 add.d by the Kentucky Jocker Club, Incorporated, br which 81,300 to the second horse; S500 to the third horse, fourth horse to save its stake. Colts lc and geldings to carry 122 lbs.; fillies, 119 lbs. The original nominator of the winner to receive 00, of the second horse 50, of the third horse 00. To remain eligiWe the following payments C must be made: January 1. 1921. cash payment each entry, 5; July 1, 1921, cash payment each bt entry, 0; 50 additional to start. Acceptances through the entry box the day before the race at the usual time of closing. To be run under the auspices of the Kentucky Jockey Club. Incorporated. Entries closed Thursday, July 1, 1920. with 347 j. nominations; 211 made second payment at 5 each: 91 made third payment at 0 each; 91 eligible. One mile. Raker, George F. John Finn, ch. c, by Dick q Finnell Coruscate. Rlaekford. G. L. Maxiraac, b. c, by Golden Mas- A im-Lily Mae. Rradley. E. R. -Ranker Rrown. b. c, by Helmet T Valla. -S Rradley. E. R. Kit o I.laik. br. c, by Elack Jester Dreamy 1 1. Rradley, E. R. Eeu-.oicca refill, b. e, by North Star III. Stumpy. Rradley, E. R. Robbed Hair. br. f, by Helmet c; t?j Miss Kinglets. Rradley, T. C Yoshimi, b. c, by Ballot Gold s Lady. . I.rannou, I?. .7. Colonel Winn, b. c, by Sweep q Droll. Dull. George II. Mustard Seed, b. c, by Peter Quince Alsike. Camden, J. X. Sir Hugh, b. c, by Light Iirigade Enigma. S Christian. E. C Moon Winks, b. or br. f, by r Sweep Experience. Clark, C. W. Tom Hare Jr., br. e, by Vulcain S Moonet. Clark, I. A. I.Iue Teal. b. f, by Wrack Delft. 8 lark. 1 A. Exterminate, ch. f, by Ultimus i Fair Empress. S Coe. W. R. lassamaria, b. f, by Elack Jester a i lasfpiita. Dortch I.ros. Flying Trinee. ch. c, by Zeus Sweet lea. Farrell, Frank J. T. F. Foley, b. c, by Wrack 0 Auriue. Fisher, H. C. Rud Fisher, b. c, by Uncle Miss Granville. lialltiher Kms. Glengarry, b. c, by Rock View t Mary Talbot I. c Garth, Wm. Righeart, b. c, by Sweep High r Flown. f Griffith. J. E. Frank Furst, ch. c, by Dick Fin- t a nell Lardella. t Headiey, Hal Irico Red, ch. f, by Rulse Early Ixve. i llerz. Emil Rib Grass, ch. c, by Short Grass Marian Hood. Her.. Emil June Grass, b. e, by Short Grass Comsora. Hewitt, IT. H. Startle, ch. f. by Slar Hawk- j Inspiration. Hirsch. Max Volcanic, eh. , ly Friar Rock , Irfiu I.Iue. Hirsch. Max Chestnut colt, by Friar Rock Smoothbore. Hirsch. Max Sidereal, ch. e. by Star Shoot Old Sipiaw. Hirsch, Max Utah. blk. c. by Ogdeu Vhantom. Hubble, R. L. Rilly Rrush, b. c, by Ben Brush Sweetheart Sue. Jeffords, Walter M. Rrnvo, ch. c, by Ballot-Tardy. Johnson. W. V, lnsvepartout, blk. c, by Jack Atkin Matterhorn. Johnson. W. 1. Adventure, b. c. by Jack Atkin Bessie Simpson. Jones, Montfort Widgeon, ch. c. by Star Shoot Wide Eyes. Jones, Montfort Chestnut colt, by The Finn Lady Sterling. Jones. Montfort Rockinlnistcr, ch. c, by Friar Rock Mallard. Jones, Montfort Lieut. Colonel, b. g. by Light Brigade Yolaudn. Jones, Montfort Uncle Sonny, ch. c, by Uncle Ballymena. Jones, .Montfort Cap Rock, ch. c, by Trap Bock Moulin Rouge. Jones. Montfort IVgasus, b. e, by Golden Maxim Brightstoiie. Jovce, 1. F. Oppemian, b. c. by Iataud Dancing Wave. Keeney, Frank A. Reparation, ch. g, by J rojan Humility. Keeney, Frank A. Twenty Seventh Division, ch. g, bv Trojan Robinetta. Kelley, Frank J. Janku. ch. c, by Lnclo -Blake-lee. , , Keene. J. O. and G. H. Llewellyn, b. c, by Luke MeLuke Agnes Virginia. Keene. J. O. and J. H. Lueknow. b. c, by Luke Mcl.uki. Carene. Lawson. Mrs. A. K. Castleton, b. c, by Sweeji Belle of Arcadia. Long. George .1. Melun, b. or br. c, by Sain Mytilene. Long. Gvorgo J. Rrcruit, b. c, by Sain Anola. McDowell. Thomas C College Girl, ch. f, by The Ms mi ger School Mistress. McDowell, Thomas C Quality, b. f, by The Man-siger Little Daughter. Madden. J. E. Mcrcutio. ch. c, by Friar Rock Mercadel. Madden, J. E. Broom flax, en. e, by Uncle Brooialeaf. Madden, J. E. Xautucket, ch. c, by Friar Rock Sea Shell. Madden. J. E. Heavy Artillery, b. g, by Light Brigade Heliosis. iraishall, Body 1. Goldrick, b. c, by Smoke Houe The AVidow Moon. Matlack. D. T. Erskine Dale, b. c, by Sweei Frances Gaines. Mat lack, D. T. Who Can Tell. ch. f, by Dick FiiineJl Bright Start. Iatterson. J. U. Itrothcr John, b. c, by Ieter Quince, or Light Brigailc Bunchy. Ross, J. K. L. Spanish Maize, ch. c, by Spanish Prince II. Wheat-ear. Ross. J. K. L. Harmonious, ch. c, by Prince Palatini: Melody. Ross, J. K. Ii. Tvuro, ch. e, by Jim Gaffney Alice Dudley. Ross, .1. K. L. 1eylance, b. c, by Assagai St. Fey. Ross, Samuel High Magic, b. c, by Magic II. Los Altos. Ross, Samuel Ilea. ch. c, by Sea King Bally-e she. Rosseter. J. H. Unled writer, b. c, by Disguise Agnes Velasquez. Rosseler, J. H. Firm Friend, ch. c, by Friar Rock P.old Girl. Rosseter, J. H. Supercargo, ch. c, by Friar Rock Sweet Marjoram. Salmon, Walter J. Trevelyaii, ch. c, by Trcvisco Starry Night. ! Schwartz, Morton I., and A. C. Column, ch. e, by Celt Pyramid. Schwartz. Morton L. and A. C. Toil, ch. c, by Celt Workmaid. Siuuns, E. V.- Southern Cross, br. e, by Luke McLuko Pamphyle. Simms and Oliver Barracuda, eh. c, by Trap Rock Balaucoire. Simms and Oliver Bellevue, ch. f, by Fair Play Bclledame. Simms and Oliver Draft, br. e, by Fair Play Dragnet. Siuims and Oliver Finery, b. f, by Fair Play Felicity. Siuims and Oliver Horologe, blk. c, by St. Amant Hour Haud. Simni3 and Oliver Lighter, b. e, by Ncgofol Luck-stone. Simms and Oliver Lucky Hour, b. or br. c. by Fende or llourless - Lucky Catch. Simms and Oliver Alissiouar, oh, c, bv llonileS m St St. st Fi br lc C bt Simms and Oliver My Play, b. c, by Fair Play Mnhubab. Simms and Oliver Prelude, ch. f, by Fair Play Priscilla. Simms and Oliver Royal Tracings, ch. c, by Tracery Royal Coinage. Sinclair, n. F. Little Chief, b. c, by Wrack Medora II. Sinclair, II. F. Hotspur, br. c, by ncno Naughty Lady. Viau, Mrs. Louise Nighteoat, b. c, by Wrack Star Gift. Whitney, H. P. Olympus, br. c, by Itoynl Eagle Paradise II. Whitney, II. P. Broonister, b. c, by Broomstick Spun Glass. Whitney, II. P. Rocket, b. c, by Broomstick First Flight. AVhitney, II. P. Whiskaway, ch. c, by Whisk-broom Inaugural. Wliitney, II. P. Bunting, b. c, by Icnnant Fril-lcry. Whitney, H. P. Cherry Tree, b. c, by Broomstick Cerise. Whitney, H. P. Chestnut filly, by Broomstick ! Courage. Whitney, U. I. Meadow Mist, b. f, by Whisfc-brooni 1 Rainy Daisy.

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