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TIJUANA FORM CHART TIJUANA. MEX., FRIDAY. JANUARY 27, 1922. — Dm- mi let. Fifty -fourth day. Tijuana Jockey Club. WuTter Mei ling of 1U.1 or more day-. Weather clear: temperature 8and . Presiding .Steward. Francis Nelson. Associate Stewards. J. W. Coffroth nnd Leon Wing. Starter. Harry ManlaaCJ. Lacing Secretary. Leon Wing. Uaciiig st.-irt- at 1:SS p. m. Chiiago time S:30 p. m.. *Iudicates apprentii- allownnce. KQCOO FIRST RACE— 3-8 Mile. Jan. 8. 1910—35—2—105. Purse 00. 2~year.olds. «-«-rOOmd Maidens. Claiming. Net value to winner 50: second. 00: third, 0. Index Ilor-is AWtPPSt i - •% Str Pin .Toeki ys Owners Kijiiiv. Odds Strt .-»074: JUDGE HANECY w IP. s 3 1- 1- J Met. a If Tam o,_Shanter Si7."bh3 lpi-ino •BABE RlTH • Ma 1 1 - 2- .1 Hunmer G Jrav SaVlM .-»!77 1 PAT HAMPSON w IU :, 4 :.. * H Saladin W C Goodloe ZNMM . »J1i» SARAH "IIPAM-; w IM 3 I tfi 4" Pv Carter C P. Daniels iamVM NORF1BLD w IIS 4 2 4 1 B* C Duggan Bisbee Stable 1 "tO-Kci ."! ".; I NANCY WINBT w MM 7 ■■ ."-I. 81 P Martinca J W Fuller 610-191 Mtat MISS CBALaMCB w M I 7 7- 7 R Taylor Allen and Wilkerson HSB.1M BBTTY JlAK w 111 -• S s S L Hall J Karl MQaVM Time. 11%, 24. 37. Track fast. *L mutuels paid. Iinlge Hanecy. S4.J0 straight. ..u0 place. SL.80 sl,0w: Lube Bath. U IM place . m» show: Pat Bammnm. |4.ffJB show. laiuivah in bonking odds— Judge Hanecy. 110 to 100 straight, ."0 to 100 Bases, 40 to KM show; Babe Rata, M to 100 place, 50 to IM show: Pat Hanrpsoa, 100 to law show. Winner— Oh. g, by Beth— Minnolette. by Mindora trained by II. Tullett: bn-d by Mr. Hen jnmin A. .lone-!. Went to po-t ;ii 1 -.."7. At post 3 minutes. Start good and slow. Won ea-ilv: second iitnl third driving. JUDGE ll.VNKCV racad RABR RUTH lata defeat ami. drawing into a bar lead after rounding tbe last turn, won in a eaater. PAUL LPIII began fa-t. ■hosred a good order of speed aad finished gamely. PAT BAMP80N was hi clo-e aaarters wiien eateriag the atretcfa, but fiaisbed gamely and outsayid 8 ARAB COCBRANR. The latter was going fa-t at the end. Overweights— Sarah Cochrane. L pounds: Nancy Winaet. 1: Miaa Chalaiee. 3: Hetty Mae. _. fTQCOO SECOND RACE— 5-8 Mile. May CO. 1920—5.9—4—107. Purse 00. 3-ycar-olds and J *j? O c~ t upvard. Claiming. Net value to winner 1922.sh50: second. 00: third. 0. lades Horses AWtPPBt i ? ■ ■ strlin Jockeyn owners K-tuiv. Odds Strt ."! 7I0 PUEBLO wa » IM ■: i : l" 1-J lJ C Studer C rbT rW-iun 5tSRl*GOLDIK ROSE W 5 PB I :; I. P C l W Dean II .lames IMJO-PMj 5*7M:VERA PITA m BS P* 3 •- 5*| K Donahue W L Stanf ield Ms»»m-1j«i SS?7S*OUB IEADER v. 13 IM s 7 » :.■• 5 : P Hum 7. Walters 29rnVrM i.- «1K7 .insti: GORMAN a 1Mb I :i : , 8j i.. ." . J lliinnur T J Elwnnl m-lut S91SP** LITTLE JAKE wa 12 IB M I 1"-J . . 8" P.Parke E Al I..-"! Mrj-1M» ."!»;«•• BILL-T JOB w ■ hi no N ii Ir* W :•- 7- E Fator w i. Scsaefcr Ttufi-mn .*»«»« ." I. i SUGO w » 113 7 ." •,J7 7 g B Taylor J Bckerl 9ar-Ma 5P7SP*1NDIAN KGADE w 9 IM :: I 7 P IF »] G Garrett A Wright MmsVMB : : .:.: BROWN BEE a S 113 »M | 8 V I"1 1 Mctcalf C L Smiih :».i.0-lio VOUNG HUXTB w S lit 12 13 M| M IP II1 D Krogtto i: Glover ." t0 :, PICOT a 4 i"7 I I 12 ii-u |2 it Matters W Assay t dutncl f .Id. Time. 24. 4925. L024,. Track fast. n_ mutuels paid. Pueblo, .ft!. 0i straight, $::.-M place, fCBO show; GobJIe Raae, |7.mj abjcc, Mi -how: Vera. Pita, field, s::.mi -how. Rqaival m booking odd- Pncble, IPO to KM straight. .;n to pin atoce, 40 to 1im show; Osldit Raae 236 to Kit slace, Kl re PM show: Vera Rita, field. .".«• to 100 -how Winner I a. r. bj Rocktoa -Oriaks. by Clifford trained by C. bray; bred by Mr. Joan Sanfordt. Went to nosl at 2:22. At post 1 minate. start g 1 aad slow. Won easily; set I aad third driving. PUEBLO raced LITTLE JAKE to retire meal qaiehl] and. taking the lead with a rash, won naexteadrd. coi.DIF. ROSR was well rid.hu and. fiaisbing gamely, eatstayed 111: PITA. The latter showed -p I and did her b-st. losiK i;ui;.man closed a gap from a slow begiaaiag. L1TTLK JAKE showed the nn-t si l to the stretch, srhere bs gait. OUR LRADER ran well. PADO A THTBD KACE— 5-8 Mile. May 20. 1920— 3S— 4— 107. Purse 00. 3-year-oIds and lP i_F O sL " Je upward. Claiming. Net valv.e to winner 50: second. 00: third. 0. index Hits"- " " j Mt PPSt M % Str Fin Jockeys Owners Rants. Odds Strt SI 7 31 LOBELIA w 8 MB 3 I 7,— 6: ■;- V c Stader n~r ~C» 3MP r * 7 . 1 CLEAR LAKE a I Mi 7 3 I] P! : 2*J A Jacobs J W Tate 30-10n r..a 15* ALA J AH wi: 1 lim 5 S t ! I] 5 A Tromby F W Harper I71 »;oo 5P491 DOROTHY wi 4 110 I 7 •.; .". t- P C Gross .1 L Braanon IfMrpB 59*50* McMURPHY was 11 IM 16 9 0 7 ■■- J Hunmer M Morrison :;oo-lno S9773 TOM CABO was 9 IK 1 1 3 P ".- 81 .1 Metcalf P A Sandidge tOBB-MW B944Ji*MJSS DUNBAR w I W 3 5* 7 t.- 7 H B Kwer W II Moore 7:m»-1ihi r/7fis VIRGE ws 8 113 :• j ! Fell. R Carter R H Good SHV1M S9S5P*EMMA WELLER v. 7. Mi 8 •• 8 • ■- Fell. B Parke P Cllixnian :,UA-Vm Time. 24:i. IDo. 1:03. Track fast. S-j mutinls paid. Lobelia, $■.«• straight, S4. M place, LM ahsw; Clear Lake. .*:*,. twt place, lit -how : Ala.iil.. ,211 -ln.w . Equivalent booking odds- Lobelia. 3s i to loo straight, 1-0 la loo place, SB to lou shew; Clear Lake, -il to "I place, 70 to 190 -!„,«: Al.i.iah. Kid to KK» -how. Winner B. m, bj Dr. Leggo— Othale, by The Jodge trained hy J. Croftoa: bred hy .Mr Adolph p.. Bprei kels. Weat to post al -:1". At past 2 minutes. Start good and slow. Won driving: second and third tie-vini". LOBELIA was outrun early, bin snared up steadily after eateriag the stretch and oatstayed CLEAR LAKE ii the Baal drive. CLEAR LAKE showed the asset speed and hung oa gamely when challenged. ALAJAH begaa slowly, then rushed up into forward content ioa and t.-ok the lead iimmiie tarily midway of the stretch, but tired BaaUy. FIRGE was raciag prominently when -he fell. EMMA WELLER could not avoid the falling bdrse and also went down. Scratched 3SBTO Laatera, llti: .".o:::cj Classy Carl, ins: ip.si Caaasaao, IIP. |?QD9tT FOURTH RACE— 1 Mile. June 17. 1916—1:38—3—95. Purse C0. 3-year-olds and •3 «l7 £5 *l «3 upward. Claiming. Net value to winner S350: second. 00: third. 0. Index ilor-.-s A Wt PPSt t ; •"■ Scr Fin -In. keys Own"l- Ki|iliv. Odds Strt 5fX7P*WISE TrrKiT. w I t$ 7 7 8 U 73 : 1 C Stader Tam o~Shanter Stable .*.:.■-p ii SMSl VIEW ws 7 113 5.3 1 ; l I 1=3 u B B"wer C Reed .•.d-pio .■.;«! l OLD il i.stkad was 7 112 : I P ■• S3 2 . Jacobs Z Baraett l m PM .-.0704 !. MP:-. PAT w 3 so 3 1 "• KV 6t P P P Hum Patterson Ai Matlock .Vfl-Hi oPiOO-■CAXildX w i MS •• 7. I s- 7; : A Troinl-v AI Hudson PV1 W :.7:»l -i.iitta SPEED v i mi i • ■ P r ,"■ ;- .1 Hanaser il Fazrell I an. Mil S9813 ISPHAM w 3 I« ■, t 3s* L;t *a as ; v Andson 11 A Pott SmVPB »P7PS*AMER. MAID was 4 M5 8 I l1 ! 8 8 ■ C Ralls il T Palmer .i.| r»l »!io MIKE DIXON w « MS 1 - 3 ": • S* 9 C Gross p Dwycr | • Mutu.l field. Time. Zb1,. 4S4i. 1:16*. 1:45. Track fas*. S nniiinis paid. Wise Jadge, si3.no straight, .so.imi phi*. . BB ahsw; Flew, .*l.u place, $:;.v show: old Homestead, 0.20 -how. Equivalent booking odds— Wise Jadge. S5d Is MB straight. P.o to loo place, 1 iti to IBB show; Flaw, 116 to KM place, itO to IM -how: Old Homestead. 110 to PMI show. Wiaaer i.. g. by Jadge Wright— Mrs. Wright, by Hsaetta trained hy H Tullett: bred by Br Tyree Bate. Went to pest al :::H . At post 1 atbinte. Start good aad slow far all bat AMERICAN MAID Wui iriviag; second and third the saare. WISE JlDGE was pocketed until turning for home. where he luckily slipped through a small opening and. finishing with I great rash. Store FIEW down in the final strides. VIEW shown! mnch -pied In paeensakiag, bat tired right al the cad- OXJ1 HOMESTEAD raced gamely and did hi- best MBS.PAT raa wall. MIKE DIXON and ISPIIAM showed gpeed. but failed to stay, si TBtched -"lOtiyo-Montoni. 10B; 3 813»Big Bmake, 117: 9B7tS:Moatperri, IM Overweights I.otta Speed, I penads. ErQ42«-fc£ FIFTH RACE— 5-8 Mile. May 20. 1920—59—4—107. Purse 00. 3-year-olds and t3il70sL 0 upward. Claiming:. Net value to winner 90: second. 40: thud. 0. Ind-x Hor—- AWtPPSt U _• i StrlTti Jockeys 7wn~rs Ei"ju~iv. OdiP Strt bs775 MUIK II. w sp. 6 lTi i z T I" I* il J Hunmer J A Parson ll«-lw 39778 SHIFTY w4 M _ 1 :- -- -" " C Stader A E Stokes w -|ihi C975P5 MAYFLOWER a 4 M 1J i 4 ., D llurn C B Irwin !Hrt-iou .%.s;s:; DOCTOR CORBTT a 9 131 I I ■"■ ,: 33 41 T Murray R M Holl nb ck 7"o-Phi ."5718 HEAD O R Ul.s wa S 111 ■■ P» 3 E ii 1: B*wcr BJsbee Stable mi ! i Time. 23. 43 Ji, 141%. Track fast. niiitin is paid. Huron IP. Sl.JO straight, !■■:.. oo place, B2L2B show; shifty. .40 place M show; Mayflower, fc! B0 show. Bquivaleal I king odd-— Huron II.. 1P to 108 straight, 30 to 101 place, lo la Pmi show; siiifty. 7n to 100 place, 30 to KM -how: Bayapwer. l» to PX ahsw. v.nner — B. g. by Sweeper- Emm, by Hamburg trained by .1. A. Parana; bred in Fraace by By. Herman I!. Daryea. Went to po-t at .".::;.!. Al po-t 1 minute. Start goad and slow. Won easily: second and third driving. HLRON II. began fa-t and. setting a great pace, easily won all the way. SHIFTY rued in closest, bul unavailing, pursuit of the winner and. tiring in the last sixteeath, bad to he hard ridden to viih.-ian.! tbe belated cbsllenge of MAYFLOWER, The latter finished fast and close up. KOCTOP t ORBETT raced oo tii" outside and awaked his way up iir.o third place midway of the stretch, but tired. Scratched 3B42B Rapid Stride, 111. RQQOPT SIXTH RACE— 1 Mile and 70 Yards. Feb. 1. 1920— 1:43 ,—6—122. Purse 00. «Lf«JO«L 4 3-year-old-i and upward. Claiming. Net value to winner 50: second. 00; third. 0. Index Horses A Wt PPSt t _■ ■"■ sTr~Fin Jockeys Owners K.|iiiv. OiTils Strt 5»7 7B* YORK LASSIE wB 3 MS - 3 IJ la Ii 1=1 1* P Hum T Cry s tier 5W-1W BP77B1 ■ SHENANDOAH w 6 112 I I 7 •:, .".- I* 2* H B Pwer W Walker KW-IOo .".!*;:! RHYMER ws * P- : I :; ■ u"- ;i • A Jacobs CI W Atkinson li;:.0-I0o .-; 81 1 T iM BROOKS w U 113 3 7 i,, J 2* 2» 4*J J Hunmer A Broat .On-lli .•.!P4iTKoPHi:cv wa I MS i :; 2I -i : : "■- 5» C Stader W I. SeamaCer .vm-ioi 59793 * PINK TENNY wan C 112 1 l .".; 7 7 7 i," B Taylor G Lyon TOs-Mn r»J7»4 HIPP SPARKS W « 11- 7 a I, * «J i, 7 .1 Metcalf .1 McCool "..il-litit Time. 24i. 49. 1:1545. l:43li, IA7%. Track fast. SJ niiitiul- paid. York Iissio. 14.00 straight. S5.00 place, .!» show: Slieiiand.ali. .S| place, .L.lill show: Plivuicr. 1922.sh.10 show. BaaiTaleat I king odds- York Lassie. .3d to 100 straight. 188 to KXt place. So to 1IHI show; .Shenandoah. 10 to 100 plai e. 30 to 100 show: Rhymer, 1MU to KMI show. Winner Br. m. by York-hire lad lad] Kihanraock, by Kilmarnoi k trailed by T. Cry-tier; bred by Mr. Charli- B. Wilkinson I. Wont to nist at 3:"1. At post 1 minute. Stan good and slow. AVon driving: aecoad and third the same. YORK LASSIE took th" bad at ome and held sway easily to the hi-t sixteeath. where she tired sudujaily nnd had to be hard ridden to win. SHENANDOAH made up ground steadily and. finishing With a great rush, would have won in another stride. RHYMER ran well and finished close up. TO.M BROOKS had no mishaps. Overweights -Bill Spark-. - pound-. QfiQfi SEVENTH RACE— 1 1-8 Miles. March 27. 1921—1:52—5—117. Purse 00. 3-ycar-0«LFOOO okii and upward. Claiming. Net value to winner 50: second. 00: third, 0. Index Horse- AWtPPSt . % S tr Fin -i~k i "?s Owinr- l.iiuiv. Odds sttt .finiTtiSiii ikt STi if was 7 B3 i i. 4i jj P H !• c Shaaar H X fates tio-ioo ."0776 -- NASHOTAH W » M2 2 1 V ."•; I,: -1 J- C Ralls S Hesseltino 3W-R«I BP74d*YBRMAK wtM 5 7. i: i; i; :, 3J D Hum C P. Irwin ZMh-Na 5PM7B G DOM R BERTS wb !• in7 1 1 » B 23 ::- P H B Bwer P L Short SttrMW 50531 IP iLKN w I 107 i l PS I :. I ,, J Huntm r A Brent I.O-loo .■".0735 PEBCB waarTlB 3 It P XI V f T .Murray W Maltby lli»-lini Time, 25. 50, 1:16V,. l:43l5. 1:57. Track fast. mutuels paid. Short Stop. 0.00 straight. .00 place. .00 show: Nashotah. .40 place. $: .fiO show: Yerinuk. S3.M show. Kiiuivalent hooking odds— Short Stop. 430 to 100 straight. 100 to 100 plate. 80 to 100 show; Nashotah. 70 to 100 place. 30 to 100 show: Yermak. 00 to 100 show. Winner — IP g. by Curry Herrmann --Little Nell, by Cederstrome trained by J. Crofton: bred by Mr. .1. Ilowanl Lewis. W"iit to po-t a I 1:13. At po-f 1 minute. Start good and slow. Won BBBfly; seeoml and third driving. SHORT STOP was s;i,d to the last turn, where be need to the front with a rush and won aa-extended. .NASHOTAH Brnwaed gamely and was easily second best. YERMAK made up much ground iii the last quarter. UORDON ROBBBT8 tired in the last eighth. ROUEN w.- uader restraint for a half, but when called on did not respond. PERCH set the pace to the la-t eighth and tired. Overweights — Perch. 4 pounds. !?C|OOQ EIGHTH EACE— 5 12 Furlongs. June 28. 1916— 1 :05 /»— 3— 118. Purse 00. 3-year-UuOuil olds and upward. Claiming. Net value to winner 50: second, 60; third, 0. luitex Horses AWtlTSt 4 M "4 Str Fin Jockey* Owners lajuiv. Odds Strt i ..! 797 IIAZKL DALE wi i 104 E 3 1- 1il ill A Jacobs J A Parson lflO-10i and6 138*VIC MUNOZ wit 4 104 7 7 b3 4, 4*1 I* .1 Hunmor A L Austin 1G0-100 .".9778 HARRY D. wn8 1H I A 9 T* $» I1 J Mctcalf C ■ Groves SX-10"! R8tTl*TOM CRAVEN w 5 !K 1 .". 3 3J 3 4: P Hum T Q Morris 239VM B9?18*KATH. RANKIN w 6 169 t; 1; |J :,- :,- 5" C Studcr R Banrie 69M66 .".!»«7H 1KB .WILLS w 7 110 :: 2 •" « 61 6 1 K Taylor s J Kelly 1110-100- Bv?l$ BOB BAICBR wa I 119 I 1 7 7 7 7 D Hum " 15 Irwin 1830-100 Time. 23%. 48A. 1:01-3. l:07«i. Track fast. mutuels p.tol. Basel Dale, 83*99 straight, *21 place. §3.00 show: Vic Muimz. S3, lo place. .so ahear: Barry I., .06 show. Fapiivalont hooking »1«1- BgUwJ Dale. lft lo 100 straight. M to MM place. 50 to KM show: Vic M— ■■, 70 to 100 ptace, 10 la 100 show; Harry l .. 100 to loo show. Winner -Ch. in. hy Karnsdali — Tern. ! ▼ Black De.in trained l..v J. A, Parson; hred by Mr. L. C. Sloan. Went lo i,.t at l.:;s .t post 1 minute. Start goad and slow. Won driving: second and third Hie n Hi". 1IA/.1.L DALE set a fast pari and. white bohtlng sway throughout, was tiring in the last sixteenth and had lo be ridden hard lo withstand the pressing chall-ngo of VIC MINOZ. The latter hegjga slowly and. working liis way up steadily, was inclined to run out midway of the stretch, but finished fast and gaining. HAKKY D. showed inu h speed, but tired in the final drive. TOM CRAVEN ran a good race. Scratched— 59793 Il ■itit.igeiiel. 101. overweights -Tic Mnaea, •_ pound-.

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